No Huddle – Another Week, Another Jets Loss Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on…wait for it…another New York Jets loss

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The Jets threw one away last night…or shall I say handed it away. 49 rushes for 277 yards was still not enough to maintain control of a game the Jets owned for thirty plus minutes. Hey, that’s what happens when you throw for 67 yards on thirteen attempts and a trustworthy kicker starts missing.

The gameplan was a blueprint out of 2009 when Mark Sanchez was a rookie. Hide the quarterback. It almost worked if it weren’t for those meddling Dolphins kids. “It had zero to do with us not having faith in our quarterback,” Rex Ryan said after the Jets 16-13 loss that dropped them to 2-10. “It had everything to do with us trying to win the game.” Whatever. All I know is the decision to go back to Geno Smith from Mike Vick was a Jet decision so therefore the design of pretending he wasn’t playing in the game was probably a Jet decision too.

On a night where Green Jacketed franchise royalty came to usher Wayne Chrebet into the Ring of Honor, the Jets added one more to the “Same Old Jets” resume by letting another win slip away. Let’s face it though. Both teams did what they had to do. The Dolphins got a must win and stayed in the Wildcard race at 7-5 and the Jets got a must loss to stay in their race for a top three pick in next year’s draft. In all likelihood the Jets can’t save Private Ryan even if they wanted to and by the looks of things, aren’t concerned about Geno’s fate one way or the other.
The losses just keep piling up but the fan base is numb to it now. The real questions will be answered soon enough.

The Blueprint

When the Jets were leading 10-0 late in the first half, the blueprint was finally working, wasn’t it? The Jets front seven was in Ryan Tannehill’s face the entire first half. The Ground and Pound was controlling the scoreboard and clock. Both were key factors in helping to camouflage the lack of All-Pro talent at corner and in the passing game.

This was how the Jets were going to manage the damage in 2014, especially out of the gates in  that brutal first half schedule. It didn’t work out that way. Where was THIS 100 yard effort from Chris Johnson back then? He’s been quick and elusive lately. I am beginning to think he was hiding some injury that slowed him down months back. NOW the Jets want to collapse pockets too. Even without Mo Wilkerson the front four were busting through and the linebackers were reaching their destination.

In the end it wasn’t enough to fight off the might Dolphins thirteen point second half explosion but had the Jets been able to establish Monday Night’s blueprint all year, they wouldn’t be entering Kotite territory in the win-loss column.

Chrebet and Decker

In the last two weeks Eric Decker has had trouble catching the ball. Last week, a late first half bomb was just out of his reach and last night Decker couldn’t come up with a first quarter slant and third down grab that were both thrown imperfectly but in the neighborhood. I like Decker and still believe he is a viable piece if the Jets can realize they still need a fantastic athletic one on the other side of him. Like Amari Cooper out of Alabama.

Wayne Chrebet entered the Jets Ring of Honor last night for his ability to make the catches that Eric Decker has not been making, He did so all the time. I can’t think of a more reliable Jet player in my lifetime when it came to holding onto the ball and getting to the first down marker than Chrebet.

It was a joy and honor watching the little guy out of Hofstra dazzle and surprise. The unsigned afterthought. A fan favorite in New York and for good reason. Wayne Chrebet delivered. Balls behind him, near him, over his head, spiraling to the ground. Throw it his way and he was going to make a play, end of story.

Evaluating Geno

Rex Ryan said that Geno Smith’s eight pass attempts heading into the game’s final drive were about winning the game. Not about his and the coaching staff’s view of Smith as a player. Fine. Let’s take the heart on his sleeve turned company man at his word here.

Going forward though in this final month, I can’t see how it will be different. Because from the looks of this offensive line in pass protect and the receiving corps still pedestrian even with the addition of Percy Harvin, Smith won’t be throwing it thirty times. Not if winning is at all still a priority. If the “Jet decision” to return to Geno was to take one final look at him, it won’t be easy to assess any progress after his benching in week 9 when the season ends.

I’m not asking the Jets to let Smith air it out like a maniac the way Mark Sanchez did Christmas of the 2011 campaign against the Giants, but if minds aren’t made up on Smith yet and John Idzik isn’t going to get canned, then let Smith try to make plays. Forget wins and losses. Otherwise this evaluation process that has now wasted two seasons will take even longer to wrap up.

Quick Hits

– Jim Harbaugh to the Jets in a trade: Do you believe there is any truth to the rumor that Woody Johnson is considering this after 2014 comes to a close?

– Calvin Pace wished he was drenched in Lester Hayes old 1980’s era stickum as that Tannehill mistake was spiraling towards him in slow motion.

– Dawan Landry was hitting like a Landry last night. Now the Jets need Calvin Pryor to start hitting like a Landry. Here is to hoping that in this last month the game slows down for him and he starts to put things together as a pro.

– Our eyes weren’t deceiving us. On instant replay Greg Salas’ twenty yard TD showed him limping the entire way. He then left after the score with a hammy and didn’t return. Unbelievable. Also unreal was the fact that the Jets lethal rushing attack didn’t set up the pass, but set up the end around instead. Beautifully too I might add. I’ve never seen more fake dives and reverses in my Jet life. Geno Smith’s ball fakes were effective too. For two and a half quarters at least.