Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – Jets vs. Steelers Predictions

Joe Caporoso on John Idzik, Rex Ryan and predictions for this Sunday, when the New York Jets take on the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Turn On The Jets 12 pack is back. Today, we talk about the New York Jets current situation, the potential of midseason firings and give predictions for Jets vs. Steelers. Most importantly and first off, a HUGE thank you to everybody who has donated to #LetsEat! We are currently at 97 donors for nearly $3,700 despite only launching 4 days ago. If you haven’t contributed yet, join in right here.

This week I stopped by the The Jets Podcast for a discussion about the Jets future. Our friends Brian Bassett and Corey Griffin made a fair point about Rex Ryan’s future. If you are going to fire Rex, why not fire him at the bye week?

I’ve thought for awhile that there was basically no chance for Ryan to get fired in-season. There are no solid in-house replacements, the players like him and it is fair to say he deserves the right to get a full year. However, isn’t it better for all parties involved for him to go at the bye week? For Rex, he can begin to plot his next career move. If he doesn’t get a head coaching job in Atlanta, does he want to become a defensive coordinator in Green Bay or somewhere else? Does he want to do a year or two of television? He also avoids having his resume further tarnished. It isn’t easy selling a guy who has a career record under .500 and hasn’t had a team over .500 since 2010, particularly when you are bringing the “Ground and Pound” into a pass happy league. Is it better for Rex to bow out at 1-9 than finish off a 2-14 or 3-13 season?

For John Idzik, he can make sure whoever is promoted (likely Marty Mornhinweg) is playing all of the team’s young players down the stretch. He also avoids a prolonged power struggle with Ryan and sympathy rising for him over the final seven games. Jason at OTC wrote this excellent article this week and it is 100% true, nothing that Rex does over the last seven games should influence anything but in this market and around this fanbase it absolutely could. Maybe it is a hyperbole, but if this team was 1-13 and beat New England in week 16, there would be a flood of #KeepRex articles, tweets and comments. If Rex fired at the bye week, Idzik and the front office can begin organizing their search for the next head coach. His job is on the line too, if he is in self-preservation mode, firing Rex ASAP, getting all the young players out there and formulating a plan for the next HC could be a sensible approach.

Personally, I feel like Idzik should get the opportunity to hire his own coach but this team is 1-8 so I won’t be losing sleep over anybody being fired, including him. I still find it silly when people solely scapegoat someone nobody wanted fired 6 months ago but ignore the elephant in the room, which is the coaching issues. In the first week of September, 85-95% of the people discussing this team projected them to win at least 7 games with THIS roster. They are underachieving and it is foolish to ignore that.

People complain about Woody Johnson and he has his flaws but there are plenty of worse owners. He has hired three coaches who have made the playoffs and spent freely most of his time here. This team had a roster good enough to win the Super Bowl 4 years ago and they choked away their opportunity in the AFC Championship when they showed up unprepared to play and had their defense trampled by an average rushing attack. On the cusp of a Super Bowl in a year they could have won it, the team was too wrapped up in a Divisional Round win to be ready to play and since then it has been all downhill for the Rex Ryan Jets.

Idzik did a poor job this offseason but people who spend 100% of their day yelling about him and acting like he is the only scapegoat are missing the full picture of this team’s problems.

On to the predictions…

1. Big Ben will throw for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns…not 6 touchdowns, so there is that?

2. Mike Vick will have a combined 275 yards passing and rushing, two touchdowns and one turnover.

3. Eric Decker will catch his fifth touchdown of the season.

4. Percy Harvin will have over 100 yards of total offense and take a kick back past the 40 yard line.

5. Le’Veon Bell will have 95 total yards of offense and a touchdown.

6. Antonio Brown will have 110 yards receiving and a touchdown.

7. Muhammad Wilkerson will have 1.5 sacks.

8. Martavis Bryant will have 4 catches for 50 yards, flooding our timelines with Jalen Saunders tweets. Unfortunately, the Jets would still be 1-8 even if they drafted Bryant and he’d likely be getting less than targets than TJ Graham, knowing this coaching staff.

9. $5 = 5 meals. Donate.

10. Nick Folk will hit two more field goals…we ALL love Nick Folk.

11. Jace Amaro will have at least 3 catches.

12. The New York Jets will lose and not cover the 4.5 spread (which seems very low), falling to the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-20 for their ninth straight loss.

12 Pack Record

W/L (5-4)

Spread (5-4)

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • John Hunter

    Wow….you’re taking this fire Rex campaign to the highest level huh?

    You claim you won’t lose sleep over Idzik losing his job, but there isn’t one person who visits your site believes that for one second.

    Now I know why you get your panties in a bunch when I say Idzik sabotaged Rex’s job this season. You’re clearly done with Rex, and can’t wait for his departure.

    It wasn’t Idzik who coached a bunch of bums last season to a respectable 8-8 with a rookie QB, and without their star CB (who’s been the rock of the D). Last season the only thing Idzik did was shave dead weight contracts, hit 1 bulls eye draft pick, and sit back & watch Rex do the rest.

    Rex set Idzik up for a golden opportunity to capitalize on his success, and Idzik pissed it in the wind.

    This season Rex coached his way out of a job, but he was also set up to fail by his GM.

    Fire Rex, but Idzik hasn’t done a damn thing to deserve another year making the decisions for this franchise, he’s simply AWFUL.

  • Idzik can’t get fired soon enough. I agree with him that you build a team through the draft, but that only works if you draft properly. He’s been extremely disappointing in that respect, and I don’t even hate the Geno pick. Firing him on Monday will give the Jets plenty of time to make the right decisions moving forward.

    Nick Folk 4ever.

  • Joe Caporoso

    John Hunter: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=vocal%20minority


    You can keep taking out your frustrations of the 1-8 season on me, I don’t really care. What bums me out about the comment section here at times is I don’t see anything on any of the film breakdowns, I don’t see any football questions, I see dead silence about #LetsEat, all I see is puns with our GMs name, baseless accusations and a bunch of angry name calling. Be better.

  • tycobb1981

    John Hunter, the guy who coached a bunch of bums to 8-8 last year can’t coach mostly the same bums to 2 wins in 10 weeks, but it’s all Idzik’s fault? Please…

    Joe Barra, it’s too early to judge if Idzik has drafted properly. Specifically, what have the following 2013 1st Rd picks done so far in their careers: Dion Jordan, Barkevious Mingo, Tayvon Austin, DJ Hayden, Jarvis Jones, Tyler Eifert, Xavier Rhodes, and Datone Jones? Pretty much nothing… because they’ve only been in the league 1.5 years and for MOST players it takes time to develop and make an impact.

    Richardson, Milliner, and Amaro have all contributed more than each of those guys selected in the 1st Rd in 2013. Keep in mind, Milliner was tied for 9th in the NFL in passes defensed even though he played only 13 games last year and was absolutely dreadful in most of the early ones.

    The problem isn’t with the drafting, the problem is with a certain large subset of fans expecting multiple draft picks to be starts from day one and pro-bowl material from day two. It’s no surprise that with such unrealistic expectations people are bound to be disappointed.

    This team overperformed last year leading to high expectations this year. Now that they’re not meeting our hopes, we’re tearing down our own team and acting like boorish children which will result in nothing positive. In fact, it’s only more likely to incentivize high quality personnel and players to stay away from the Jets because of the circus atmosphere that’s almost entirely being created by the fans this time around.

  • tycobb1981

    “starts” should have been “starters”

  • No joke. Nine games in Amaro looks like he’s going to be the greatest Tight End in team history.

  • John Hunter


    I’m taking my frustration out on you boss. Only because we disagree on basically just ONE subject (John Idzik) doesn’t equate to me taking out my frustrations on you. You have slapped me a few times in my face when you disagreed with my OPINIONS, but I didn’t take it personal like you appear to be doing.


    For the record, pay attention: I want Rex fired as well, I just don’t accept the accusation all the blame is on him. Just like Joe don’t accept all the blame is on Idzik. IMO, we need to clean house.

    Plus we need a change at QB…..Geno sucks!

    Now what?

  • John Hunter

    Sorry Joe, meant I’m NOT taking my frustration out on you.

  • John Hunter

    And Joe

    Shoving a charity you believe in isn’t the way to get donations. You offered it, it’s nice and all, very thoughtful, but I choose not to contribute. If you see me different now, then (IMO) that’s on you. I don’t visit your site to make charity donations. I didn’t make a donation to get Idzik fired, and I’m not donating to #LetsEat.

    I’ll ignore the link you applied next to my name, because it seems to be a direct or indirect insult. With words like “ASSHOLE & TROLL” up in it. Is that how you handle a regular commenter on your site who clearly seeks the best for our beloved Jets?

    It’s all good, my skin is pretty tough, I’M A JETS FAN! That’s as tough as it gets.


  • carlosJETS4life

    Dammmmmmmmn! Thats MEST UP right therrr…my jets have me wantìng to puke all season but these ppl nd salaries are just DISCUSTING! Blaaah

  • John, Joe can get a little cranky sometimes as he’s already called me an idiot once or twice so I get where your coming from.Truth be told,like you(as a Jet fan) i have pretty thick skin and I like Joe’s work so like most Jet fans, I take his negative comments with a grain of salt. I also get where Joe is coming from when he laments the lack of response to his film breakdowns(which I think are excellent!) and the lack of football questions not related to the firing of Rex or Izzy. On the latter I’m not sure I agree but amybe I’m missing something? Anyway, hang in there brother because you are one of my favorite reads here.

  • Ty Cobb, ordinarily i would agree with your assessment that its too early to evaluate a draft(especially this most recent one) but in this case there is compelling evidence that says that both of John Idziks drafts have been dreadful. Of his 19 picks only two have distinguished them selves to date as Richardson is clearly a stud and Amaro is looking like a potential beast as well. I’m not as willing to include Milliner in the positive column as you apparently are as his inability to stay on the field is beyond belief.The safety Calvin Pryor is so lost right now that its impossible to forecast with any certainty that he will ever turn into anything but a miss guided missal. He is so out of position on most plays that we have basically seen none of the big hits we were led to believe were his calling card. None of his picks at the O-line,WR or LB position have show any ability that would make you think they can eventually become a piece of the puzzle any time soon.And please don’t bring up Aboushi who finally had a decent game last week because prior to that he was dreadful and even Brian Winters had one or two good games last season towards the end. Hey, I follow the draft extensively including the process leading up to it and Idzik over drafted or reached for every pick in the last draft with the exception of Amaro who many felt would go in round 1.

  • Joe, in my car this morning I was listening to Gil Brandt and Howard David on the NFL channel on X.M. radio. To make a long story short they were discussing the possibility that the Jets could possibly begin cleaning house as early as Monday morning if things go badly against Pittsburgh. According to David, his sources tell him that if the Jets are blown out and the stadium is full of black & gold yellow Steeler’s jersey’s that might be too much for even Woody Johnson to take?
    Like you i don’t know what good that will do for the team as there are no in house candidates to fill any either the head coach or GM positions but it certainly makes for interesting discussion here.

  • Jo

    Jets may not win the game but could cover the 4pts. Pitt is on a really momentum swing & could be a letdown game after blowing out Balt.

    Just a thought. Public will be all over Pitt & when that occurs,….well u know what to do.

  • Joe, i was thinking the same thing concerning the possibility of a let down but Pittsburgh is in a real dog fight to make the playoffs and i like Mike Tomlin a lot and while i acknowledge the possibility is there I’m thinking this will be a 31 to 10 or 37 -17 drubbing with us coming up on the short side. More importantly, the game getting ugly before half time might result in a stadium much more full of black & yellow than green & white?

  • John Idzik is not now, nor has he ever been accused of being a player personnel man; CPA, yes. Now get a player personnel man in if you keep Idzik.
    Rex Ryan stays, unless he says he’s had enough of this nonsense. But I believe he’s personally imbibed and will want to stay and get this team back to the playoffs.

    Facts are facts. Poor personnel decisions, playing time and play calls have led to what we have.
    The answer is self evident. QB, O-line & D-backfield personnel required. (2-34 year olds on D- can they last 1 more year).

    Position Coaches have failed us; PRYOR , serious considerations have to be made there also.

    Now continue with the conjecture…

    (Aren’t those Giants great)

  • James, while i agree with the former i totally disagree with your latter thoughts (i.e Rex to stay?) Lets see, terrible clock management,terrible use of time outs,consistently among-st the league leaders in penalty’s,consistently poor offensive production, three straight years of poor special teams play,poor turn over differential, three offensive coordinators,two def.coordinators,two G.M.s god only knows how many assistant coaches have come and gone, ditto players, and yet the one common denominator is none other than Rex Ryan! Hey, i personally think Rex is a great guy and I’d love to have a beer and shoot the shi- with him but after 6 seasons,the last 4 of them in a row pretty crappy, I’m thinking its time to give somebody else a shot.

  • Mike Z

    Ouch, its getting pretty rough in here. Joe does an excellent job with this blog and I hope the personal jabs cease. This blog is one of the only bright spots to this season. We are all grumpy because of our mess of a team. Lets all take a collective deep breath.

    I agree with Ron that Rex is a cool dude and I too would buy him a beer but he has proven to be a poor HC, period. Idzik is in over his head. Every reader of this blog knew well before the seasson started that we were beyond weak at corner and underprepeared at WR, OG and I will add TE, (still would have loved to pick up Owen Daniel but what do I know I’m just a PSL owner). When he had a chance to own up to his mistakes at the Press Conference Idzik blew it again and instead tried to sweet talk a very savvy NY fanbase. We want accountability and reason to trust you and you let us down.. again.

    The ineptitude this season has truly been a team effort. Rex has had to deal with a subpar roster and Idzik has had to watch a coaching staff completely The good news is that we are not far away in talent and our 2-14 squad could be a playoff team next season with the right leadership put into place in the off season. You just need to look at the Chiefs in 2012, (2-14). They fired HC, Hired Andy Reid and the team went to the playoffs in 2013, (and btw Alex Smith isn’t exactly Andrew Luck).

    So Uncle Woody…… we deserve better. You show tremendous loyalty which is admirable but it isn’t working. In fact it is failing miserably and if you really do care about Jets Nation then let these guys go and make something special happen, only you can.

  • Mike Z

    I meant to say that Idzik has had to watch “a completely inept coaching staff”

  • John Hunter

    I really want Mariota as our next QB. But if we end up with Winston, then so be it.

  • Sherm Plunkett

    If I look at the positions we drafted ‘for’ I find little fault with the assessment of NEEDs. The actual players chosen just have not worked out yet….especially at CB, WR and OL.