New York Jets GIF Dump, Leftover Week 10 Observations

A New York Jets GIF dump and leftover observations from their week 10 over the Pittsburgh Steelers

Your New York Jets GIF Dump and leftover observations from their 20-13 upset victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

So, this is how you throw the ball deep…


That Route Though…

Percy doing WR things


1. We now have over a quarter of a season worth of tape on Oday Aboushi and the early returns have been encouraging. He is generally improving with each passing week and the Jets are leaving him without help more frequently in each passing game. If he continues at this rate, he will be a starter at guard for the team in 2015. This is why it is silly to prematurely evaluate draft picks. After the first 10 games of Aboushi’s career, plenty of people would have called the pick a “F.” – Now it looks like the Jets may found a starter in the 5th round. Aboushi’s redshirt year could have been the best thing for him and hopefully the same proves to be true for Dakota Dozier and Dalton Freeman long term. The Jets need a new left tackle long term before anything else so these young players playing well at guard could be a huge boost.

2. Chris Ivory had six carries for 36 yards on the Jets opening drive. He then received one carry the rest of the half and one carry in the third quarter before finally getting six more carries in the fourth quarter. What happened to riding the hot hand? Marty Mornhinweg scripted a great opening drive and called a timely deep shot to TJ Graham but his use of the running backs remains frustrating…and yes the Jets are still running The Wildcat.

3. Despite getting away with a few near turnovers, Mike Vick played a solid all around game. He is decisive as a runner and was productive on third down, scrambling for a conversion, hitting Percy Harvin twice to move the chains and finding Jace Amaro for a touchdown. It is easy to look back and say Vick should have started after the San Diego game but remember he played poorly in relief that afternoon and Geno Smith followed with two competent performances. For now, Vick is a no brainer to leave under center as he continues to audition for a 2015 stopgap role either here or elsewhere. It would be nice to see the Jets have Vick take a few more shots down the field, like they did on the touchdown to Graham.

4. Calvin Pryor was appropriately benched for being late to meetings, in conjunction with his disappointing play. However, Pryor played his two best games of the season not all that long ago. Rex Ryan mentioned potentially using Pryor alongside Jaiquawn Jarrett and getting Antonio Allen back to safety full time – YES. The hope is that Jarrett can sustain productive play and Sunday wasn’t a mirage, while Allen can start building his career back up. At cornerback, hopefully Marcus Williams and Philip Adams stay afloat and can be depth players moving forward next season. We know Dawan Landry and Kyle Wilson won’t be back next year and neither are good at their jobs, so ultimately the less we see of them going forward, the better.

5. Another 50+ snaps for Jeff Cumberland with 0 receptions…although he did pick up a penalty that wiped away a 20 yard Jace Amaro reception.

6. Hat tip to Mark Sanchez for a strong debut in Philadelphia last night. Angry commenters have called this a Sanchez Apologist site AND a Sanchez bashing site long before they called it an Idzik Apologist site. Let’s not write a revisionist Sanchez history and forget the end of the 2011 season and 2012. It was time for him to leave New York, in case you forgot that fans and media were treating him basically the way they are treating Idzik now (making him the whipping boy and scapegoat for everything). Sanchez is obviously going to play better in a Chip Kelly system than a Rex Ryan system and has a strong offensive supporting cast, defense and special teams to help him. It is a great situation for him and we wish him all the best. It will be interesting to see how plays over a 4-7 game stretch, particularly when the competition toughens up a bit. It is always a little dangerous to be crowning somebody after one start.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Sherm Plunkett

    Can we please get rid of Cumberland…Pace….Harris….Coples – these guys are either over the hill or they have shown after years that they are not what was hoped for.

    Unless there is a hope for Davis as an OLB, there is no choice but to let Harris walk. Sure, he lost 20 pounds for his recovery season last year but still stinks in pass coverage. He is a target. When was his last significant play? OK He gets tackles….anyone would in his role.?

    Unless you can sweeten a draft pot by putting Richardson in for the top of the first round and then moving Coples back to where he belongs with his fist on the ground – cut bait!

    Pace – we knew before last year that he was not up to our hopes when we signed him….then the miracle where he had more then 10 sacks. He is old, slow, has no lateral recovery – get rid of him!

  • jdon

    Cumberland has been stealing money here for years. I would like to see more than 130 yards passing from my starter. Some of that is on MM. Guy calls one quarter worth of plays and then goes into sleep mode. I do not get the Ivory thing. Have to watch CJ run for 2.5 yards and never break a tackle for two consecutive quarters? Come on, MM.

  • John Hunter

    MM has definitely been a disappointment. I expected so much more from him, he’s been almost as bad as Sparano.

    I really would love to know how much of the decision to keep Geno in for so long was ALSO on MM. I already blame him for sticking with the shotgun formation for 8 to 9 weeks too long. It’s amazing how competent our offense looks when we’re allowing our QB (Geno or Vick) to take snaps from under center, especially when we have a BRUISER like Ivory the D must respect in play-action. Football 101…..unbelievable. I thought it was because Geno had issues with his drops, but when he was allowed to take snaps from under center, he actually did well. But then I noticed, during the Bills game (I believe) Vick was in shotgun just as much as Geno, therefore pointing the finger at MM.

    There’s simply NO EXCUSE Marty can possibly come up with to justify the lack of carries given to Ivory, and as the HC, Rex is equally to blame.

    The talent on this team is there, Idzik just didn’t complete the task at hand……1 more CB, WR (before the trade), and OG………yeah, it needed to be said again, I don’t care who’s tired of hearing it. I said from the beginning, this will be a year long criticism Idzik left open on himself. Granted, the crew he put together could’ve been better coached (particularly on the offensive side of the ball), however, even with a excellent DEFENSIVE coach like Rex, Idzik dropped the ball…..with that said IMO, it’s a 40% Idzik blame to 60% coaching.

    Excellent GIFs Joe

    On last thing I noticed: Vick clearly had the 1st down, but his ATL instincts still gives him the desire to go for that extra unnecessary yard. He almost didn’t get up from that hit, again, killing any hope he’ll make the right decision to protect himself, and live for another play. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks (pun intended). Sliding isn’t even an option (it seems like) with Vick. He even dove head first one time trying get out of bounds….smh.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Rex & his staff deserve some praise for their coaching with Jarrett, & to a lesser extent Adams & Williams.

    It’s quite disconcerting that 2 of Idzik’s top picks have shown such a lack of professionalism & respect for the team by being late for meetings. Considering these 2 players were the weak links for their respective units only makes matters worse. Hopefully Rex keeps Pryor on a short leash (& Geno on the bench) the rest of the season.

    The offense looks like they have begun to gel around Vick at QB, & it’ll be interesting to see if that continues as the season progresses.

  • tycobb1981

    I can only imagine what the Jets would be like if they had any discipline or professionalism instilled in them. Imagine a rookie being routinely late on the Pats; he’d be benched and maybe even cut just to make a point. But under Rex, anything goes and there’s no accountability.

  • Joe Caporoso

    JJ – You are skirting all the blame to Idzik and none to Rex in every situation. According to you Rex has zero culpability for Sanchez going back in that game against NYG, even though he physically put him in the game. Yes, Rex deserves praise for coaching up Adams, Williams and Jarrett to a good game vs. Pit, just like Idzik deserves a share of credit for signing Adams/Williams and bringing Jarrett back. The lack of professionalism shown by the draft picks is on both Rex and Idzik (Rex was plenty on board for the Pryor pick: “I took the guy who will knock your face in”) – Idzik had final call and took the player, that’s on him…Rex is running a team where people are regularly late for meetings and admittedly unprepared for games (as Vick, Richardson, Mangold and Decker have all publicly said). They both are part of the good and bad. They both get blame and they both get praise.

  • Joe, great job with the gif’s and the piece in general. I have to put my big boy pants on and own up to you being right so far on Aboushi too. I was not and am still not a fan of Aboushi but in all fairness he has been a significant upgrade over Winters and at this point its looking like he might in fact be a piece of the long range puzzle.Too early for his Canton bust to be ordered but the early returns are positive. The Mark Sanchez revival tour in Philly is an interesting topic as many of the Sanchez apologists pointed to his lack of weapons and the conservative nature of the Jet offense as the primary reason he failed here. Again, a little too early to judge,Mark,Vic,Oday, or J.Jarrett but at least there are a few topic’s to keep us talking over the next two months as the season winds down. Good job dude!

  • Joe Caporoso

    Thanks for reading Ron!

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Joe – I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but you blame Rex for everything that goes wrong while absolving Idzik of blame.

    If Rex was responsible for putting Sanchez into that game, why did Sanchez curse out Idzik in the lockerroom after the game?

    Where is the praise for Rex for developing another team’s castoff?

    At this point, it’s absurd to argue Rex is a worse HC than Idzik is a GM. Idzik absolutely deserves to be fired, but I won’t complain if Rex is fired as well.

  • Joe Caporoso

    “Yes, Rex deserves praise for coaching up Adams, Williams and Jarrett to a good game vs. Pit…They both are part of the good and bad. They both get blame and they both get praise”