Initial Reaction – New York Jets Win A Game!

Initial reaction to the New York Jets 20-13 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers

The New York Jets ended their eight game losing streak today with an impressive 20-13 win over the favored Pittsburgh Steelers. It was basically bizarro world at MetLife Stadium as they forced four turnovers, including Jaiquawn Jarrett’s first two career interceptions, avoided any turnovers themselves and hit a huge play down the field in the passing game. They will now have two weeks to prepare for a road game in Buffalo and hopefully begin a strong end to their season. Without a doubt, there were plenty of bitter Steelers fans and people in #FireIdzik shirts leaving MetLife Stadium this afternoon. Let’s get into it…

Marty Mornhinweg started the game with a well-scripted opening drive that heavily featured both Percy Harvin and Chris Ivory leading to a Jets field goal. Harvin had another strong game (56 offensive yards and two third down conversions) and has made a persuasive early argument to be back with the Jets in 2015. Ivory led the Jets with 51 rushing yards, although he only received 14 carries. The Jets converted on a bomb from Mike Vick to TJ Graham for a 67 yard touchdown. It was a perfect throw from Vick and an opportunity for Graham, a mid-season acquisition, to show off his deep speed. Vick also hit Jace Amaro with a touchdown pass (his second of the year) and finished 10/18 for 132 yards with 39 rushing yards…more importantly he avoided any turnovers for the second straight game.

The Jets still had some missed redzone opportunities but were able to move the football consistently and produced more than enough for their defense, who played their best overall game of the season. Jarrett led the way the performance of his life, recording a sack, fumble recovery and two interceptions. The front seven dominated the line of scrimmage and consistently got after Ben Roethlisberger. Cornerbacks Marcus Williams and Philip Adams both held their own, particularly Williams who made a great play directly leading to Jarrett’s first interception. This was a strong day for Rex Ryan who had Roethlisberger off his game from the opening snap and got the most out of a defense with minimal talent in the back end. We know Ryan can craft up some gems of defensive gameplans but now can he improve on his recent struggles in the game after a victory? (2-12 in last 14).

Ultimately, it was great to see this team finally put together a complete, consistent effort and finally win a game. It has been two months, which has felt like two years. They will have a prime opportunity to play spoiler down the stretch against the divisional opponents and continue to develop younger players, while further integrating Harvin into their offense. Today was a snapshot of the team many of us expected for most of 2014,.


Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • KAsh

    Great game! I almost lost my mind when Roethlisberger (Rothelisberger?; Rosthlesberger?; Roastlispburger?) completed that TD pass to Bryant with just over a minute left in the game. But what is a Jets win without a near cardiac infarction?

    While we were by no means clean in any area, we finally did enough to pull through. Everybody on the team deserves this victory. Ultimately bittersweet, though, as it might screw with our draft position.

  • John Hunter

    Excellent win.

    It would be so Jet like to win out, and force a STALEMATE in the fire Idzik/Ryan debate. 🙂

    Big ups to the O line & D line for winning the battle in the trenches.

    Big ups to MM & RR for calling an excellent game on both sides of the ball.

    Big ups for finally capitalizing on the TO opportunities,

  • John Hunter

    Vick gave us a taste of what it would be like having Mariota behind center next season. H e also gave us an excellent example of the effectiveness of playing under center vs shotgun all the time. We was able to use play-action like it supposed to be used, and create opportunities down field.

    Unfortunately, in order to land Marcus Mariota, we would probably need to lose out, and according to how these men are responding to the 8 str8 losing streak, it’s not going down like that. If we want him bad enough, we would have to trade up to get him, and I doubt that’s happening.

    With that said, if we end up with a 12 to 16 pick, and Winston falls in our laps, I can’t see us passing up on him.

  • Mark

    Marcus Williams tipping the ball for the int was just a great play, props to the entire team today, great win. I love how much they use Harvin, hopefully it works out for him here, so far so good. Just wish they would use Ivory more, he looked great on that opening drive, then seemed like he never got a carry until run out the clock situations. I know they have a lot of options now, but Kerley has become rather invisible on offense, hopefully Vick can something going with him coming out of the bye.

    Go Jets! Everyone enjoy the bye week.

  • david

    It is great to have a QB

  • John C

    Kash, it’s spelled Rapistberger! I’ll echo David – Great to have a QB (with some savvy). Jaiquan Jarrett should now be starting – that game merits a promotion – let’s see how he does as a starter. Marcus Williams seems like he might be a player – don’t know what the film shows, but my sense is he might be OK. Great game (thanks to the TOs – what a difference). Still some familiar problems (Pitt scores before half, Jets don’t, 80 yard scramble bomb), but for once, the other team had some bad plays too. Harvin has made a few tough catches in his brief time here – nice to see compared to someone like Hill. Some real bad refereeing – mostly against the Jets, but we got a couple of “bad” calls in our favor as well. There were a lot of Steeler fans, but not as bad as I thought it might be. Would be just like Jets to win a bunch, and cloud the Rex issue – I love Rex, but still think he needs to go. With Vick on hand, and his (Ryan’s) future at risk, he was supposed to have a shorter leash on Geno this year, but he did nothing (to start Vick) until the season was lost. Also, why has Jarrett been on the bench all year – he’s flashed occasionally in the past, but never really got a full chance – maybe he will now?

  • Sherm Plunkett

    Happy to see you back Kash.

  • Joe

    Nice win but let’s calm down about Vick- the team scored 3 points after the first quarter. The best thing you can say is he didn’t turn the ball over.

  • John Hunter

    Really? Joe (right above)

    The best thing we can say is he didn’t turn the ball over?……….So ignore the bomb TD? and the 18 yards 3rd down conversions (plural) with his feet? and recognizing he had nothing on 3rd down & goal, called time out, then came back with poise in the pocket to find Amaro for another TD?

    Give credit where credit is due.

  • Will

    I feel decision to start Geno firmlynfalls w idzik..i have no info but i feel in mynheart if rex and rex alone was given sole decision vick would have been starter from day 1…this was totally idzik call from camp!

  • One thing about the Jets and we fans, is that too much is made after a win. Thoughts of Rex and the Jets winning out on here are so Jet fan and Rex like. The thought not the accomplishment. Some real thoughts: 1) Why wasn’t Jarrett starting from week one? Maybe he was outplayed leading up to yesterday? Maybe it was because of Pryor’s “lateness”? Maybe it was an edict that prior start from the front office? 2) Lets get real about Mariota. Very debatable if he’s even the best QB in the draft, and even if he that is the consensus, there are no guarantees (another very “Jet fanny” outlook).

  • Joe & John, yeah he made a few plays but lets not order his bust for Canton just yet. lets not forget the ball he threw right into the hands of a Steeler defender that was dropped,or the fumble along the sideline that went our way.Technically he was T/O free but in reality those two plays could have completely changed the out come of this game.Not to mention his second bonehead unsportsmanlike conduct penalty as well. Definitely some good moments but Joe is right. The second half production was not good and it allowed the Steelers an opportunity to hang around and make things interesting at the end.And John, I read all the Mariota and Winston stuff here all the time but the guy to also consider and keep an eye on is Mich.St QB Connor Cook who has been moving up everybody’s boards as well. At 6-4 225 with a very strong arm and good pocket presence and playing in a pro style offense rather than a spread this kid may be the most NFL ready of them all. Three of my favorite draft guru’s Matt Miller CBC sports,Daniel Jeramyah(NFL network) and Charles Davis (also of the NFL network have all spoken highly of him so like I said,check him out if you haven’t already done so. Fun to finally come out on the plus side for a change.

  • Ron you’re right on. Just as an aside, although they maybe good draft gurus (I would not know) I’m skeptical of anyone employed by the NFL network, since they also employ Michael Irvin who’s voice is the world’s most annoying sound. Also working there is Kurt Warner, who, for shock value, irresponsibly insisted that there was a QB competition between Sanchez and Tim Tebow during the 2012 preseason. Unless they are showing NFL films, I bet if I turned on the NFL network this instant, there would be 4 or 5 abusers of the English language trying to talk over each other. It’s like turning on The View or an O’Reilly Factor debate.

  • jdon

    I think Vick threw for 132 yards. However, with guy like Vick you have to add in his rush yards to determine effectiveness. Not impressed with his passing, although the bomb was beautifully thrown. He missed Kerley on an easy pass in the end zone first drive. Just nice to see some calm on offense for a change

  • KAsh


    Probably not the week to hype Connor Cook. He just lost to rival Ohio State and showed off his issues with accuracy (25-of-48 passing). The loss probably knocks his school out of the college playoff hunt, while his issues with mechanics and decision-making make his stated wish to return for his senior year seem wise.

    It will be a wild draft if both Winston and Cook stay in school. Your major QB candidates (read “Jets future franchise QB candidates”) may go down to Mariota, Dak Prescott, and Garrett Grayson (I am ignoring Brett Hundley; hopefully the Jets do, too).

  • Kash. I’m sure you know more than me about this next group of QBs. I certainly need to see Cook and Grayson play more, but I will say I’m a seller of Prescott in the early rounds. Looks like he’ll need to sit a couple of years and learn some pocket skills. He also has accuracy issues.

  • Jarrett is more of a Free Safety. I know he benched Pryor, but I think Pryor should play his natural position SS. Pryor was never a centerfielder, but playing him near the box, and on TEs would be a better proposition. It appeared that Jarrett might have the centerfielder ability that the Jets have been lacking, but it is just 1 game, so lets see what happens in two weeks.

  • KAsh


    Oh, you don’t want the “Most Like Tim Tebow” award-winner? I will say one thing in his defense, and that is that he at least seems more accurate than Tebow.

  • John C

    Landon, I agree with you on the Safeties. I’ve felt Pryor is misused as a Free Safety. They should certainly give some thought to Jarrett at Free Safety and Pryor in the box. We really need to give some new guys a chance (bench Landry), to evaluate for next year. Maybe, just maybe, given a chance, Jarrett can live up to his 2nd Rd draft status, and Pryor to his 1st rd status. Williams also seems like a keeper, for depth if nothing else. He seems to have the confidence a DB needs, and he seems to be a sound tackler.. His breakup resulted in Jarrett’s first pick too

  • John Hunter

    @ Ron

    Is it anything wrong with giving some positive feedback on our decent QB play? We just ended a 8 game losing streak, can we enjoy the moment……..jeez.

    Of course you gonna find some negativity, it’s Vick… When was the last time he played a flawless game? (2010) on Monday Night against the Skins.

    Win out Rex!!! Put a muzzle on the haters!!! Save Your Job!!!!


  • Nah, just having some fun with you buddy! it just makes me crazy that the bar is set so low for the jets. A guy throws for 125 net yards with out a turn over and we call it a good performance. i was in Carolina two weeks ago and watched another older QB Drew Bree’s and that’s what i want for us. A true pro in every sense of the word.

  • John Hunter

    All good partner, I received your fun in good spirit. I know exactly how you feel, and hopefully it’s our turn to enjoy an above average QB in 2015. I don’t trust Vick to stay healthy, so I’m banking on hitting the QB lottery in the Draft, whether it’s high with Mariota or Winston falls in our laps between 10-16 assuming we finish strong in 14.

    IMO, if Vick stays healthy for the next 6 games, we have a legit opportunity of winning out, especially with the rope already around Rex’s neck. There’s something to play for within that locker room, and Rex just might tap into the required motivation to ride a win streak to make it REAL difficult on Idzik to move on. Personally, I’m ready for a complete change (clean house change), but I can see Idzik surviving, but Rex might be a goner.

    Knowing the Jets, we’ll win out, and be stuck with Rex for another year. If Rex didn’t have full authority to pull the trigger on Geno earlier because of Idzik, then there could be a loop hole in that decision, and now that the switch was made, if they win out, Rexy could be protected.