Video – New York Jets Xs and Os


We are excited to launch a brand new series at Turn On The Jets TV (please subscribe), featuring New York Jets Xs and Os on their offensive and defensive scheme. Today, we have two videos. The first will overview the positions on offense, how Eric Decker beat Darrelle Revis for a big play, why the Jets have struggled in the redzone and where Percy Harvin will help their passing game. The second will look at the Jets likely base personnel on defense moving forward, how they have been burnt on the blitz and how they effectively used zone coverage against the New England Patriots.

Offense (hosted by Joe Caporoso)

Defense (hosted by Connor Rogers)

Big thanks to Whistle Sports for giving us use of their studio and to Kevin Bauer assisting with the editing!

6 thoughts on “Video – New York Jets Xs and Os

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  2. Percy, and Marty are gonna be real happy together.
    I’m baffled as to why they didn’t use Harvin past the LOS in Seattle.
    He had 60 catches in 8 games his last year in Minnesota.

    Has anyone mentioned the fact that Percy should know the play book pretty well already coming from Childress, and Bevell.

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