Initial Reaction – New York Jets Dumpster Fire

Joe Caporoso on the New York Jets 31-0 dumpster fire loss to the San Diego Chargers

The New York Jets put on a pathetic display of football today in San Diego, losing 31-0. Statistically, this game is borderline incomprehensible, as their two quarterbacks combined to go 13/32 for 60 yards, their defense allowed 439 total yards, including 162 rushing (to San Diego’s 4th string running back!) and didn’t cross the 50 yard line until garbage time in the 4th quarter. On to the disaster scene…

You can try to blame one person and argue until you are blue in the face about it. The reality is this, the Jets are a poorly coached team, who are short on personnel in multiple areas, have a question mark at quarterback and are in the middle of the roughest part of their schedule. This is a toxic formula that came to a head today against a very good team in San Diego.

The Jets no showed today. They had zero chance from the outset, quickly falling behind 7-0 and immediately handing the ball back after they FINALLY created turnover. From there, it was 14-0 and the rout was on.

Rex Ryan kept blitzing and blitzing on third down and kept getting beat over and over again. One day, he will stop leaving his players on an island when it repeatedly isn’t working but he’ll probably be a defensive coordinator somewhere else by that day. His defense laid down about halfway through the second quarter, allowing the Chargers 4th string running back to shred them apart. He said in the press conference he has never been in this spot before but that’s a lie. Go look back through the Jets schedule since the final month of 2011, there is PLENTY of performances like this on his resume, with multiple different GMs, quarterbacks, defensive and offensive coordinators.

Offensively, Geno Smith never really had a chance today. The Jets offensive line was thoroughly dominated, racking up more penalties than plays with productive pass protection. In particular, both of their guards are proving to be solidly below average NFL starters right now. WIthout Eric Decker, nobody elevated their play in the passing game. Jeff Cumberland remains a ghost. David Nelson looked hurt. Jeremy Keremy and Greg Salas didn’t create anything. The only thing Chris Johnson brought was a killer lost fumble and apparently Bilal Powell has been banished off the roster for who knows what reason? Putting in Mike Vick made zero difference. If you thought he was a cure all for the Jets problems, you are sadly mistaken.

The special teams are average. The all around effort level was questionable at best. The injuries are piling up. Guys who usually are average or above average starters laid an egg today (Antonio Allen at safety, Feguson/Mangold on the offensive line, Harris at linebacker). It was a mess from top to bottom.

The roster construction and work of John Idzik will remain under appropriate scrutiny. He isn’t getting fired in season or after the season…I hate to ruin the dreams of those who regularly demand it. However, the Jets lack of depth at receiver, corner and guard has consistently manifested itself as a problem this season. Many of his picks are still developing and thus subject to inconsistent play or have limited involvement, not allowing the draft to calm the masses. The torches will be out for everyone, including him, which means every mistake will be magnified and any positive will be ignored.

It is likely to get worse before it gets better with upcoming games against Denver and in New England on a short week. MetLife Stadium could be UGLY this week, which is a shame for so early in the season but a cold reality. The Jets needed to get 2 out of 3 from Green Bay, Chicago and Detroit but lost three one score games and set themselves up for this.

Rant it out people, it is understandable…

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Mark

    Watching the game, you go from anger to just laughing by the end of it because it was such a poor effort it’s not even worth being angry over at some point in the game. Think I went from anger to laughter when Pryor thought he stood up that RB at the 1 yard line and he just bounced right off of him to score.

    Joe, absolutely right about the offensive line, the guard play was dreadful. I mean Brian Winters is a young player, but has he really shown any improvement? Maybe Aboushi will be even worse, but can’t hurt to find out what he does in a regular season game.

    I know it gets annoying to talk same old Jets, but the Jets getting their first int of the season and the next play Cj fumbling was downright comical. Chris Johnson is just awful, everyone that said he was done the past few years in Tenn were clearly right.

    Nice to see they finally sat Decker down 3 weeks too late, I’m sure he will want to play vs Denver, but there really is no reason to if he is not going to get better. End rant, time for bed, on to hoping they don’t get blown out vs Denver, but man that game is looking like the Niners/Jets game from a few years ago.

  • The dearth of offensive talent is squarely Idziks fault!
    The Jets are sitting on 20 million dollars and could have brought in Revis, Cromartie, DRC, But opt to over pay for the old and often injured Patterson, Then they pass up on bringing back Holmes on a discount,,, or bring in Jackson from the eagles… now you are seeing the aftermath of the most obtuse and asinine penny pinching QM offseasons in history… Ironically Tanny would have built a much better team than Idzick!

  • Mike H

    Once again too much I talk from Rex…I have never had this happen to me or I have never been beat like this…bullshit Rex you habe too many games like this on the resume, He has to go for things to change. I hope Idzik is smart enuf and that Woody will not stop him from getting rid of all the coaches…it should have been done last yr and now we have a wasted season.

    Bring in Darren Bevell and draft a QB who can play bot one that is also smart something Geno is not.

  • I’m drunk

  • Hillel

    I didn’t watch the game. Instead, I did something with my family. It was a great day.

  • Who is this ’24’ guy, on NE? He’s no Philip Adams, but he certainly seems to know how to play CB.

  • BPP

    Rex has had horrible QB play his entire time here.

    In 2009, 2012, and 2013 he had bottom five QB play in terms of traditional QB rating. All the other teams in the bottom five averaged 4 wins, the Jets averaged 8. During Sanchez’s fluky dropped interception season in 2010, his QB rating was all the way up to 24th in the league and the Jets went 11-5.

    He has done an incredible coaching job despite being hamstrung at the most important position in sports. Furthermore, there is nothing he can do to specifically address that situation. Geno sucks, bench Geno. Put in Vick, Vick sucks.

    Yes the defense was awful today, but it was 110 degrees on the field and offense had 60 yards and 1 or 2 first downs the entire half. It was pretty clear they were gassed.

    I am obviously a huge Rex fan and I was frustrated with him today and last year at times as well. He is not perfect by any means but I think he deserves one more shot at a new QB to show what he can do with a QB that is merely average and not historically awful.

    I am worried he may not get this opportunity.

  • Adam

    I love Rex. He went 8-8 with a horrible team last year. When you have a bad offense and you start off bad it leads to blowouts. If Chris Johnson doesn’t fumble maybe the defense doesn’t get pissed off at the ineptitude of the offense and plays better. I know Rex isn’t perfect but iDisk much more to blame than Rex. No receivers, cornerbacks and Brian winters stinks

  • Joe Caporoso

    Plenty of people love Rex because of his personality (myself included), bottom line is a HC doesn’t get to go 4 straight years with no playoffs, he’s had multiple OCs, GMs, QBs, DCs etc…he’s part of the problem. He can only live on 09/10 grace period for so long.

  • BPP

    People dont just like Rex because of his personality, they like him because he is a great coach as well. People complain about timeouts, challenges, and other nonsense like that but that has never been a proximal cause for loss.

    He hasn’t had multiple QBs, he has only had two. Unless Geno turns it around, Rex will have had two of the worst multiyear starters at QB in the modern passing era. He is still above .500 as a coach.

    A remarkable job.

  • Angel

    Wow. No excuses for Geno? I’ll call that progress… though you didn’t call out his piss poor performance either.

    By the way, all you Vick fans, how did that go?

    I like Rex as a coach, and if he had average personnel and Sanchez on the team this year, the Jets would be 4-1. Yeah, they’d still lose this game.

    To all you youngsters who didn’t live through the Kotite era, you’re earning your stripes as a Jets fan this season.

  • What offensive skill position players, who played for the NYJ today, would have even made the Chargers? Kerley probably, and probably Ivory, and Powell. Nary a WR or TE though….

  • Joe Caporoso

    Nah. I’m not doing the whole Rex debate now (did it enough towards end of last year) but go look at all of the Jets scores since the final month of 2011, “great” coaches don’t loss that many games by that much and have such a regularly undisciplined and sloppy team, while the overall D has slowly slid down the rankings. He’s a good coach, flirted by with being great in 09/10 but is overrated by most NYJ fans.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Angel – You conveniently forget how god awful Mark Sanchez was the final month of 2011 and all of 2012, when he was literally the worst QB starting in the NFL. If Sanchez was good enough to be a starting QB, he’d be starting somewhere now. Geno has been terrible the past 3 weeks, as we’ve said in every article reviewing his play in that time span. But get over Sanchez man, he’s gone and hasn’t played a meaningful snap for the team in over 2 years. It’s over.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    That loss was definitely reminiscent of the Kotite Era.

    Looked to me like the team started quitting after Geno couldn’t do anything on offense early on. Plays like the missed pass to an open Nelson, who had beaten his man deep (!!!), combined with the extreme heat have to be demoralizing to the defense. The OL really fell apart (to put it kindly) & I definitely question their effort level as well.

    Special teams have been disappointing this year (except for Folk). Hakim should be cut & I question the competence of the ST coach.

    It looks like the team is going to fall apart & the coaches will be fired.

  • BPP

    You are missing the only salient point Joe: every other so-called “great” coach has a QB that is at least average.

    Name one coach that you consider a “great” coach that has had historically awful QB play his entire tenure.

    I just think it would be a shame to bail on Rex without ever getting to see what he could with a legitimate QB. Nobody has done more with less.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Then it is on Rex to find a coach who can help improve his QB or adjust around it, since he can’t do it himself. When Harbaugh came to SF, Alex Smith was considered garbage. He immediately became above league average when he got there. Bill Belichick had Matt Cassell for a year, New England went 11-5. Was Nick Foles considered above league average before Chip Kelly got to Philly? Etc…

  • A movement needs to be started tomorrow advocating an entire boycott of one game in November. Have 10,000 fans show up. It’s unlikely we can force Idzik out, but we need to try.

  • David Acosta

    This game has been slowly developing for us since last year and today it exploded. After finishing 8-8 last year we all got really optimistic. Idzik Rex Woody and Myself included. We failed to see that when it was time for this team to win games they couldn’t get it done hence us going 8-8 including several meaningless wins like Oakland and Cleveland. It made us think hey we got something!
    By deluding ourselves into thinking we were ready to ascend this year we as a franchise failed to adequately address our problems. Problems that have been there for a while now.
    You know what you call a team that’s only good on one side of the ball ? An inconsistent football team. A bad football team.
    At best that is what we have been in the Ryan Era Inconsistent. The truth is that we have been a bad football team a majority of his run. Inconsistent offense in the 2014 NFL will do that. As we hopefully move on from Rex after this year let’s hope The Jets understand what we are. Bad. That will allow us to understand the severity of the situation and address it. Fix it. Don’t just put a bow on it.

    Rex it has been fun. I think you are one the more talented minds in the game but you have taken us as far as you can. Today you just lost your job

  • BPP

    Alex Smith had a QB rating in the 80s (solidly average) in the two years before Harbaugh got there. Not to mention he inherited the deepest and most talented roster in the league.

    Belichick had Moss and a roster that went 18-1 the year before. Is not even winning 2/3rds the number of games and missing the playoffs an accomplishment?

    Foles was a rookie the year before so nobody knew what he was. There is no saying he would not have been successful anywhere else.

    You haven’t refuted any of my arguments and have just offered amorphous criticisms of Rex such as “sloppiness” and “lack of discipline.”

    The Jets didnt lose today beacuse they were sloppy and undisciplined. They lost because their offense was a dumpster fire.

    They didnt lose today because Winter punched somebody, Hakim headbutted somebody, and Brick false started. They lost because Geno was 4/12 for 27 yds.

    I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

  • Joe Caporoso

    I’ve offered plenty of specific criticisms of Rex here and in many, many other articles. They start with stubbornness, too much loyalty and an inability to make in game adjustments. When you literally allow 5 straight 3rd down conversions because you sell out blitz and leave your secondary in cover zero every single time, it is poor coaching. The Chargers scored their first TD to Gates on a 3rd down against a Rex blitz against cover zero. You know how they scored their second TD? The exact same way. It is also how Gates shook free for a huge gain against Kyle Wilson on another 3rd down.

    The poor discipline adds up because it consistently makes 3rd and 4 into 3rd and 9 or 3rd and 9 into 3rd and 14 or hurts your field position…or it results in having no control of your sideline in week 2, so a game winning TD is wiped off the board. Or it means you play an injured Dee Milliner over a healthy Walls in week 2 and leave him isolated in man coverage…leading to a loss. Or it means you punt on 4th and 2 against Detroit late in the game and then never get the ball back because you can’t get a stop.

    Rex isn’t a great coach. He has now lost 10 games since the beginning of 2012 but 20 points or more. Again, that is 10 games in 2.5 seasons by TWENTY points or more. In that same time frame, his record after a win is 2-12 and he’s had six three game losing streaks since the beginning of 2011 (two in 2011, two in 2012, one last year and now one this year). The Rex victimization nonsense needs to stop.

    But yes, we’ll agree to disagree. They’ll be plenty of time to debate this in coming months. Shifting focus to week 6 and how NYJ can clean up this mess and be respectable rest of year

  • BPP

    What does giving up 2 TDs have to do with the starting QB going 4/12 for 27 yds? I watched the game and read CLC. Like i said before, Rex is not perfect by any means.

    You are acting like the Jets are the only defense in the league that gives up any points. You brought up the last drive against Detroit. What about the defense pushing the Lions back after Geno’s INT and forcing the missed 52 yd FG? Was Rex not the head coach during that drive?

    Dee was not at fault for the long throws to Jordy. The scheme for both was to for him to pass the WR off to Pryor who took poor angles and was therefore late. The only other catch he gave up was a 20 yarder to Adams. The Jets lost to the Packers because of a 20 yard reception?

    How did Walls do today? He was torched and benched. AA was moved backed to safety covering TEs like you have advocated for weeks. He was burned for two TDs against an ancient Gates who probably runs a 5.0 40 at this point.

    The rule for timeouts is that referees can only award a timeout if it is called by a head coach. Is Sheldon the head coach? So now it is Rex’s fault when the refs blow a call?

    Nobody is calling Rex a victim. The fact remains that you cannot consistently win in the NFL without a QB. The team is inconsistent and gets blown out because the QB position has been a dumpster fire. I just want to see Rex with a legitimate QB and think he could the lead the Jets to that Super Bowl win we all want.

  • JJ

    Joe the thing you are not mentioning is that we get torched even when we do not blitz. The secondary is simply that bad. Right at the beginning of the game 3rd and 9 we send only four and what happens? Walls gets beat like a drum and Rivers throws a 60 yard bomb to Floyd.

    As for penalties all teams have penalties, the Jets were 10th in penalties last year you know who was first? Seattle. You know who was second? The Broncos. I don’t see anyone calling Pete Carroll and John Fox or their team undisciplined.

    As for the punting in on 4th and 2 in the Lions game what is he supposed to do go for it? If they don’t get the first down you give the ball to the lions in field goal range, they kick the field goal and the game is over. It was absolutely the right call. Trying a injured Milliner over Walls when Walls is playing like crap is something you have to try.

    The fact is you can not win without an offense and we do not have one. Idzik could have done a lot to fix that and hasn’t. With Decker out we have the same offense as last year and that is unacceptable.

  • Joe Caporoso – I’m not going to convince you guys to change your mind, if you feel Rex is without blame, you feel that way. Like I said, the team has a multitude of problems including the QB and GM and many other things, I just feel that Rex is one of those problems alongside them. (article above is another part of that).

    Thanks for reading/commenting!

  • Mark

    Anyone who thinks Rex is a good HC is looking an uncle.

  • Hillel

    Rex isn’t having a good year.

  • Jonathan Richter

    I hate to have to say it, since I was all in favor of it when he was hired, but the one who has to go is Mornhenweg. The problem at the end of the Detroit game was not the 4th and 2 call, it was the 3rd and 2 call. I said at the time, when Ivory was looking great and Geno terrible, that we should have run the ball, knowing that if we only gained one yard we would be going for it on 4th and 1. Instead, he called a doomed pass on 3rd down, leaving us in much tougher 4th and 2 which lead Rex to decide to punt.

    The main problem with Geno is that he is under pressure all the time. Why are we not making an adjustment for a leaky o-line by leaving in an extra blocker? If your not going to protect Geno, then where arethe bubble screens to Johnson to slow down the pass rush? Where are the bubble screens to Bilal Powell? Where is Bilal Powell? Why are we pulling Ivory after one offensive possession? Blame the officials for the blown time out call if you want, but it was the call MM wanted made. For all the justifiable criticism of the players Idzik has acquired and failed to a acquire, Idzik’s first hire was MM. Rex’s D would look, a lot better if the O wasn’t going 3 and out all the time.

  • R

    The biggest issue coming into this season was expectations. The talent level was poor, the schedule was murder, yet everyone, even the teams detractors threw out records around 9-7? Where was this team going to get 9 wins, they were a 5 win team last year that overachieved to an 8 win team. Without Decker the offense is arguably worse then last year (hate on Holmes all we want, he is the sole reason they beat buffalo last year, and winslow had some very helpful moments). This was always going to be a 3 year rebuild, so going 4-12 does not even bother me that much, what bothers me is what hope do we have going into next year? My hope this season was that Geno would prove he’s the guy and we’d feel safe at corner with Milliner/McDougle going forward. That some of the olinemen that Idzik has picked would look like long-term solutions, that a young WR would show he belonged to be part of the future. After 5 weeks we know the answers to those questions already. Idzik hasn’t just done a poor job of giving us CB’s and WR’s, how about prepping for the future without David Harris, Mangold, Brick? We are wasting the last few good years of these guys careers and have not even chosen replacements. If you want to punt this season for the future, fine, but Idzik has done NOTHING to strengthen the future, this is not the Seahawks, who were drafting gem’s every season. Still, firing a GM after 2 seasons is how you end up being the Bills or Dolphins of past 15 years. Idzik at the very least better lock-up Wilkerson long-term or he will go down as a DISASTROUS hire.

  • John Hunter

    Woody Johnson to John Idzik to the entire coaching staff, especially Rex Ryan…..are all to blame.

    Woody because he hired John Idzik, and hired him with the condition Rex will be his coach (like it or not), who does that?

    John Idzik because he put this under talented roster together, while sitting on too much cap. After a talented draft on the offensive side of the ball, and a decent FA that featured players who was more than capable of filling the holes on this team, he failed.

    Rex Ryan because in spite of the talent he’s forced to coach, he’s currently not doing a good job at all. His players undisciplined, each unit are finding ways to hurt the team, and he mismanages games almost every game now.

    All we needed was a different QB to validate it’s not the position ONLY that’s causing this team to suck. Dilfer said it best yesterday, we could have Peyton Manning, and get very similar results. Geno Smith haters, look in the mirror.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Are we surprised the team isn’t practicing hard?

    The QB “misses” mandatory team meetings the day before a game & still starts. So much for “leadership” & “accountability.”

    The team preaches “competition” then hands the starting job to the GM’s choice while pretending there is a competition, all while praising the QB’s improvement. When the QB plays like garbage & throws away games, his starting position is never questioned.

    I saw what looked like a lack of effort last week after the QB playing like garbage, & am quite certain members of the team quit yesterday after Geno proved he couldn’t hit open receivers AGAIN.

  • Joe Caporoso

    More than fair to criticize Geno for missing meeting and how he played. However, that doesn’t excuse another man for quitting at his job. At all.

    Good discussion, many good points being made by everybody!

  • John Hunter

    All 3 points directed at the QB…

    You’re staring at a little tiny piece of a BIG PROBLEM.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    There is definitely no excuse for quitting, however it is VERY understandable. I have seen co-workers lower their effort level many times when there is no accountability, & even worse, preferential treatment for some. The QB is allegedly a leader & needs to lead by example.

    Geno certainly deserves criticism for his play. He didn’t play well. He missed open receivers & panicked under pressure. Just because others didn’t play well doesn’t excuse Geno’s continued poor performance.

  • John Hunter

    Jeremiah Johnson

    Your non-stop no mercy attack on Geno Smith is making you look bad. First of all, it was more than ONE player who missed this ONE meeting. Secondly, he just missed the meeting before this game, what’s the excuse for the previous 3 losses? Oh that’s right, somehow, someway, in your book Geno. Ridiculous.



  • John Hunter

    Plus the O line is horrible. The QB can’t play from under center or the OC is just that dumb to call shotgun plays 98% of the time. Penalties, and more penalties. Who turned the ball over at the worst time? It wasn’t the QB. Who couldn’t stop the opponent from scoring beginning with the first drive? It wasn’t the QB.

  • glegly

    Looking forward to 2015! When do you start your draft pick by pick analysis Joe?

  • I love how we have a coach who has been here for 5 years and a QB who has been here for 21 games and we’re piling on the QB and absolving the coach. What are you guys seeing that I’m not?

    This team has two WR’s who are worth a damn in Decker and Kerley. They have a guard in Brian Winters who isn’t a NFL starter and another one in Willie Colon who is past his prime and gets more penalties than blocks. They drafted a prolific TE yet fail to feature him in the offense at all. But that’s right. It’s all Geno’s fault.

    John Idzik didn’t do enough to address the talent on this team and that is squarely on him. However… a bigger issue than talent on this team is the sheer lack of discipline they have. That is a DIRECT reflection of the head coach. The penalties, missed assignments, lack of demanding accountablity by the head coach (outside of the QB who else has ever feared losing their job under Rex?), the piss poor clock management, the complete ignorance by Rex when it comes to knowing what’s going on with the offense… these are all more important that the lack of talent because it just exacerbates everything else. If a team lacks talent it can often compete by paying attention to detail. By making sure you do YOUR job correctly so that if you do lose at least you lost because the other team was better than you. This team continuously loses games more because of the self inflicted wounds than any other factor. That was the main reason they lost to Green Bay, Chicago, and Detroit, and it will continue to be the reason they lose under this current coaching staff.

    I like Rex Ryan. He seems like a fun guy and is probably awesome to go out and grab a few beers with. He’s also an excellent defensive coordinator. I am not taking any of that away from him. However… this is his 6th year as head coach and he continually makes the same mistakes over and over again. If we get upset with Geno Smith making the same mistakes over and over again it’s only fair we do the same with Rex. The difference is Geno is still salvageable because he’s young and has physical tools you like in the QB position. After 6 years the excuses for Rex are over. It’s time to move on.

  • Really, draft picks analysis. Idzik has no talent evaluation skills at all. And he gets to pick our new HC. LOL!!!!!! He will screw up the draft as he is zero for two and zero for one in free agency. We all need to boycott the Pittsburgh game, not SELL the tickets or give them away to anybody. Have 30,000 in the stadium with 65% of them Steeler fans. I am very serious about this. BOYCOTT,BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT.

  • Eric Holtzman you speak the truth. I wish to plagiarize everything you wrote so please consider your points incorporated here. Dito to Bob Querrin. Fans should boycott a game or two because lack of spending in free agency at minimum. I hope all fans understand that Woody and the Jets ownership couldn’t give one rats ass about the fans, so why should the fans care about the this greedy 1/2 man when he thinks of the fans as “subjects”? Whether Idzik was under marching orders or not, he was at minimum a deer in the headlights when it came to having a deep deep pocket during this years’ free agency period with lots of talent to buy. Also, other than Richardson, his two drafts have been despicable most particularly his 4-7 round choices this year. Finally, how is it that Terry Bradway, the former GM that drafted a punter in the 2nd round, and traded a first found pick to the Raiders for TE Doug Jolley, still has a senior personnel position with this team?

    Now onto the game. Glad to see that Joe has finally come around with regard to Rex Ryan deficiencies. Extremely poor game plan defensively on his part. You can not blitz a veteran like Rivers, especially in this offense that he’s been running these past 2 years. Simply put this offense aims to get the ball out before your blitzers can possibly get there, and River’s biggest asset his his ability to read defenses and change plays at the line. As Joe explained, Rex failed to comprehend the obvious and kept on with his ludicrous blitzing disillusions. As Rex said in his post game “this loss is on me”. Motivational tactic or not, how often have fans heard that from the Jet coach? The head coach should be practically infallible, or at least portray that image. Anyway, bad QB or not, Rex is making mental errors all over the place and premeditated mental errors to boot. Terrible game plan defensively.

    More on Rex: He maybe saying one thing at the microphone but his overall delegation of duties suggests something else. I get that he’s a defensive guy, but how many good or great head coaches would delegate complete control of the offense to an underling? He’s saying, not with words, that “offense is a foreign language to me”, I want someone else to be responsible for that part of the game”.

    Several of the comments refer to the “Kotite era”. Some of you young whippersnappers my not remember that too well, but I’d agree it really feels like that.

    Finally, I hope everyone that was clamoring for Vick now agrees with me that he is just as bad (I think worse) as Geno.

    PS. How awesome was Revis last night? Too bad one of the best players ever to wear a Jet uniform isn’t on this team because 1/2 man Woody holds a grudge.

  • Bruce Harper

    What is clear is that the more weight Rex loses, the wose he coaches. I am willing to keep him if he promises to put on 120 lbs.

    Now lets get a goddam snack…

  • Tommy the Colt

    I am shocked how many of you still defend Rex!!!!!!!! When was he ever a good coach? When he was coaching Mangini’s players? Perhaps. He has done nothing for 4 years now but talk. I predicted when the schedule came out, the Jets would be 2-8 and Rex would be working for ESPN for the remainder of the season. Another thing, Stop, Stop, Stop talking about their GREAT defense against the run. In this case stats lie. In today’s NFL NO ONE is going to run the ball when they can throw it for 300+ each game. He is a below average head coach. If I’m an NFL owner the last thing I want to hear is that my HC is a players coach. I hope they keep him for ever and so should you Joe Cap people only want to read about the negative. Love the website.
    Tommy the Colt

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Looks like I am not the only person who sees how Geno’s incompetence is causing a cascade of failure for the offense (well, really the whole team):

    To make JH happy; others deserving blame are:

    -Hakim Salim should be cut.

    -CJ should be benched for Powell

    -punt return blocking has been awful

    -the safeties, particularly Pryor have been awful

    -the LBs are terrible in coverage

    -coaching has been bad in all 3 phases

    -players who gave up yesterday

  • Joe Caporoso

    Well said Bruce, well said.

  • John Hunter

    To make me happy….not because it make SENSE, but just to make me happy…..sad.

    It’s like pulling teeth.

  • mark stien

    “The fish stinks from the head” “Shit rolls down hill”
    The problem with this team starts at the top. Woody owes tons of dough on his new palace. The PSL auction was a disaster and he’s not gotten even close the amount of $ his bean counters told him he would get and he can’t even sell out the upper deck that has no PSL’s. The Jets are # 32 in the NFL in the amount of real dollars spent on salary for 2014, not cap spent, because that includes dead money, but actual cash outlay. He knew the Jets would not win the super bowl this year, it was going to be a transition year no matter what. So why not save $20 million this year and spend more down the road when it could make a difference. Problem is he did not count on what has happen. Crappy draft the last 2 years, guys who gave us one good season last year sucking ( Colon, Pace, Nelson), FA and UFA that suck or over the hill (CJ) and horrible coaching from top to bottom. And now, with the possibility of the Jets going 4-12 and being one of the worst teams in the NFL, Woody gambled and lost. End of season he’s going to have to fire Rex and get a big name coach to get everyone excited and he will decide who’s the next coach, not the GM. And the GM will be in the same position Rex is in. And so it goes…. over and over. The place will be empty next year.

  • John Hunter

    Mark Stien 100%


  • John C

    Sadly, it is time for Rex to go. Joe C.’s take is the same as mine. Too many blowouts, too many 3 game (and more) losing streaks, too few winning streaks, too little discipline, too little development of players. None of that is recent vintage. It’s been the same for 4 years. I do like Rex, but this is a business, and Rex will pay the price for his failings. He would need to go 7-4 I would think, from here on out to save his job, but even then I would let him go.

  • Hey, the team is 1-4, and it doesn’t look good. Remember after week 1, how everyone was all hung ho, and how everyone looked at how the NYG looked inept? Well 4 weeks later, and it all looks different. Last Monday night, NE looked done. Last night they looked like AFC contenders.

    I know, Geno isn’t Brady, or Eli, but things can change quick. In 5yrs Rex has 1 losing season. He’s proven he can get the most out of the talent that is there. As far as benching guys, the fact of the matter is, there is very little depth on this team, at any position. I think Rex ‘doesn’t adjust’ because he knows the secondary is simply not that talented. I mean look at some of Rivers TDs yesterday, that guy was throwing the ball off his back foot. He was under pressure and you’d think an NFL pro could make a play on the ball. Every week that goes by is further indictment, in my view, of Idzik, Idzik’s plan and Idzik’s failure to address the know weaknesses this team as they went into the offseason. It’s easier to blame Rex because he’s been here longer. It’s easier to be patient with Idzik because we need to give his plan time, even though in 21 draft picks the only top level talent he’s picked is Richardson. More than half of them have either been cut, lost or have only made contributions to the practice squad. For every Ivory, there is Goodson and Patterson. He’s and easy target, because he’s done a bad job. Rex is doing a bad job this year, no doubt. He can’t make bad players play better, but the lack of discipline speaks to his poor leadership. However, Rex does has achieved positive results here. Idzik has not.

    I hope things change. If they don’t, I think it has to be time for a change from top to bottom. Nothing in Idzik’s short history here suggests he is capable of picking a good head coach. He’s a bean counter, and the past 2yrs are an illustration of that. Rex may not have had as much talent as we’d like him to, but he’s also presided over a team that lacks discipline from his coaching staff (sideline gate, Pettine’s Manish fetish, and MM poor and inconsistent play calling and time out call…to name a few) to his players who miss meetings, cursing at fans, eating hot dogs on the sidelines and leaving huddles (Tone). Oh, and they have been among the league leaders in penalties the past 3 years.

    It all better change quickly, or it all should change completely.