No Huddle – New York Jets Falling Apart Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets falling apart

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The Culmination

Yesterday’s non competitive embarrassment in San Diego was the culmination. It was the point where all of the choices made, and weaknesses the Jets own, got exposed. It’s scary to see the result when all of those points collide, isn’t it?

We won’t go back and timeline every move made by the Great Lord Idzik since his arrival on horse and chariot two years back, but the decision to not pair Eric Decker with a proven speedster on the other side this offseason, and find some viable veteran cornerback or two sure was glaring in the San Diego sun.

The Jets offense has been unsure of itself all season long. Without a passing attack to strike any fear across the ball, the only semi consistent aspect of it, the rushing attack or really Chris Ivory, now has nowhere to go.

Say Geno Smith is young fine, but asking a player to grow in what owner Woody Johnson termed a “win now” season before week one began was certain to raise a QB controversy the moment the ship started sinking.

The defense has so much young talent up front but what good is a collection of first round pocket busting studs when the secondary is so porous that any opposing QB
can three step drop it and throw it all day to open targets for sixty straight minutes?

A team with such obvious flaws would certainly need to play a clean game in order to counter all of this, but since 2010, Rex Ryan teams get flagged all the time. They have become over exuberant on defense, and more or less a ball of confusion on offense.

Put that in a blender, then head out West to take on a team that is red hot throwing the ball and you know what you have? A 31-0 drubbing, a 1-4 mess, and Peyton Manning salivating like a dog. With the reality that it can get worse than it did yesterday as well. A lot worse.

What Time Is It?

So we read this morning that Geno Smith and a few teammates caught a flick Saturday night and missed the team meeting, confusing that tricky east coast and west coast three hour difference thing. Does anybody associated with this team know what time it is these days?

If it’s true it’s not the kind of follow up the starting QB would have liked one week after flipping the bird to a fan at Met Life but then again, what did he really miss at this meeting?
None of his receivers get open anyway. Maybe if you combine slo mo tape of the defense and full speed the tape of the offense you can give yourself a confidence boost so might as well show up Geno, and hope the editing does wonders for your viewing pleasure.

The sloppiness makes Geno look bad but it makes Rex Ryan look sloppy which is worse.
When as a head coach you respond to a 1-3 ditch by losing by five scores and your QB1 is out eating milk duds and popcorn in row three the night prior, bet on the fact that your leadership will be in question all week in the New York media now.

Where Do You Go From Here?

1-4 can become Kotite level bad in the blink of an eye. Denver, The Pats, Buffalo and KC are up next and don’t shrug at Buffalo. Their defense has more than enough to silence the current version of the Jets when they have the ball.

The only way is not up by the way either. This team can implode and start backstabbing in the press in addition to getting torched on the field. Unnamed sources, get ready. However, here a few ways the elevator can at least keep from spiraling down at mach speed like it’s chains were cut.

1 – Eric Decker returns healthy. His impact besides the 75 yards and a touchdown stat line allows others to find space.
2 – Dee Milliner remains on the field and begins to shut down opponents. It won’t plug every hole back there, but hey, one at a time.
3 – Chris Johnson finds himself. Best case scenario CJ still has the second level burst and is overthinking. Worst case though, it’s over for him.
4 – Bilal Powell is used more and grabs big gains in the screen game.
5 – The front seven decides that’s it all about them and take over games all by themselves.
6 – Calvin Pryor start to figure it out and lays some game changing hits.
7 – Geno Smith gets better protection and makes use of it somehow.
8 – The Jets cut Salim Hakim and Walter Powell and bring in a guy who can break off some big time returns.
9 – Film room: Demario Davis said today that there needs to be harder work in the film room from this team. That’s not a good thing to hear. Get your butts in that room and study fellas. Be as prepared as possible individually. Only then can there be no regrets as a player.
10 – The Jets begin to catch opponents at a good time. Banged up, having their own struggles, and more. As opposed to catching hot teams like the Chargers. Although the Bears didn’t have Brandon Marshall at full strength weeks back. Same for the Lions and Calvin Johnson last week. Well, maybe I mean catching teams when they are war zone decimated. Haha.

Quick Hits

– Can people stop ranting on twitter about giving Chris Ivory the ball more? The entire Charger defense knew he was getting it. Unless you have another reasonable option, don’t expect run lanes to be open for any a Jet back anymore. The Jets had what, 60 yards passing yesterday?

– Antonio Allen had a lot of trouble with future Hall of Famer Antonio Gates. The legend schooled the kid. I honestly thought Allen might thrive in this matchup and even ball hawk a few Phillip Rivers throws. I really did.

– The offensive line takes too many penalties,

– It’s not that the Jets are 1-4. Anyone can sit there and say “I knew they would be 2-3 at best by now anyway.” It’s the way they are 1-4. They are not growing. The QB has not benefited from this start in any fashion aside from growing some more big city resiliency (or not). The secondary is patched together. Who knows which guys will even be around next year. Same goes for the wideouts that surround Eric Decker.

The coaches look bad, the GM looks bad, and the owner looks like he sold us all another big giant Tim Tebow jersey. It’s an ugly 1-4, not a hopeful one. The schedule doesn’t get easier, when YOU are the win on paper for other teams schedules too.

– Dee Milliner made some plays. There. I found a positive from yesterday

  • John Hunter

    The hopeful should feel hopeless right about now. We’re a pretty bad Franchise at this very moment. But to me, the biggest sucker punch came from John Idzik. He had the keys to make us competitive this offseason, and made it look like he didn’t give a damn.

    The deliberate neglect of effort fill obvious holes on this roster was criminal. Without going through the body count he attempted to sign, it’s clear as the day I’m looking at in Texas he failed miserably. Or maybe he was successful, depending on who’s eyes you’re looking through. Because if his intent was to put a below average 53 man roster out there for Rex to coach, he succeeded.

    However, with both middle fingers sticking up directly at you John Idzik, as a fan, screw you too.

    On to Rex Ryan. He’s simply not a good HC. The verdict is in……Guilty. What HC would allow his struggling young QB to go to the movies prior to a big game against a very good opponent? Rex Ryan. Plus since he wants to take all the credit & blame for the D…..when it’s time to put up or shut up, he’s always forced to shut up. All that BS about players will run through a brick wall for him is trash, they laid down for Chargers yesterday in the name of Rex Ryan. Only an idiot will say the D quit yesterday because of bad QB play or because he missed a meeting. The D never showed up, just like everyone else dressed in Green & White.

    I also put the fact that Geno was able to get away with sitting on the sideline after being benched with a towel over his head totally disengaged with what was being called on the field. His actions are expected as a young puppy in the league, but as the HC or OC you should recognize that, and call him to the carpet on it, and slap some headsets on him to make sure he’s paying attention!

    Jets Fans, strap up, it’s going to be a long season.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    As per the usual, JH is insulting other commenters who don’t agree with his “it’s everybody’s fault but Geno’s” narrative, followed by damage control on Geno’s latest blunders.

  • John Hunter

    (SNAP) the mouse trap worked again. Where is the evidence of insults to other commenters (plural) you speak of? Make sure you include the insult I endured first though, while you’re researching.

    As if you’re the Turn On The Jets “Angel”……please.

    This isn’t even a debate no more partner, it’s entirely too clear this team is bad not only because of one player (Geno Smith) as you claim. You would rather appear uneducated than to admit we’re bad in more areas than just QB. So to continue to go back & forth with you moving forward is useless.

  • Drew

    Nobody cares about what specifically went wrong yesterday, everyone is going into ‘big picture’ mode. Is this a great Jets team? No. Is it a good Jets team? No. But while the score wasn’t competitive, can we at least try and look at why?

    As painful as it was, I re-watched the game from yesterday and noticed the third down situations were impossible. Every time. We never had third and short because any time we did we would jump offside and create a third and long. I don’t care who you put in a QB, our team/receivers are not good enough for that situation. We went 0 for our first 9 3rd downs. Not one of those was even manageable. That’s on the offense as a whole. Vick is a great player, but even he couldn’t do anything with that supporting cast.

    On to defense: As bad as we were on 3rd downs is how good they were. We go from tons of pressure on 1st and 2nd down, but third down, Rivers had all day to throw. I have to give Rivers credit, he played as good a game as I’ve seen a QB play. His throws under duress were amazing, he took advantage of mismatches and read our defense pretty easily. His second touchdown pass to gates I thought was 100% a sack by Wilkerson but he got it out awkwardly and placed it exactly where it needed to be. Rivers was on point yesterday and even if our offense plays better, I don’t think we would have beaten San Diego.

    I’m not going in to big picture mode on who needs to be fired/benched. We played like crap on the road against a great team. With that said, are we going to overreact next week after we lose big to Denver? Probably.

  • John Hunter

    Excellent comment Drew.

    However to say people are overreacting by going big picture mode, IMO, might be too harsh of a criticism. When we hit a wall like yesterday, there’s no better time. Especially when it’s been building up to this moment.

    This is the anti-John Idzik supporter’s climax moment, with more to come may I add. It doesn’t get any worse than this for the GM; Coaches; and Players. Equivalent to the Butt Fumble game.

  • ron Alexander

    John Hunter, Spot on in every way! Thank you for bringing some reality to a situation that that is in dire need of a massive dose of reality. Anyone, and i mean anyone who wants to play the role of Idzik apologist is setting them self up for failure. I don’t pretend to have all the answer’s but from where I’m sitting this whole Idzik strategic grand master plan was doomed from day one as the pieces were never in place to implement such a plan. In order to build a team through the draft and augment it as needed with strategic free agent signings you must first have some clue as to who to pick and who to walk away from. With only one of his 19 total draft picks looking like a definite piece of the long term puzzle and perhaps from 3 to 5 others as possibilities, the percentage of hits to misses is simply not good enough to add up to a winning formula. Yes its technically early to fully evaluate his picks its not to early to acknowledge that 6 of them have already been cut, two more who were constantly injured while in college have once again had injuries here again and another 5 or 6 have been very unimpressive when given the opportunity and on more talented rosters would have been released long ago.

  • The Dude Abides

    That was just a savage beating. No way around that. The jets have some real problems. Public enemy #1 is Idzik. I don’t know what his master plan is. maybe he wants that 1st overall pick. idk. what i do know is people calling for Rex’s head may want to hold off because i doubt many coaches would want to work here under Idzik. Im sure he could get Sprano on the cheap , since thats how he gets his players. I see personal as the main problem as it can be traced to everything. Greg Salas is you #1 target. Ye gods thats a scary reality! Doesn’t matter who’s throwing that ball. Which leads me to the not future of the franchise Geno. Could he not give any less of a crap? sitting on the bench enjoying the sun. At lest Sanchez showed frustration. Geno was day dreaming of where he will be playing back qb next year. Someone needs to take the O-line out to a bar and let them fight it out. ho ho them some angry dudes who can’t block.

    I dunno. i figured it would be a loss but not one that would break my heart.

  • This may be a bit off topic with the current sentiments surrounding the team and it probably shows where my head is at w/ this team but here it is:

    QB problems aside the jets need a drastic upgrade @ the offensive skill positions and EVERYONE knows it. I have always been a big proponent of building a team through the draft but you CANNOT ignore FA. We still have a mountain of cap room and one player that will likely hit the market next year and be a great fit for us is Randall Cobb from the Packers.

    GB just spent a mountain of money to keep Jordy Nelson from hitting the market and rightly so. They have a fair few talented young WR’s as it is and not a great deal of cap space. Cobb is extremely versatile with plus speed and great moves. He can play both outside and in the slot. He even has decent career numbers as a runner for chrit sake! He may not fix everything on offense but he looks on paper at least to be a great fit for whoever our QB is next year and I put his chances of actually hitting the market at at least 70%. Pairing him with Decker on the outside and a (hopefully) improvedd Jace Amaro in the middle could give us an offense teams might actually have to respect.

    That’s my two cents. I’m obviously on to next year in my mind.

  • John Hunter


    I can’t be mad at you if you’re on to next year at this point, and on that note, I second your suggestion. To be honest, it’s going to be pretty easy to agree with just about anybody someone suggest over what’s currently on our roster at WR (outside of Decker & Kerley). Even Kerley is expendable for the right overhaul plan of action. Decker is good, plus he’s locked in contractual.

    In addition to your idea, why stop with the offensive side of the ball? The need at CB & OLB is just as big IMO. Keep your wheels turning, and research who’ll be available at those positions as well. (Please)

  • Dave2220

    You are what you record says you are, and in 21 days, it may say “dismal”. There may be a late season run but it would not save Rex like it did for Coughlin… These next three games are the equivalent of our playoffs. If they are at 1-6… And you can bet Brady and Bill will be looking to throw dirt on us and bury our season and Rex as Head Coach

  • John Hunter

    Thanks for the kind response. I am indeed beginning the arduous process of scouting out potential players that might be a good fit for our beloved Jets, both potential free agent targets as well as kids from the ranks of college ball.

    It is in many ways harder for an arm chair GM like myself to find potential FA targets than draft targets. When looking at potential FA’s you can’t just look at the player itself but you have to consider other factors that contribute to the likelihood that the player in question actually reach the open market.

    When a player is a FA the most important question is “why?”. Cobb is the rare perfect storm where a player has very few “warts” associated with him. He has some injury history but the majority of that stems from a broken leg he suffered in week 4 of last year on what some considered a dirty play by Baltimore’s Matt Elam. He proceeded to return in week 17 and get loose over the top to catch a game winning TD in the closing seconds to send GB to the playoffs.

    Cobb is the exception though. A young player who is made expendable due to the depth at the position mixed with a tight cap situation. Not every potential FA looks so appealing. A couple potential defensive secondary players that I like and might be a good fit for the Jets are Buffalo safety Da’Noris Searcy, Texans CB Kareem Jackson and San Diego CB Shareece Wright. All three are solid, if unspectacular players with experience in a 3-4 defense (provided of course there is no coaching change that moves us away from that base formation) and all 3 players are under 30.

    However, it is a bit of a fools game at this point to spend much time projecting potential FA’s. The factors of injury, poor play or even improved play can affect a players availability. Though that’s not to say I am not actively engaged in doing so. The Jets have given me little choice in the matter. And because I am a masochist I will continue to blindly follow my Jets despite the abuse they regularly heap upon me. I can only hope that the Dark Lord Idzik is communing with the force to make the right calls and scout the right guys going forward. He appears to have vastly overestimated his teams talent this past offseason. Here’s hoping he learns from his mistakes.

  • John Hunter

    I have a question for you: If we end up having a top 8 pick in the 15′ Draft, do you go RB Todd Gurley; or best available WR; or best available QB?

  • #Allhaillordidzik

    Hey Frank Buddy,

    Where ya at? I told you I’d come back to gloat once Idzik’s roster collapse :). Come out, come out, wherever you are.

  • John Hunter

    I’m just going over in my head: what in the hell was Geno thinking up until that moment of WTF!! First of all the movie had to start (without the exact details) in the afternoon or early evening. Either way, he should’ve been aware of the time because he made it to the movie on time didn’t he?

    So there had to be some level of consciousness regarding time. It’s not like the movie and meeting started first thing in the morning…….with that said, considering the magnitude of the offence, and the timing of where the team is as a whole (1-3 at the time), there’s no way Rex should’ve allowed Geno to start, or anybody else who was part of the missing group.

    Rex is too close to his players. I mean just look at how undisciplined Winters (a 2nd year pro) is handling himself on the field. Following after Mr. Unprofessional Himself (Willie Colon), and what does Rex do? Nothing. As a matter of fact, he’ll rather call it having your teammates back…pure stupidity.

    As much as I love Rex, I’m done with him as our HC.

  • If Geno can figure out what time a movie is on then he should be able to figure out what time a meeting is…

    John, in response to your earlier question, I really like Gurley but I am really starting to wonder whether there is something to the struggles of Bama RB’s in the NFL. That and I just don’t think a back can be taken in the 1st round anymore unless he is some kind of unbelievable, generational type talent ala AP or Barry Sanders and certainly not in the top 10. If they don’t go QB then I would take a long look at WR and maybe even Gurley’s teammate Amari Cooper if he declares. Another couple WR’s I’ve got my eye on are Washington State’s Vince Mayle and WVU’s Kevin White. Both are big guys with above average speed and solid hands. I am a HUGE fan of Cooper. I really hope he declares if the Jets do not right this ship. He reminds me so much of Julio Jones just not quite as tall. He and Decker would make for a lethal combo provided we have a QB that can get him the ball.

  • And John if you are looking for a good place to find lists of upcoming free agents go to They are an awesome resource for contract info as well.

  • Mark

    Can’t keep doing the same stupid things over and over again.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    JH – please explain to me how this statement: “Only an idiot will say the D quit yesterday because of bad QB play or because he missed a meeting” isn’t insulting those who don’t agree with your “Geno is great” narrative?