No Huddle – New York Jets Falling Apart Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets falling apart

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The Culmination

Yesterday’s non competitive embarrassment in San Diego was the culmination. It was the point where all of the choices made, and weaknesses the Jets own, got exposed. It’s scary to see the result when all of those points collide, isn’t it?

We won’t go back and timeline every move made by the Great Lord Idzik since his arrival on horse and chariot two years back, but the decision to not pair Eric Decker with a proven speedster on the other side this offseason, and find some viable veteran cornerback or two sure was glaring in the San Diego sun.

The Jets offense has been unsure of itself all season long. Without a passing attack to strike any fear across the ball, the only semi consistent aspect of it, the rushing attack or really Chris Ivory, now has nowhere to go.

Say Geno Smith is young fine, but asking a player to grow in what owner Woody Johnson termed a “win now” season before week one began was certain to raise a QB controversy the moment the ship started sinking.

The defense has so much young talent up front but what good is a collection of first round pocket busting studs when the secondary is so porous that any opposing QB
can three step drop it and throw it all day to open targets for sixty straight minutes?

A team with such obvious flaws would certainly need to play a clean game in order to counter all of this, but since 2010, Rex Ryan teams get flagged all the time. They have become over exuberant on defense, and more or less a ball of confusion on offense.

Put that in a blender, then head out West to take on a team that is red hot throwing the ball and you know what you have? A 31-0 drubbing, a 1-4 mess, and Peyton Manning salivating like a dog. With the reality that it can get worse than it did yesterday as well. A lot worse.

What Time Is It?

So we read this morning that Geno Smith and a few teammates caught a flick Saturday night and missed the team meeting, confusing that tricky east coast and west coast three hour difference thing. Does anybody associated with this team know what time it is these days?

If it’s true it’s not the kind of follow up the starting QB would have liked one week after flipping the bird to a fan at Met Life but then again, what did he really miss at this meeting?
None of his receivers get open anyway. Maybe if you combine slo mo tape of the defense and full speed the tape of the offense you can give yourself a confidence boost so might as well show up Geno, and hope the editing does wonders for your viewing pleasure.

The sloppiness makes Geno look bad but it makes Rex Ryan look sloppy which is worse.
When as a head coach you respond to a 1-3 ditch by losing by five scores and your QB1 is out eating milk duds and popcorn in row three the night prior, bet on the fact that your leadership will be in question all week in the New York media now.

Where Do You Go From Here?

1-4 can become Kotite level bad in the blink of an eye. Denver, The Pats, Buffalo and KC are up next and don’t shrug at Buffalo. Their defense has more than enough to silence the current version of the Jets when they have the ball.

The only way is not up by the way either. This team can implode and start backstabbing in the press in addition to getting torched on the field. Unnamed sources, get ready. However, here a few ways the elevator can at least keep from spiraling down at mach speed like it’s chains were cut.

1 – Eric Decker returns healthy. His impact besides the 75 yards and a touchdown stat line allows others to find space.
2 – Dee Milliner remains on the field and begins to shut down opponents. It won’t plug every hole back there, but hey, one at a time.
3 – Chris Johnson finds himself. Best case scenario CJ still has the second level burst and is overthinking. Worst case though, it’s over for him.
4 – Bilal Powell is used more and grabs big gains in the screen game.
5 – The front seven decides that’s it all about them and take over games all by themselves.
6 – Calvin Pryor start to figure it out and lays some game changing hits.
7 – Geno Smith gets better protection and makes use of it somehow.
8 – The Jets cut Salim Hakim and Walter Powell and bring in a guy who can break off some big time returns.
9 – Film room: Demario Davis said today that there needs to be harder work in the film room from this team. That’s not a good thing to hear. Get your butts in that room and study fellas. Be as prepared as possible individually. Only then can there be no regrets as a player.
10 – The Jets begin to catch opponents at a good time. Banged up, having their own struggles, and more. As opposed to catching hot teams like the Chargers. Although the Bears didn’t have Brandon Marshall at full strength weeks back. Same for the Lions and Calvin Johnson last week. Well, maybe I mean catching teams when they are war zone decimated. Haha.

Quick Hits

– Can people stop ranting on twitter about giving Chris Ivory the ball more? The entire Charger defense knew he was getting it. Unless you have another reasonable option, don’t expect run lanes to be open for any a Jet back anymore. The Jets had what, 60 yards passing yesterday?

– Antonio Allen had a lot of trouble with future Hall of Famer Antonio Gates. The legend schooled the kid. I honestly thought Allen might thrive in this matchup and even ball hawk a few Phillip Rivers throws. I really did.

– The offensive line takes too many penalties,

– It’s not that the Jets are 1-4. Anyone can sit there and say “I knew they would be 2-3 at best by now anyway.” It’s the way they are 1-4. They are not growing. The QB has not benefited from this start in any fashion aside from growing some more big city resiliency (or not). The secondary is patched together. Who knows which guys will even be around next year. Same goes for the wideouts that surround Eric Decker.

The coaches look bad, the GM looks bad, and the owner looks like he sold us all another big giant Tim Tebow jersey. It’s an ugly 1-4, not a hopeful one. The schedule doesn’t get easier, when YOU are the win on paper for other teams schedules too.

– Dee Milliner made some plays. There. I found a positive from yesterday