TOJ New York Jets Link Dump – August 5th, 2014

Max Marcilla with a Turn On The Jets link dump for August 5th…

Your New York jets links of the day from Max Marcilla…

– In case you missed it, the Jets released their Preseason Week 1 depth chart. No surprises here as Geno Smith is listed as the starter. See the rest of the list here(NYJ)

– The QB competition hasn’t really been too much of a battle so far, but Gary Myers of the Daily News writes about the problem the Jets have at that position(NYDN)

4 things to keep an eye on in today’s practice, just two days before Jets football (kinda) kicks-off!

– The Jets have had several players sound-off, including Geno Smith, Dee Milliner, and Calvin Pace. For once, a player doesn’t seem delusional in a confident statement. See what Mo Wilkerson said here. (CBS)

– He’s not a Jet, but his dad is. Seth Ryan, Rex’s son, broke his collarbone at a Clemson practice. Send out your best wishes for him and let’s hope for a quick recovery.

– Question: Who knows what Leger Douzable wants to be doing in 10-15 years? Answer: Leger Douzable.

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  • Jeremiah Johnson

    I thought this article was interesting:

    Jets practice spotlight: Stephen Hill endures sore hips, scolding from Geno Smith

  • LeeBur

    TOJ Writers (more specifically whoever covers the O-Line)- Is there a big transition going from left guard to right guard or vice versa? Never actually played football. Was just curious because in the previous article you said dont be suprised if Winters and Aboushi are both playing guard at the same time because Colon might/will get hurt. Assuming Winters wins the LG spot and Colon does get hurt. Wasnt sure how hard (if at all) the transition would be for Aboushi to move into the RG spot since hes been practicing at LG.

    Probably could have asked this question using less words. Sorry.