TOJ New York Jets Link Dump – August 19th, 2014


Your New York Jets links for August 19th, 2014…

– After being hospitalized for injuries sustained in a single car accident, Jalen Saunders has been released from the hospital, but there is no timetable for his return. (ESPN)

– Should the Jets consider keeping only two QBs in order to keep an extra player at a position with a lot of talent? When you think about it, there really isn’t much use for a third QB. (GGN)

– If it wasn’t already obvious, the Jets will aim to go back to the ground and pound with Chris Johnson leading the way. (NYDN)

– The Jets didn’t meet up with the Giants for an all New York Super Bowl in MetLife Stadium last year, but they will meet up for a “bowl” this week — the Snoopy Bowl. (NYDN)

– I personally haven’t heard any of it, but there has apparently been some discussion of Jason Babin replacing Quinton Coples. It would be a real head scratcher considering how well Coples played down the stretch last year. (RS)

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  • Danish Jes

    I really don’t get the Coples article. It seems very farfetched that Rex’s comments should mean that Babin will take playing time away from a key player who allegedly is showing signs of coming into his own. Babin is going to replace Pace, who excells at setting the edge on running plays but is a bit slow in pass rush, on passing downs .
    This seems like an article where there is no story so you just make one out of practically nothing…

  • John C

    The Coples thing may be a ploy by Rex, to light a fire under Coples, before Game 11 (which is about when he woke up his first two seasons). We need a force, not a serviceable player – and we need it from Game 1. If Barnes was available, Coples would be in real danger of losing more reps. As it is, he’ll play most of the time, but if he’s not VERY productive when Barnes is ready (and if Babin has anything left in the tank), he will lose time. Should the Jets consider keeping only two QBs in order to keep an extra player at a position with a lot of talent? The answer is no. One QB injury, and you need a backup. MM says Simms knows the offense like the back of his hand – keep three Qbs… People are going to get the idea that Tanner Purdum stole my lunch money, but it’s ridiculous to reserve a roster spot for someone who can only long snap, when people are questioning whether the Jets will or should keep players like D. Richardson, Ikempali, S. Hill, Salas, etc. Aboushi has stated he would like to long snap – give him a shot – at least he can also play a position.