TOJ New York Jets Link Dump – August 12th, 2014

Max Marcilla with a TOJ New York Jets link dump for August 12th

Your New York Jets links for August 12th from our Max Marcilla…

– The Jets weakest position got even weaker after two of the Jets top four corners were injured Sunday in practice. (CBS)

– Don’t worry Jets fans, Rex Ryan is not panicking! Surprise, surprise… (ESPN)

– To replace the injured cornerbacks, Ryan & co. sent out safety Antonio Allen to play the cornerback position, where he actually had a great practice. (GGN)

– The wildcat formation is slandered by many football analyzers because it gets the starting quarterback out of the flow of the game. Well that and many other reasons. However, Geno Smith thinks the Jets should look into using Mike Vick in the wildcat.

– Here’s another column praising the best leader in camp, Demario Davis, and talking about how he becomes a leader through his faith. (CBS)

– Because of the injuries, it’s been a tough week for the Jets. Rex Ryan always knows how to lighten the mood with middle school gym class games(NYP)

– Speaking of Rex Ryan lighting the mood… (NYDN)

– Back to on-the-field stuff now. Calvin Pryor is ready to go for his first professional game in Week 2 of the preseason. (ESPN)

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  • joeydefiant

    Idzik should kick the tires on Tillman..

  • joeydefiant

    Oh the Bears resigned him, forget it.

  • Saunders has been ‘underwhelming’; now with Evans hurt (he wasn’t exactly impressive before that) and McDougle also done for the year, it certainly makes passing on D Moncrief, who is impressing in Indy, with the McDougle pick, look a lot more questionable.

    I know the mantra here is to wait and see what the team looks like week 1, but early returns don’t paint an impressive picture of this rookie class-and I know it’s early-and now the $20+mm in cap space looks great as they try to move their developing Safety to CB.

    I’ve been reading, but once the TOJ mob tried to defend the Patterson signing as good, I simply couldn’t comment anymore. As I always say, I hope to God I’m wrong, but so far Idzik’s performance this off season isn’t reminding me that he was in the ‘great’ Seattle front office.

  • Left this out It’s not me saying Moncrief looks good, it’s the Colts bloggers.

  • Joe Caporoso

    #TOJMob – Don’t think you can just cherry pick 3rd rounders and hold them over Idzik’s head and Moncrief was basically invisible in the pre-season opener against the Jets (save for being blanketed by Milliner on a deep ball and getting tackled before the 20 on a kick return). You don’t think it is silly to grade draft classes in the middle of August of their first year? What if Moncrief gets hurts himself in 2 weeks and McDougle returns next year and has a long, productive NFL career? I’m not blaming Idzik for a kid who never hurt his ACL in his life, tearing his ACL.

    As for Patterson, all I’ve ever said is that he was an adequate depth signing and that counting on him to be a starter was risky. I also said in our latest Pod that criticizing Idzik for the CB is fair as long as Patterson continue to struggle.