TOJ Filmroom: New York Jets Running Back Daryl Richardson

TOJ Staff Writer Dalbin Osorio breaks down New York Jets RB Daryl Richardson.

The New York Jets claimed former St. Louis Rams running back Daryl Richardson from waivers a couple of months ago. By all accounts, he is having a strong camp and has the chance to solidify his roster spot with a solid preseason. Some people have stated that they don’t want to see the Jets carry four running backs, but with concerns about Chris Ivory and Chris Johnson’s health, it would be wise to carry four on a team that will predominantly run theball. However, I don’t think you carry Richardson because he’s just an extra body; you carry him because he has the potential to actively contribute. Why?

Richardson started 23 games in college. He ran for 2,303 yards on 453 carries with a 5 YPC average. He scored 34 touchdowns and displayed good hands, while being a very willing blocker. Richardson consistently made plays in space. Coming out of Abilene Christian, Richardson ran a 4.4 40 at his pro day and showed his athleticism by posting a 40″ vertical leap.

Richardson was asked to backup former Rams running back Steven Jackson when he was drafted in the 7th round. As a backup and change of pace back, Richardson provided value for the Rams offense. He had 4.8 yards per carry and brought a big play element to the Rams backfield that Jackson did not possess at that point in his career. Richardson was also a weapon out of the backfield and the Rams (much like his college coaches) utilized screens to get him the ball in the space.

One thing I noticed that the Rams did, which his college coaches didn’t, was put Richardson split out wide to get him matched up against linebackers where that speed could be used. He was durable as well, as he played all 16 games. One issue that he did have as a rookie was a fumbling problem, losing the ball 3 times on 98 carries. His second year, he was actually asked to carry a heavier workload early on but he couldn’t duplicate the success he had in his rookie year. His yards per carry dipped to 3.1, but he did improve his ball security as he had 0 fumbles during his second year. He increased his yards per reception from 6.8 during his rookie year to 8.6 during his second year.

What To Expect
Richardson is slightly different than Powell, as he a little more of a speed back. Richardson is also a guy that can be used on the field with CJ, potentially out of the shotgun, and present matchup problems because you can’t cover both CJ and Richardson with linebackers. He improved fumbling problem from a year ago and as mentioned improves your offensive speed, gone are the days where the Jets have some of the slowest running backs in the league. Could the Jets could utilize him as a kick returner? He excels in space and would allow for the Jets to part ways with Jacoby Ford, who does not provide much value since he hasn’t been a productive kick returner since 2010. I think there is a spot for Richardson on the Jets 53 man roster, and I think he can be a contributor this year as a speed back and potential option at kick returner.

Plus, and this should excite you guys; he’s Clyde Gates’s cousin. #FreeClydeGates

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Author: Dalbin Osorio

Dalbin Osorio is a Case Planner for Graham-Windham, New York's oldest child welfare agency. He is, also, a student at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. Dalbin graduated from Monroe College with a degree in Business Administration. A 3 sport utility man in high school (think a mix of Jerome WIlliams, Brad Smith, and Jayson Nix), he joined TOJ in 2013.

  • KAsh

    My question with the fourth running back is not is he useful, but how would he be used? CJ is a better receiver and a bigger threat both catching out of the backfield and lined up at wide receiver. Since CJ would get first dibs in such capacity, Richardson would be limited to gadget plays where the offense splits out two running backs. Except both Powell and whoever will be the fullback can also catch passes – Powell had 36 catches last year and was also split out as a wide receiver at times – and they both contribute in other major ways. Powell is a better blocker and a more natural relief for both Ivory and Johnson. Pass blocking and general relief of your two more talented running backs is more important than a tiny set of gadget plays.

    If Richardson remains on the roster, he has nothing else to contribute. There is a better person already on the roster for everything he does, and Powell is not that far behind him in the small subset of plays that Richardson would contribute on. If he sticks, he better be able to return kicks because there is no other place he can contribute.

  • Joe Caporoso

    You seem to forget that Ivory has been extremely not durable throughout his career. Johnson is coming off major knee surgery and Powell has missed 7 days of training camp with a pulled hamstring.

  • Bacon

    If Richardson makes the team, the Jets will have the NFL’s most dreaded running back corps.

    …I’ll show myself the door.

  • KAsh


    Are we envisioning all three RBs getting injured? Two running backs in any given week are enough to handle the entire workload. I do not want to tempt fate, but what are the odds that two of three will be unable to play in any game? And if these players are that injury-prone and you do not believe two of the three can make the whole season without missing time, the correct answer is to cut them, not bring in extra backups that literally serve no other function.