An Open Letter to Fireman Ed

Dan Marcus pens an open letter to Fireman Ed…

Dan Marcus pens an open to Fireman Ed…


I don’t know what happened or how we got here but it’s a regrettable place to be as a fan and a season ticket holder. So first and foremost I would like to apologize on behalf of the entire fan base. I would like to say what happened to you on the fateful Thanksgiving night wasn’t us but for better or worse it was us, it’s who we are as Jets fans: we’re passionate, committed, fickle, and unrelenting. Undoubtedly a product of this team having brought us to the brink so many times only to break our hearts in the most dramatic of fashions, we’re a fan base hardened by great joy and disappoint, dragged through the fire of false expectations on an annual basis only to come back for more every Fall.

I know you’ve seen the worst of what we’re capable of but I would argue that we’re only at our best when you’re around. I can’t speak for everyone else but as someone whose greatest memories were forged sitting in the upper deck of Giants Stadium and the NMS-turned Metlife Stadium, I can say that you have been a part of my greatest memories as a Jets fan. Whether that was the final week of the 2002 season against the Packers and the subsequent drubbing of the Colts in the Wildcard Round or the 2010 comeback against the Texans, you’ve been there rallying the troops.

Since the move to the new stadium, the crowds have been something ranging from apathetic to tepidly enthusiastic and it’s only gotten worse since you left. The fact of the matter is that whether the masses are willing to acknowledge it or not, we need a leader, someone with unmatched charisma and enthusiasm to whip the crowd into a frenzy. I know these people because they are “my people” they are me, they are you, they are the curmudgeonly older generation who still harken back to the “Broadway Joe” days and they are the future generation: your kids, the kids that sit next to me in Section 337 and everyone in between.

Despite what you may think, no drum line, contest, or scoreboard prompt can replace the added element you brought on Game Day. A team and a fan base is nothing without it’s identity and for us, the chant is our identity, it’s in the very fiber of our beings and without you the future of said chant feels as though it’s in jeopardy.

I know you feel it’s time to pass the torch to the younger generation but I think that this team still needs you now more than ever, we’re building towards something that has the potential to be great. So I’m asking you with hat in hand to come back, to lead us, to give us a second chance to show how great we can be together and create a home field advantage that opposing teams fear and dread. Let’s get this team back to the playoffs for Jets fans everywhere and if we’re going to do that, we need you back.

Your move Fireman.


  • joeydefiant

    As if Fireman Ed needs a ego boost…

  • No, not Ed.

  • John Hunter

    He quit on us. He turned his back on us. In my book, he bleeds white without the GREEN.

    Here Come The Jets! (with or without Fireman Ed)

  • Go to hell fireman ed

  • David

    Here is would be my question to Fireman Ed: Fireman Ed, how exactly was what happen on Thanksgiving Night against New England that much different than what us NY Jets fans have seen an endured for decades now? Do you remember the Rich Kotite Era (I do BTW) where the Jets went 4-28 during those 2 years? I know you remember from 1987-1997 where the NY Jets had 1 playoff appearance in that entire span and finished 8-8 or worse in every year but 1.

    Let’s face facts folks, MetLife Stadium is not a stadium teams fear to go into. No one is going to confuse it with Century Link Field in Seattle of today, Three Rivers Stadium and Heinz Field in Pittsburgh with the Terrible Towels, or Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City back in the 90’s.

    Let Fireman Ed go; if he wants to show up, let him.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • Dave2220

    Come back Fireman Ed. There will always be idiots in the crowd.

  • Boomer

    Bringing fireman ed back doesn’t solve the problem for the jets chant or fan experience the real problem is the fans inside. When you have high ticket prices and psl’s and parking pass right there you drive the die hard blue collard fan away. What you get in return are a bunch of rich uneducated fans who show up 20 minuets before the game and leave early. At the end of the day the chant will live on with jets fans just won’t have a leader for it and that’s fine us die hards will keep it going don’t need fireman ed back if he’s going to be sensitive over what fans say he mind as we’ll stay home

  • Mark

    Does anyone really like this stadium?

  • joeydefiant

    “rich uneducated fans”

  • Don’t blame fireman Ed for the lack of passion by the fans… I don’t blame him for leaving after being ridiculed, spit on and having things thrown at him. Blame these idiot fans who can’t act like civilized human beings. If the fans can’t get behind their team, then don’t blame it on any one person. Let’s face it, the fans I see now aren’t into the game half the time because they’re to busy taking selfies or yapping on their cell phones, What a joke…