New York Jets Pre-Season GIF Dump & Roster Prediction

Joe Caporoso with a pre-season GIF Dump for the New York Jets and his updated roster predictions

A little Sunday night two for one at TOJ. Check below for the latest GIF Dump and an updated 53 man roster prediction, after the Jets made a round of cuts today including Jacoby Ford and Ras I-Dowling (don’t want to say we told you so…)

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Run Eli, Run…

Thunder and Lightning 

Amaro and Decker Going To Work


Updated roster prediction

  • QB: Geno Smith. Mike Vick. Matt Simms.
  • RB: Chris Ivory. Chris Johnson. Bilal Powell. Daryl Richardson. Tommy Bohanon.
  • TE: Jace Amaro. Jeff Cumberland. Zach Sudfeld.
  • WR: Eric Decker. Jeremy Kerley. David Nelson. Jalen Saunders. Saalim Hakim.
  • OL: Nick Mangold. Brian Winters. Willie Colon. D’Brickashaw Ferguson. Breno Giacomini. Oday Aboushi. Dalton Freeman. Dakota Dozier.
  • DL: Damon Harrison. Sheldon Richardson. Muhammad Wilkerson. Kenrick Ellis. Leger Douzable. TJ Barnes.
  • LB: David Harris. Demario Davis. Quinton Coples. Calvin Pace. Jason Babin. Nick Bellore. IK Enemkpali. Garret McIntyre. AJ Edds. Trevor Reilly.
  • CB: Dee Milliner. Darrin Walls. Dimitri Patterson. Ellis Lankster. Kyle Wilson.
  • S: Antonio Allen. Calvin Pryor. Dawan Landry. Jaiquawn Jarrett. Rontez Miles.
  • ST: Nick Folk. Ryan Quigley. Tanner Purdum.

Comments: Pending the reason for Patterson’s absence the past two days, he could end up being released. The Jets could add another veteran at CB after the next round of roster cuts or keep LeGuan Lewis or Johnny Patrick as well. I think Brandon Dixon, Tahj Boyd, Jeremiah George, Quincy Enunwa, Kerry Hyder, Jeremy Reeves and William Campbell will be on the practice squad.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Frank Antonelli

    Guys. Don’t let your personal feelings interfere with your predictions. They are NOT going to cut Stephen Hill.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Heard the same thing about Jacoby Ford the past 2 months and he didn’t even make it through first round of cuts

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    This roster seems light on WRs, especially considering Hakim can’t contribute on offense & its questionable if/how much Saunders can. I think Salas makes the team.

    This roster is also very heavy at LB. I’m not sure McIntyre is necessary if Reilly & IK make the team.

    I’ll be really disappointed if Hill makes the team. I don’t see any noticeable improvement from him, & he continues to look way too uncoordinated to be a NFL WR. I wonder if he jumps for seemingly every catch as a means of “attacking the ball” instead of extending his arms.

  • Joe Caporoso

    That’s a fair thought JJ. Wouldn’t be stunned if they kept one less LB and went with Salas or another CB. Agree with your thoughts on Hill.

  • glegly

    Are there any teams out there w CB depth? Perhaps we trade strength for strength – trade Ellis for a second tier CB (who could thrive in the Ryan system). It’s getting ugly out there.

  • Nick Evans

    Leave a guy like Edds off the roster for Salas and i think this 53 man is perfect. Ive been really impressed with what ive seen from Salas the dude is a solid receiver who runs crisp routes and catches the ball. He would provide some nice depth in the back end of the receiving unit.

  • Sean F.

    I think Hill and Salas make it minus Hakim. Although, I get Hakim’s value in special teams. Not sure Saunders can be relied on just yet.despite making the team.

    Can’t see how they keep 10 LBs either…

  • Stevesc

    Based on performance during camp and preseason games, Salas has to make this team or something is wrong. He’s not flashy, but he runs good routes and can catch. Does he remind you of someone with the initials WC? I was hoping Hill was going to step up, but again he hasn’t shown much… You can’t keep a player just because he was a high draft choice, and release a guy who has performed well.

  • Klaus

    While I agree with most of the predictions, I’d be scared about our depth at Tackle. We’ve been pretty lucky regarding injuries to our OL in the last couple of years, and I don’t know if you can trust Aboushi at LT if Brick went down, especially considering that he’s been working mostly at Guard in TC. I’m not a big Ijalana fan either, but at least he’s got some expierence there. Do you think they could pick someone up later?

  • Joe Caporoso

    That is a good/fair point Klaus. It wouldn’t surprise me if after the final roster cut down they looked to grab an OT with some experience as Ijalana as struggled this preseason

  • JetOrange

    This roster is pretty well done, what is very impressive, and I think is correct, is 5 CB’s and 5 Safeties, reflects the best players rather than trying to add a marginal sixth CB.
    1. I like Darryl Richardson as a RB,, but you cannot keep 4, look for your 4th RB on your Practice Squad, currently that would be Michael Smith (who just got cut ) who has two weeks of expierance in the system, it will be a revolving door for RB’s on the PS.
    2. It is difficult in this town to draft a guy that has a high ceiling but a low floor. No one has any patience with guys like Ducasse and Stephen Hill, the criticism is harsh. My patience with WR Stephen Hill is wearing thin, but I give him one more year, because he seems to work hard at his craft, blocks well and gives the Jets deep speed that compliments Decker and Kerley.
    3. Ijalana had a rough start but I think he is playing well of late, he is your swing tackle. Aboushi has been outstanding and backs up at Right Tackle and both Guard spots, but Oday is a disaster at Left Tackle. I agree that Freeman is the backup Center, does anyone know if Dozier can also play Center ?
    4. I really like keeping TJ Barnes at DL but you cannot keep 10 Linebackers, Reilly to the Practice Squad. AJ Edds can play inside and can back up Pace on the outside, ending Garrett McIntyre’s career with the Jets, next stop Cleveland.

  • Mark

    Before Hill left with injuries last year I saw a receiver who held onto the ball despite being bashed and got free deep on several instances. I thought he had made real progress.

    I would be sorry to see him cut, but what can you say?

  • John C

    Salas should make the team. Too many linebackers.

  • PokerJoe

    im not sure why they cut Ras-I Dowling when they’re so thin at CB. Patterson’s disappearing act scares me, Milliner’s injury scares me, and Wilson’s play in general scares me. Maybe they should have waited a little bit? They definitely need to keep their eyes open for some help.

  • JetOrange

    Consider Salas over Nelson….Nelson is considered a lock but the development of Amaro and Sudfield take on his role and are bigger and better

  • Joe Caporoso

    I’d think Dowling was cut because he was hurt all summer and they couldn’t rely on him at all. As with Salas, I agree with the thought that he has earned a spot but it ultimately depends how much the Jets value a #6WR compared to other spots on their roster

  • JetOrange

    Dowling had an injury history at Virginia, picked in the second round by New England, had an injury history there and Little Bill cut him. Always a different body part, but when he was always hurt and in the tub here, the Jets cut the big CB.
    Further my previous post of Sudfield and Amaro displacing Nelson…My Six

    IMO Salas can play outside as well as the slot,…

  • Fair projection. I think there is a good chance Simms gets cut late and then re-signed to the practice squad (thanks for the clarification Joe!), especially with the PS roster being upped to 10. I also think that with both Freeman and Aboushi being able to play multiple positions, we could see Dozier on the PS, too, depending on needs at other positions.

    CB seems light given the uncertainty of Milliner’s injury and who the hell knows with Patterson..gotta think at the very minimum, Patterson is suspended by the team for the 1st game. So we could see Lewis and/or Patrick on the roster for week 1, then cut afterward. Assuming they don’t make a trade or sign someone off of waivers.

    I really hope you are right re: Hill, but reading between the lines of Marty’s comments last week, I think he’s unfortunately going to make the team. And that also makes me sad because that likely means Salas won’t…I just can’t see them keeping 7 WR’s, but I guess stranger things have happened.

    Also agree with JJ…they have a handful of LB’s who do similar things, so while the depth is nice, hard to see how they need all of them.

    Should be a fun week….

  • KAsh

    Most of this has been brought up by other commenters, but I think Richardson is superfluous, there are too many linebackers, and the roster is thin at the weakest positions.

    D. Richardson – now that Ivory has shown that he can also catch the football and does not soak his gloves in Vaseline, there is absolutely no role left for Richardson. He is not that much better than street FAs to justify sitting on the bench, waiting for someone to get hurt.
    McIntyre – backups should have upside or be special team standouts; Garrett is neither.
    Dozier – a lock for the PS. Aboushi plays both guard positions and right tackle, Ijalana can be a swing tackle, and Freeman can back up Mangold or play guard in an emergency. Dozier has limited impact on specials and would never see the field.
    Jarrett – an in-the-box safety whose impact plays hav been missed tackles. Additions in other areas will benefit the team more.

    Salas – Saunders has not shown that he can back up Kerley. Salas should be above Saunders on the depth chart and it is Saunders who should be a final addition based on his potential at PR.
    Ijalana – need a backup left tackle.
    Hill – at this point in time, Saunders is a PR and Hakim is a KR, as both barely played on offense in the preseason; even with Salas, the roster would only have four known commodities. None of the guys are world-beaters, so going with seven players, keeping guys fresh, and mixing their various talents to strain defenses will make for a better offense
    Dixon – plays on special teams and has shown an ability to keep the play in front of him (other than the TD to Washington), he can be called for spot duty in case of further injury. Tall and physical in a way that is missing with Milliner’s absence.

    Enemkpali, TJ Barnes, and Patterson would be bubble players, who can be cut if a more important player becomes available. Patterson can be replaced with LeQuan Lewis if his disappearance proves to be something serious. The practice squad candidates would be Boyd, George, Dozier, William Campbell, Hyder, Pantale, Enunwa, Finau, Reeves, and Brian Dixon, if he clears the waiver wire from the Saints.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Well similar to Jacoby Ford’s fate, KAsh we disagree. I can tell you the team values McIntyre as an experienced backup who can be a spot starter, he was playing with first team D in certain packages on Saturday. Jarrett is the top backup behind Pryor and Landry if Allen is going to be playing CB and Dozier is going to get the Aboushi/Campbell treatment this year so I expect all on the final 53. Also I maintain Richardson is very likely to stick. Salas/Hill are definitely still on the bubble but there is basically no role for Hill on this team, so I see no point of keeping him and he hasn’t earned a spot this summer. Dixon looked pretty awful against NYG and has always seemed like more of a PS guy. Lewis could absolutely end up replacing Patterson pending suspension. Also IK is basically a roster lock at this point after the pre-season he put together.

  • John C

    I’d rather see them keep D. Richardson and Greg Salas, than the 10th and 11th linebackers, Tommy Bohannon (do we need a Fullback), and a couple of others. The Jets need to be much better Offensively this year, and must be able to sustain a couple of injuries on O, without falling off the tracks (or off the runway I guess, since we’re Jets). We all know injuries can take their toll, and do it quickly.

  • KAsh


    I do not think we ever disagreed on Ford. We disagreed on having or not having a kick returner, or, to be exact, on having someone you actually tried out at kick returner field kicks versus throwing whoever out there. I think all of Idzik’s cheap, short-term signings are only on the roster until a developing player handles their roles, was never a fan of players that cannot stick on weak teams, and when Ford muffed that punt that he saw the whole way through, I knew he was not making the roster.

    As for the cuts/additions,

    “McIntyre… was playing with first team D in certain packages on Saturday.” – Well Lewis played every down with the ones after Allen went out, yet the one who would have a lesser role, with smaller impact, at a stronger position seems like the one more likely to make the roster.

    “Dozier is going to get the Aboushi/Campbell treatment” – So if we go 8-6, and Ferguson gets hurt, I think I speak for Jets Nation when I say how glad we will sure be to know that Dozier got a 50% chance to be in the same situation as Will Campbell at this time next year rather than have a viable backup left tackle. The Aboushi treatment was weird last year, but understandable with a thin roster. The roster is not thin anymore.

    “I maintain Richardson is very likely to stick.” – I am not saying it cannot happen, but can someone please explain to me what he would do once he made the team? Is Richardson really this great secret weapon that he needs to be stashed behind three better players and do nothing but twiddle his thumbs and wait for someone to get injured? Bad example given what we know now, but Danny Woodhead was also a fourth running back on a thin offense, and was released to take on a wide receiver. The point is, the fourth running back is always more useless than another wideout.

    Jarrett is by far the toughest call. For me, it comes down to special teams: Jarrett has less potential there than Miles or Dixon. Your corners seem to be suffering from an injury bug, so you should try to have depth if you cannot have talent. Milliner recovering slower than predicted and Walls rolling his ankle walking down the stairs could reduce your cornerbacks to Patterson, Lankster, and Wilson starting, with no backups, against Marshall, Jeffries, and Holmes in Week 3. I also cannot forget how bad Jarrett looked out there.

    The injury bug issue can also be said of your wide receiver corps. You are another freak injury away from signing guys off the street to start for you (for the third year in a row!) or to push Saunders or Hakim into a role we have barely seen them in. I do not think I have seen Hakim in a single snap on offense with any of the strings yet, though I have been rooting for the guy. And he would basically be Decker’s backup. Decker and Kerley would basically have to play almost 100% of all snaps on offense, as the guys who would relieve them are complete unknowns. They would wear down and you would not have a wide receiver corps by the end of the season.