No Huddle – New York Jets Evolving Roster Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on Calvin Pryor, Jace Amaro, Mike Vick and Dexter McDougle

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Gotta Like the Kid’s Attitude

Rookie Calvin Pryor is a player worth being excited about. He’s a known hitter, is already making an impression with Rex Ryan in terms of his X’s and O’s acumen, and is immersing himself in the fact that the Pats and Big Blue are the enemy.

Pryor said last week “We don’t like Tom (Brady) at all. When I first came here, that was one of the first things I heard about. We hate the Patriots and we hate the Giants. So we hate those guys and I’m looking forward to playing them next season.”

The Pats have been directly in the Jets way since Bill Belichick and Brady have arrived. The Giants have won the Super Bowl twice in the past decade and don’t get blasted for their poor off the field behavior by the New York media the way the Jets do. So if the conventional thinking in Florham Park is that there are two dartboards, one with the Pats and the other with the Giants helmet logo in the rec room, fine. I like the fact that Pryor is taking these things personally from the start. It’s better than bowing down to anyone that’s for sure.

OK Mike, it’s Time To Get Serious

Since Mike Vick’s arrival this offseason, talk surrounding him has centered around the notion of how his dogfighting past will be taken in New York to the mystery and truth about his role. Add now the trivial fact that some players were jokingly calling him “Sir” at OTA’s last week. A poke at his soon to be veteran age of 34. “We got a good laugh out of it. Seriously deep down I really didn’t think it was funny. I’m not that old and have to reiterate that over and over again.

No you don’t Mike.

What Vick needs to do, is to accept and block out the haters who will never forgive the animal cruelty. He has to look past what the QB depth chart reads like on the locker room wall. He should turn a deaf ear to old guy jokes too.

Even if topics like the young guys getting on him in jest are just tabloid page fillers what I don’t want to see, is any sign of Vick’s growing periphery. Mike Vick needs to just focus on his game. Work on building trust with new teammates on offense. Find the open receiver and hit him accurately and on time. In August he must utilize that rare ability to escape instinct that he believes he still possesses and back in his prime made him one of the league’s most exciting players.

Calvin Pryor’s comments come from a kid looking to blend in and to play with even more of a purpose for his new teammates at a new level. For Vick only his play can do the talking. Stay as quiet as possible. Pay no mind to anything else. 34 is certainly not too old. In fact it’s the perfect time to exemplify how one must remain above the chatter.

Our True Reaction To Revis The Patriot Is A Mystery For Now

Rex Ryan noted weeks back that rookie CB Dexter McDougle is so stubborn he won’t let teammates even catch a pass in walk-throughs and that it reminded him of someone. Ryan of course was alluding to former Jet star Darrelle Revis. Between that and him jokingly asking was it “Reeves or Revis” in light of free agent CB Jeremy Reeves filling in to make some nice OTA plays last week, I wonder how we all will react to Revis Island when the time comes. Rex, the Jets, the fans. It’s all jokes and pleasantries today but look at the calendar. It says June.

How hard it will be in September for Rex and diehard Jet fans to watch Revis help win games in Foxboro if the young Jet corners struggle at the same time is anyone’s guess. It’s one thing for the Jet fan to shrug and instinctively say “I’m over Revis.” It’s another thing to mean it.

Who knows how we diehards will really feel when seeing 24 high fiving Bill Belichick and his buddy Tom Brady on the sidelines after making a great play when the real bullets start to fly. Let’s just hope that Dee Milliner is a fast learner and Calvin Pryor is a monster from day one. That will help.

Quick Hits

– David Nelson missed OTA’s last week because he was essentially quarantined after a mosquito bite in Haiti? You know you’re not a marquee name when it takes a week for that to be reported in New York. Hope the guy is alright. Makes me think of Ike Davis and that jungle fever he caught and was hampered by in 2012.

– Jace Amaro 100 catches as a rookie: Is it possible?

– Here is an early plea to Marty Mornhinweg to leave Sheldon Richardson alone to be with the defense. No goal line work for a player who has the potential to be one of the best linemen up front in the NFL for years to come. Please!!