No Huddle – New York Jets Enter July Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets as they enter the month of July

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Rex’s Positive Energy

In a Sunday Rich Cimini piece for former Dolphin and current Jets CB Dmitri Patterson said regarding Patterson’s new HC Rex Ryan “Rex gives off this positive energy that spreads around. That’s why the guys played so hard for him toward the end of the year. What stands out to me is he knows how to put his players in a positive space, mentally.”

The positive effect that Ryan has on his players is certainly not any breaking news. The comment was refreshing though when considering how often we in Jets Nation now view Ryan through the lens of ‘is it a playoffs or bust year for him?” and how his media persona has altered so much since the “Goddamn Snack” days. The ability he has in relating to his guys if you respect Patterson’s thoughts, hasn’t changed.

How long Rex’s shelf life will be in The Lord Idzik era is anyone’s guess. It’s just nice to hear that the positive energy he brings to his team, which has been a constant quality of his through thick and thin in New York, has not waned at all as he enters year six.

Calvin Pryor and Twitter

Rookie safety Calvin Pryor tweeted “good bye twitter, see ya when I see ya” four days ago. This after murmurings over a recent string of playfully intended postings on Instagram and Twitter. The rookie had already told us upon his arrival in May that he was a smack talker on the field and explained the reason for it when he said he is “just trying to get in their head, find everything I can on them. Talk whatever I can, it’s nothing personal. Anything that gets a win. Depending on who we face that week, finding out the players and who they are. If I face a tight end who hasn’t had any catches, I will let him know that. I will say, ‘Hey, you haven’t caught anything all year and you won’t today,’ or something like that.”

All players are wired differently. Some are visually and verbally expressive. Others aren’t. Today’s social media climate allows the more outgoing ones to become the topic of conversation instantly. Pryor has the makings of a fun post game interview for the fan and it would be a shame if he did a complete 180. However, maybe it will be a good thing for him to take stock of how often and from what personal page formats he is to present himself prior to his first camp. What his voice as a soon to be highly recognized NFL player should be. Analyze any internal effects he’s accrued from the media’s take on his own thoughts.

We all own the right now to be heard from an endless array of platforms. We also all know or should know by now, the pitfalls and dangers of being one click away from random thoughts that can create a stir as well. I can’t imagine any player wanting to waste time mid week defending photo uploads or 140 character misunderstandings. There’s too much to prep for and deal with on on Sundays.

A brief step back and review of his overall media and social media approach before he hits Cortland may do him a bit of good. May save him from a distraction that gets in the way of being locked in before some big game in 2014. We all could probably use a step back and review of our own internet voices as well.

Overstating the Obvious

“News” broke last week that the Jets are not looking for Chris Johnson to be a workhorse this season. Jets running backs coach Anthony Lynn said “He’s got some miles on him. So we’re going to have to be strategic in how we use him, and when we use him, to keep him fresh so that he can be the explosive guy that I know that he can be.”

I highly doubt that any Jet fan viewed the Johnson signing as anything more than a bolstering of the running back by committee approach anyway. Both Johnson and teammate Chris Ivory will in fact benefit from a pitch count. The most durable back of the bunch by the way may be Bilal Powell, whose consistency will further aid both Johnson and Ivory’s ability to remain fresh from September all the way through to the stretch drive.

Quick Hits

– Jacoby Ford and Jalen Saunders will be fun to watch in August on special teams. The notion of big play speed in the return game is so exciting to think about and would be a monstrous boost to the offense. Here’s to hoping that one or both of these two get into a groove taking back kicks.

– Ex-Jet RB Mike Goodson was a no show for his Morris Country hearing on drug and weapons charges last week and will be arrested if he fails to show up again. I went from the fan-like disappointment after his release week back over Goodson never giving himself a chance to show his football talents here, to overall concern for the guy. What is going on in the Goodson camp?

– Week one starters at cornerback could be second year pro Dee Milliner and rookie Dexter McDougle. How does that sound to you all? If this were to be the case, what would you expect their play be like during the always crucial first month of the season?