No Huddle – New York Jets Head Into June Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the major storylines around the New York Jets

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Broadway Joe and Johnny Football

It was Broadway Joe Namath’s birthday this past Saturday which got me thinking: How would his sixties era persona and lifestyle have been portrayed like had he lived the same way in today’s world of social media? Probably something like the way Johnny Manziel’s is currently painted. Now if Johnny Football can lead the lowly Browns to a Super Bowl victory one day, watch the same haters turn their own words into superlatives. The negative connotations that today go along with his party boy behavior rebranded as examples of style and flair tomorrow. Just win baby.

Willie Colon: Better May Than August

There is never a good time for surgery, but if an NFL player has to undergo a knee scope for a minor injury I guess it might as well be now. Rex Ryan said that OG Willie Colon, a guy who has brought leadership and positive energy since his arrival two years ago, will be ready when things get real in September and won’t be rushed back. Good. It’s late May. There’s plenty of time. The unavoidable August injury surprises from preseason game action that threaten to change the direction of an entire season? Those get me worried.

Sanchez is a Human Interest Story, For Now

There were some diehards who took offense to NY Post Brian Costello’s piece on former Jet and current Eagles backup QB Mark Sanchez last week. After all, why linger in the past? When it comes to the Sanchise, what’s done is done. The good the bad and the ugly. Let it go and keep the attention on the current Jets, right?

On the other hand, it’s fair to view Sanchez as a viable human interest story for now too. Think about it, A former top ten pick and star in New York, once considered a franchise QB for a QB starved franchise. A recognizable face even to non football fans. One who almost took the Jets all the way as a kid before his career started tumbling, then Buttfumbling. These days Sanchez is starting over from the bottom in a more modest role with the hopes of resurrecting his confidence and career.

If the local beat writers want to cover him as a symbolic story about a guy who had it all but now must climb up that mountain again, fine. Following him all year as he wears a headset and holds a clipboard behind budding young signal caller Nick Foles would be unnecessary though, and the very point where I would start throwing flags. There’s only so much of going back in time I can take as well, and I’m rooting for the guy.

What Would It Take to Switch to Vick?

The Jets are saying that Geno Smith is the guy until further notice. That he will be tough to beat out. Fine. We all get that. How quickly he’d be pulled if he struggled in the regular season is unknown though. As is the effect of a scenario where Vick has a lights out summer as Smith breaks camp looking pedestrian.

Nobody truly knows what would it will take to sound the alarm bell and make Rex Ryan turn to Vick. That’s where the drama lies and why it remains alive as a topic we all must endure, like it or not. Geno is not safe enough, and the parameters that have been set for Vick unseating him are unclear.

Quick Hits

– I had a passing thought last week and raised it on Twitter asking folks “how much does Tom Brady have left?” The general consensus was three to four years but of course there were the glass half empty Jet fans who went George Blanda on the matter. Responding that he’d be around and highly functional for another eight to ten years. Scary thought.

The question for you all is “will Jimmy Garoppolo be the guy to make Brady’s eventual exit a smooth transition for the Pats?”

– Stephen Hill is going to have a good camp. I can feel it. No, seriously. I mean it.

– Free agent Ed Reed, 35, says that he hopes to continue playing football. Man I loved Ed Reed as a Raven and wanted so much for him to make a real impact on the field when he signed here last season during the stretch drive. Oh well.