No Huddle – New York Jets One Month Wait Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets one month out from training camp

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Playbook Gate

PlaybookGate was amusing. Mike Pettine the jilted ex-bestie of Rex Ryan’s needlessly sharing some notion that Rex Ryan handed out his playbooks like candy causing one to end up in Foxboro of all places. Ryan, so proud of his own defense, had to let others in on his magic. After first arriving in Florham six years ago vowing not to kiss Bill Belichick’s rings, there he was backing his decorated arch rival Belichick “who is a real coach” and “studies his butt off.” Belichick surprise surprise, remained mysteriously silent on the matter.

Pettine seems to want to go down the road of the old “Goddamn Snack Rex” model of becoming the headline for freely speaking ones mind. Ryan has to stop handing out his secrets, if Pettine is right that parting gifts for trips to Florham at part of the travel package. Belichick can’t afford another cheating scar and if it ends up true about owning Rex’s defensive bible, should really have to explain why his team could only split with the scoring challenged Jets last year and almost got swept. Eeking out an ugly 13-10 win in week two.

The only playbook I care about right now is the one that Marty Mornhinweg has designed. Give me a quarterback who can guide this Jet team with a supporting cast that owns the ability to maximize the books potential. That’s all that matters right now. Thanks for the mid June sideshow entertainment though fellas.

Vick the Pioneer

Michael Vick raised an interesting and debatable point last week when he said  “I revolutionized the game. I changed the way it was played in the NFL” in reference to the number of young mobile quarterbacks who have recently found success in  the NFL. Vick of course, wasn’t the initial signal caller to ever scramble out of danger. Fran Tarkenton in the sixties and Randall Cunningham in the eighties come to mind first. Vick though, may have  convinced GM’s that his skill set given the growing speed of NFL defenses was a viable model for the future at the position.

Personally, I like the Andrew Luck prototype better. That of the sturdy drop back passer who owns the ability to run if the opportunity arises. Ironically the challenge for Vick moving forward may be about balancing an ability to follow his self proclaimed  pioneering “run first” instinct with the traditional stability of a ball security minded pocket passer. The veteran Vick may once again become a model for guys like Kaepernick and RGIII who one day will also have to adjust their games and take off less frequently. While maintaining the threat of still being able to do so at any time.

Behind Door Number Two

One report out of OTA’s last week was that Geno Smith was developing a nice repoire with new Jet WR Eric Decker. Great. Smith needs a guy he can lean on in the passing game. Decker is going to be a good signing, but we still wonder who is going to step up on the opposite side of him?

I love the idea of Chris Johnson, Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell sharing duties in the run game. I also love the idea of Jeremy Kerley in the slot and rookie TE Jace Amaro bringing energy to the offense but since Lord Idzik wasn’t throwing down for a Desean Jackson or an Andre Johnson and I’m ok with the GM not breaking banks for one piece, somebody now HAS TO emerge. I’d love for it to be Stephen Hill somehow, because of his size and speed for his size. We are all allowed to dream this time of year, aren’t we?

Quick Hits

– I doubt that Rex handed out 2012 offensive playbooks to people too. The Tony Sparano pamphlet. Gadzooks, those games were painful to watch when the Jets had the ball, weren’t they?

– Rookie CB Dexter McDougle impressed folks last week at OTA’s. I hear that he is aggressive, physical with receivers, and plays the ball. Gotta like that. A McDougle Dee Milliner pairing has the potential for quite a long shelf life to it. Especially if both players can solidify themselves this summer.

– I wonder if the U.S soccer team collectively let up just by starting to watch the clock before failing to keep the ball on Portugal’s end before Ronaldo made his great play.