Turn On The Jets LIVE NFL Draft Coverage


Couldn’t make it to Five Mile Stone tonight? DON’T WORRY. Our NFL Draft show is streaming right here! 

10 thoughts on “Turn On The Jets LIVE NFL Draft Coverage

  1. Where is Khalil Mack going?! I wanted him to go to the Jaguars. Whichever team drafts him will have a great and talented player! GO UB! Maybe the Bills are drafting him?

  2. The Bills are fools. They could have picked Evans of Beckham and still have a 1st and 4th next year. Amazing. I’ll bet that the 1st next year is in the top 10. Moves like this and picking a worthless QB in last year’s draft are the reasons that the Bills are the only team NOT to make the playoffs since the calendar turned 2000.

  3. Obviously Evans is gone but they still could have had Beckham who along with a 1st and 4th is worth more than Watkins. Good to have the perennial loser Bills in our division.

  4. I was just talking to a Bills fan and he was extremely excited, and he did not like your comment, Frank Antonelli :P

  5. Pryor looks like a Seahawk type of pick. Hopefully a repeat of the Richardson pick last year.

  6. Now I just hope Marquise Lee lands into the Jets lap when they pick in the second round.

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