No Huddle – New York Jets On The Clock Edition…

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets heading into this weekend’s NFL Draft

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The NY Jets Are On The Clock

Thursday night is now just hours away. Soon the Jets will be on the clock. Alleged reports of who the Jets want at 18, unnamed sources who supposedly know the war room game plan, and media smoke screens out of Florham Park designed to detour the competition, will all be in play this week. The pace will be fast and furious. Get your seatbelts fastened folks and don’t jump every time you hear the word “Jets” in a sentence. Better to accept it all as part of the draft week hype than to overreact to every rumor and headline.

I’m gonna keep it short. My wish list? Just give me an impact WR, a TE who can stretch the middle of the field, and a CB (Darqueze Dennard?) who can start in year one and I don’t care how it’s done. Or what other needs are filled to go along with those three. Anything the Jets find on top of landing this trio I will consider to be a bonus.

Trade up, trade back, package picks, just do whatever it takes Mr Idzik. As long as you leave Radio City with two more playmakers in the passing game and a corner who can compete against NFL wideouts opposite Dee Milliner immediately.

There. That wasn’t too hard, was it? Now let’s see it happen, after the next seventy two hours of pre draft smoke clears.

Not Buying It Mike

So we hear that Michael Vick doesn’t want to come in here and ruffle any feathers. You know, cause any football distractions. He said last Friday that “Geno Smith is the starter” and that he is here to help him improve. He did so in the name of team chemistry. Don’t think for a second however, that Vick is preparing for spring workouts with the mindset of purposely taking a back seat to anyone.

Vick is here because he is closer to starting as a Jet than he would have been in Philly behind Nick Foles. Vick is doing the right thing as far as doing what he can to lower the media spotlight on there being any position battle. Just take his words with a grain of salt, that’s all. Mentor, my you know what. This guy is looking to show he is still the man and is here to win the job. Vick will try to turn coaches heads and set the tone as a leader from day one. Period.

Klecko Blindsides Coples and Mo

Former Jet legend Joe Klecko should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The guy was an All Pro at more than one position up front but a victim I believe, of being on Jets teams that never quite got far enough. Like Wesley Walker. Had his consistent body of work been on display one victorious Super Sunday, different story. Klecko brought it every week, with a lunch pail attitude that was a perfect extension of the Shea Stadium faithful.

Which is why the diehards who remember 73 for his great work on the field may have found it alarming that Klecko, who is now an analyst for SNY and rarely pulls any punches when it comes to the Jets, called out two of the young hopefuls on the defensive line days ago. The D line? Our bread and butter? The unit that is meant to be the defensive foundation for years to come? Say it ain’t so Joe!

On the topic of Quinton Coples, Klecko said that “a little bit of the time he looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane.” With regard to Mo Wilkerson, Klecko noted that there have been “a few too many plays he gives up on a little bit,” then added “He’s (Wilkerson) an unbelievable talent, but he has to put it out there every single play.”

I love you Joe but haven’t picked up on Mo as a dog at all to this point. If anything, perhaps it’s just a conditioning thing not a passion issue, as far as Mo becoming a three down threat.

As for Coples, he has shown to be more raw than many of us thought he’d be or wanted him to be upon entering the league. The guy simply hasn’t hit his stride in total just yet but it wouldn’t shock me if he came into his own over the next few seasons.

I do appreciate Klecko setting the bar high for guys who now do the work that he once did. Both players certainly have room to grow. Coples more than Mo. Expecting a little more in this societal age of celebrating mediocrity probably isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Quick Hits

– The Jets head into 2014 hopeful that the way Geno Smith and Dee Milliner ended 2013 will be the way they start the new season. Are you as hopeful?

– I’ll say it one last time. Twelve picks this week has to result in moving around the draft board and putting a package or two together. Give up some quantity for quality if the opportunity presents itself Lord Idzik. Please.

– Late round picks and UDFA’s is the area where teams with championship caliber scouting departments excel. It’s always fun to root for the diamonds in the rough during the summer. It would be nice if the Jets could grab even one overlooked steal on the cheap to go along with the blue chip talent that should be arriving by next weekend. Practical too in that adding productive players during the back end of the selection process helps in keeping the cost down.

– I wonder if any current Jets will be part of draft week trade packages. Twitter heads in Jets Nation often like to throw Kyle Wilson into their hypothetical deals. Stephen Hill too. I’ve seen a few deals where folks create moves that send Jeremy Kerley packing after drafting a top flight WR. Now I hope THAT doesn’t happen. Kerley will thrive as a slot guy with viable threats outside on both sides.