No Huddle – New York Jets Draft Review Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets twelve draft picks

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In honor of the twelve selections the New York Jets had in this year’s NFL draft, this week’s No Huddle presents to you the diehard, twelve questions regarding last weeks Radio City extravaganza.

1 – Did Idzik want to use every pick?

I thought for certain that heading into Thursday night, Lord John Idzik would package a few of the mid to later round picks in order to move up and grab a top flight wide receiver in round one. So much for that. The Jets took three receivers on Friday and Saturday instead. I wonder if this was Idzik’s original intent. Keep every one of the twelve no matter what.

2 – How many of the Dirty Dozen Will Stick?

If Idzik could have packaged some picks for a top flight first or second round receiver and chose not to, then certainly the reasoning behind keeping and using all twelve slots was that these most of these kids will make the final roster and practice squad right? I’m guessing that nine will stick in some shape or form.

3 – A Safety??!!

At first when I heard Calvin Pryor’s name called I said to myself “damn, no receiver?” Then after a few more beers uptown at the Turn On The Jets Draft Party I became more at peace with the idea of once again going defense on day one. After all, the last hard hitting safety the Jets had for more than a rental season and Laron Landry was who, Victor Green?

What a great way to cover up young cornerbacks. Throw a heat seeking missile behind them. Still, many of you were just like me when you heard “and the NY Jets select, SAFETY…” Admit it.

4 – “Johnny, Johnny, Johnny”

While I have the lie detector machine still plugged in, allow me to ask this: After the Cowboys passed on Johnny Football, whether you liked the idea of drafting another QB or not, did you at least entertain the idea of Johnny Football scrambling around in Green and White? I did.

Football wise, it was probably a sound move to pass on Manziel, avoiding yet another circus. Especially with all of the holes that need filling on this team. Besides, Manziel’s style won’t transfer to the pros anyway. He’s more of a fame whore, less of a gym rat too. A real prima donna as well. That said, now watch as he lights it up in Cleveland. Call it the curse of Dan Marino.

Since he was drafted AFTER the Jets passed on him, we all get to waterboard ourselves in our own bathroom toilets too if he leads the lowly Browns to the promised land before any Jet QB does. Gulp.

5 – Would You Have Dealt The Necessary Picks To Trade Back Into The First Round?

The Jets had the ammo to trade back into the first round after selecting Pryor. I know they apparently tried to move up in round two to grab USC WR Marqise Lee, but maybe the offer by Idzik wasn’t enough.

What if Idzik gave up more to move back into the first round or early second for one of the top wideouts taken? Would that have been too much for you?

Come to think of it, bona fide number ones like Megatron and Dez Bryant have not exactly paved the way for their teams to play a ton of postseason games in January. I guess I just thought Idzik was going to succeed in going super aggressive at that point for a projected stud, but was wrong.

6 – Can You Sleep At Night Now?

CB Dexter McDougle was taken in the 3rd round. Brandon Dixon in the 6th round. Knowing that the Jets passed on Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, the other Cromartie (Dominique Rogers-Cromartie of the Giants) and more, will you now sleep better at night nonetheless, by imagining Dee Milliner, vets such as Kyle Wilson and some new rookies patrolling the outer islands and inner slots? Factoring Pryor into the equation too of course

Not me. Not just yet. No way. This unit has project written all over it. The consistent pass rush the Jets defensive line should provide up front to help cover up the inexperience in the back is assuring at least.

7 – Gronk and Hernando? Hey, A Cheap Knockoff Would Suffice.

Second round pick Jace Amaro will provide the Jets with a tight end who can stretch the seam. His arrival instantly excited many fans who had done some of their own pre draft homework on the guy. Pairing him with Jeff Cumberland now gives the Jets a shot at their own version of the two tight end feature made famous by the Pats one time duo of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. Who before Gronkowski’s injuries and Hernandez’s murder charges, were really a pair of fast, big play, sure handed wide receivers and red zone threats.

How potent can Amaro and the jumbo sized Cumberland actually be as a tandem themselves? A cheap knockoff version of the former New England tag team would be fine with me. I wonder if any of you diehards believes that pairing Amaro with Cumberland can be more than just some mismatch to exploit every so often.

8 – Draft A QB Every Year Until You Find A Franchise Guy, Right?

Former Clemson QB Tajh Boyd will be the latest Jet quarterback project this summer. He’s very athletic and has leadership qualities but lacks consistent accuracy. Fine. Mr. David Lee (Jets QB coach), please clean him up and let’s see what happens.

No offense to current QB3 Matt Simms, I’m all for drafting a project QB every year when there is no clear cut franchise guy behind center. It’s the position that if a decade long answer is found, changes the stability of an entire franchise. Don’t stop until one is found.

9 – Did Drafting Pryor First Show That Rex Still Has Power?

Some analysts said after Calvin Pryor became a Jet, that drafting a safety in round one exemplified that like his Mike Tannenbaum days, Rex Ryan still has personnel influence within the organization. There may be some merit to that notion but to me, choosing Pryor was more of John Idzik displaying how impressed he was with the effect of Seattle safety Earl Thomas and the Hawks efficient yet All Pro-less WR corps than any name Ryan had on his wish list.

10 – Is This An Open Competition Or Not?

Now that the draft is over, I’d like to see the Jets tell us with a straight face that if Michael Vick whips this new receiving and tight end crew into shape faster than Geno Smith does, he is the backup and mentor to Smith in 2014. As Vick so politely stated last week.

Soon it will be time for Ryan to frame this situation. I can’t wait to hear Sexy Rexy try to dance around the topic. No matter what the HC initially tells the press, the best man will win the starting job. I guarantee it like Joe Namath.

11 – Which of the receivers drafted has the best chance of making an immediate impact?

After seeing highlight clips and reading 2014 pre draft reports of all three all over again, it’s Shaq Evans for me. He looks tough on tape like Laverneus Coles. I love that scouts say he can make a living moving the chains inside and has a great work ethic too.

12 – Now, after the free agency and draft dust has cleared, how do you rate Idzik?

Me, I still need to see the new players perform in order to assess the GM’s talent evaluating skills, but I respect his refusal to pin the entire future on just a few a few free agent stars and day one blue chip prospects.

John Idzik’s approach is clearly a long term one. Mistakes will be made by him along the way, but having patience and growing a roster based on a player’s mental and physical attributes and character as a person is a solid way to build.