NFL Draft 2014: Turn On The Jets Staff Mock Drafts


The Turn On The Jets staff presents their final mock drafts of 2014. WE MADE IT. Let’s hear your mocks in the comment section below! We’ll be happily congratulating and calling out everybody for their right and wrong picks during our live draft night podcast. We hope to see all of you there and if not, you can follow our live coverage right here at TOJ!

NFL Mock Draft
Pick Joe Connor Cole Dalbin
1 HOU Clowney Clowney Clowney Manziel
2 STL Robinson Watkins Robinson Matthews
3 JAX Manziel Manziel Manziel Mack
4 CLE Watkins Mack Watkins Watkins
5 OAK Evans Robinson Evans Ebron
6 ATL Matthews Matthews Mack Clowney
7 TAM Mack Evans Lewan Robinson
8 MIN Bortles Bridgewater Bridgewater Donald
9 BUF Ebron Ebron Barr Beckham
10 DET Dennard Gilbert Dennard Gilbert
11 TEN Barr Barr Fuller Pryor
12 NYG Beckham Beckham Matthews Lewan
13 STL Gilbert Hageman Pryor Martin
14 CHI Donald Mosley Donald Mosley
15 PIT Dix Dennard Gilbert Dix
16 DAL Ealy Ealy Mosley Cooks
17 BAL Lewan Lewan Ebron Pryor
18 NYJ Cooks Lee Beckham Evans
19 MIA Martin Martin Martin Verrett
20 ARZ Pryor Dix Bortles Carr
21 GB Amaro Donald Dix Amaro
22 PHI Lee Fuller Lee Benjamin
23 KCC Bridgewater Bortles Cooks Bortles
24 CIN Fuller Verrett Shazier Bridgewater
25 SDC Ford Nix Roby Lee
26 CLE Carr Carr Martin Savage
27 NOS Nix Ford Tuitt Jo. Matthews
28 CAR Verrett Cooks Robinson Roby
29 NEP Mosley Amaro Hyde Shazier
30 SFF Shazier Shazier Ealy Nix
31 DEN Sua'Filo Jernigan Nix III Hyde
32 SEA Sefarian-Jenkins Su'a-Filo Amaro Verrett
NFL Mock Draft
Pick Mike OC Tiny Mike D
1 HOU Clowney Clowney Clowney
2 STL S. Watkins Watkins Robinson
3 JAK K. Mack Donald Mack
4 CLE D. Carr Mack Watkins
5 OAK G. Robinson Robinson Matthews
6 ATL J. Mathews Matthews Lewan
7 TAM M. Evans Manziel Manziel
8 MIN T. Bridgewater Evans Donald
9 BUF E. Ebron Ebron Evans
10 DET D. Dennard Dennard Gilbert
11 TEN K. Fuller Barr Fuller
12 NYG C.J Mosely Mosley Martin
13 STL H. Clinton-Dix Martin Clinton-Dix
14 CHI A. Donald Dix Pryor
15 PIT R. Hageman Lewan Dennard
16 DAL T. Jernigan Ealy Barr
17 BAL Z. Martin Beckham Ebron
18 NYJ M. Lee Gilbert Beckham Jr
19 MIA T. Lewan Moses Mosley
20 ARZ B. Bortles Bortles Bortles
21 GB A. Barr Ward Ward
22 PHI C. Pryor Shazier Cooks
23 KCC O. Beckham Jr Cooks Lee
24  CIN L. Nix III Pryor Roby
25 SDC J. Verrett Verrett Nix
26 CLE C. Latimer Lee Carr
27 NOS R. Shazier Ford Ford
28 CAR J. Amaro Latimer Moses
29 NEP D. Easley Nix Tuitt
30 SFF B. Roby Fuller Jean-Baptiste
31 DEN D. Ford Jernigan Hageman
32 SEA X. Su'a-Filo Hageman Su'a-Filo

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  2. It’s amazing this draft just how little consensus there is. Makes me believe even more that trading down is the smart move. One man’s top 10 pick is another man’s 2nd rounder.

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