New York Jets Select – Trevor Reilly Linebacker Utah

With the 233th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft the New York Jets selected Trevor Reilly, Linebacker, Utah. 

The New York Jets selected their third linebacker of the day in Utah’s Trevor Reilly, a late round steal.

Combine Numbers

  • Height: 6’5″
  • Weight: 245 lbs
  • Bench: 26 reps


A linebacker with a solid build perfect for defending the run. “Country Strong.” A high energy player that is constantly around the ball. Disruptive, with an advanced array of pass rush moves. Reilly is good at disrupting the tight end at the line and is impressive in coverage. He vocally and physically sets the tone on defense and allows those around him to excel.


Though he is athletic for his size, he is limited and stiff in his lateral movements. Has durability concerns, already had arthroscopic knee surgery. Will be 26 years old at the start of the season and may not have a long career.


Reilly most likely fell into the seventh due to his age, level of competition, and injury concerns. However, his attitude, production, and physical ability should have seen him go much higher. Reilly has a chance to come in an compete with fellow rookie Ik Enemkpali for a primary back up role. Quinton Coples, Calvin Pace, Antwan Barnes, and Garrett McIntyre will compose the top of the depth chart with Jermaine Cunningham, Enemkpali, and Reilly fighting for the scraps. The most effective special teamer of the bunch will likely get the nod.


Author: Cole Patterson

Cole has attended American University in Washington DC and is currently completing a double major in history and global communications at Ramapo College in Northern NJ. He has served as an NFL Analyst for a local DC radio show, Fanatic Radio. He lives and dies with the New York Jets. Cole will help lead Jets coverage and analysis.

  • Freddie Mac

    This is the type of player you take a chance on in the 7th. Here’s to hoping his knees hold up.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Like I said before there is no harm in taking 12 players. Let the competition begin. We have increased our chances that some of these players may actually pan out. I really like the Idzik approach to drafting and free agency. The pressure is now on Rex and the coaching staff to deliver a playoff appearance.

  • ” The pressure is now on Rex and the coaching staff to deliver a playoff appearance.”

    What if half these players don’t make the team? I hope this draft brings a huge bounty, but odds are that many of these late round guys won’t make an impact on this team. So, when we look back, we may wonder why the team didn’t part with some of their late round picks, to move up and get more impact players.

    By the way, all those who criticized Tanny for letting Rex pick Scotty McKnight (for Mark Sanchez), it seems Lord Idzik also granted Rex a pick too-Taj Boyd.

    I can’t believe Jackson Jeffcoat went undrafted? A DE with that kind of college production, who ran a 4.63? There has to be an issue, right?

  • KAsh

    Congratulations, Freddie Mac! With this, TOJ gets its first real troll. (Some might point to John X, but he was a flamer. The difference is that a flamer uses the anonymity of the internet to incite and insult, while a troll is just negative and critical in order to be so.)

    Honestly, if you can draw any conclusions about a linebacker off of his forty time or a wide receiver off of something an anonymous scout (that is not employed by any professional team) wrote about him, you should have the good sense to not publicize your ignorance. And if you expected to find a #1 wideout and a #1 corner in the draft, you really do not know what the draft is about. There were no #1 wide receivers or corners, just guys who might develop into them two-three years down the road. Same as with the guys in the later rounds, only the early round picks should have a better chance to do so.

  • KAsh


    Many good players went undrafted this year. Antonio Richardson, Shayne Skov, Dion Bailey, Brandon Coleman, Christian Jones, Marcus Roberson, Craig Loston, Max Bullough, Marcel Jensen, Cody Hoffman, Xavier Grimble, Morgan Breslin, Victor Hampton, Ty Zimmerman. The UDFA period this year will also be loaded with talent.

    As for not making the team, that is what competition means: there are some who do not make it. We already had backups at most positions on the roster. If all of these new guys make the roster, then that means many of our existing backups lose their jobs.

    And I think Tahj Boyd was a great value at the very end of the sixth round. Now, if Rex’s son gets picked in a year or two, then we can raise this issue again.

  • The Tahj Boyd mention wasn’t about whether or not he was a good or bad pick. I was simply pointing out that Rex made that pick. In Boyd’s interview he actually said that Ryan told him he would pick him, if he were around late.

    Yes..I know there were a number of talented guys not drafted, but a DE, from Texas, who had 13 sacks this year, 26 total, in 36 games and ran a 4.63, coming from Texas (who didn’t have a player drafted for the 1st time since 1938) is odd…to me.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Lidman. You’re an idiot to think that Idzik let Rex make that pick! But it fits in with overall negative attitude about the Jets.

  • KAsh

    Lidman, how is that any different from the OT that went one-on-one with the #1 pick in the draft for two straight years and for the most part neutralized him? Or the leader of one of the most talented defenses in college football? Or a 6’6″ wide receiver?

  • Frank…what color is the sky in your world? It must be a great place with sugar plums and gum drops…a place called ‘Idzikland’, where everything the ‘great and powerful’ Idzik does is perfect, and above reproach.

    As for whether or not Idzik allowed Rex to make that pick, I’m only going on what Boyd said:

    What are you going on?

    No reason to name call Francis.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Lidman. Rex tells that to every prospect. He’s trying to make sure they feel like he got them on the team. The fact of the matter is that Idzik would never let that happen. It’s a group decision with him making the final decision. If Rex was the only one pushing for this to happen IT WOULD NOT HAPPEN.

    P.S. It’s better to be positive than to be a negative person who always takes the opposite approach in order to feed a deep physiological need to be combative.

  • I’m a very positive person. I’m also objective. How can you make this statement: ” The fact of the matter is that Idzik would never let that happen”? Do you have some inside knowledge? Just like Idzik likely picked Bohanon, last year, because he was his son’s roommate. It doesn’t mean I think there were better players, or that this practice is wrong. I just think is a tad naive to think there aren’t some ‘favoritism’ picks late.

    We can agree to disagree, but you can’t prove your theory, and I have a video of Boyd telling the media what the HC said to him. So, you can explain it away any way you want (btw, you probably have no real proof of that statement either), I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that’s why Boyd was picked.

    As for my negativism, I’m not. I hope all these guys work out. I can’t really comment on the majority of them, because I’ve never seen them play. However, I do think the NYJ mismanaged their draft picks. As I said above, it’s unlikely that the 6 picks taken in rounds 5-7 will make the team (I hope I’m wrong). The NYJ had 2 trade eligible 4s, and 1 each in rounds 5-7. I think moving up, using those picks, gives you better odds of getting a player who will both make the team and be an impact player.

    We’ll see…hey, at least we have all that cap space.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Lidman. Check out the videos on all the Jet drafted players. Almost ALL of them mentioned how great Rex made them feel and how they felt a bond between them. He’s very personable and people like him and he wants them to feel like he’s the one who got them on the team. Idzik has been very clear on his approach. It’s a group decision and just because Rex likes the player it doesn’t mean he’ll be picked. Idzik wants the scouts to be engaged and feel like their efforts are worthwhile. If you can’t understand that I can’t help you. You may want to see that your supposedly “objective” viewpoint is nothing but a cover for a consistently negative view of the Jets.

  • Jeff

    As a Ute fan and fellow 26-year-old graduate, you guys are getting one hell of a bad-ass. Excited to root for the Jets now!

  • Nikolas

    I am ecstatic with the Trevor Reilly pick. If he is healthy, he is making the team.
    And if Dexter McDougle is also healthy, then I think this draft will be better than last years,

  • Nikolas

    This guy is thoughtful and intelligent.
    Here is an interview…

  • Considering they used all 12 picks, it’s a bit surprising they only came out with 1 OL. Maybe Campbell and/or Aboushi are this year’s Harrison.

  • Good overall draft. Just question where we selected some of the players. I thought we could have traded down and still gotten a few of these guys later. Maybe got a pick or two for next year’s draft. But overall no big complaints

  • Nick Evans

    Solid draft. It seemed as though Idzik went for players with high character which is something I believe is very underrated these days and can only benefit the culture and locker room for years to come. Pryor was a captain and leader of his defense as was George at Iowa state, dex was a captain and had a team award named after him by randy edsall, enunwa and Reilly were both captains as well.

  • Freddie Mac

    Wow, someone here is beyond insane. What world are you cookin’ on, Frankie boy? Come back to mother earth, my friend.
    We’re supposed to believe that you know what everyone is thinking? Unfrickinbelievable! You’re mad as a hatter, buddy. Quite amusing the way you go around insulting everyone who thinks differently from you. And your “proof”! That’s the best part. I’m enjoying reading your rants.
    Let me cast my vote for you at the next diplomatic election board.