New York Jets Select Calvin Pryor

The New York Jets stayed put at 18 overall and took arguably the best safety in the draft in Calvin Pryor…

I wrote about Pryor back in the beginning of February. He is a hard hitter with the range to excel in the NFL. The Jets struggled to force turnovers last season and Pryor upgrades that aspect of the defense from day one.

The biggest question mark is who will start? Rex Ryan loves to rotate three safeties, but I have a feeling Antonio Allen and Pryor will see a majority of the snap. Dawan Landry was solid last season but not a game changer on the back end of the defense.

Many have claimed Rex Ryan has ignored the safety position during his tenure with the Jets. Pryor is in the mold of LaRon Landry but has a higher ceiling in coverage. Although this pick might not “excite” the fan base, it was an extremely smart selection and solves a need.

  • Frank Antonelli

    This pick is about winning games not winning the media game.

  • Frank Antonelli

    In Pryor’s interview he compared himself to Seahawks Cam Chancellor. Like I said before this felt like a Seahawk type move.

  • Randall

    I love the pick. They’re in great position to draft the best remaining WR/TE, tomorrow, as well.

  • Mark

    Love the choice.

  • Bruce Harper

    Calvin Pryor, yes. As in, Hey Rob (Gronkowski,) this is your new BFF Calvin.

  • Stevesc

    A great pick… Everyone was probably a little surprised in that Cook and Dennard were still available and mentioned in a lot of the mock drafts for the Jets at 18.

  • KAsh

    Good player and we addressed about a need so old, many pretended it did not exist. I hope this works out as well as the Richardson pick.

    I wonder what Rex’s plans are. The only two obvious conclusions are that Rex has a new piece to tinker with and that Pryor will redefine how the Jets play defense. But we do not know what the new depth chart looks like at the safety position. I hope Pryor will be the starter at free safety and Allen moves back to his natural strong safety spot. But I can also see Allen remaining at free safety and Pryor being used more in-the-box. Can Pryor cover the entire field or will Rex incorporate more Cover 2 formations? Then, Landry might still earn a starting spot, and it is unclear whether Pryor or Allen would partner with him in that case. Bush and Miles are also waiting in the wings, and hopefully they will be incorporated into sub packages and used on special teams. It will be exciting to see how Rex designs his new defense to accomodate his various safety talent.

  • Dan in RI

    We’ll be taking a CB in round 3–bank on it.

  • How many times on this site have I read: “Rex Ryan will never pick a Safety in round 1”. Or, “Ryan’s defense doesn’t value the Safety position”? I guess, we’ll be seeing a lot of 3 Safety looks this year.

    The other thing I think it shows is Rex was on board with Idzik’s approach to the CB market. By all accounts, Dennard would have thrived in the NYJ scheme, but they passed on him. So, maybe, just maybe, they really believe Walls, Berry or Ras I Dowling will be better than we all know.

    Hoping Donte Moncrief’s name gets called by Gang Green tonight…Jets Jets Jets

  • Frank Antonelli

    Like I said before everything we heard was simply a smokescreen. No-one knew what Idzik would do and this pick is proof positive that the media has NO idea what the Jets are thinking.

  • great pick defense wins championships, plenty of offensive weapons still out there

  • erock

    Bruce Harper wins for best comment…

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    I like that the defense has a big hitter so opposing receivers have something to think about when going across the middle (or anywhere).

    I had the same thought as Lidman as far as the folks (on this site & elsewhere) that claim Rex doesn’t value safeties. Much like the claim that Rex “needs” 2 Pro Bowl CBs to run his defense, I think its easy to fall into the trap of guessing what he thinks based on how we see him run the defense, but its probably more accurate that he modifies his defense based on the talent available to him.

    I’d still like to see the team pick a WR, a CB, a TE (the team’s biggest need at this point imo), & Dri Archer (or someone like him) to fill a Leon Washington-type role on special teams & offense.

  • MattZ

    I hate all the comments about Rex doesn’t value Safety position or he needs press corners. All good coaches adjust to the players they have. He had Reed in Baltimore, that worked pretty well. He had Revis and Crow so played single coverage on the outside. Last year Crow was terrible and
    Milliner had growing pains, so the coverage was adjusted. Played more zone and cover 2 than ever before. The idea is to get great players even if it isn’t a “need” because you can always find a way to use a great player. This is a upgrade at Safety and it was a need. So really an easy pick to make and like.