New York Jets 2014 NFL Draft – Day 3 Review

Joe Caporoso reviews all of the New York Jets day 3 selections in the NFL Draft

The New York Jets stayed put yesterday and added nine players in the 2014 NFL Draft. A big thanks to Cole Patterson and MIke O’Connor for ripping through initial pick breakdowns yesterday. Here are my brief thoughts on each player, with more overview and in-depth analysis on the way throughout the week…

Please note that “players who should be most worried” is just the phrase I am using to identify the players who will be pushed most by each specific pick in training camp. Also the NFL player comparisons don’t necessarily mean I think this pick is going to turn into that guy in terms of production, etc…it is just meant to paint a clearer picture of his game. 


This pick was initially surprising. However, in retrospect it set the tone for a few recurring themes for the rest of the day. Watching Saunders’ playmaking ability in college on both offense and special teams, I have no problem using a 4th round pick on him. The Jets have an offense and special teams that has been devoid of depth and playmakers the past few years and they are clearly determined to remedy that in 2014 and moving forward. Saunders is an immediate challenge to Jacoby Ford as the team’s primary returner and can develop behind Jeremy Kerley as predominantly a slot receiver. I don’t anticipate him being a major factor on offense in 2014, unless injuries hit (which they have in recent seasons) but I do think Marty Mornhinweg will carve out a few personnel packages and sets of plays for him. If for some reason Kerley leaves in free agency next offseason (don’t let this happen, John), Saunders is a logical long term replacement.

The days of the Jets being forced to play people like Ben Obomanu, Greg Salas or Jason Hill major reps are coming to an end…

Current Jets players who should be most worried: Jacoby Ford, Greg Salas

Current NFL Player Comparison: Andrew Hawkins


One of my favorite picks from yesterday. Evans has the build and game of a prototypical “X” receiver (split end). He is a smart, physical receiver who has a good understanding of how to run routes. The Jets need another player on the outside to pair with Eric Decker and Evans is going to have a chance to immediately push David Nelson and Stephen Hill for playing time. He isn’t the flashiest player and needs to refine a few elements of his game but it would not shock me if Evans is a future starter/full time player for this team. The Jerricho Cotchery comparisons you heard yesterday are not unfounded at all.

Current Jets players who should be most worried: Stephen Hill, David Nelson

Current NFL Player Comparison: Jerricho Cotchery


I always defer to our man Tiny Nolan when it comes to offensive lineman and here is what he said about Dozier before the draft (who he had ranked 6th overall out of all interior lineman).

This small school prospect is very intriguing. He shows fantastic athleticism and could be a developmental project as he moves to guard in the NFL and refines his technique. He probably needs a year or two but has a very high ceiling.

Nolan had mentioned Dozier to me as a potential target for the Jets on day two of the draft and thought he was talented enough to merit a third round selection. Comparatively, he is a stronger prospect than Oday Aboushi or William Campbell, along with arguably a better one than Brian Winters. Dozier plays with a nastiness and attitude that will likely remind many of current Jet Willie Colon, who he could very well be replacing in 2015.

Current Jets players who should be most worried: William Campbell, Caleb Schlauderaff

Current NFL Player Comparison: Willie Colon, a poor man’s Larry Warford (well said by our Mike OC).


An undersized inside linebacker who many felt was a reach in the fifth round. Considering his measurables and projected struggles to be a true three down linebacker, that seems like a fair characterization. George has the attitude and style of reckless play that immediately lends him to being a core specials player while he learns linebacker behind David Harris and Demario Davis. The Jets badly need to improve their core of special teams players and George should be a big piece there this season and hopefully develop into a contributor on defense down the road.

Current Jets player who should be most worried: Josh Mauga, Nick Bellore, Troy Davis

Current NFL Player Comparison: A smaller Demario Davis with less upside.


At 5’11, 203 pounds with 4.4 speed, Dixon has the size/speed measurables that you hope for in a corner. He played against a lower level of competition but shined at the NFL Combine. Similar to George, he has the make-up to be an immediate core special teams player. He will have a tough time sticking on the roster if he cannot stand out there this summer. In a perfect world, he thrives as a gunner on specials this season while learning behind veterans and develops into a sub package player down the road.

Current Jets player who should be most worried: Johnny Patrick, Jeremy Reeves

Current NFL Player Comparison: Phillip Adams


The project wide receiver, who has tantalizing size and speed but is learning how to properly handle the finer points of the position. There is difference between taking a receiver like this in the sixth round and trading up to get him in the second round, as the Jets did a few years back with Stephen Hill. I’ve seen a little Enunwa and can’t wait to dig deeper into his film but our Mike OC, who has seen more of him, was doing cartwheels over this selection. An exciting thing about Enunwa’s game is that he has the versatility to play X, Z or even slide into a H-Back type role in certain formations.

Current Jets player who should be most worried: Stephen Hill

Current NFL Player Comparison: A lighter, smaller Jeff Cumberland (remember he was a wide receiver in college) who has way more upside and will stay at receiver.


IK! I don’t know much, if anything about him but the consensus from everything I read about him is a high motor, tenacious pass rusher who needs to increase the fluidity of his game. He has the feel of a practice squad player in 2014 but considering the Jets outside linebacker situation, he may find his way on to the final 53 with a strong summer and a display of special teams value.

Current Jets player who should be most worried: Garrett McIntyre, Jermaine Cunningham

Current NFL Player Comparison: McIntyre.


We’ve been saying here for awhile the Jets would draft a quarterback and that Boyd was a very likely target. A quarterback who was considered a first round prospect into October of last season, Boyd struggled late in the year and didn’t wow in the pre-draft process, leading to his availability in the 6th round. Personally, I love Boyd as a late round quarterback selection and think he is a better NFL prospect than Tom Savage or Zach Mettenberger. Boyd should be able to knock Matt Simms off the roster this summer, spend a year learning behind Geno Smith and Mike Vick and then hopefully develop into the team’s long term backup quarterback.

Current Jets player who should be most worried: Matt Simms

Current NFL Player Comparison: A very poor man’s Russell Wilson


Tremendous value in the 7th round for a player many thought would be snapped up a few rounds earlier. His age (26) and knee injury history are concerns that likely bumped him down so far but his production, strength and motor should stand out this summer. Despite being the Jets final section, I’d be mildly surprised if he didn’t find a way on to the 53 man roster. Along with Evans, Dozier and Boyd, this was my favorite pick of the day.

Current Jets player who should be most worried: Garrett McIntyre, Jermaine Cunningham

Current NFL Player Comparison: A much less athletic Quinton Coples.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    I really like what Idzik did the last few days. Pryor & Amaro should be starters & impact players this year. McDougle’s highlight reel shows major play-making ability. I wonder if he drafted with the expectation that he will be a starter opposite Milliner or Kyle Wilson’s replacement.

    Saunders should be able to add some excitement on punt/kick returns, which the Jets sorely lacked last year, & hopefully will have some plays on offense where they get him the ball in space.

    Evans may not b the deep threat or “#1 WR” blog commenters have been screaming for, but would seem to add depth & versatility at a position that needs it.

    Dozier may not contribute this year, but the 4th round is a great spot to draft a big, strong, athletic, nasty OG project.

    I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for George to become a starter, but expect him to improve the Jets special teams coverage units & possibly earn a role on defense in sub-packages as a LB/S-tweener.

    The Dixon pick seems a bit surprising as scouting reports indicate he has trouble with complicated assignments. If that is true, he wouldn’t seem like the kind of player Rex typically utilizes on defense.

    Enunwa seems versatile, athletic, & smart, but can he learn to catch the ball well enough to utilize those traits? Seems to be a low-risk/high-reward pick.

    Can Ik make up for his physical flaws with his motor & become Calvin Pace’s replacement? Can he contribute on special teams enough thus year to earn a roster spot & the time to develop at LB?

    Boyd seems to be another low risk/high reward selection. Assuming Geno develops into a legit starting QB, I’m not opposed to the Jets drafting a developmental QB, that can possibly become trade bait in the future, every year.

    Reilly seems to be a similar pick to Ik as both are strong but somewhat athletically limited, with great intangibles & intelligence.

    The focus on high character players seems to indicate that the continued elimination of a “circus atmosphere,” whether real or perceived, is important to Idzik, & personally love how he trolled Manish over his hitch hiking tweet.

    At this point, I’m very curious to see whether Campbell &/or Aboushi will perform this upcoming season in a manner that shows why they held roster spots all of last year. I’m also curious to see if every draft pick this year makes the roster, even those that don’t seem ready to contribute right away.

  • Nikolas

    Good analysis.

  • Frank Antonelli

    It appears that Idzik didn’t jump on Jackson based on the hefty price and the feeling that he could get something similar in the draft. Look at these stats:

    Here are Saunder’s stats (per
    5’ 9″
    165 lbs
    4.37 40-yard dash

    DeSean Jackson’s pre-draft measurables (per Wikipedia):
    5’ 9 3/4″
    169 lbs
    4.35 40-yard dash

    Whether Saunders turns into something similar to Jackson is anyone’s guess but the measurables suggest that it is at least a possibility. The punt return capability is also similar.

  • Frank Antonelli

    There has been a lot of criticism of the McDougle pick largely based on inaccurate information and foolishly looking at the so-called “experts” picks. Let’s try checking out some facts.

    In an interview with Pete Volk, manager of Testudo Times who followed McDougle’s career, he puts to rest the idea that McDougle was injury prone.

    Q- He had a bad shoulder injury last year, has he had many other injuries while in college?
    PV: That was it — he had started the previous 26 games in a row and played in 11 games as a freshman

    Also, the idea that he would have been available later in the draft was put to rest with reports out of Oakland that the Raiders were ready to pick McDougle. Of course it’s always easy to say he would be available later if all you go by is draft boards created by so called “experts”.

  • Geronimo

    If you use the “best 11” thought experiment, this team has improved on both sides of the ball (assuming Pryor and Amaro play to their projections), as well as on special teams. Saunders will contribute, and Dozier will compete.

    Both CBs make sense as high risk high ceiling guys. Rex has a few “pretty good” corners. He doesn’t need any more of them. So take a couple of aggressive guys with question marks who make the grade athletically and hope they develop into the next R***s.

    Three WRs. Saunders will be fun to watch. He brings a can’t touch me element that the team has been lacking for years, and should help on returns. Evans can battle Nelson to be the gritty hands guy (but with more speed), and that other kid could end up being the Stephen Hill that makes it.

    I like to his draft. The team has overhauled the middle and bottom of the roster. Ring a bell for Mauga, McIntyre, Berry, Gates, Simms, Bellore, etc. because all the later round picks are attitude guys — aggressive and athletic, with the will to work. It will be a lot of fun to watch how these guys respond to NFL coaching.

  • Freddie Mac

    Idzik couldn’t secure a #1 WR or 1B CB – likely the most glaring needs coming into the offseason (with an unprecedented FA CB class. Anyone who thinks that John’s been great is simply wearing rose-colored glasses and cannot be fair and objective. We waited and waited and still these positions are not going to be filled. Decker’s going to have a heck of a time getting free without someone complementing him with some speed.
    And who’s going to cover on the wide side of the field? Dmitri Patterson? Kyle Wilson? McDougle???!!! Two of these guys are slot cover corners and one (Patterson) is long in the tooth and can’t stay healthy. And a disturbing trend in this draft was the number of undersized players John selected. Even Pryor is under 6 feet.
    As for WR – I now see four #2 WR’s and 3 slots. No field stretchers but a good TE target. As a result, expect teams to crowd the LOS to slow the run without anyone to worry about breaking loose on deep routes. The offense will continue to struggle and not use Geno’s best asset – his deep throw. A major blunder IMO. Not moving up to secure Marquis Lee or Paul Richardson in the 2nd (or Beckham in the 1st) will affect this season immensely. My money is on Nelson starting opposite Decker. Looks like a two-year build from this point. Idzik didn’t address every position that was needed. I think he could’ve done much better. He essentially ignored OLB as well. Until the 7th.
    As for the 3 WR’s drafted, two are essentially the same player – Enunwa and Evans. Why take two guys so similar? They are much like what we have in Nelson and Decker as well. All 2’s. Makes no sense. And Saunders? Why? We have Kerley. We just signed Ford as well. Sighhh. Very questionable picks.
    While Safety and TE were positions of need, I think #1 WR and CB were far more in need but that’s just me. I think those positions (S, TE) could’ve been adequately addressed in the 3rd & 4th rounds where the talent for #1 CB/WR’s predictably dried up. But this dilemma was caused by not addressing these positions in FA when we had plenty of money. No action towards the top safeties and only a half-hearted effort towards Pettigrew who was retained as the 2nd best TE on the team before the Lions drafted Ebron. Brandon was hardly coveted.
    Oh well. Maybe the plan is now to run the ball and block with our big WR’s and outlet to them as needed along with our TE’s. Overall, the WR position is in far better shape than last year at this time. CB is going to hurt big-time, though. It’s good they got a very good safety. He’s going to be busy.
    And why wait until the 6th and 7th round on OLB? Did we really need all those WR’s before addressing this position?! And seriously, Reilly is a far better prospect than this Enemkpali cat. The dude ran a 5.01 forty at 260 pounds. Inexcusable. That’s not a pass rusher and obviously not a coverage guy. A waste pick. Won’t make the PS. Neither will Boyd. The chance that this pick undermines Geno troubles me but it’s likely nothing to worry about. I don’t understand why a GM would draft a QB the year after his franchise pick was selected. Mind-boggling.
    I didn’t like the Dixon pick at CB either. I can live with it but we’re pretty deep there with Walls, McDougle, Dowling, Lankster, Wilson already the prime backups. Sure could’ve used another 3-4 DE or safety for depth as Bush, Jarrett and Landry were terrible last year with Harden and Miles totally untested. But it was only a 6th so I digress.
    I’m not a fan of the McDougle pick and believe he most certainly would’ve made one of our 4th round picks…obviously the Jets didn’t agree…he’s a slot guy coming off injury. There were some very good players remaining on the board at that point who could’ve helped this roster out greatly: at WR – John Brown, Donte Moncrief (although another 2, but better than Evans by a mile). At OLB: Kareem Martin and Will Clarke. I despise the Jalen Saunders pick as the lone WR (Kerley) with the best rapport with our franchise QB and most production happens to play the same position – slot. Not to mention the recent Jacoby Ford signing. They had all Friday evening and Saturday to adjust their boards and this was the most coveted guy on day 3 four picks in. Unreal. Idzik needs a consultant in a big way. He’s out of his element.
    I was not impressed with the ILB Jeremiah George pick as he’s another undersized player who will get thrown over with TE’s. He’s 5’11!!! I was hopeful this position would be addressed towards someone who can take over for Harris next season but didn’t like this pick. For the ILB tandem that ranked dead last in the NFL in coverage last year, I was hoping for something more here. Preferrably addressed in the 4th round (instead of another WR), not the 5th – Anthony Hitchens, Kairi Fortt, Carl Bradford, Kevin Pierre-Lewis, Prince Shembo or even Devon Kennard. These guys all flashed better coverage skills and size and many were known to be on the Jets radar. Bad pick IMO. He’ll remain a backup. And this position will need addressing again next year. This was a golden opportunity to pick someone to groom under Harris seamlessly into 2015.
    I guess we’ll hold on to all that money (less the Wilk extension) and create a new shopping list next year and hope that Idzik learns some remedial negotiation skills in hopes of actually landing some free agents. Or just simply wait until the 2015 draft.
    While many will negatively react to this post, keep in mind that I acknowledge some of the good picks made and acquisitions in free agency – Decker, Giacomini, Johnson. In spite of the lesser need, Pryor and Amaro will help the team. But after those two picks, Idzik inexplicably selected a slot CB and slot WR. Two positions of strength on this team!!!! I liked the Dozier pick – someone who will take over for Colon next season. I liked the Reilly pick a lot. But I’m quickly losing faith in Idzik’s ability to build a team to this juncture. It doesn’t make me a bad guy. I just didn’t come away impressed. This includes free agency. And it was a strange draft strategy. You will have at least some of the players cut due to overloading the WR position where you could’ve used picks elsewhere to improve the team overall. At least use them to move up and get some impact players. I see very few of them here. We still had holes.
    Looks to me like another .500 season at best. Rush defense should be good, pass defense will struggle in both the secondary and linebacker position with little outside pass rush. Interior pass rush should still be very solid. Rushing offense should be good but not great while the passing offense hopes to improve a little. Hopefully Geno steps up a bit and Winters can handle LG duties and Milliner continues to improve. But this is essentially the same team. The opponents improve with the passing offenses faced in the NFC North and AFC West. Baby steps taken this offseason towards playoff contention status hopefully next season. Idzik gets a D.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Freddie Mac says ” But this is essentially the same team”. Are you serious????!!!!

    What really impresses me about the Jets draft and free agent signing from the last two years is that the players that they selected will allow them to play multiple sets on offense and defense. Jets had a limited answer in the recent past to when the opposing offenses went to:

    (1) 2 TE sets
    (2) The spread

    Now they can defend those formations in a more efficient and effective manner.

    And on offense, the Jets can now run two TE sets, including the spread or a two slot WR spread. They also have a much more effective running game based on the level of talent they acquired over the past 2 years.

    These drafts and free agency have allowed them the ability to play with plenty of different looks on offense and have several different answers to offenses, on defense. For example:

    (1) Their 3-3-5 and 4-3 cover two got much better through the draft. Pryor can play a rover safety in the 3-3-5 better than anyone who was in the draft.
    (2) They also picked up a 4-3 type OLB to rotate with Ballore in the 4-3 and 3-3-5 defenses that use 3 LB’s.

    These two years Idzik has really made the Jets an incredibly difficult team to gameplan against. I believe between Ryan and MM they have the coaches to take advantage of this new flexibility and translate it into wins.

    Same team my you know what!

  • Freddie Mac

    Same QB, same OLine, same front 7, unproven secondary, LB’s that can’t cover, marginally improved WR’s, rookie TE, tougher schedule – .500 season.
    Pryor’s a good player but he’ll be a rookie and as I asked before – who’s going to play #2 CB?

  • Frank Antonelli

    Jesus man you’re dense.

    (1) Not the same QB but rather one that has a year of valuable experience under his belt. He also has a legitimate backup now.
    (2) Not the same RB situation but rather an upgraded situation which will be an immense help to Geno.
    (3) Not the same front 7 but rather one with valuable experience playing together and hopefully a healthy Coples.
    (4) Not the same TE situation. They added a valuable TE prospect that by all estimations will have an impact.
    (5) Not the same WR situation. Decker alone improves them here.
    (6) Not the same defense. The Pryor selection alone will have a large impact on the defense and the CB situation cannot be worse than last year.
    (7) Not the same special teams situation. I hope I don’t have to explain this one.
    (8) Depth is vastly improved. As Rex said at the presser last year they only had 3 ILBs and they were lucky that none were injured.

    If you can’t see the improvement than you’re just ignorant. They may finish 8 and 8 again this year but it’s not because as you so ignorantly said “But this is essentially the same team”.

  • Freddie Mac

    Bite me, dumb ass. And convince yourself how much better they have gotten. I don’t agree. Especially with your ridiculous nonsensical “points”. You’re one of the worst posters I’ve ever seen on any Jets site. Disagree with you and you start calling names. What are you, 12?
    Can’t make a logical point and wants to swallow Johnny as if he should be worshipped. He sucks! And everyone except you realize this. Must be related.

    Depth vastly improved? Where’s the depth at safety? ILB? OLB? 3-4 DE?
    You don’t have a clue, man. And how ironic that someone of your intellect calling others idiots. What a joke. Ignorant beyond comprehension.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Freddie Mac. What a stupid name. Nice comeback jackass. Anyone who can’t see that the Jets are improved is IGNORANT.

  • Frank Antonelli

    To everyone who can understand a logical argument which rules out the ignorant Freddie Mac let me learn you some things.

    It is becoming very obvious to any thoughtful observer who isn’t a hater that the Idzik regime has a carefully crafted a well thought out plan. Throughout FA, I was preaching patience despite Idzik’s seemingly sitting on his hands when we had so many holes to fill and so much money to spend. In retrospect, looking at whom we finally signed in FA and whom we picked in the draft, it looks like he had a pretty clearly designed plan in place from the start. Whether it works in the long run cannot be judged until at least the end of this year, but the logic of it seems much clearer to me now.

    I believe the big unknown to Idzik was whether or not we regress this year and have to start over in 2015 with a new rookie QB and a new head coach, who might have a very different offensive or defensive system. He therefore was reluctant to commit big contracts to players who may end up being misfits in such a new system – such as signing press corners if we end up with a cover-2 approach, or 3-4 LB’s if we go to a 4-3 system.

    I think he also believes in signing the big contracts only when you are a playoff team already and the players you sign can make you a top team, not when you are still rebuilding and have a ton of holes and no depth. Finally, if you look at the positions we filled in the draft, it parallels our approach in FA. For example, we did not even give a sniff at any safeties (and there were some real good ones), guards (there were quite a few good ones), and TE’s – while only willing to make a limited effort and money offers to CB’s. I think there’s a good chance he was dead set on choosing Pryor (or one of the 2 other top safeties, if he was gone), either Amaro or ASF at TE, was very high on McDougle in the 3rd (not expecting anyone to take him before them), and expected to take Dozier or some other high-potential guard prospect in the middle rounds. Likewise, on WR’s, he knew there were a ton of options in the draft, but we also needed at least one immediate contributor to help Geno. So he signed Decker, but was unwilling to even consider spending big on DJ, knowing he could get someone much cheaper in the draft.

    Given all the above, as well as the few key holes he did manage to fill in FA with limited expenditures, and his draft choices and FA signings in year one, I am ever more confident that we signed a smart, experienced, minimal risk GM, who will succeed in the not too distant future in producing a consistent long-term winner, and finally give us a real shot at the promised land.

  • Freddie Mac

    You tell ’em, Sparky! Stupid name? How relevant in your world.

    Come back to the big boy table when you’ve grown up. Back to the high chair for you, little one.

    What’s your prediction, hot shot? 10-6? 11-5? 12-4? Go ahead. If I’m so ignorant and can’t comprehend how freaking brilliant Idzik and the Jets are, then please enlighten me. Tell us ALL how great this team will be – the one that addressed every hole and filled all depth. Can’t wait.

  • Frank Antonelli

    I just did. Read the next post asshole. And I said in a previous post:

    If you can’t see the improvement than you’re just ignorant. They may finish 8 and 8 again this year but it’s not because as you so ignorantly said “But this is essentially the same team”.

  • Freddie Mac

    I stand corrected. You must be 11. What a prick.

  • Frank Antonelli

    You better watch it or you’ll suffer the same fate that the last two assholes that tried to tangle with me suffered! I knew you would be unable to decipher a logical argument since you’re IGNORANT!

  • Frank Antonelli

    I love this slow methodical approach stuff, because I remember that the big splashes the Jets have made over the years amounted to very little. Idzik and his team have said more than once that they are looking for a specific type of player to fit the Jets style of play and the type of teammates they want. It’s finally time to have intelligence prevail over emotion around here. The picks will be the result of a well thought out approach and not a knee jerk reaction to bring in a Tim Tebow or to allow Rex to pick a FB. Thank God things have changed in Jet land and we now have an adult running the show.

  • Freddie Mac

    Hey dumb ass. How many times are going to mind-numbingly repeat exactly what you just said? Just curious. Try adding something new to the discussion. I have faith in you – I think you can do it. Prove me right.

    What’s your prediction? Come on!!! Everyone’s an idiot except YOU!!!
    Tell us what KNOW. Record, please. And stop distracting from this question. Show everyone how smart you really are for an 11-year old. Can’t wait!

  • Frank Antonelli

    That’s your only response is to call me an 11 year old child. I’ve made a number of logical arguments and you follow each with the go to of IGNORANT people who live in their mothers basements. Only an idiot would call another poster an 11 year old when they have no idea who they are. If that makes you feel better go for it. But all it does is show what an IGNORANT person you truly are!

  • Freddie Mac

    Frankie boy, what will that style of play be, exactly? After all these well thought-out picks, of course. I picture Idzik scratching his chin in deep thought carefully plotting and analyzing each pick until smoke appears from his ears. Like Copernicus. Is this what you picture? Makes you hot, doesn’t it?

    Yeah, an adult is running the show yet we have no starting CB or WR improved from last year. We have exactly Dmitri Patterson and David Nelson at those respective positions. Genius!

  • Frank Antonelli

    Freddie Mac. You must be living a tortured life. Why follow a team that you so clearly despise. Is this some form of sadomasochistic tendencies. You really should seek out something that makes you happy instead of suffering through such agony. Or maybe that’s your thing.

  • Freddie Mac

    You are a horses ass, Frankie. I’ve never seen a crazier MF’er on any site anywhere. You’re a piece of work. Find your meds immediately.

    What if I agreed with everything you said? Who would I be then?

    Were you raised by wolves? Wacky dude, you are. Wow.

  • Freddie Mac

    What’s the Jets style?

    What will their record be?

    Who’s playing CB & WR?

    How old are you?

    What kind of man-crush do you have on John Idzik? Do you fantasize about him?

    These are a few of the questions I’d like to know. It would make me much smarter.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Freddie Mac. You’re dead to me buddy.

  • Freddie Mac

    I don’t despise the team, I simply didn’t like the moves they made. Does that bother you? Are people in your world not allowed to express their true beliefs? Are you writing from a dictatorial nation? Imperialistic nation? Neo-nazi Ukraine, perhaps? In my country (USA), we have fought for the freedom of speech, expression of ideas and friendly exchange of opinions in an adult manner without insulting others, without making fun of names, etc.. What country do you live in? Better yet, what planet do you hail from?

  • Frank Antonelli

    Freddie Mac. You’re constant attempt to attack me rather than attack my logical arguments. This clearly illustrates the tool that you are. I attack you based on the stupid argument that the Jets are still the same team which anyone with half a brain would understand is clearly wrong. Instead of arguing that point you resort to name calling and clearly lay bare your true nature for everyone to see. Do yourself a favor and find something else to write about instead of spreading your hatred and nonsensical rantings on a forum based for Jet fans.

  • Freddie Mac

    Come on, Frankie Boy! We were just getting to know each other. Ain’t we pals no more? Come on, I’ll get smart enough some day to be able to understand your high-brow ways that only you and Johnny can comprehend.

    For a 10-year old, you’re doing just fine. Just be sure to impart some of your wisdom to myself and all the other idiots who don’t agree with you in some fashion. Yeah, you’re such a genius. You and Idzik know more than everyone, right? Give me a break. He sucks. He’s dismantling this team right before our eyes except some are too blind to see it.

  • Geronimo

    hmmm speed and aggression… on the field, guys, not the keyboards…

  • Frank Antonelli

    Freddie Mac. I just realized that you are the quintessential Jet fan, namely, an ignorant drunk clown. This forum was designed for intelligent Jet fans. You won’t last long. Ciao asshole.

  • Freddie Mac

    Frankie boy, you started with the insults. Look at the record. You always start in on everyone with the insults. Grow up if you can’t handle the respect that goes on between others who have differing opinions than yours. Try acting like an adult even if you’re ten. Others here deserve the respect you fail to give.
    You are a complete and utter asshole who can’t write a single post without insult. Pathetic piece of trash if ever I saw one.

  • KAsh


    You are being hypocritical.

    1) You complain that we did not get a “#1 WR,” which is a meaningless term by itself and has no relation to the draft, as no rookie receiver is this mystical #1 WR. The only guy who is probable to approach being a team’s leading receiver next year is Sammy Watkins, and I do not see anyone pissing their pants about facing him. With Blackmon’s suspension, Lee is also the most talented receiver on his team, but just like Watkins, both of them are on teams that were stacked with wide receiver talent before their arrival.

    But you also want a guy with the speed to stretch a defense vertically. You keep repeating that the Jets should have trade up for Marqise Lee (please stop misspelling his name), so you seem to think that he has the speed to stretch a defense. Except Lee ran the forty in 4.52 seconds and Shaq Evans, who you do not think has the speed, ran it in 4.51 seconds. I am not saying that Evans is faster than Lee; I’m saying forty times are bullshit and you have to go to the tape to determine if someone has the ability to burn offenses deep. On tape, Evans can go up and make the catch forty yards down the field and so can Enunwa. You need to see both guys on the field before you pass judgement on their ceiling.

    2) You seem hung up on Enemkpali’s forty time, even though he plays a position notorious for forty times not translating to game speed. The list of professional edge rushers with awful forty times is long. Again, pop in his tape, and you see a guy with the ability to outrun running backs to the sideline. On his first snap against SJSU, he started rushing the passer, reversed, and chased down the receiver who had caught the ball ten yards past the LoS. He nees to work on pass rush moves, improve on coverage (though he was already asked to drop back in coverage in college), and he sometimes seems confused when he beats a tackle and there are not guys left to hit, but you see the talent on film.

    Similarly, you dismiss George because of his height and are dismayed that he cannot replace Harris. But you ignore that Rex Ryan must have known about his height and had no problem with it and that George averaged over ten tackles per game last year, something he will have to do a lot to replace a player nicknames “Hitman.” Your claims of George not being good in coverage again contradict his tape. He had six pass defenses and two interceptions last year, and had no problem stopping 6’5″ C.J. Fiedorowicz from making catches when he went up against him last year. If this is a passing league as everyone claims, George’s height and size are an advantage, as what they limit is his effectiveness against the run, while letting him be more nimble in coverage.

    3) You really want to sell yourself the story that the cornerback talent dried up early. In fact, there were a ton of corners – many of them good prospects – still available when the Jets picked McDougle. The Jets picked McDougle over all of them. McGill, who, along with McDougle, the Jets also brought in for a visit, was 6’3″ and the Jets passed with both of their first two fourth rounders. Along with McGill in the third and fourth rounds, there were also Phillip Gaines (6’0″), Jaylen Watkins (5’11”), Bashaud Breeland (5’11”), Ross Cockrell (6’0″), Aaron Colvin (5’11”), Walt Aikens (6’1″), Pierre Desir (6’1″), and Dontae Johnson (6’2″), all taken after McDougle. McDougle actually started a run on cornerbacks.

    McDougle can play on the outside. In 2012, his college played against Clemson, FSU, and West Virginia, which means McDougle played as Maryland’s #1 corner against Tajh Boyd and Geno Smith. And he already faced Sammy Watkins. He is not a fish out of water. His aggresive tackling and cover skills complement his ballhawking, as he rarely gets beat deep, limits YAC, and has a propensity to swat and pick off passes. He is way too fast to be limited to the slot.

    4) You are horrified that the Jets would pick Saunders, who you see as only a backup to Kerley. Kerley can play a little on the outside, but he is mostly a slot receiver because he lacks the speed and elite athleticism to make a living on the outside. Saunders has both of those currencies in spades. He is much more similar to DeSean Jackson in that regard. Who was Jackson’s offensive coordinator again? The Jets think of Saunders as a movable weapon, which Idzik hinted at when he said Saunders could play both outside and inside. Will he develop into your glorified #1 WR the way Jackson did? I cannot say. But I will conclude no, go hit the bottle, and then type out my miseries on the internet.

  • KAsh

    Well I see this descended quickly. Everyone needs to step away from the keyboard and go walk for an hour or so. The weather is nice outside.

  • Frank Antonelli

    The same ignorant Jet fans that were bitching about the Richardson pick last year are the same idiots out in full force decrying this year’s draft. The fact of the matter is that we have no idea how this draft will work out. It may be a great draft, it may be mediocre or it could be a disaster. At least have the intellectual honesty to admit that you don’t know and stop pretending that you have more information than the scouts who are paid to do this for a living.

  • I agree with that last post Frank. I’ve said it numerous times. However, you do get a bit contentious if someone simply questions, or offers an non ‘home team’ opinion, of anything Idzik does. You immediately start calling people ‘hater’.

    If what the NYJ did this off season works out, I’ll be the first one to say I was wrong. I personally believe between cap space and draft picks, they had a lot of ammunition to significantly improve the team. Now, maybe in 2 years, I’ll turn around and see that they did. However, when you look at what the NYJ needed, it doesn’t appear, to me, they were aggressive enough. It’s the deepest WR draft, in years, and by nearly any draft site, they didn’t wind up with a top 15-20 WR. They took a small CB, in round 3, who likely would have been there 20 picks later, when they picked in round 4. They added a lot of players, but, as I’ve said before, when 70% of All-Pros are picked in rounds 1 and 2, I think you do what you can to move up. Again, I hope it works out, I’ll be happy to say I was wrong.

    It’s ok to disagree.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Lidman. I don’t normally agree with what you say but at least you don’t resort to calling me a child and you do come back with an intelligent coherent response. I should have a disclaimer at the bottom of all my posts which states:

    “I’m NOT in love with Idzik, in fact I don’t really like him personally as I find him somewhat stiff. However, I am starting to warm up to him after he embarrassed Manish at the last presser! I LOVE this slow methodical approach stuff, because I remember that the big splashes the Jets have made over the years amounted to very little. Idzik and his team have said more than once that they are looking for a specific type of player to fit the Jets style of play and the type of teammates they want. It’s finally time to have intelligence prevail over emotion around here. The picks will be the result of a well thought out approach and not a knee jerk reaction to bring in a Tim Tebow or to allow Rex to pick a FB. Thank God things have changed in Jet land and we now have an adult running the show.”

  • Nick Evans

    Just watched the last sugar bowl (bama vs Oklahoma) and Saunders tore it up. His 45 yd TD catch was extremely impressive. Stop and go route with a hard stick completely fooling his defender and then the acceleration to blow by him and make the grab. His last year at Fresno st was extremely productive as well. Kids got some serious potential.

  • joeydefiant

    The last ten posts have a comment from Freddie Mac saying “this pick sucks” or “this is stupid”. It gets old quick. Reality is none of us know right now including the Jets scouts. They just put their chips in in where they think the best spots are. Fans put way too much stock into the media draft reports. Look at every teams draft results there are a few players who got drafted out of line with the projections the media put out. Players from big schools with agents with good connections get hyped more than others and then fans get mad when other players get drafted instead. These guys like Idzik have well paid dream jobs on the line they arent going to make a pick if they dont think they have the best chance of helping the team in the spot drafted. Doubling and tripling up on a position of need like WR is a good strategy because most draft picks dont work out if you take three the chances of finding one who performs well is much greater than picking one no matter how good one was in college and what the perception of him is. Sometimes guys like Clowney who is considered the safest pick end up failing in the NFL for a million different reasons.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Guys, let’s PLEASE keep the commenting respectful. Feel free to disagree with the articles and each other but let’s avoid name calling or excessive back and forths. Once you get past 2 or 3 back and forths with one individual on one article it becomes excessive and doesn’t allow other commenters to contribute to the discussion. Thanks!

  • Freddie Mac

    Hey Frankie, did you like that slow methodical approach towards free agency? Did you like the way CB’s flew off the board? How all the contenders seemed to help themselves out as Idzik stoically watched on? How’d that work out for the Jets?

    And BTW, I was deeply offended by your belittling my name. I did no such thing to you to provoke this.
    I’m proud to wear this name as three generations of combat in my family follows it. My grandfather served in WWII, my dad in the Vietnam war and myself with the 401st in Afghanistan. We fought for freedoms and rights and you sit there cowardly insulting me for expressing the very thing my family were willing to die for. Do you live in the NY area?

    I didn’t simply list every pick as stupid. I carefully explained my reasoning and agreed with some as well. Let’s be fair here. These are my honest opinions. Aren’t we allowed to express those? Isn’t this America?

  • Frank..’fan’ is short for ‘fanatic’. How any of us can ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ Idzik, or Rex, or anyone else on the NYJ staff is all relative to the team’s performance, IMO. If Idzik picked 2 winners, at the top of this draft and then finds 2-3 gems with all those picks, he’ll have done well and we’ll love him. If Pryor or Amaro doesn’t make, we’ll curse him.

    I can’t vouch for what the Jets got in this draft, because I don’t watch enough football. However, as I’ve said, my opinion is the team had ample ammunition to significantly improve holes on their roster. At this point, it’s not obvious, to me, that’s been done. I’m amazed that after fininshing 2013, with the WR corps they did, that the Jets, at this point, have addressed the position with Eric Decker, Jalen Saunders and Shaq Evans. Heck, if I’m Stephen Hill, I’m thinking: “geez, these guys are really giving me a shot here, because they didn’t go out and bring in anyone that great”. If I’m Calvin Pace, I’m thinking: “Heck, maybe I have 2 more years here, because they didn’t bring in anyone I should be worried about.” If I’m Kyle Wilson, or Walls, I’m thinking: “My biggest competition is a guy who played 3 games last year”.

    I know you’re a Polian fan. I saw a piece with him, where he illustrated the first 3 drafts Seattle had under Carroll/Schneider. In each draft they found ‘3’ players and Polian called those ‘home runs’. The NYJ had 12 picks and picked 12 players; but 9 of those players are 4th rounders and above. I hope they found gems, but would have rather seen them use some of that surplus to move up, and grab guys who were likely higher on their board, and are likely to be better players.

    Finally, because I know it makes everyone here crazy: just think how much better this team would look with Darelle Revis on it.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Revis is an overpaid cancer, no thanks.

  • KAsh


    You may get your wish. I hear Sherman just got $40 million guaranteed and just shy of $15 million/yr. You think Revis starts to hold out by training camp?

    Obviously, we have no idea what these picks will develop into. I learned about McDougle after the Jets invited him for a visit and thought that he was overlooked by the media. His three games in 2014 were great and had he played the entire year, he might have been in the discussion for the first cornerback taken (depending on how his games against Sammy Watkins and the FSU receivers like Benjamin would have gone). I also liked Easley, who also played only three games and the Patriots picked him in the first to be their version of Wilkerson or Richardson. But Easley came from a much bigger program and garnered much more attention when he recovered enough to work out at his Pro day than McDougle.

    I also have no idea what George will be a year from now. Rex brought up Zach Thomas, a seven time All-Pro, in the press conference after the Jets picked George. Thomas was also 5’11” and a fifth-round pick.

    We need to remember that these picks were not made in a vacuum. Rex and Marty also signed off on them. They thought they were better talents than some of the other players on the board at those same positions. Idzik apparently wanted Lee, but not at the cost of Amaro, Saunders, and Evans. Not moving up is not choosing quantity over quality, but rather means that the Jets did not see a player head-and-shoulders above the rest falling in the draft (besides Lee).

  • “Revis is an overpaid cancer, no thanks.”

  • Love comments like that. Fan = Fanatic…find one player, one coach, on GM that’s said that. It’s a business. Now, a guy like Holmes: gets paid, doesn’t perform, and complains…that’s a cancer.

    Kash..I’m sure none of the picks were made in a vaccuum. I can’t criticize any individual pick, that would be ignornant. I just believe it’s likely there were WR picked in rounds 2 and 3, who will prove to have been worth parting with a 4th round pick for. And, after seeing how the draft played out, and knowing the team’s cap situation, I think there were other FA WR out there, (Nicks for example), who would have looked good in green and white, and not really impacted their long term salary cap.

    Who knows though..all opinion.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Even the idiot Cimini and the clown Manish wouldn’t be ignorant enough to state that ”But this is essentially the same team”! Even they know that adding Decker, Johnson, Vick and 12 draft picks in a loaded draft improves any team.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Holmes is a cancer as well, that has nothing to do with Revis though.

    Revis has a history of putting himself ahead of the team, most likely under the advice of his uncle. The holdouts (while under contract) followed by injuries which hindered his performance as well as the constant threats to hold out are a hindrance to the team & certainly contribute to a “circus” atmosphere. In addition, publicly complaining to the media (through agents or other sources) about your coach in the first few weeks of the season is not how a team leader or a good teammate behaves.

  • JJ..your arguments are your opinion. You can not prove any of them. I understand it: you think the guy is greedy, and think he should have taken less. If that’s the case, there are hundreds of players, who should go to management and have their contracts ripped up, because they aren’t living up to them. Do you feel like the NYJ were wrong to hold on to Mark Sanchez until the last possible moment, when if they released him earlier, he may have had better options, and the chance to make more money? It’s a business…you’re a fan. Why isn’t Golden Tate a Seahawk anymore? Is it because Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman put themselves before the team and signed exorbitant contract extensions?

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    When did Earl Thomas & Richard Sherman hold out & then get injured leading to a subpar performance? When did Golden Tate force a trade after repeatedly holding out & disrupting the team?

    Revis has “burned his bridges” with two teams in two years. Does he do it three years in a row?

  • They didn’t hold out. They also didn’t take less money, so the team could pay Golden Tate. Revis didn’t force a trade. He actually had very little leverage. As far as him ‘burning bridges’, again, it’s a business. Go back and read Lovie’s comments when he first got hired, and how he wouldn’t cut Revis. But, it all goes back to economics, in the end, that team couldn’t afford that cap hit and the guys that made that trade were gone. I wrote, back then, Revis would be cut and Lovie would be crazy to keep him, because that would make him culpable. Revis wasn’t cut for performance or attitude.

    I’m still waiting for you to show me one report, even with an undentified source, suggesting the guy is a bad teammate, or worse ‘cancer’. You can’t do it. The Jets traded him because he was comign off an injury and Woody Johnson didn’t want to pay him, plain and simple. Tampa released him because they had a new regime, needed the cap space and picked up a 3rd pick, for a 4th round pick. Was it ok when Vince Woolfork, comign off a major injury, asked to be traded, because he wasn’t satisfied with his contract? How about Osi Unmenyiora? Was he a bad teammate when he held out? JJ Watt, Patrick Peterson and Robert Quinn could all hold out this year…it’s the business.
    If Revis is such a ‘cancer’ and ‘bridge burner’, why did he sign so quickly and for such a big number?

    Remember this in October, when Julian Edelman is torturing Dmitri Patterson, and Darelle Revis is eliminating Eric Decker.

  • Joe Caporoso

    For me, Revis is a dead issue at this point. He hasn’t been on the team for 2 years, he hasn’t really played for them in 3 years when you factor in the injury. He was moved off Tampa Bay this past offseason, not the Jets. It is just an old/dead issue at this point. It reminds of Knicks fans continuing to freak out about Jeremy Lin. Time to move on.

  • Don’t get me started on the Lin thing…so stupid…it’s a slow Monday Joe..just trying to get to 5pm.

  • In fact…the 2 situations are very much a like, in my view. Ownership gets emotional about a situation, and let’s it affect their judgement. Interesting coincidence that both Woody and Dolan were the beneficiaries of their family’s wealth, rather than ‘self made’.

  • Freddie Mac


    If you’re not man enough to offer a prediction as I did, then shut your pie-hole. Come on, big man on campus…what’s your prediction? I backed up my statement with the current holes on the team and knowing that they face 5 of the 6 top passing offenses from 2013. What say you? Walter football picked the Jets last in the entire league. I can’t find one publication that picks them to go over .500. ESPN: 8-8. CBS: 6-10. Bleacher Report: 8-8. Seems that my statement is fair on the surface. I predicted better than .500 last season in spite of the media claiming 2-4 wins.

    And actually, I’m waiting on an apology for your insult of my name that was unprovoked.

    And who mods this site anyway? Do the editors sign-off on such adolescent bantor? This seems like a grade-school mentality. It reflects the quality of the site allowing guys like him to incessantly rant with insults to whomever disagrees with them. You guys want readership, then step up the level of play.

    Frankie….what’s your prediction???? What’s the matter, you suddenly go quiet now?
    We’re all waiting……

  • Joe Caporoso

    Freddie. You have incessantly ranted more than anybody here the past 2 days and no I have time to spend all day moderating the comment section. You are guys are adults, you should be able to police yourselves. We have plenty of readership, thanks for your concern and I’m damn confident our writing is at a strong “level of play” – I’m a writer, not a board moderator.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Lidman. JJ schooled you on the Revis situation!

    P.S. Even the idiot Cimini and the clown Manish wouldn’t be ignorant enough to state that ”But this is essentially the same team”! Even they know that adding Decker, Johnson, Vick and 12 draft picks in a loaded draft improved a team lacking playmakers and depth!

  • I love a good schooling Frank!! I’m still waiting for him to prove anything he said though. I don’t get your last comment. Is that for me? I don’t think anyone can grade the bounty taken in this draft. I hope you’re right though….

  • Freddie Mac

    Frankie! Prediction?
    Vegas has the Jets as the team with the 4th worst chance to win the Super Bowl. That ranks them #28 in a power ranking. I guess maybe you should be taking your money to Vegas and show them all wrong. You seem to know better than everyone. Oh, wait. You haven’t given a prediction yet. My bad.

    Come on, tough guy. You know, the type that insults others on the internet in a most cowardly fashion. Let’s hear your fearless prediction.

    Obviously, 8-8 is the low-water mark according to your insults that seem to be okay with Joe and company. In the distance, I hear circus music for this site.

    And where’s my apology? My family fought in wars for you and all you can do is crap on everyone. You’re a pathetic, worthless wretch if ever I met one.