No Huddle – New York Jets Gearing Up For OTAs Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle as the New York Jets begin gearing up for OTAs

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Finally, A Viable Option

Rex Ryan did the right thing weeks back in not stirring up the pot by declaring that Geno Smith will be tough to beat out. Mike Vick has aided Ryan during this time by lowering the QB spotlight in echoing that it’s “not an open competition.” Vick did mention days ago though that he feels he can lead a team like the Jets to the Super Bowl right now. Now that’s hardly the type of thinking aloud done by anyone resigned to just a clipboard and headset.

Vick is open to the fact that Geno is first up. Which in turn creates the possibility that the second year QB will get his chance and never let go of it. It’s also easy to decipher what the veteran from Atlanta and Philly is telling us: He’s respectful of Rex’s current pecking order but is ready and confident that he can be the man if the opportunity presents itself. Which is exactly what this franchise has lacked under Ryan. A viable backup option in the bullpen.

We won’t be sitting through a young Jet signal caller’s 16 up and down weeks just for developments sake this year folks. Quote me.

Patience With CJ Is the Only Way

Veteran Chris Johnson will probably skip the Jets early summer training activities. That’s a good thing. What’s the rush for anyway? I wouldn’t hurry any player back from a meniscus tear in week 3 of the 2013 season just for OTA’s. Johnson said he believes the Jets will just “let me continue to rehab until I get 100 percent. Take it slow, since I have time on my side, and just be ready for (training) camp.” As they should.

The newly acquired, former one time single season rushing leader (2009) is in the latter stages of his career but is still poised to be a big part of what the Jets do in 2014. He comes to Florham Park with a chip on his shoulder directed at those who say he’s finished too. You gotta like that.

A few reps to familiarize himself with teammates in June does not trump him training away from the field in order to aim for being one hundred percent by September. This one is a no brainer.

Yes, Outer Space Please

A diehard Jets fan bought the actual Mark Sanchez Buttfumble jersey for 820.00 after noticing it being auctioned on the NFL website online. The guy said “There’s no way I could let it get in the hands of an anti-fan or something of that manner to be shoved in our face.” Great play buddy.

After all, there’s no need for some antagonistic, blog savvy Patriots fan to buy it and use it to continue on about that horrific play online for eternity, is there? Let the purchase help reverse the current AFC East curse that began when Bill Belichick resigned as HC of the Jets at the podium.

The jersey will hang on the guy’s wall “until we win a Super Bowl or I can get together enough money to put it on a rocket ship and shoot it to outer space because I don’t think it belongs on this planet anymore.” Now that’s an even better idea.

Quick Hits

– Sunday I gazed past some tweet on my feed regarding analysis on the Jets and how they will stumble in 2014. Why, I thought to myself, because of their difficult schedule? Not even the greatest X’s and O’s genius can predict what this team will or won’t be in late May. It’s way too early to call. I wish we all could just enjoy the development stages and leave the win loss predictions alone for a while.

– I hope that Rex learned from the preseason injury to Sanchez last summer. The second half of August games are not to be won. They are to be used by those fighting to make the roster only. Please.

– Happy Memorial Day to you all. It’s a special holiday for what it represents and I of course don’t mean beach parties and barbecues.

– Finally, Let’s Go Rangers! For many Blueshirt diehards who resemble Green and White diehards to me in their fanaticism, what a game last night. What a win. The Martin St Louis postseason story keeps growing. To take such personal tragedy and turn it somehow into stepping it up on the ice over the past seven games is beyond inspiring. Wow.