No Huddle – New York Jets Rookie Camp Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets after rookie mini-camp

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Rex Ryan Leaves The Door Open

Last week, Rex Ryan tried to frame the quarterback situation by respectfully giving the edge to incumbent Geno Smith. However his overall coach-speak on the matter left us no closer to a definitive answer than we were prior to him discussing the matter in in the first place.

Rex said regarding Smith that “this young man is going to be hard to beat out,” but then later added that Michael Vick “definitely has a chance to win the job.” Translation: Geno has the lead and must make enough mistakes to leave the door open for Vick who must then play well enough to take the job away from Smith.

If these are the ground rules in place, then let it be determined this way only please. If Geno looks and plays the part, and is in command, so be it. Should Vick show that he is the field general the offense is responding to better, let’s not be concerned about any second year player’s emotional “development.”

Rex seems to be saying that Geno has to be beaten out. Fine. The Jets better not change the basis of this competition for any other reasons this summer then, if they expect to maximize their potential as a team in 2014.

Rookie Camp Opens

It was great to see football players flying around the practice field in green and white uniforms wasn’t it? Even if they were all just rookies. Makes you feel like the season is not years, but only months away now. I don’t get too crazy about who performed well and not so well at these rookie camps but it was hard not to keep an eye on the Jets first two picks at least.

On the 18th overall pick Calvin Pryor, Rex noted that “He was good, very impressive…I’ve been really impressed with him mentally. That’s all we’ve really had, but mentally, sharp. He’s into it.” A hard hitting, mentally sharp and self admitted trash talking safety is my kind of guy. I’m getting excited about him anchoring the back of this defense. Pryor at first glance, seems to carry a swagger that the guys up front for the Jets have. He is going to be fun to watch.

TE Jace Amaro stated that his goal is to one day become a 100 catch a season guy. Not in his first year as a Jet, as Kellen Winslow Jr stated as a goal for himself last year in 2013 (falling way short but hey, dream big), but someday. Something tells me that if Marty Mornhinweg sees the opportunity, Amaro will be a feature in the passing game anytime a matchup dictates it.

It’s nice to have a tight end that an OC can use as a receptions machine. I always wanted Dustin Keller to be that guy and for various reasons such as Keller’s injuries, Mark Sanchez, a faulty O line and limited options at receiver for a few seasons, DK never consistently went off. Amaro renews the hope that the Jets have a real weapon opponents must account for in the middle of the field.

ThurmanGate and Shotgun Reactionary Reporting

Jets DC Dennis Thurman is caught up in some situation right now regarding a woman claiming that he hit her after rejecting his advances at a local restaurant days ago. Oh TMZ sports. You are such a lovely addition to our ever growing reactionary world.

The details of the situation vary. This morning we are now even seeing reports about how the woman has made these types of claims before. That doesn’t mean that Thurman didn’t act inappropriately in this case, but who knows. I don’t know, that’s for sure.

Given the global violence and national domestic violence that exists towards women today, stories like Thurman’s can’t just be swept under the rug, forgotten about, or turned into an immediate “blame the victim” game. Therefore they should be exploited for cheap headlines without more concrete determinations made either. Whoever first reports alleged issues of violence, racism and other hot button topics in the nanosecond world of anti-social media, really ought to be more responsible.

News sites should consider brief background checks on the parties they are reporting on before they start quoting and hashtagging. Reputations take lifetimes to builds and seconds to ruin. Is it really worth all of the character destruction just for some “likes” and retweets?

Quick Hits

– It is amazing how much the landscape of training as a team has changed. Training camps used to contain so many two a days. Now practices seem so few and far between. I wonder if there was any physical or mental benefit to the heavier workload back in the old days.

– It’s almost June, which means it’s almost July. Camp is creeping around the corner. Don’t look now, but the Jets we are all about to see are getting younger in many places, and more athletic. What a far cry from the 2010 veteran club that almost went the distance. It’s been just four seasons, but the Jets personnel wise are an entirely new team.

– One position and guy who hasn’t changed, is stalwart Nick Mangold. Few centers in the NFL are at his level. Yet when we think of backups at positions on this roster, his role is one rarely talked around here but most crucial. Especially with the Chris Johnson-Chris Ivory combo the Jets can’t wait to unveil.

Coaching up the guy who would fill in for Mangold is a big key for the offensive line work this summer, even if the notion continues to fly under the radar publicly. The Jets can’t have a few bad weeks due to Nick god forbid getting dinged up briefly as he did back in 2012. Not with this hellish 2014 schedule. No way.

  • Dan in RI

    Agree with pretty much everything you said. Geno should be given first reps as the incumbent starter–but he needs to earn it from there on out. Fortunately, that is exactly the Jets party line, and I expect that to play out. The personnel has changed dramatically from last year–and there is no knowing how Geno will respond to the upgrades at WR, TE, and RB.

    And, yes, it is amazing how little attention is paid to what would happen to the Jets if (God Forbid) anything were to happen to Mangold. He has been so reliable since coming into the league, that we tend to forget what an absolute disaster it was to have him out for the few games he has lost to injury over his career. Did they win a single game that he didn’t start? I don’t remember for sure, but I don’t think they did. Schlauderaff’s had some time to prepare as an understudy, but I don’t think anyone wants to see him prove that he can step into Nick’s shoes.

  • Justin C.

    @Dan in RI
    I remember Dalton Freeman was getting rave reviews last year as a backup at center, before his injury. Here is to hoping he progresses and can be a great center if ever needed.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Jesus what a sick clown media exists in NY. They jump on the story make her out as a victim and paint Thurman as a jerk. Now it comes out that 13 witnesses, including the bartender, deny the woman’s claim. The restaurant owner claimed he doesn’t believe the woman. It’s reported that she’s lied before. She’s obviously the type of girl to quickly flip the bird. I’m proud of Rex for sticking up for Dennis. This is one of the reasons that both coaches and players love Rex.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Joe stated:

    “It is amazing how much the landscape of training as a team has changed. Training camps used to contain so many two a days. Now practices seem so few and far between. I wonder if there was any physical or mental benefit to the heavier workload back in the old days.”

    Rex has been on record during his pressers that he liked the older training schedules because it gave his team a competitive advantage. He stated that while other teams worked their teams hard he would give his players a lighter schedule and he felt it kept his team fresher. So he was disappointed with the new training schedule since other teams wouldn’t be overworking their players!

  • Joe Caporoso

    **TJ stated

    but yes I agree with Rex’s sentiment as well!

  • david from haifa

    previously, i had made a comment somewhere in the jets blogosphere suggesting that the jets utilize a large chunk of their free cap space and pad their OL with C alex mack, moving either him or mangold to another position on the OL, due to the importance of the G&P coming back to Met-Life.
    of course, i was trashed over the post. still glad to see that someone else had the same thought.

  • Mark

    No expert on OL play here, but I share davidfromhalfa’s concern. Unless the 4 OL we drafted in the past 2 years can contribute I think we may have a problem which threatens just how effective the new offensive weapons can become.

    Age is creeping in…and Geno did not make the OL’s job any easier last year.

  • Stevesc

    TJ, in regard to your first quick hit, it seemed to me that last season there were more injuries around the league than in past years. I think the lack of “two a days” have contributed to this as players are not in football shape at the beginning of the season. As far as pre season goes, no one plays a full game either, so contact is at a minimum prior to the regular season. So, I would say, yes, there is a benefit both mentally and physically to the heavier work load that we saw prior to the new players contract. Or course, you can also argue that player’s were more susceptible to injury with the ” two a days”. IMHO

  • KAsh


    Yes, you can argue that players were more susceptible to injury when forced to do two-a-days, especially once you know that most injuries are caused by overwork. I happen to have the U.S. Navy Seal Guide to Fitness right under my hand and in its excellent chapter on injuries, there is not a single injury that you get from resting. To get in shape, athletes slowly build up their training workload, so they are at their physical peak in time for the match or the season. So, a two a day in training camp in July will overexert players and only impede an athlete’s performance in September (the physical peak for an athlete is hard to maintain). The best way to never get injured is to lie on the couch all the time.

    [This was typed while lying on my couch.]

  • John Hunter

    Spot on TJ. This competition will be a refining process for Geno. Vick is fierce in camp, and he’ll cause Smith to up the ante or fold. Same thing with Hill. The presence of these 3 hungry rookies will either make him or break him.

    Something to I’m anticipating, Marty vs Rex in TC. For years Rex’s D dominated in camp, due to better talented players & coaching schemes. But now, MM is equally equipped with weapons, and it’s time for IRON TO SHARPEN IRON.

  • Stevesc

    Hey Kash, point taken with a bit of humor…