Grading the New York Jets 2014 Lineup Changes (Offense)

Mike Donnelly of TOJ grades the New York Jets 2014 lineup compared to last year’s team

Now that the dust has settled after the NFL draft, we have a better idea of what the New York Jets are going to look like when they open up the 2014 season in a few months against the Raiders. General Manager John Idzik faced a ton of criticism during free agency from impatient fans and media types, but it’s clear by now that he has a plan and he’s sticking to it. He’s going to build this team how he sees fit, mainly by building through the draft. 

But just how improved is this year’s team over last year’s 8-8 squad? Well, just as I did a year ago, I’m going to find out by going position by position and comparing last year’s team to what we expect to see come September. And also just like last year, I’m going to use the very scientific and accurate “Tebows” Rating System! 

Here’s how the grades will be done: If a position was majorly upgraded, it will get +2 Tebows. If a position was majorly downgraded it will get -2 Tebows. Moderate upgrades or downgrades will get +1 or -1, and if a position is expected to get the same amount of production as last year, it will get a 0. At the end, we’ll add up all the positions and see where the roster stands compared to the 2013 version. Let’s get going. 

Quarterback – There’s really no sugar-coating this: For the majority of 2013, the Jets quarterbacks – mainly Geno Smith – were pretty terrible. It would be easy to just say “It can’t be any worse than last year, right?” and give this a +1 Tebow, but there are legitimate reasons to expect a big improvement at the QB position for the Jets in 2014. For one, the team added free agent Michael Vick to the mix, and while Vick is nowhere close to being the player he used to be in his prime, he is a legitimate NFL quarterback. His presence gives the Jets a solid option in case Geno Smith falters and at the very least, he is a good mentor for the young players. 

The big reason to have hope for 2014, however, has nothing to do with Vick and everything to do with Geno Smith. Yes, he mostly struggled and was even benched at one point last year, but if you look at the way he closed out the season, there is reason to believe he’s going to be much better in Year 2. Over the last four games, Geno was 68-116 (59%) for 790 yards, 4 TD’s, and 1 interception passing. He also rushed 31 times for 186 yards (6.0 ypc) and 3 TD’s. If we get that Geno Smith over 16 full games, the Jets offense can actually be really good. And with a full offseason under his belt working with Marty Mornhinweg and getting more comfortable in the offense, it’s reasonable to think we will get something closer to “End of the Season” Geno instead of “First 12 Games” Geno. There is hope, Jets fans! GRADE: +1 Tebow.

Running Back – Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell formed a decent 1-2 punch last year, but it was pretty clear that the Jets needed to upgrade this position going forward, especially if they were going to go back to relying on the run a little more in 2014. Ivory is a terrific runner (108 carries for 603 yards, 5.6 avg, over the last 8 games in 2013), but he has durability issues and battled injuries for a good chunk of 2013. Bilal Powell is a very steady and reliable back, but he was used more last year than the team probably wanted due to injuries to Ivory and Mike Goodson. A big goal for this position in the offseason was to add some explosiveness and start racking up some big plays, which is something that was sorely lacking last year.

Enter Chris Johnson. The former 2,000 yard rusher is obviously no longer the player he once was, but in a timeshare with Ivory, he can still be very effective. He brings a pass-catching element to the offense and with his speed he can take a screen (which Marty Mornhinweg loves calling) and take it to the house at any time. Powell slides back into his backup role and will help spell both Ivory and Johnson and provide valuable depth. Goodson is likely to be released at some point and the ineffective Alex Green will likely join him. Unfortunately, Tommy Bohanon will probably still be around, but in spite of that, this position is still greatly improved from a year ago. GRADE: +1 Tebow. 

Wide Receivers – Heading into 2013, I thought the Jets receiving corps was going to be vastly improved over the pitiful 2012 group. Santonio Holmes was returning from injury, Jeremy Kerley showed lots of promise heading into his third season, and I was hopeful 2012 2nd-round pick Stephen Hill would step up and recognize his potential. Well, it didn’t quite work out that way because the #1 option, Holmes, was a shell of the player he used to be after suffering a serious injury in 2012, and the rest of the group mostly struggled. Stephen Hill defied all logic and somehow took a step backwards in his development – which was pretty hard to do since he was only at Step 0 – and Jeremy Kerley battled some nagging injuries most of the season. 

By the end of the year, mid-season pickup David Nelson – who is a nice player, but hardly a star – had become their most dependable receiver. Beyond that, it was mostly busts as players such as Clyde Gates, Ben Obomanu, Saalim Hakim, Josh Cribbs, and Greg Salas tried to make an impact–and failed. Preseason long shots like Zach Rogers and Ryan Spadola showed why they were considered long shots to begin with, and even Braylon Edwards was brought in at one point in preseason despite having no knees left. Shockingly, none of those options panned out. In retrospect, the fact that fans were even marginally excited about guys like Gates, Rogers, and Spadola at one point or another shows just how pathetic the team’s receiver situation had become.  

The fans weren’t the only ones to recognize just how dire things had become though, because General Manager John Idzik addressed the problem by signing the top free agent available, Eric Decker. There was much debate (most of it silly and useless) about if Decker is a true #1 receiver or not, but as we’ve discussed at length here at TOJ, it doesn’t matter. The simple fact is that Decker is a huge upgrade over anybody the Jets have had at receiver in a long time and will help Geno Smith and the offense a great deal. Jeremy Kerley is entering a contract year and it’s fair to assume he will continue along in his development and have a nice season if he stays healthy. Also, David Nelson is still around to provides a reliable veteran presence that can help hold down the fort. The team still has some hope for Stephen Hill as well, but as he enters his third season, they simply can’t rely on him and they know it.

At the draft, Idzik put Hill on notice and continued to bolster the group, not by trading up or needlessly drafting a guy in the first round, but rather by going for value picks in the mid-rounds and bringing in several players to add depth. Fourth rounders Jalen Saunders and Shaq Evans are going to have chances to play right away and I personally think both can contribute in a big way. Saunders is an electrifying type of player who can give defenses fits in the slot, and Evans is a reliable target in the mold of Jerricho Cotchery. In the 6th round, the team added Quincy Enunwa, who has a ton of potential and was one of my favorite picks in the whole draft. He may not contribute much as a rookie, but if he develops, he can be a terrific addition to the offense down the road. The days of Jason Hill and Clyde Gates getting lots of snaps are finally over. For the first time in a long time, the Jets have a lot of depth at the position, and it should be a great competition in training camp to see who gets on the field. GRADE: +1 Tebow (with potential to be +2).

Tight Ends – Jeff Cumberland is not exactly one of my favorite players and his play can be maddening at times, but I’ve been too hard on him. He’s a solid option as a #2 tight that has been miscast as the top guy. He can’t block and his field awareness is questionable at times, but he can definitely cause mismatches for the defense and he had a solid 2013 season. NS_16BaylorTech5.jpgKellen Winslow also showed flashes last year, but it’s telling that the two big things we’ll remember most about his season were his 4-game drug suspension and an embarrassing late-night Target parking lot incident where he was umm, “helping himself out” while looking for a Boston Market. It’s no wonder the Jets were looking for an upgrade at the position in the draft, and that’s exactly what they found. 

Jace Amaro was drafted in the 2nd round, and he immediately steps in as the top option at the position. At 6’5 and 265 pounds, Amaro is basically a jumbo sized receiver who adds a whole new element to Marty Mornhinweg’s offense in 2014. He has huge potential and should become Geno Smith’s new on-field best friend. Cumberland is still in the plans as well and he gets to slide back into the #2 tight end role where he can hopefully cause mismatches against linebackers and not be asked to do too much. Zach Sudfeld showed promise in 2013 in a reserve role, too, but it’s Amaro that should make Jets fans really excited going forward. GRADE: +1 Tebow.

Offensive Line – This group is still anchored by Old Reliables, Nick Mangold and D’Brickashaw Ferguson, and there’s no reason to expect that to change in the immediate future. Mangold fought through some injuries in 2013 and played very well in the second half of the season, and while Brick had a bit of a down year, he’s still a very good left tackle who will protect Geno Smith’s blind side this year. Willie Colon also returns at Right Guard after having a very solid 2013, as does Brian Winters at Left Guard. Winters was mostly terrible after taking over for the even more terrible Vlad Ducasse five weeks into the season, but the 2013 3rd-Round pick closed out the season very well and gives the team hope going forward. After switching to Guard from his college position of Left Tackle, it was reasonable to expect some growing pains for Winters. Hopefully after a year in the league and a full offseason, he’s ready to step up and play like he did the last few weeks.

The only expected change in the starting lineup is at Right Tackle, where former Seahawk Breno Giacomini takes over for Austin Howard who got a ridiculous amount of money from the Oakland Raiders and left as a free agent. While it would be nice to have continuity along the line, it was smart of Idzik to not overpay for Howard and he replaced him with a similar player in Giacomini. For depth, Idzik drafted Dakota Dozier, who needs a bit of seasoning but has a ton of potential and is likely to take over for Colon in 2015. Last year’s draft choices Oday Aboushi and Will Campbell are both in the mix as well, as is tackle Ben Ijalana. As with all of the other positions on the offense, Idzik has brought in many options with the goal being to maximize competition for every spot and have solid depth all around. The days of throwing Colin Baxter to the wolves are over. GRADE: 0 Tebows.

Overall Grade: +4 Tebows. The Jets offense has clearly improved a great deal (on paper at least) since last season ended. Geno Smith and Marty Mornhinweg have legitimate weapons to work with with now with Amaro, Johnson, Decker, and the rookie receivers in the fold, and there’s a very good chance the Jets offense will be a much improved unit in 2014. They won’t be racking up video game numbers like the Denver Broncos, but they won’t need to. If they just improve enough to become a middle-of-the pack group, there’s no reason the Jets shouldn’t be a playoff team in 2014.

(Check back on Friday for Part 2, Grading the Defense. Let me know your grades here in the comments or on Twitter.)

Author: Mike Donnelly

Mike Donnelly is a Staff Writer and life-long Jets fan, who was previously a featured columnist at multiple other New York Jets and fantasy football websites. He lives and works in finance in the NYC area and will help lead our Jets and NFL coverage in 2013.

  • Freddie Mac

    I like the TE’s now with Cumberland at #2. It’s a good young mix of talent there with Sudfeld and Amaro. I have also been hard on Cumberland and rightly so as he too often disappeared when Geno needed him the most last season.

    I don’t agree on what I’ve been reading everywhere that Goodson will be released. Why didn’t this happen months ago? Didn’t they reduce his salary next season? To me, all signs point to him playing this season. And that’s a dynamic RB group if he does.

    I would ask about Winters: did his improved play come as a result of help from either side or was it actual improvement in his technique? I would like to believe the latter and the lack of movement at OG leads me to believe this could be the case. I just don’t know for sure – maybe you’ve watched tape?

    At WR, they are much deeper than this time last year. Poor Idzik had no money and had to rely on Gates, Hill, Spadola among others to field a WR corps. He was able to find Nelson through it all which was a nice find.

    You have to believe at the very least that Geno will be better at this point than last year so we have that going for the Jets.

  • I wanted to read this, but when I seen you did your ratings in “Tebows” I realized it would be a waste of my time

  • Johnny

    Gotta be excited about all the new WR depth! No more Jason Hills of the world lol

  • Mike Donnelly

    Well while you have the page open, maybe you should give it a read, El Capitan. I mean you went through all the trouble of clicking the link and then commenting right? haha

  • David

    People made it sound like Idzik did all this wonderful stuff with the Jets WR; let’s be honest, anything he brought in would have been better than what the Jets had. Say what you will, I am still not afraid of the NY Jets offense if my defense is any bit good.

  • Nep Oznat

    I like and agree with your ratings except for the QB position. I don’t accept the Geno will be the QB. As Joe Namath just said, Vick is the better QB, it’s not even close, and any fan who has watched football for 8-10 years can see that.

    Let’s hold off on the Geno coronation until he shows he can play. Those numbers at the end of the year don’t look so great when you consider they came against a demoralized Miami team who had packed it in already ( losing 16-0 to the Bills in Week 16, the game before ours) and two of the worst defenses in the League (Cleveland and Raiders). As to Carolina, they were coming off an emotional win versus their biggest rival, New Orleans, and looking forward to their next game at New Orleans!! They were sleep walking for 3 quarters until they decided to blow us out.

    PS. Unlike El Capitan, the Tebow ratings drew me to the article instead of making me leave (I’m not bitter, I guess….)

  • Mike Donnelly

    Nep, glad you appreciated the rating system haha. It’s all for fun.

    About Vick, if you have watched him play the last two years, he’s been pretty terrible. People still have memories of him when he made his big comeback and had an MVP-caliber season but he’s no longer that kind of player. He’s an injury-prone turnover machine at this point. And you can try and downplay Geno’s performance at the end of the season, but Miami was playing for a playoff spot on their home field, Carolina was arguably the best D in the league, and Cleveland had a solid D. He played very well.

  • Psi

    I agree that reading too much into Geno’s last 4 could be misleading, but no doubt he did improve over earlier in the year. That is what you would expect from a rookie. Lazy observers (aka media types) judge Geno as if he was a 5 Year vet, not a rookie on a serious learning curve. It is in the Jets best interest for him to beat out Vick.

  • Nep Oznat

    Mike, please!
    Cleveland had a solid D?! After their bye they went 0-7 and gave up 41, 27, 32, 27, 38, 24 to the Jets and 20 points.
    Did you forget the bullying uproar with Incognito and the fractured locker room in Miami? That team was a disaster as you can see with a change in GM and some coaches.

  • Mike..I agree with your assessment of Vick. When Joe was recapping the F/A pick ups, I laughed at his claim that the team picked up the ‘top QB available’. Anyone who thinks Mike Vick, at this stage of his career, is capable of top level QB play, let alone staying healthy, isn’t realistic. The last 3 years are trend, not an aberration.

  • Fred The Hammer

    I laughed a few times with some assessments of the Jets shortcomings in recent years. I do think Tannenbaum was responsible for the glaring lack of depth by trading away so many draft picks over the years. No more Jason Hills and Clyde Gates getting meaningful snaps; Stephen Hill took a step back from step 0; Winters was mostly terrible after replacing the even more terrible Vladdy Ducasse… sad but so true. The only reason Geno wasn’t benched more than once last year was that there was no one qualified to step in for him. I like that Idzik is filling holes quietly and I think we’ll see a noticeable difference.

  • joeydefiant

    Carolina and Cleveland both had top ten ranked defenses last year. Miami was playing for a playoff spot. Geno diodnt face their offensive line so I dont see how thats relevant. Even Oaklands defense was ranked 22nd the worst one Geno faced in the last 4 games. Saying he did well because of lousy defenses is clearly incorrect.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Lidman – Go ahead and name a better FA QB that was available? And don’t waste your time on telling me they were better off with Sanchez

  • Joe Caporoso

    Re: Geno and Nep’s comments

    I don’t buy completely writing off Geno’s last month at all. Miami was at home, playing for a playoff spot with a strong defense. Only 2 weeks prior they played New England in the same building and beat them. Are Geno’s final 4 games proof positive he will be a good quarterback for 16 games this year? No. But there is no reason to write off the strides he made. He was a much improved quarterback in that final month of the season, after he easily could have went off the rails from a brutal November.

  • Joe Caporoso

    One other comment – Appreciate the ongoing discussion/debate here. I don’t expect or want all of us to agree. But as long as there is no personal attacks or back to back to back 500 word type comments, there is nothing wrong with that.

  • Freddie Mac

    Thanks, Joe. Please enforce accordingly. A lot of good discussion here as you say.

  • twoshady

    I agree, Joe. The discussions are much more intelligent and civil. I don’t participate much myself but I usually read all of the comments unless they become lengthy or combative.

  • David

    While I like the Decker signing, I am still concerned about the WR’s. I think Idzik is putting too much hope in the likes of Stephen Hill, Jalen Saunders, Shaquelle Evans, and the WR from Nebraska and hoping that Jace Amaro becomes Jimmy Graham 2.

  • Mike Donnelly

    David, Joe wrote a great article the other day about how the #3 receiver in this O is no more than the 5th option in this offense (behind Decker, Kerley, Amaro, Chris Johnson) so they aren’t totally reliant on someone stepping up and having a big season.

    That being said, the Jets really only need one out of the group of Hill, Evans, Saunders, Nelson to step up this year and be a contributor barring injuries to the guys atop the depth chart. Idzik’s plan is to let all of those guys battle it out and compete and the winner will earn the spot. The depth is certainly FAR BETTER than it has been in years past.

  •’s not a matter of who was better or not, though I’d argue McNown was a better option, and Sanchez was lateral (though I realize it was better for all involved that he move on). I’m firmly of the belief Smith earned the right to the starting nod, with his improved December performance, and bringing in Vick is a distraction. I’d rather have seen them draft a QB, earlier, to compete. My comment was simply that I found it humorous that you chose to couple Vick’s signing, with Decker’s, as a feather in Idzik”s cap, by acquiring the 2 best available players at those positions. Having Vick, who’s been bad, not ‘so-so’ or ‘inconsistent’, the past 3yrs…He’s been awful, except when he’s injured, which makes up about 1/2 the time.

    I’ll refer to an analogy you gave us when some wondered why Patterson over Cro. You supported the move by claiming ‘how much worse could anyone have been than Cro last year’. I ask you, in Philly, with all the weapons he had, and with the offensive system in place, how much worse would Sanchez have been? On the flip side, seeing the way Vick performed, in Philly, are we to believe he’d have been better, better than awful, with this team, the past 3yrs?

    So, when you use Vick, as an example of how Idzik is doing a good job, by acquiring ‘the best’ available QB, I liken to being a a BBQ and my wife telling me; “hey, you’re lucky, I was able to grab you the last sh!t sundae, with whip cream on it. Everyone else has to choose between either a plain armpit hair cake, or an unsweetened vomit smoothie.”

  • Joe Caporoso

    You are overstating Vick’s awfulness the past 3 years with a bunch of BBQ hyperboles. 2011 – 60%, 18 TDs, 14 INTs, 600 rushing yards isn’t awful, 2012 58%, 12 TDs, 10 INTs, 330 rushing yards isn’t awful. It isn’t great, I wouldn’t even say it is good but acting like he has been 2012 Mark Sanchez (54%, 13 TDs, 18 INTs, 28 rushing yards) or Brandon Weeden is inaccurate.

    Beyond that, he is familiar with the system and has had the best football of his career in it, so again…he was the best available FA QB (by every list you can find anywhere) and had that added bonus of familiarity.

    With Cro’, considering the Jets made zero effort to re-sign him (literally zero, they wouldn’t pay him a cent over the minimum) and no other teams showed interest besides ARZ, it is fair to assume they didn’t think he could get healthy again at his age. Were they wrong? I don’t know yet and neither does ARZ or any other team in the NFL

  • John Hunter

    Glass 1/2 Full…..Mike is here to bring a true sense of competition to push Geno to the max of his progression. All athletes know there’s nothing like some good ole fashion competition to bring out the best in you. Critics can say what they want about Geno’s rough start, the youngster bounced back after every loss with a win with a depleted WR corp as mentioned, and shaky pass protection. The 4 game finish was the necessary signs needed to go forward with optimism.

  • Freddie Mac

    I agree with Joe that Vick was nearly the best option behind McCown who Idzik couldn’t sign. There were reports linking this interest from reputable sources not named Manish.

    Besides that, I would think it would be a risky proposition for a new GM to cross his fingers and be shown again his top CB is hurt in consecutive years. He can’t afford such egg on his face. Cro had to go.

    But I will say this: it seems that everyone involved in working for this site is somehow afraid to cast any semblance of criticism towards Idzik. He’s done good things but he’s also done some questionable things as well. To show fair and responsive journalism, you guys have an obligation to point those shortcomings out IMO. Seems like you’re afraid you might hurt his feelings.
    Maybe I’m wrong but it seems this way. You HAVE to defend his every move. Be free and express your true opinions. The knee-jerk defense is kinda boring.

  • Joe Caporoso

    There are our true opinions. We aren’t journalists and have never claimed to be. We have no obligations and no fear of hurting the GM’s feelings. If he does something one of our writers (and there is 8 of us, all with different opinions on different players, coaches, positions etc) dislikes, nobody will hesitate to criticize it or be stopped from criticizing it.

  • Womp Womp


    If you really think that this is a “homer” site for the Jets, then why do you continue to read? Go read something from Cimini or Manish. Joe and the other writers have responded to you directly on numerous occasions stating that they are writing what they believe to be true. No spin, no games, just their opinions. Why do you feel the need to come on every single post and ask the same ridiculous question about defending Idzik? Its getting tired. You’ve gotten your answer many times. Stop asking. Its detracting from the content on this site.

  • Joe..over the last 3yrs what is his record as a starting QB? This is a guy who had DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek, Jason Avant, Riley Cooper Zach Ertz and LeSeaon McCoy for various periods over the past 3yrs. Is there anyone on the NYJ that would have beaten out anyone I just listed above? I’m not defending Sanchez, I’m just saying Vick has been a bad QB for the last 3yrs, even though for the 1st 2yrs, he played in that system he was familiar with and played his best football in. Last year, he went 2-4 with a system that Nick Foles, threw 27 TDs v 2 INTs and lead the league in passer rating, LeSean McCoy lead the league in rushing and DeSean Jackson finished 9th in receiving yards. Sorry, I don’t see how you celebrate signing a guy like that for $4-$5mm. On top of that, if the Mike Vick I’ve just described beats out the QB Idzik chose, last year, in the second round and started all 16 games, what does that tell me about Geno and Idzik’s ability to find talent?

    You were very positive about the NYJ last Summer, and I fully agreed with a lot of what you were saying. I too thought their roster was underrated and I too believed the pundits had gone way overboard on how bad this team would be. Today, you’re just as, if not more postive, and I’m a bit skeptical. I just think, as Freddie Mac points to above, you paint nearly every move Idzik makes with a positive light. I know you like his approach, and how he’s gone about his business. Time will certainly play that situation out. It doesn’t mean you need to cheer lead every move that’s made there. Dmitri Patterson, and ordinary, 31 yr old, injury prone player is another example. Replacing Howard, with Breano, for nearly the same guarantee is another one (remember, Howard basically has a 1yr guarantee). As a fan, I hope these moves work, but objectively I just don’t see them being big impact moves. To me, between Patterson and Vick, they spent nearly $9mm in cap space, and left a starting CB position vacant. I’d rather have had DeSean Jackson for that money. It’s just an opinon. We can agree to disagree.

  • Nikolas

    Common guys some of you argue things that are ridiculous; this way you lose credibility. This team is better than last year’s team and this is indisputable!!!!! This is a play-off team.
    I would be shocked if the Jets finish the season with anything less than 10-6.

  • Nikolas

    Idzik made a mistake in free agency, he did not sign a top CB, but and this over now!

  • Freddie Mac


    No one in the media or from the sports sites or even Vegas even comes close to agreeing with you. No that this is the barometer we should follow. After all, those same “experts” guaranteed a 2-4 win season last year. You’d think after wiping all that egg on their face they’d come to their senses a bit but I’ve read two publications that predict the Jets will own the 1st pick next year.

    And as per usual, they don’t justify their reasons and as such, journalism goes along without any accountability.

    I agree the Jets are improved from a talent perspective but that critical position that you’d like us to move on from will likely bite the team in the ass. It won’t be forgotten. It will be placed under the microscope time and time again this season. Mark my words. CB play will be front and center with the teams the Jets play this year.

  • Freddie Mac


    The odds that all 8 of you having never once criticized Idzik’s moves is curious. Are you sure you are allowing for their true opinions to be released or are you closely monitoring them?

    Maybe it’s just a weird coincidence that no one even questions any of his moves or misses. I’m sure that what it is since I’m assured that all the opinions are real.

    Womp Womp,

    What the hell are you talking about?
    What writers have responded directly to me about this? Please “refresh” me on this occurrence.
    Are you one of them? You seem to take great interest in me suddenly.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Freddie – That is a lazy, ill-informed accusation, that I won’t even bother to dignify. This site has been around for 5 years, not just the past 2 weeks you decided to firebomb us with your hot takes. I’m happy to debate people about the team but please don’t tell me how to run our website.

    Nikolas – I think Boyd probably has a better chance of making the roster than you anticipate, I think he’ll beat out Simms this summer. Outside of that, the list looks pretty good to me!

  • joeydefiant

    Yes Freddie Idzik paid to put this blog in place before he hhad the job and now he uses it to validate his moves and crush any criticism about him.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    ::cashes check from Idzik’s mom for saying nice things about him of the interwebz::

  • Mike Donnelly

    I’ll get to the defense in part 2, but I think the cornerback complaints are majorly overblown.

    Also, as Joe said, the reason I praised the moves Idzik has made is because I truly believe he’s done a terrific job this offseason. I can’t speak for everyone (their articles do the talking for them), but if and when Idzik does something I disagree with, I’ll let that be known. Untll then, if John Idzik is reading this and wants to pay for for simply complimenting him on the internet, then that would be awesome! Hi John!

  • Womp Womp


    Joe literally said to you in this exact post that he’s not spinning anything.

    “There are our true opinions. We aren’t journalists and have never claimed to be. We have no obligations and no fear of hurting the GM’s feelings. If he does something one of our writers (and there is 8 of us, all with different opinions on different players, coaches, positions etc) dislikes, nobody will hesitate to criticize it or be stopped from criticizing it.”

    Can you read now that it’s been posted twice? And the only reason I have a sudden interest in you is because you have just now appeared on draft day with your ridiculous analysis and conspiracy theories. I’ve been reading the site a lot longer than you have apparently and the only other comparison I have to you is John X who I also developed a sudden interest in. Otherwise I typically don’t comment and just enjoy reading the content.

    But I digress, take your tinfoil hat off and come out of your bunker. Pretty sure John Idzik isn’t funding this site. And I don’t suspect this is the first time 8 people have had a different opinion than you and it was the same opinion. You want people to accept your opinion with your negative viewpoints of Idzik, but at the same time you refuse to believe 8 Jets fans can all have a positive one? Makes no sense. I don’t mind you pointing out the moves you think are wrong and why, but stop insinuating that there’s an underlying agenda to this site and a conspiracy against you.

  • Freddie Mac

    I just posed the question. Wow, looks like I touched a nerve. If you all were so confident in your views, you don’t need to be so defensive. I guess I can’t question such things. The fact is I have yet to see any criticism of Idzik and am led to believe he is a god on this site. Is that unfair of me to state? Am I hurting anyone’s feelings? Goodness.

    And who the heck is Womp Womp? Are you two close? Pretty funny to see you rush to his defense at every turn.

    I’m sure you’ll allow anyone and everyone to attack me with insults as WW is here. Seems like a 2nd rate site so far.

    Message to everyone – just tell Joe he’s right and everything will be peachy otherwise he’ll sic the dogs on you. Laughable.

  • Freddie Mac

    Hey Mike, I’ll wait for hell to freeze over. I think you guys are incapable of even providing constructive criticism. And that’s okay if that’s your agenda. I was just asking the question and found it curious. But I could be way off. I just haven’t seen evidence of it for the years I’ve followed this site.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Freddie – Pretty simple. You don’t like how we cover the team. Don’t read us. Better yet, go start your own site that enacts all your directives to us on how to run our site. You sound like you got it down.

    JJ – I agree in that I don’t think this move is likely. I’m actually really interested to see how this plays out with Johnson/Houston. I wonder if CLE pursues him?

    Frank – Let’s try to avoid/limit the personal attacks or calling individual people “idiots”. I agree that the team has improved, some may not though.

  • Freddie Mac

    Cleveland signed two receivers the past two days. Earl Bennett and Miles Austin. They’re out.