Turn On The Jets Podcast – New York Jets Offseason/Twitter Q&A

Connor Rogers and Dalbin Osorio talk New York Jets offseason and answer your twitter questions

Connor Rogers and Dalbin Osorio discuss the New York Jets offseason and answer your Twitter questions. Were the Jets smart to pass on DeSean Jackson? Should they go after Chris Johnson? What can we expect in the NFL Draft? 

Listen below and thank you for all your question!

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  • KAsh

    Cooks or a corner? That is a great question. I have been looking at corners this past week, and it is interesting to think about just how many corners in this relatively weak corner draft I would take before Cooks.

    Gilbert, Dennard, Fuller, Verett – those are the guys that I think realistically should go before Cooks. Someone might also bite on Roby before Fuller or Verett, but Roby has serious problems, much like Cooks. Going further, I see more promise even in a mid-round pick like Jean-Baptiste than I do in Cooks.

  • Spike_D

    Stand pat at 18 or trade back? Lets say Niners off 1.30 & 2.61 to move into the 1.18, do you take the deal regardless of who is still available? A true what if question, but these are the types of scenarios they kick around in the draft rooms prior to go time.