Turn On The Jets Podcast: Joe Caporoso and Eric Allen


The Turn On The Jets Podcast is back with another new edition discussing the New York Jets offseason. In this week’s episode, Joe Caporoso talks with team insider and senior reporter, Eric Allen about John Idzik, the media’s reaction to his approach and the NFL Draft. They also discuss Chris Johnson, Eric Decker and Mike Vick. Make sure to follow Eric on Twitter right here!

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  • I thought Eric did a good job on talking about Idzik plan and give the man a chance.He said he wants built thru draft let him.Agree with Bucs team was good and build thru draft.That buc team was solid and that secondary had later round players if I remember.

  • I also like how Joe pointed out some media may be mad over not getting info on Jets moves or talks.Business should be held behind close doors.I personal feel Idzik is in the process of changing the culture of how Jets do business.It reminds me of Steelers couple years ago.Its like he telling free agents ,We the Jets sign here cause you want to not cause we over paying you.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Thanks for listening Robby! I thought Eric made really good points and comparisons to the rebuild jobs Idzik was part of in TB, ARZ and SEA