NFL Draft – Five Trades The New York Jets Could Make

Dalbin Osorio with five potential trades for the New York Jets during the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is only a nine days away. Armed with 12 picks, the New York Jets have the opportunity to be very active May 8th -10th. While the Jets could very well utilize ALL of their draft picks, here are 5 trades that they can make that will allow them the opportunity to maximize their selections. These trades also don’t hamper their ability to improve their team going forward. All trades that I’m suggesting are based off the trade value chart. I’ll be releasing rounds one-four of my mock draft this week, but I used DraftTek’s simulation to see who the Jets could take at those spots.


The Jets trade the 18th and 115th overall pick to the San Francisco 49ers for the 30th pick, the 52nd pick, and RB LaMichael James

It is smokescreen season in the NFL, but Chris Mortensen reported today that the 49ers are eying a big move in the draft. Some have speculated that the goal is to trade up for Jadeveon Clowney or Khalil Mack, while others have said that they covet one of the top cornerbacks. I think it is a cornerback they covet, based off of the inconsistent secondary play they had last season. This trade allows them to move right into where I expect Darqueze Dennard to be taken. This trade also allows them to unload disgruntled running back LaMichael James, and pick up a 4th rounder in the process.

For the Jets, this trade works because it keeps them in the first round and nets them an additional second round pick. They can then take Texas Tech Tight End Jace Amaro or USC Wide Receiver Marqise Lee if either is available at 30 and then use pick 52 to target a CB. The Jets would, also, add LaMichael James; James has fallen out of favor with the 49ers, but brings game breaking speed and would help in the return game.


The Jets trade the 154th overall pick to the Oakland Raiders for Wide Receiver Denarius Moore

Word is the Raiders are looking to move Denarius Moore, and the Jets should make a move for the wide receiver. Moore, despite horrible quarterback play a year ago, notched 46 catches, 695 yards, and 5 TDs. Moore could slide in opposite Eric Decker, and give Geno Smith two physical wide receivers. Moore is 6’0”, but he plays much bigger than that and can stretch the field. Adding him to Decker, a draft pick and Jeremy Kerley gives the Jets four very good wide receivers for Geno Smith or Mike Vick to throw to. It is a low risk/high reward move for the Jets.


The Jets trade the 104th pick to the Houston Texans for Cornerback Jonathan Joseph and pick number 141

The Jets get Rex Ryan a legit cornerback in Jonathan Joseph, who excels in man coverage, and would fit in well in the Jets schemes as a physical veteran option. He’  also entering the final year of his deal, so the Jets wouldn’t be tied to him financially after this coming season.


The Jets trade CB Kyle Wilson and the 195th pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars for Pick 150 and a 2015 4th rounder

The Jaguars need cornerbacks to play the Seattle-like defense Head Coach Gus Bradley wants to implement. This move nets the Jaguars a young and inexpensive cornerback that hasn’t gotten much opportunity to play on the outside, but who others seem to have a very high opinion of. The Jet could potentially turn the 150th pick into Aaron Murray, who can be developed and provide competition for Geno Smith or Mike Vick.


The Jets trade WR Stephen Hill and the 80th Pick Overall to the Cleveland Browns for the 71st Pick and the 127th pick

The Browns are bringing in QBs Vince Young and Tyler Thigpen for a workout this week, a possible sign hat they are not enamored by any of the potential first round quarterbacks in this draft. I also don’t think they take Sammy Watkins with their first of two first round picks. This trade nets the Browns a big and fast wide receiver that seems to have fallen out of favor with the Jets. Moving back in the third round isn’t that bad a move for Cleveland as they are able to net a player they can utilize opposite Josh Gordon. The Jets end the Stephen Hill experiment and move up to the early stages of round three. They, also, net a fourth rounder in the process.

Author: Dalbin Osorio

Dalbin Osorio is a Case Planner for Graham-Windham, New York's oldest child welfare agency. He is, also, a student at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. Dalbin graduated from Monroe College with a degree in Business Administration. A 3 sport utility man in high school (think a mix of Jerome WIlliams, Brad Smith, and Jayson Nix), he joined TOJ in 2013.

  • subzero2401

    The only one im not crazy about is #1. Id have a hard time parting with the 18 pick. Bring on the rest though.

  • Bruce Harper

    #1-do we ned another RB?
    #3-that’s a really good deal for us.141 is too high for this to work
    #4-you only make that trade if you have decided ahead of time that Wilson is of very little value to the Jets
    #5-plausible, I guess, but is anyone going to take a chance on Hill? Basically, you are trading him for a fourth round pick…

  • Stevesc

    I have to agree with subzero on the #1 trade. If the Jets trade down to the 30th spot, they would be taking a major gamble that any of the top players on their draft board will still be available. Also agree with Bruce Harper, do we really nee another running back? In my opinion, that is the last position they should address.

  • Hard to entertain these when you don’t know who is falling to what. However,
    1-I agree with ’42’, we can find a returner, however, if SF is willing to swap a 2 for a 4, to move up 12 spots, I don’t know that I have a problem with it. It would certainly put NYJ in position to grab a WR/TE/CB

    2-With the comp picks, this is still in round 4, but I think this is a steal, and can’t see why Oakland would do it. But, I don’t sit in their draft room.

    3-Are the NYJ going to renegotiate Joseph’s contract? He’s due $7.5mm in base salary next year. Does adding that seem ‘Idziky’?

    4-Why are we getting rid of a solid CB, when we have very little depth at the position? And, why is Jax, in rebuild mode, giving away higher round choices to pick up a player in the last year of his rookie contract?

    5-Again, this deep into round 3, who knows who’s there and if Cleveland has a need to move up 9 spots.

  • Dan in RI

    The only one of these trades I can get behind is #2. That’s a pretty low price to pay for Denarius Moore, and I don’t think the Raiders would go for it–but I’d have no problem with it if they did.

    As for trading Wilson, the obvious question is “Why?” He will probably never make the Pro Bowl, but he has developed into a very solid CB–one of the few players in the secondary that we really don’t have to worry about. Why in the world would the Jets get rid of him? And for practically nothing? It makes no sense.

    I doubt the Jets would trade for Joseph–not with the contract he has. Look for the Jets to take a CB in the 1st or second round. In fact, a more likely trade scenario would be moving up higher in the 2nd to insure getting one of the CB’s they like.

    As for trading Hill–again, the question is “Why?” At this point, they will get almost no value for him, since he was such a disappointment. It is probably just as well to keep him and hope that he stays healthy and realizes his potential. We already have 12 picks in this draft, so why trade away a receiver who still has some potential for another one?

    Finally, how does getting the 30th spot from SF put them in line to get Dennard? Most mocks have him as the first CB taken, even before the Jets’ pick at 18.

  • Frank Antonelli

    I think trade number one makes sense ONLY if no-one falls to them at 18 that appeals to them more than someone they would get at 30. However, a better deal is 18 for 30 and 52 only, since we really don’t need another RB.

  • Steve Windeler

    How about trading back in round 1 for an extra #2. Round 2 is full of players just as likely to be good as the #18. It would depend on how the draft falls, but we should still be able to get one of the top receivers, or CBs late in the first and to me they’re just too close to call, as proven by all the arguments over which is the best.

  • Justin C.

    If they believe they can trade down to the twenties or thirties in the first round and still get their guy while picking up more ammo, I would be all for it. Imagine they trade down to the 25th pick and Jace Amaro, Odell Beckham Jr., or Brandin Cooks is still available. They can then use the extra pick to trade up to get other prospects that they want. I am also of the belief that there is no room on the team for twelve new players, so tweak your draft picks to the best of your ability in order to come out of the draft with high quality players with the high quantity of draft picks.

  • Mike A.

    @Justin C.
    I think Your thought of trading down to say 25 and still getting a player they value as a legit first rounder sounds good to me, especially if we could get another second or third rounder in the process. On the point you made about the .twelve picks we have, six of those picks come after the fifth round with one in the fifth,four in six and one in the seventh. I don’t study draft history like some on this site, but I would think that it would be pretty remarkable for the majority of those players to make the roster.

  • Dalbin

    Thanks for reading guys, much appreciated. Let me reply to all of ya’ll one at a time, so pardon the length of the reply.

    1. Sub, I agree; i’d be hard pressed to trade out of the 18th pick, but if it nets another second rounder in what’s being labeled a very deep draft then i’m all for it.
    2. Bruce, Goodson’s situation is worth monitoring, so it’s possible we do. With Bilal entering the last year of his rookie deal, i’d say that might be a reason to add a talent like James. 141 might be too high, although the Raiders have said they’d want a 4th or a 5th round. With Wilson, same thing as Powell; he’s entering the final year of his deal, and if you’ve added Joseph to Patterson (who is better suited to play the slot) and Milliner, there might not be any room for Wilson. Better to get something for him. And, I agree that finding a team that’ll take Hill might be difficult, but AJ Jenkins got swapped for Jon Baldwin, and Hill has shown more than both of those.
    3. Steve, good point; there is risk with dropping back 12 spots, but you do have a chance to still target a quality receiver/CB/TE.
    4. Lidman, good to see you buddy. Yeah, Oakland’s said to want a 4th round pick for Moore; i’d do that trade in a heartbeat if I was Idzik. Again, we don’t really know what an “Idzik move” is yet, but adding a veteran like Joseph (who only has one year left on his contract) would give Rex’s defense the best possible chance to succeed, imo.
    5. Dan, I’ve seen multiple mocks that give the 49ers a chance to grab Dennard somewhere between that 16-20 range. Some mocks i’ve seen have, also, had Kyle Fuller or Justin Gilbert as the first cornerback taken. We may all think Dennard is the best one, but some teams think it’s Fuller or Gilbert. See the reasons above for Wilson and Hill rationale.
    6. Frank, that would be a better deal, but based off the value chart it doesn’t work. That’s why I added the 4th rounder and had the 49ers add LaMichael James.
    7. Steve, absolutely. 18 for a first and a second would still give the Jets the chance to add 4 players in the first 100 picks. It’s a great idea.
    8. Justin, I agree; I can’t see all twelve draft picks sticking. Plus, you can’t account for a team trading some of their picks from this year for next year’s picks.
    9. Mike, agreed.

    Thanks for reading guys! Hope to see all of you at the TOJ Draft Party.

  • Jay

    All of these are terrible decisions. CB is our most glaring need so I doubt we trade back from 18 and why would we or anyone else for that matter want James?

    Wilson and Hill have absolutely no trade value…maybe get a conditional 7th rounder for each in next years draft so we might as well hold onto them.

    Joseph contract is bad.

    Only plausible trade scenario that would be entertained is the Moore trade.

  • Joe Caporoso

    This was a great idea for an article DO! Personally, would be a big fan of the Moore trade, particularly if the Jets don’t land themselves a WR in round one or round two…

    BTW – Hope to see some, if not all of you guys at our draft party next week! Come rant alongside side us on our podcast!

  • Justin C.

    Very much irrelevant and all, but I felt like sharing that I tried out a draft website that allows you to simulate your own draft for any one team for one to seven rounds. I decided to try it under the Walter Football big board and this is who I was able to draft (keep in mind no trades are allowed, and these picks could NEVER happen):
    1st(18): Eric Ebron TE North Carolina
    2nd(49): C.J. Mosley ILB Alabama (was still on the board somehow, so I jumped on him)
    3rd(80): Martavis Bryant WR Clemson
    4th(104): E.J. Gaines CB Missouri
    4th(115): Dri Archer RB Kent State (for special teams and for his blazing speed)
    4th(137): Tajh Boyd (Fales and Logan Thomas were still available)
    5th(154): Ron Powell OLB Florida
    6th(209): Aaron Colvin CB Oklahoma
    6th(210): Colt Lyerla TE Oregon
    6th(213): Jeff Janis WR Saginaw Valley
    7th(233): John Urschel G Penn State

  • Steve Windeler

    I want to keep at least 9 picks. It’s still a crap shoot, and quantity matters. Idc if we have to lose a few good players. Our special teams need to be bolstered as well.

    That said I’m always in for trading picks for a higher round next year. I would do that anytime a team offered it. Every time. Patience is a virtue. I also love having another teams pick so I have a 2nd rooting interest for the year.

  • Steve Windeler

    @Jay Roby will be there in the 2nd. He may end up being the best CB in the draft.

    CB is not our most glaring need. TE is for sure. We have 10 CBs on the roster right now.

  • Chris

    I only like option 2 adding to it trading Hill for a 4th round pick then u have decker Moore Kerly Nelson and Wr u draft in 1st 2nd round