New York Jets 2014 Schedule Analysis

Joe Caporoso with an analysis of the New York Jets schedule in 2014

The New York Jets schedule in 2014 was released today. Here is an overview and a quick analysis.

Analysis: By quarters…

Week 1-4: Three out of four home games to start the season is a major positive and you couldn’t ask for a better team to open against than the consistently lowly Oakland Raiders. The Jets will be underdogs in Lambeau but for Jets fans planning to make the trip (like this guy!), it is good news the game is so early in the season. The first of the team’s three primetime games is week 3 at home against the Chicago Bears on Monday night. They follow at home against the Detroit Lions. It is definitely peculiar to play three straight NFC North teams. All three will provide a strong test to the Jets secondary, which remains a question mark. However, let’s not swoon too much here, three of the Jets first four games are at home against teams who didn’t make the playoffs last season.

Week 5-8: Flying out to the west coast is always a challenge but Rex’s Jets have played well against Philip Rivers and the Chargers. Then comes the part of the schedule everybody will complain about the most. The Jets come home to play Denver and then travel to New England four short days later to play the Patriots on Thursday night. HELLO REVIS! After playing arguably the two best teams in the conference, the Jets have 10 days to prepare for the Bills at home. Three out of these four games are against 2013 AFC Playoff teams.

Week 9-12: The Jets head to Kansas City, which is never an easy place to play, although I do expect the Chiefs to take a step back this year. After, they come home to host the Pittsburgh Steelers and hopefully get some revenge for last year’s ugly loss in MetLife to Big Ben and company. FINALLY, the bye week arrives in week 11, the latest bye in recent memory for the Jets. For the second year in a row, the Jets will play in Buffalo after the bye (let’s hope it goes better this season). The Jets then host the Dolphins on Monday Night Football, so two home primetime games for the team this season.

Week 13-16: HOME STRETCH. At Minnesota, which is an outside game this year (remember the Vikings are playing at the University of Minnesota while a new stadium is constructed) and then to Tennessee. Chris Johnson vs. Shonn Greene! No behind the backs, Geno! Finally, the Jets finish up home against New England and of course…at Miami, where every season seems to end.

PREDICTION: 16-0!!!! (just kidding, I’ll save my record prediction for August) but let’s hear what you think down in the comment section! 

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Jeff

    After the bye week a major chance as of right now to go 4-0 and push for playoff position…feel that stretch will be crucial

  • Scott

    The first four games are basically going to decide the season for us. If we win our home games and start the season at 3-1 we should be in good shape to make a run for the playoffs. If we start the seasons 1-3 or 2-2 we could be in tough shape. Especially with that stretch where we play Manning and Brady less than a week apart. Excited for the draft, and I am really happy with the direction this team is going in. Let’s make some noise this season! J! E! T! S! JETS! JETS! JETS!

  • KAsh

    The schedule has two parts: Hell, followed by Heaven. After Oakland, we have nine weeks of grueling matchups. Green Bay will not yet lose all their important starters by week two, and Chicago and Detroit will both challenge Rex’s D and require us to put lots of points on the board. Then, in the span of eleven days, we play in San Diego, at home against the Broncos, and in Foxboro. Finally, we get a break with Buffalo at home, but only to be thrown back to the wolves in KC and at home against the Steelers.

    But if that stretch does not break us, and we emerge 4-6 or 5-5 into the bye week, we have a seriously good chance of going on a run into the playoffs. The last six weeks have Miami twice, the Bills once, the Patriots at home, and the Vikings and Titans. The four away games in six weeks sucks, but aside from the Patriots, those are all at most decent teams.

    But back to the first part of the schedule: Oakland and the Bills are winnable games without question. Green Bay is trying to rebuild its defense, as are Chicago and Detroit. If our offense cannot get out of the gate, then those games are lost; if our offense improves from last year, we can win those games. That leaves the Chargers, the Broncos, the Patriots, the Chiefs, and the Steelers. The only thing that can save us against those teams is their aging nature. Six-seven weeks into the season is when wear and tear starts to show, so maybe we have a chance.

  • Dan in RI

    Tough schedule. But I expect the Jets to be a very improved team this year, so I will guess 10-6 for the year. That means playing very tough against the teams in our own division and doing well against the NFC North teams.

  • Ron

    Due to the strong schedule, (Good Quarterback Teams) the JETS will regress to 7 – 9 even though they improved personnel

  • hillel

    My analysis: 16-0 + Superbowl win!

  • joeydefiant

    9-7 and take the 6th seed on the final game of the year with a win over Miami combined with a Texans and Ravens loss.

  • joeydefiant

    Getting the Thursday game against the Pats every year is starting to be bullshit. Rex never does well preparing for these Thursday games.

  • Tom Lonergan

    it is way to early to tell, lets see what they do with the 12 draft picks, it is a deep draft and they could very well draft several impact players. They have made some good off season pick ups, but lets watch the draft

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    I really dislike the Thursday night games, & my understanding is that, based upon ratings, a lot of people feel that way. I’d love to see the NFL ditch the Thursday night games & DirecTV after this season & offer the Sunday Ticket package in a streaming format like MLB, NBA, NHL, WWE, etc.

  • Don’t worry, by the time the next TV contract is up for bidding, Apple, Google, and the like, will be bidding and putting Cable/Satellite TV out of business….

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    The next contract is up after this coming season, & google is, or at least was, reportedly involved with negotiations, as was DirecTV. I’m cautiously optimistic the NFL will move towards streaming their product after this year.

    I think the NFL is aware of the lack of interest in Thursday games as some will be on broadcast tv this year.

  • Scott

    Will TOTJ put together a Jets tailgate for the Green Bay game this year? I’ll be heading up from Chicago and would love to meet up with some fellow diehards.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Sounds like a great idea Scott! We will keep you posted on details if/when we get tickets!

  • Frank Antonelli

    The hard part about predicting what will happen is we really don’t know how good the teams we’ll be facing will be when we actually face them. We can use their record from last year as a guide but that is usually very misleading due to injuries, etc. The schedule looks daunting now but we may look back at it at the end of the year and say that we got lucky. Obviously, if Manning or Brady gets hurt before we play them those games look a lot more appealing.

    P.S. I’ll hope for the best and say 10 wins and a playoff berth.

  • As of now, I have to go with 9-7 to 10-6. My confidence level (and win-total prediction) could potentially rise with a strong draft and possibly another signing or two.

  • Bruce Harper

    I am pretty confident about making the playoffs this year. Assuming they get a threatening WR on one of the first 2 rounds, and come up with an answer at CB, (an area that Idzik really screwed up on in Free Agency,) and that they use 12 draft picks to improve depth at special teams, O guard and OLB, they can actually be good. I really felt that Geno really was getting it during the last quarter of the year. He was reading defenses and looked much more confident at the end of the season. He was a different guy.
    Also, last year the Jets weak points were SO WEAK, that it will be easy to improve meaningfully. Decker may not be Jerry Rice, but he is much better that any of the WRs we had last year. Dee M. also looked a lot better at the end of the year-if we had signed DRC or Revis, we would be locked in, because the D-line is excellent. Lots of pressure on Dee M. this year. Anyway, I’ll say it-9-10 wins and a first round playoff win. (By the way, I am not usually this optimistic, but consider this-we were 1 Stephen Hill dropped pass from sweeping the Patriots and being in the playoffs last year… Rex out-coached Belichek twice. The Dolphins are distracted and rebuilding in critical areas. And god has determined that the Bills are never again going to the playoffs-ever. So there we are, in second place, same as it ever was.)

  • David

    10 wins… 3 – 1 vs NFC North, 2-2 vs AFC West, gotta go 4-2 in the division and a split of Steelers & Titans…

  • steve

    I think the jets will finish 10-6