New York Jets Looking To Boost Depth?

Are the New York Jets close to making a handful of additions to improve their depth?

The New York Jets appear to be on the outside looking in when it comes to wide receiver DeSean Jackson. It is fair to assume they will not make any “major” additions in the coming weeks, if not any, before the NFL Draft. However, they have recently hosted three lower tier free agents who could provide needed depth. They also have rumored interest in a high profile veteran running back. Let’s take a closer look at the four players:

CB Dimitri Patterson – A seasoned veteran at the cornerback position. Patterson has been in the league since 2005 and has played for five different teams, most recently the Miami Dolphins. Last season, he recorded 19 tackles, 1 sack, and 4 interceptions in only six games. Over the course of his career, he has played in 79 games with 9 interceptions and 36 passes defensed. Patterson would provide some needed veteran depth at a position the Jets are currently thin on experience at. He cannot be relied upon to be an every week starter but can handle spot duty and contribute in certain packages. The addition of Patterson shouldn’t preclude the Jets from looking at other veteran options via trade or a training camp cuts, or even potentially considering a corner with one of their early round picks. He should come at a low cost and is a more reliable option than Johnny Patrick or Ellis Lankster would be if Dee MIlliner or Darrin Walls went down on the outside.

OG Rich Ohrnberger – First and foremost, Orhnberger has an epically funny Twitter account. A fourth round pick in 2009, he has played in 31 games over four seasons for the Patriots, Chargers and Cardinals. Last season, he logged 155 offensive snaps for the Chargers and started one game. The year before, he started four games for the Cardinals. In 2013, the Jets kept rookies Will Campbell and Oday Aboushi on the roster all season, along with waiver claim Ben Ijalana. This would seem to indicate they have some type of long term hopes for them. However, Ornhberger would provide a needed boost of depth behind presumed starters Willie Colon and Brian Winters.

WR Jacoby Ford – A small (5’9, 190) receiver who is an absolute burner. Ford has not been able to stay healthy throughout his four year NFL career with the Oakland Raiders. He missed 8 games in 2011 and the entire 2012 season with a foot injury. Over four seasons, he has 57 receptions, 848 yards and 3 touchdowns. He has also rushed for 201 yards and 2 touchdowns. Finally, Ford returned three kicks for a touchdown in 2010 and took one to the house in 2011. Last season, he returned 14 punts for 77 yards. Ford is a minimum cost type addition who has much higher upside than a player like Clyde Gates. The Jets need a proven returner, if Ford can make an impression there, he has a chance to stick on the roster and then eventually carve out himself his role as a deep threat/gadget player on offense.

RB Chris Johnson – I’m starting to warm to potential interest in Johnson, pending cost. On a cheap, incentive based deal. Why not? The Jets offense needs speed. Mike Goodson has potential but is far from a proven. Used properly and in a limited role, Johnson could add a whole new element to the Jets offense. With Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell pounding defenses up the middle, Johnson can serve as a change of pace on outside handoffs and Marty Mornhinweg can also design screens and plays in the passing game to get him in space.

What do you think Jets fans? Which of these players would you like to see the Jets move on?

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Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • KAsh

    @ohrnberger is one of the funniest things I have ever read.

  • Joe Caporoso

    UPDATE: Ford and Patterson have officially been signed.

  • Waste of cap space….

  • Ford has ten fumbles with only 57 receptions. That’s a lot of fumbles!

  • For the sake of comparison, David Nelson has 130 catches and 0 fumbles.

  • Fred The Hammer

    Let’s hope Jacoby Ford turns out better than Chaz Schilens did. Has to be an upgrade on Clyde Gates and hopefully can add something in the return game. Schilens, by the way, signed with Saskatchewan a couple weeks ago. I have a feeling some vets will get their walking papers after the draft and Idzik will scoop up some real depth then.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Lidman. These are nice depth signings that take up minimal cap space and no long term commitment. You just love to be combative and negative in your approach.

  • Frank Antonelli

    I believe that Idzik decided that this was still a rebuilding year. He wants to build a strong foundation so it won’t crumble like what Tanny built. Once the key pieces are in place he’ll spend to fill in the missing pieces to the puzzle. He won’t use free agency to build a team but rather fill in around a strong core of home grown players who are ready to contend. It all depends on how he drafts but at least he has 12 picks. In Ryan’s first 3 years (2009 to 2011) Tanny only made 13 picks total. This is a new era and about time the Jets used the draft instead of thinking they could buy a championship.

  • Frank..sorry, I disagree. He guarantees Patterson, a career back up, $3mm and let’s Cro walk for $3.5mm. Ford, is basically a smaller Stephen Hill-granted with S/T capabilities. You call me combative and negative, which is fair. I call you ‘pie in the sky’ everything ‘your boy’ Idzik does is value added. The great thing is time will tell.

  • Frank..I do agree with that post, and said as much here:

    I think it’s a very risky strategy. If this team were to take steps backward, and not make the playoffs, I don’t see how you could blame the coaching staff, when the front office failed to ‘use free agency to plug holes’.

  • LeeBur

    Lidman- what we dont know is how bad Cro’s hip is. Cardinals were obviously willing to take the chance, but the Jets might have thought the hip is done and caused his large decline last year.

    As for Patterson, he graded out fairly well on PFF, and is a good depth signing.

    As for Ford, if we can get 50% of his rookie year (which isnt a crazy thing to ask for) i think its a great pickup and you cant really be mad about it. Good thing is Idzik is adding speed to the roster which was sorely needed.

  • Joe Caporoso

    I can’t see getting worked up in any negative way about these type of signings. Nobody is saying throw a party for them but they paid basically nothing for either player. Ford is a better KR than any current rostered Jet, and adds top-end speed to the #5 WR spot if he sticks. Patterson had 4 INTs in 6 games last year (no Jet player had more than 3 INTs last season) and every Dolphins fan I talked to said he played very well, when healthy. Jets aren’t banking on Patterson to start 16 games, he is here to provide depth and a needed veteran at the position. I don’t see how either signing hurts.

    As for ‘Cro, Jets very clearly thought he was not returning to 2012 form and hip was still an issue, which is why they showed no interest in bringing him back and for the record, no other team showed interest in him outside of ARZ, who got him dirt cheap

  • Lidman


    Here’s the thing, with the cap space the team has, I simply think the risk/reward of paying a career nickel back, $500k less in guaranteed money (if the reports out there are true), and starting Walls, is a lot worse than betting against Cro returning to a quality starting CB. Now, yes, Cro’s hip may be far worse than I know. However, I’m sure ‘Zona had a complete work up run on him.

    I see these signings as trying to ‘catch lightning in a bottle’. I was being facetious on my original post. One year deals aren’t going to blow up the cap, but they’re also unlikely to reap great rewards either. This team went 8-8, had holes and could have done more in my opinion. I hope they hit 12 HR in the draft and I look foolish, but I don’t think Idzik, and the NYJ, have that type of draft success.

  • Lidman

    Joe..nothing hurts..just a bit of an April Fool’s Day…btw, Patterson has 9 career INTs in 79 games..8 of them coming in 2 seasons, encompassing 20 games, so I’m going to say last year is an outlier. I see it as they swap 1 30yr old CB, who has made Pro Bowls, and played in 48 games over the past 3 seasons, for a 31yr old CB, who has never made a Pro Bowl and has played in only 29 games over the past 3 seasons. So, we get older, less sturdy and, if reports are right, did this to save $500k. Not to mention one guy has been here and set an example.

    You can continue to see little fault in what Idzik’s doing, and choose to wait until the start of the season and then you’ll probably preach to see how the season plays out (‘remember last year’). I just think if you look at this signing, as a microcosm, to this off season, it’s not hard to see why some of us are judging Idzik, just like we would a HS student who’s failing math at the end of the first quarter. It’s not over yet, but right now, it’s not looking promising.

  • LeeBur

    Lidman- i feel you. It would have been nice to get some quality FAs. But at this point its time to just sit back and enjoy (hopefully) the ride. I dont know how old you are, but if you keep thinking about the downside of Idziks moves you are going to shave 5-10 years off your life

  • Frank Antonelli

    Lidman. Cro was one of the worst CBs in the league last year. I think you have to give the Jets the benefit of the doubt on this one. They obviously believe Patterson will be an upgrade and it also fills a need which means they can go BPA without worrying about having to draft a CB. Patterson is a good CB and fits into Rex’s system.

    Idzik isn’t doing this in a vacuum. Obviously Woody is involved and has approved his approach to delay signings until they will actually make a difference. We could be like the Raiders and blow money on players who will be done by the time they’re young players are ready. At that point they will still be on the books and limit the Raiders ability to add key pieces at the most advantageous time.

  • LeeBur

    Frank, the raiders essentially signed those old farts with the ability to cut them in 2015. they are just looking to somehow be competitve in that extremely tough division.

  • Frank…the Raiders have almost no commitment to ANY of FA they have signed this off season. Go check out all the contracts they’ve signed on Virtually all of them come with roster bonuses and no signing bonuses, they are simply spending the abundance of cash they have, which they ultimately will have to spend. You are 100% correct, Cro was bad last year. Maybe, if he only played 6 games, like Patterson, they’d had brought him back. Again, I’ll root for Patterson-because I root for laundry-but sorry, I’m skeptical. Look, I would have been against signing DJax, but at least you could argue that improved the team. These 2 signings are nothing..ok you want to call them depth..go ahead..waste of time.

    Nighty night lads….

  • Frank Antonelli

    Leebur and Lidman. I was referring to Austin Howard who if he was cut in 2016 would count as 4.2M of dead money. Is that a good contract? Does that restrict them from making a more favorable move in 2016?

    Lidman. These signings are not nothing. They create competition and improve our depth which has been a problem under Tanny. We need a team that is DEEP with players that can step in on an emergency basis and who are legitimate NFL players.

  • #Allhaillordidzik

    Thank god we didn’t get D-jax! We got Jacoby Ford, whose like basically the same player (4.29 blazing speed Joe?!? Why thats even faster than D-jax!), at like the fraction of the cost, and we still have so much cap room, we could totally sign like some great players from the UFL and have depth and because all our depth players compete so hard against each other they’ll all just gonna have to collectively end up as all-pros, right, right?!? Thank god we didn’t waste money, Jacoby ford is totally gonna be just as good as D-Jax. And HES YOUNG! AND HAS POTENTIAL! OMG YESSS POTENTIAL, YOUNG, DEPTH, AFFORDABLE, god what great words we all use! Woooo (Oh snap couldn’t get PT on the raiders though, but like w.e, totally better than Djax). #Lololololololol


  • Frank Antonelli

    I see they let the clowns out tonight. Go back to the circus.

  • #Allhaillordidzik

    Frank Idzik Cult meeting same time on thursday? I’ll bring the sacrifical goat this time, I’ve been eyeing this one o-line man on the hamilton tiger cats from the CFL and it would be TOTALLY AWESOME if Lord Idzik got us more depth! We just need a sacrifice the goat in his honor to get it done! (Vick would totally not mind) it’d be a great signing, only upside, if he gets cut we still have so much cap spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace ugh i’m just excited thinking about.


  • Drew

    I don’t think these signings are anything to get emotional about. They are neither ‘brilliant’ nor ‘stupid’ but we are Jets fans and we can’t just sit on the fence.

    Chris Johnson on the other hand would be a big deal to me. He is still a top tier running back in my eyes. He immediately would be our best receiving threat and blocker out of the back field. He has shown excellent ball security throughout his career. He has tremendous speed. I would expect him to get the most touches out of our backfield if signed (not significantly more than Ivory, but still more).

    If/when he gets cut next week I would expect the Jets to be the favorite to sign him.

  • joeydefiant

    If a form of entertainment (New York Jets) made me angry and bitter all the time I think I would find a new form of entertainment to enjoy.

    You can’t make this stuff up. People who actually try to enjoy their hobbies/entertainment are ridiculed for “drinking the kool-aid” and other nonsense. If I explained this to someone who didn’t follow sports they would think I was insane.

    There is also a large portion of society whose partners and children get sick to their stomach when they hear “dad” coming in the house because he is such a joy to be around. There are lots of lonely, angry, and bitter people who don’t realize people don’t like to be around angry and bitter people.

    –A fool who tries to enjoy his entertainment.

  • #Allhaillordidzik


    That’s actually pretty smart stuff. I think this is more like watching a marriage or love die. A team, or an idea of a team and organization that brought me great joy over a long period of time is coming to an end, (or what i expect to be the end), because of a new man hired to oversee player acquisition, aka Mr.Idzik. I, in turn then seek out other fellow sufferers of the similar love, or watching it die, for almost comfort, and also rage, for rage helps mask simply the fact that i find it sad that an era I enjoyed is coming to an end, and I will soon have to choose between finding fandom for a new football team, remaining a fan of a team of perpetual losers (aka Raiders, Browns, Bills, Phins, etc.), or giving football altogether less attention (wouldn’t be the most unhealthiest of options?). I simply never understood how people have undying love for a logo, and not for the personalities and stories it impersonates. I could care less about Woody and the “Jets”, I care about Rex, and 2 AFC champ game seasons with Sanchez when he was young, Brett Favre, Kris Jenkins, T-Jones, Leon Washington, Kerley And Wilkerson, etc. and competing and shooting for the fences, and the personalities and emotions that entailed.Hate on Mr. T all you want, but for about 5-7 seasons (depending on your level of general optimism), you had a glimmer a hope that the Jets could really win it all. I would bet every last possesion in my name that the Jets do not win it all this year; I hold no such hope for my team this year, and thus the joy of anticipating the season is greatly diminished.

    In my defense, if i see it that another man, in this case Mr.Idizk is ruining my entertainment, and bringing all those stories to a close and replacing them Geno Smith and Jacoby Ford, and a frugal culture and losing seasons and a lack of hope in any given season that we just might get hot and win, that hope that every football fan holds on to, if that is extinguished then the enjoyment stops.

    Again, this is simply just my opinion of the situation. I will happily eat crow when Idzik’s Jets, led by the immaculate Geno Smith, consisting of strictly home grown talent, rules the AFCE for a decade and wins 10 superbowls. I’m not arguing I know better; for the most part, we are all morons compared with people who do this for a living 80 hrs. a week. I’m simply stating my personal emotions and beliefs using the best of my limited knowledge. But I protest because in my very humble opinion, I instead see Idzik making a mockery of an entertainment I dearly enjoy, and in turn, ruining it forever.


  • Frank Antonelli

    I love how the people who actually should know if Idzik is doing a good job, ie, former coaches and GMs, think he’s doing the right thing and so called fans are up in arms. I guess these so called fans know more than people who have actually been at the helm of an NFL franchise. Here is the latest former GM to weigh in on the Idzik approach:

    Ted Sundquist Likes Idzik’s Off-Season Approach

    Sundquist notes that while Jets fans are now asking for more money to be spent on high-profile free agents—such as DeSean Jackson—each GM’s approach is different, and Idzik has a calculated one.

    “Idzik manages money more effectively than Mike Tannenbaum, Breno Giacomini is nearly the exact same player as departed tackle Austin Howard, who received twice as much as Breno from the Raiders. Eric Decker was the splash Idzik wanted to make this offseason, he’s young, talented and came at a more than friendly price. It was expected that Decker would command $9M + a year, Idzik signed him for $7.25M.”

    I think I’ll trust the opinions of Dungy, Polian and Sundquist before I trust the opinions of some so called Jet fans on here!

  • KAsh

    I have stopped participating in these discussions as they get nowhere. But I have to point out a whitewash of history by a surprising subgroup of Jets fans: the Tannenbaum troupe. These people want to rewrite history and star the ex-Jets GM turned sports agent and part-time television personality as a visionary of football management. But, gentlemen, can somebody please answer me these questions that go by ignored:

    Why did the Jets deteriorate so fast from 2009-2010? (From two AFC championship appearances to rock bottom in two years!) Better yet, whose fault was it?
    Why did a team with a young, talented, second-year quarterback have its offense collapse to the worst in the league when it should have been improving?
    Why did a team with a head coach that could build a top 10 defense out of cardboard and mush, and that spent every first-round pick since 2007 on defense – with the exception of one quarterback in 2009 – degrade on defense year after year?
    Why did the team draft only 21 players in the four year span from 2009-2012, with only 11 of those players taken in the first four rounds? (By contrast, if no trades are made this year, the team will have drafted 19 players in the past two years, with 10 of those players in the first four rounds.)
    Why did the Jets sign a 27-year old middle linebacker to a six-year contract worth an average of $8 million per year, guarantee a cornerback $32 million dollars for a four-year contract, and give Santonion Holmes a five-year, $45 million contract? Did stupid contracts given out willy-nilly have something to do with the diminishing talent and circus atmosphere (as in those contracts were laughably bad, but we made them year after year)?
    Why did the Jets pursue Asomugha and then give Cromartie a huge extention or pursue Peyton and then give Sanchez a huge extention coming off a disappointing season? Whose bright ideas were responsible for Farve, Sanchez, Brunell, Peyton Manning, and Tim Tebow? Who also gave out contracts to Wayne Hunter and Plaxico Burress, as well as draft Shonn Greene, Vlad Ducasse, Joe McKnight, John Conner, and Stephen Hill? How are you that awful at drafting when you only give yourself 21 picks? (Just think, the Jets traded up for – they targeted! – players like Sanchez, Greene, McKnight, Conner, and Hill. Well, at least, Ducasse fell to us.)
    Who loved to win the back pages so much that every decision was made with the press in mind? Who gave a backup quarterback a mega press conference? Who needed to make a splash each year with a dramatic signing or trade? But I bet we really feathered the league office’s cap when we revitalized Hard Knocks.
    Last year, the Jets were not a three-win team – it was the first time in six years the Jets landed a top-10 pick – but why did the entire league believe we were?

    The Jets were a tragedy in slow motion for the entire Tannenbaum era. All tragic arcs start low, rise high, and then crash because of the same tendencies that started the whole affair. Tannenbaum signed big names, loved to give out the biggest contract, and traded picks both for veteran players and draft prospects he targeted. In the beginning, this boosted the talent on the team and, once he had a coach that could channel that talent into wins, it boosted the success of the team. But the big contracts put a burden on the salary cap – which Tannenbaum solved with cap magic and flashy extentions more than house-cleaning – trading draft picks to target players destroyed the team’s depth, while making it much more painful when those players fell through, and big names often came with big attitudes. The final result was very predictable: a cash-strapped, cap-strangled team diminishes in talent, and then rips itself apart after a disappointing season in a barrage of confrontations, accusations, backstabbing, and newspaper leaks.

    Do not paint a pretty picture on this. This was inevitable.

  • Paul

    Thanks Kash,
    For saying what most Diehard fans have been thinking for years. Also I don’t mind varied opinions but pure negativity is just pointless. Wait to see how things work out later, say week 2 or 3 before chastising every FA move. I for one like the new approach a bit safe and conservative but there is a huge potential upswing for the next couple of years. Again I wish every commenter would put their age in (42) next to their names. This would help me not waste my time reading the comments on some of these posters. Seriously if you haven’t at least endured 10 years of following the Jets, then you don’t deserve to have opinions you’re either a band wagoner or haven’t earned the emotional and sadistic scars of being a Jets fan. I do enjoy some of the comments up until they get personnel take that crap to Yahoo sports please.
    SOJ Fan till the end.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Appreciate the debate everybody and appreciate trying to avoid any personal attacks.

    Honestly due to the length of the some of the comments, I wasn’t able to get through every word but for people pining for Tannenbaum and his ways, do you remember the Jets didn’t win a single playoff game in his first three seasons and basically needed a fluke circumstance to reach the playoffs in year 4? There is a reason Tannenabaum hasn’t been in demand at all as a GM and I doubt he gets another job with that title again. To his credit, he built a very strong, very worthy SB contender in 2010…outside of that, he did nothing to give any chance of sustained success. The issues with him went well beyond his personnel decisions as he burned many bridges around the league with teams and agents while leading the Jets.

  • twoshady

    i warned you guys that constant back and forth bickering would attract the trolls. Allhaillordidzik is the tip of the iceberg. good job ruining the comment section. oh well… i guess there’s always ganggreennation…

  • Joe Caporoso

    To be fair twoshady, GGN (which is a site I like plenty myself) has their “trolls” too. I like to think I don’t need to come here every 2 hours and moderate/delete comments. I did block John X (and the different names he came back and tried to comment under) and I’d prefer not to block WorldBoy AKA #AllHailIdzik and won’t unless the personal attacks go over the top, which I haven’t seen yet.

    We are adults here. We are all Jets fans here. I don’t want to have to babysit a comment section, I’d rather write and let you guys debate it out.

  • #Allhaillordidzik

    Hold up Joe wtf is this BS. You block John, and you’re calling me out, when I haven’t said a single personal attack in this thread, but Frankie doesn’t get any consideration for being blocked because he agrees with your comments regardless of to the level of filth he gets to? Calling out some guy’s kid who had a mental disorder in an earlier thread? Man thats actually fucked up. Don’t worry, I’ll leave on my own accord, fuck this, your worse than Cimni when it comes to being unbiased.

    Oh and as to the Mr.T comments, no rose shades; 8-3 with favre and then biceps got torn and wheel fell off, 10-6 with Chad, managed number 1 d and Running attack in 09′, great team in 10, 8-5 in 11′. Know what that is? Being excited as a fan with the hope your team has a chance to win it all.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Honestly have no idea what you are referring to? Who called out somebody’s kid with a mental disorder?

  • Joe Caporoso

    and I block people when they create multiple names for themselves and bomb the account section with 5-7 straight long, profanity filled comments (which is what John did). Pick one name and stay with it. I don’t care if people agree with my commentary or not, I’ve been doing this for 8 years and get disagreed with much more than agreed with.

  • Frank didn’t call anyone’s kid out. He made a flippant remark, like Special Olymplcs and someone just said they didn’t appreciate it. It wasn’t as though he targeted the guy directly.


    Back to your comment above. The Austin Howard deal is basically a 1yr 7.9mm guaranteed deal. After that, the Raiders have until day 5, 2015 to cut him without any cap/cash ramifications. They structured the majority of their deals this way.

    As for who is negative and who isn’t, it’s just an opinion. I’ve been posting to this site for about a year now, and I think if you go back and look at some of my comments from prior to last season I was more positive than most. I’m simply skeptical, that’s all. I’m probably one of the older posters and one thing time, and life, has taught me is be flexible. For me, this blog and posting/chatting with you all is stress relief, and never works me up (I have a lot more stressful things in life to do that). TOJ provides a forum for us all to vent, debate and discuss something we all have a huge rooting interest in: our loveable Jets. If you take this too seriously, I think you’re missing the idea.

    Dad out…

    Frank didn’t call anyone’s kid out. He made a flippant remark, like Special Olymplcs and someone just said they didn’t appreciate it. It wasn’t as though he targeted the guy directly.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Lidman. Go to this link and you’ll see Howard’s cap ramifications all the way to 2016. Your information is incorrect.

    Thanks for pointing out that the attack upon myself was unfounded and just a pathetic attempt by a troll to get revenge by fabricating a story.

    P.S. How can you tell a troll. Well they make up names like Worldboy90 and John X instead of using their real names. They then get banned and make up other equally ridiculous screen names. Then they cry to the moderator. Then they resort to lies. Then they get banned to their mother’s basement.

  • twoshady

    Joe, GGN does have some trolls but they are more comical and light hearted in nature in my opinion comments here are becoming overly verbose and on the vicious side. trashing other Jets fans and thier opinions is different than debating points of view. maybe i personally will just avoid the comment section altogether from now on. the attitudes are sounding more and more like Patriots fans act

  • LeeBur

    Too much sensitivity. suck it up boys/girls and lets debate.

    I think people need to accept that the Jets are waiving the white flag for the 2014 season. It sucks, but we dont know what we have at QB (and like many people have posted, at the end of the day having a good QB is what it comes down to). Throwing money at these top tier FA would be pointless if Geno plays like he did last year or even worse regresses. Im on board with what Idzik is doing and will give him until the start of the 2015 season. If we are in the same position we are in today in regards to the roster and no improvement from our rookies from 2012 and 2013 I will be hopping onto the Lidman bandwagon.

  • Gman

    Waiving the white flag on the 2014 season? They haven’t even had the draft yet!! Now I have heard it all..

  • LeeBur

    Gman- do you really think the Jets are a playoff team even after whoever we draft? Trust me, I would love to see it happen, but im expecting another 8-8 season. As long as I see improvement next year and we spend some money in 2015 I will be a happy camper.

  • LeeBur

    Look at how many Rookies, 2nd year, and 3rd year players we will probably be starting next year. Lots of growing pains.

  • Gman

    LeeBur, the receivers have already been upgraded and if you throw in a high end draft pick WR/TE and others from the later rounds they will be just fine. It will take time for them to develop of course but thats where the running game comes in. I expect them to add a speed back as well.
    Let’s see where things stand in August. Also plenty of time for trades…

  • LeeBur

    Gman- you are right. I guess I should have been more clear with my statement. If everything was status quo and we just added our draft picks. I think all these young guys are going to get A LOT of playing time. And 2014 is a year of learning the system (rookies) and gaining more experience (2nd/3rd year guys). Now this is just my opinion, but I dont think Idzik will consider a failed season if the Jets dont make the playoffs as long as everyone is developing.

  • LeeBur

    maybe saying waiving the white flag was a bit over the top.

  • FRank,

    OTC made a mistake. If you look at this page: it suggests he received a $7mm roster bonus. However, if you look at his contract details on this page: it says his roster bonus is $5mm. I believe the latter is true, but either way one of them is incorrect.

    Second, on the first page they tell you they are treating his $7mm roster bonus, as a signing bonus. I’m sure they have a reason for doing so, but it isn’t correct, and misleads you about their future cap vis-a-vie Howard. In their original analysis of the contract, on that second page, you can see that really only have a true, 1y/$7.9mm commitment to his, in cap and cash, this year. Is it likely he gets that 2nd year, yes, but they can cut him and lose nothing (unless that info is incorrect).

  • LeeBur,


    As pendantic and measured as Idzik may be, there is no way he can afford to throw away a seasaon. The team raised ticket prices and extended a coach. So, if he is really sitting in Florham thinking about not making the playoffs, raising prices on your fans would be criminal and spending an extra $3+mm of your owner’s money, on a HC you’re basically giving no chance to succeed, seems like a good way to lose your job, no?

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    LeeBur, it seems highly unlikely Idzik is giving upon the upcoming season anymore than he intentionally planned to tank last season before it began (in order to fire Rex), as some were claiming at the time.

    While he certainly does not seem to be going “all-in” to win a Super Bowl this year, improvement over last year, playoff contention, & a winning record, in conjunction with grooming the younger players seem like very reasonable & likely goals for the team this year.

    This situation reminds me a lot of the early-90s Yankees. Once Steinbrenner was suspended, Gene Michael was able to develop the farm system & the “core four” leading to **multiple** World Series victories & long-term dominance. Firing Tanny & hiring Idzik was clearly a repudiation of that short-sighted approach.

  • LeeBur

    Sure, I think I just worded it incorrectly. Obviously the goal is to make the playoffs. And in the NFL anything can happen.

    But this from Jeremiah Johnson is what I was getting at………………

    While he certainly does not seem to be going “all-in” to win a Super Bowl this year, improvement over last year, playoff contention, & a winning record, in conjunction with grooming the younger players seem like very reasonable & likely goals for the team this year.