No Huddle – Waiting on the NFL Draft Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle with New York Jets thoughts as we wait for the NFL Draft

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Early Draft Thoughts

As the draft gets closer, I keep thinking ” so is this when John Idzik goes from free agency passive to aggressive?” It has to be, doesn’t it? As we sit less than a month away from Radio City, I want to believe at least, that if the Jets truly covet a player slated to go before 18, they will attempt to deal some of their twelve picks to package later picks to do so.

Hopefully the Jets don’t go “best player available at the position” and pinpoint attack strategies for the main four to five guys the team desires instead. Twelve selections means nothing if a handful of them don’t end up becoming key cornerstones going forward. Quality over quantity. Use the picks to move up and around the draft board. Get what you want. Not what falls to you.

The Vick Petition

There’s no need to rehash, or in any way try to justify the actions that led to Michael Vick’s jail time. When word broke last week, though of a petition intended to keep Vick out of Cortland this summer, I had to chime in on Twitter. What I realized after the back and forths with the fan base for a day or two was, airing any views about what Vick did and how he ought to be treated by the public now is no different than debating issues like guns and abortion. It’s a waste of time. No matter what any of us think, there will be a portion on both sides of the fence with an unwavering view.

Vick made a disgusting choice and owned an inexplicable mindset that has turned many off for good, but I will repeat myself again in saying that I for one am in the midst of giving him that second chance. Others won’t appreciate why people like me could do such a thing and I accept that.

I also won’t try to dismiss or downplay what happened when it happened by calling this a non story that took place years ago because it is not true. Vick’s role in the dogfighting horror may be over but the emotions for many regarding the torture and cruelty are still ongoing and will continue to be in some shape or form for Vick’s entire time in New York. Like it or not.

Nobody will be able to stop the protest signs. All Vick can do is show everyone who he is now and provide the proof as to why those signs shouldn’t grow in number.

Hot Seat? No, But The Burner Can Be Turned On Real Quick.

I saw some news brief on how Rex Ryan is not on the hot seat right now. True. Let’s see how things look after eight games. If the Jets are in the hunt, he’s fine. If they start out 2-6 he will be on the hot seat. Fast.

Rex has to keep proving that the team can win and is responding to him. Ryan is sitting on top of the stove and all knobs are turned off for now. There should be no conversation regarding his status really until half the season is through. That will be a fair indicator of how the team is playing and responding to him.

 Quick Hits

– Super Bowl titles aside, assuming that both teams were in a sense rebuilding their offense from the ground up right now, who would you rather be: the Jets with a young Geno Smith to develop, or the Giants if who are reportedly in fear that Eli Manning has entered the declining stage of his career?

– Chris Johnson’s price keeps dropping. The longer that he remains a free agent, the closer I believe he gets to becoming a Jet. Lord Idzik want deals and better than market value when it comes to grabbing veterans. Give this another week or so and watch him join Gang Green.

– Very few phrases in the English language both excite me and scare the delights out of me like “and the New York Jets select” does. I’m ready though. It’s time.

  • KAsh

    I am developing an allergy to people talking about trading up in the draft. Just the thought makes me start shaking. When I think about it, yes, the Jets should deal some picks so they can move up, but not in the first round. No one is going to take one fourth round pick to trade back in the first round; the Jets would need to surrender either multiple picks or early picks to make a significant move. So unless you think the guy you are trading up for will redefine your team (or all you want to do is jump over the Ravens to the 16th pick), it is not worth the sacrifice of multiple starters in this deep draft.

    I would trade up, but only in the middle rounds. Deal a fifth-round pick to convert a fourth- into a third-round pick or a sixth-round pick to move up in the fourth. Deal the less important picks to secure the mid-round prospects you have your eye on. With that in mind, I hope Idzik trades back in the first round, if none of the second-tier standouts in this draft (Evans, Lee, Ebron, Dennard, Gilbert, Clinton-Dix, Pryor) fall into his lap. Pick up more picks so that you have more mobility later on.

  • I’ll be very surprised if the NYJ trade up, in round 1. If the idea is to build via the draft, giving up a 2, or 3, to move up in round 1 would seem to be in direct conflict with that theory. Again, for all the picks they have, they have only 3 in the first 100. I almost expect them to trade down, in round 1. I’m actually surprised you talk about the NYJ trading up. I thought in earlier posts you didn’t see much of a chance of that happening.

  • LeeBur

    Only way the Jets will be able to trade down is if 1 of those top QBs fall (Johnny Football, Bridgewater, or Bortles). I can see a trade with Cleveland, so they can leapfrog Arizona. Would definitely love to trade back to 26 (maybe OBJ or Cooks falls there) while acquiring another pick. And then like Kash said, use the later picks to move up.

  • David

    I can see the Jets trading up, but it will be something along the lines if someone they like drops to say 13 or 14 and they can move up without giving up a bunch.

  • joeydefiant

    If one of the top QB prospects falls to 18 the Jets should take him. Think about it a elite top QB can make a franchise into a super bowl contender for the next 15 years no matter who is around him. Why not take another chance on another QB? Geno could turn into that QB and he might not. I dont believe in the theory that drafting another QB will ruin the one you have mentally. If you cant deal with having another QB on the roster you dont have the personality to be a top QB anyway. If Bridgewater or Bortles falls to 18 the Jets should take him. Manziel I can understand not taking due to the baggage that comes along with him and I think he is over hyped and his style of play works well in college but will not translate well in the NFL. I see him as the next Doug Flutie, a capable backup or spot starter who never lives up to the hype coming out of college. FL.

  • LeeBur

    joey- i agree, but only if the Jets think 1 of those guys is significantly better then Geno. And i mean significant. I am no draft guru, but i dont think any of those guys are graded that much higher then Geno. The jets may think otherwise though.

  • Dan in RI

    Thanks for your opinion on Vick. When all is said and done, people who can’t forgive him after he went to prison, went bankrupt, then did everything anyone could have expected someone to do to show a proper degree of contrition just wouldn’t be satisfied by anything less than lifetime imprisonment or capital punishment. I love dogs, and can’t say enough about how vile I think his behavior was. But at some point you have to say that he paid the price, and move on. As much as we can (and should) hate what he did, he deserved the chance to get on with his life, and he did so as well as could be expected.

    As for the draft philosophy, I am dead set against bailing on Geno even if Manziel, Bridgewater or Bortles falls to #18. I have no faith that any of them would represent a definite improvement over Geno–and they would have to learn the system and go through the growing pains we just suffered through last year. I’d rather give Geno some weapons and see what he can do with them. Maybe I’m over-optimistic, but I think he showed a tremendous amount of improvement over the last quarter of the season. I’m actually pretty excited to see what his ceiling might be.

  • Jim G

    If one of the top QB prospects slides to 18 they have to take him. History shows that you just don’t win a championship without a “franchise” QB. Before anybody goes all “Trent Dilfer” on me, take a look at the QB’s that won the last 20 Super Bowls. Not one of them had Geno-like stats.

    If you don’t have your franchise QB on the roster, you have to try to get one as many times as it takes until you find one. That is unless you are satisfied with 8-8 and 9-7 seasons at best. I do expect Geno to improve. Only because it would be nearly impossible for him to get worse. So far he has shown nothing to prevent this team from taking a shot at improving the QB position if the opportunity arises. I’m not saying that Geno is hot garbage, and that they should give up on him, but I certainly hope that the “powers that be” are not convinced that they are “set” at QB based on what Geno has showed so far.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Phil Simms says that Geno is better than any QB in this draft. He says that even though his son plays for the Jets. I’ve always considered him an astute observer of football talent. If the Jets feel the same way there is no way they draft a QB in round one.

  • David

    Vick – did the time, everyone deserves a second chance.

    Draft – if you can’t get the one you want at 18, trade down for more high picks…

    Football is a funny sport, some guys develop late – see B. Moore, Harrison and two many others to count. An eye for talent and a knack for developing talent are critical components to building a team. The ball is in Idzik’s court.

    Draft by number
    2 OL
    2 WR
    1 TE
    1 QB

    2 LB
    3 DB
    1 DL

    If they draft well, we get quantity where develop matters and depth were we are weak.

    The current roster is flawed. Some guys are overpaid – MLB, some need to rebound C, LT – some guys r gonna get paid – Last 4 #1’s (that is impressive)

    Would still take Eli, but in 3 years either or both could be out of the game. Youth is no guarantee in the NFL.

  • Nick Evans

    Drafting a QB in the 1st rd no matter who drops would be a bad decision IMO. Way too many holes on the team to use that early of a pick on a QB with the roster in need of WR, TE, OL, S, and CB talent. None of these QBs except maybe Bortles are better than Geno was when he came out last year. Geno deserves another year to prove what he can do with some weapons. He made tremendous strides at the end of last season and I really feel the guy doesn’t get enough credit for being a rookie. However, drafting a QB like Fales, Murray or Mettenberger in rounds 4-7 wouldn’t be a bad idea. Trading down at 18 if nothing is there would be sensible IMO stacking more picks would be smart in a draft this deep in talent….Praying for Beckham in rd 1.

  • KAsh

    I am sorry, but in a league of “what have you done for me lately?” no one ever complains about the guys that drafted a HoF QB. We all know Belichick misses more than he hits, but let’s look at the scope. The year he took Brady in the sixth, Belichick’s first pick was used on a guard that was out of the league in six years, his next pick was used on a running back that was out of the league in five years, and his third pick was on an OT that was out of the league in four years. Take a look at his 2006 draft, where the best player he picked was a kicker. Both Jermaine Cunningham, a Patriots’s second-round pick in 2010, and Ras-I Dowling, a Patriots’s second-round pick in 2011, are now on the Jets. And that is much better than Bill Polian,who, from the looks of it, went senile after the 2003 draft, and before that started knocking back shots like a gunner every year to celebrate his first round pick.

    If Bridgewater falls to the eighteenth pick and if Idzik sees him as a truly special player and Idzik turns out to be right, he can go ahead, call ESPN, and get a second-job as a football analyst. He can part time as the GM and work on his TV persona and whenever a Jets fan thinks about complaining about it, a rebuttal will pop into his head: “Yeah, but he drafted Teddy.” (Yes, Idzik is easier to compare to Belichick, but I think we all know that Belichick is leaving football feet first.)

    If Bridgewater is great, then he will throw to anybody with average protection against anybody. He will make the careers of his coaches and his receivers. A great QB and a Rex defense? That seems destined for a rule rewrite. Oh, and no one will remember who Geno is.

    Now for the important question: is Bridgewater a possible great? Based off what I have seen, yes. The position presents more of a mental challenge than a physical one. Quarterbacks need focus and quick mental processing. Focus means playing at the same level regardless whether your first child has just been born, the secondary was caught snoozing, your offensive coordinator just popped a blood vessel in his head, or an All-Pro DL is about to put you in the hospital. Quick mental processing requires intelligence, confidence, and fast decision-making. For example, last year, Geno tried to pass the football to his left hand in his own endzone: focus would tell him it was a stupid thing to do even if there was no tackle about to hit him, processing would tell him that losing the ball in the endzone is a safety and he should have either went to the ground before the endzone or evaded the tackle. Bridgewater has the focus. He was the best college quarterback in the face of pressure last year. It is hard to tell if he has the mental processing as college schemes on both sides of the ball are much less complicated than the schemes at the next level.

    If Bridgewater is there at eighteen, it is not the end of Idzik’s career if he drafts somebody else at that spot. But if Bridgewater turns out to be great, then the Jets are set for a decade. Just as a theoretical comparison, suppose in the 2012 draft, the Colts take RG3, and the Rams are sitting there with Sam Bradford and the second pick. Do you think two years later their fan base would rather have Andrew Luck or the three extra first-round picks they got from the Redskins? Exactly.