No Huddle – Waiting on the NFL Draft Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle with New York Jets thoughts as we wait for the NFL Draft

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Early Draft Thoughts

As the draft gets closer, I keep thinking ” so is this when John Idzik goes from free agency passive to aggressive?” It has to be, doesn’t it? As we sit less than a month away from Radio City, I want to believe at least, that if the Jets truly covet a player slated to go before 18, they will attempt to deal some of their twelve picks to package later picks to do so.

Hopefully the Jets don’t go “best player available at the position” and pinpoint attack strategies for the main four to five guys the team desires instead. Twelve selections means nothing if a handful of them don’t end up becoming key cornerstones going forward. Quality over quantity. Use the picks to move up and around the draft board. Get what you want. Not what falls to you.

The Vick Petition

There’s no need to rehash, or in any way try to justify the actions that led to Michael Vick’s jail time. When word broke last week, though of a petition intended to keep Vick out of Cortland this summer, I had to chime in on Twitter. What I realized after the back and forths with the fan base for a day or two was, airing any views about what Vick did and how he ought to be treated by the public now is no different than debating issues like guns and abortion. It’s a waste of time. No matter what any of us think, there will be a portion on both sides of the fence with an unwavering view.

Vick made a disgusting choice and owned an inexplicable mindset that has turned many off for good, but I will repeat myself again in saying that I for one am in the midst of giving him that second chance. Others won’t appreciate why people like me could do such a thing and I accept that.

I also won’t try to dismiss or downplay what happened when it happened by calling this a non story that took place years ago because it is not true. Vick’s role in the dogfighting horror may be over but the emotions for many regarding the torture and cruelty are still ongoing and will continue to be in some shape or form for Vick’s entire time in New York. Like it or not.

Nobody will be able to stop the protest signs. All Vick can do is show everyone who he is now and provide the proof as to why those signs shouldn’t grow in number.

Hot Seat? No, But The Burner Can Be Turned On Real Quick.

I saw some news brief on how Rex Ryan is not on the hot seat right now. True. Let’s see how things look after eight games. If the Jets are in the hunt, he’s fine. If they start out 2-6 he will be on the hot seat. Fast.

Rex has to keep proving that the team can win and is responding to him. Ryan is sitting on top of the stove and all knobs are turned off for now. There should be no conversation regarding his status really until half the season is through. That will be a fair indicator of how the team is playing and responding to him.

 Quick Hits

– Super Bowl titles aside, assuming that both teams were in a sense rebuilding their offense from the ground up right now, who would you rather be: the Jets with a young Geno Smith to develop, or the Giants if who are reportedly in fear that Eli Manning has entered the declining stage of his career?

– Chris Johnson’s price keeps dropping. The longer that he remains a free agent, the closer I believe he gets to becoming a Jet. Lord Idzik want deals and better than market value when it comes to grabbing veterans. Give this another week or so and watch him join Gang Green.

– Very few phrases in the English language both excite me and scare the delights out of me like “and the New York Jets select” does. I’m ready though. It’s time.