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Welcome to free agency, New York Jets fans. Here at Turn On The Jets, we are going to keep this post updated with transactions, rumors and observations throughout the next few days, as the craziest time of the NFL season kicks off. Make sure to continue checking back as the news starts to trickle in and to follow us over on Twitter right here and Facebook right here…

11:25 PM – Late night BOOM from Denver, who has just signed Aqib Talib to a 6 year, 57 million dollar contract with 26 million guaranteed. They are also rumored to be closing in on DeMarcus Ware. Wow. The ripple effect from this signing is going to make tomorrow quite an interesting day when Darrelle Revis is released by the Tampa Bay Bucs (a seeming foregone conclusion after today’s Verner signing). New England is expected to pursue Revis and yes there are rumblings about the Jets being in the mix as well. Will they be despite the acrimonious history between Woody Johson and TEAM REVIS? Will New England pay a likely 12 million+ per year for a cornerback? Let’s also not forget that Antonio Cromartie is still on the market and could remain an option for either New England or the Jets. Captain Munnerlyn is another free agent corner available. However, all eyes will be on #24 speculation tomorrow…

10:25 PM – Forgot to add this earlier, but it seems like the Michael Vick negotiations have cooled off. He says he wants to be a starter and the Jets can’t (and shouldn’t) offer this guarantee. Going forward, Jets may be a fall back option for him if he doesn’t come to terms to be starter somewhere. He better hurry up though because Josh McCown is coming in for a visit after he visits Tampa Bay and Houston.

10:10 PM – The latest report from Seth Walder is that the Jets are “very interested” in Maurice Jones-Drew. At first, it seems a little strange for the Jets to be chasing a veteran who may be on the decline, but they have had pretty good success bringing in Veteran running backs in the past. He is a similar runner to Chris Ivory, but we can’t complain about adding proven playmakers to this offense, especially with Ivory’s injury history. If the Jets did sign him the backfield could have some combination of MJD, Ivory, Bilal Powell, and Mike Goodson to rotate through. Is Marty Mornhinweg trying to recreate his Three Headed Monster days in Philly when they had Duce Staley, Brian Westbrook, and Correll Buckhalter?

Also, the Dolphins amazingly were able to trade Jonathan Martin to the 49ers where he will reunite with his college coach.

9:25 PM – And it appears that the undisclosed team was the Tampa Bay Bucs. They signed Verner to a four-year deal worth $26.5M with $14M guaranteed which actually seems somewhat cheap. He will most likely be replacing Darrelle Revis in Tampa as they will most likely cut him soon if they can’t get a trade in place. Lovie Smith’s zone scheme was probably a better fit for Verner than Rex Ryan’s man heavy schemes.

In other heart breaking defensive back news, Jairus Byrd signed on to play in Rob Ryan’s defense in New Orleans. Byrd was the top available free agent for many around the league. Ryan now has a crazy safety tandem to work with between Byrd and Kenny Vacarro.

9:00 PM – It has been pretty quiet on the Alterraun Verner front today, but Ian Rapaport reported on NFL Network that Verner is in “Intense Negotiations” with an undisclosed team. Considering that Jets have kept most of their personnel activity close to the vest in the Idzik era, there is reason to believe that they could be the undisclosed team. On the other hand, it could just be a report planted by Verner’s agent. Let’s hope it’s the former.

7:50 PM – Some additional Strief information: Strief is an underrated player who often was overshadowed by the Saints’ guard tandem of Jahri Evans and Ben Grubbs and would be an immediate upgrade over Austin Howard. Strief was named the top Right Tackle in the NFL by both Pro Football Focus and The Bleacher Report 1000. He is 30, which is not that old for a lineman, but 4 years older than Howard. Would be interesting if Jets could potentially land Strief for similar contract that Howard was asking for.

7:20 PM – Still no Jets news. Hopefully patience is a virtue in the John Idzik era. The Chicago Bears just released Julius Peppers, which adds another potential Hall of Fame Defensive End to the market. Don’t see much interest from Jets here as he is a pure 4-3 DE. Miles Austin has been designated for Post June 1 cut. We’re not big fans here as we want to see young, ascending talent sign on, but he has been linked to the Jets. Another safety is off the market. Mike Mitchell signed with the Steelers after a breakout 2013 campaign in Carolina. The pool of safeties has quickly thinned out. Only Jairus Byrd and Chris Clemons are left of the top 8 or 9 guys.

Elsewhere, Golden Tate is heading to Detroit for a visit and Jairus Byrd is heading to New Orleans for a visit. One player to keep an eye on is Saints tackle Zach Strief, who the Jets have reportedly inquired about. According to our resident OL expert, Mike Nolan “Strief is an underrated player who would be an upgrade over Howard and would be a smart move if they could get him at similar money.”

5:20PM –  SO MANY TRANSACTIONS. Cornerback Vontae Davis signed a 4 year, 39.5 million dollar contract with 20 million dollars guaranteed. Wow. If he is getting paid that, what is Alterraun Verner looking at? Safety Malcolm Jenkins has signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, taking them out of the Jairus Byrd sweepstakes. Safety TJ Ward is signing with the Denver Broncos, taking him off the Jets radar. As for offensive lineman, Geoff Schwartz is signing with the Giants, Jon Asamoah is signing with the Falcons and Zane Beadles is heading to Jacksonville.

DeMarcus Ware and Lamar Woodley have been both been released either would be a logical target for the Jets.

Stay patient Jets fans, we are only 80 minutes in. There are plenty of viable options still on the market at cornerback (Munnerlyn, Verner), safety (Clemons, Byrd), and receiver (Tate, Sanders, Jones).

4:20PM – Right tackle Austin Howard is going to hit the open market, which is obviously not very good news for the New York Jets. He is likely to see a robust market from teams like the Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders and maybe a few others. Nothing is over until Howard signs on the dotted line with another team but the Jets are very likely to be looking for a new right tackle this offseason. Eric Winston? Winston Justice? The NFL Draft? It will be interesting to see how the Jets approach filling this need.

ELSEWHERE, Josh McCown is lined up to meet the Tampa Bay Bucs, the Houston Texans and then the Jets, in that order. Mike Freeman has also said that Mike Vick has told former teammates that his most likely destination is the New York Jets…so Mark Sanchez may not be very long for the world of Green and White.

A few other names, Dexter McCluster has actually signed with the Titans, not the Browns. Walter Thurmond is scheduled to visit the Jaguars tonight, where he could be reunited with his former defensive coordinator, Gus Bradley. Antoine Bethea signed with the 49ers, taking another safety off the market.


2:45 PM – Twitter is back up and it looks like Julian Edelman will officially hit free agency after not coming to terms with the Patriots. Don’t rule him out for the Jets just because Jeremy Kerley is already on the roster. It will be interesting to see what kind of money Edelman will warrant after a big year. He has had some injury problems prior to 2013.

2:10 PM – Twitter crashed and we are still two hours away from the official start of Free Agency. What will we do if we have no twitter?!?! I refuse to get my news in more than 140 characters. Before it shut down, there was a report that the Eagles and Redskins are the two finalists in the Jairus Byrd sweepstakes. He will either play 120 snaps a game in Philly or have to play under Jim Haslett in Washington. Let’s hope he comes to his senses in the next couple hours.

1:45 PM – Donte Whitner is reportedly signing with the Cleveland Browns today at 4PM, taking a free agent safety option off the market for the Jets. Despite all the Verner chatter yesterday, Vontae Davis could very well be the Jets first signing today and he could eventually be paired with a safety like Chris Clemons…unless John Idzik plans on pulling the rug out from everybody and making a big offer for Jairus Byrd. Stay tuned, 4PM is inching closer.

1:30 PM – A quick update on two of the Offensive Guards the Jets may have been interested in: Jon Asamoah, who was linked to the Jets last week, is reportedly going to sign with the Falcons for about $4.5 million a year. The Giants and Rams are reportedly in competition over his former teammate Geoff Schwartz. The fact that he has added both the Giants and Rams beat writers to his twitter follower list would seem to confirm this notion.  Many considered those two guys to be the top guards available in free agency. With the Jets seemingly out of contention, Travelle Wharton, Zane Beadles, Wade Smith and Willie Colon may be the next best options out there.

11:30 AM – A few early transactions involving players the Jets could have targeted: Andre Roberts is heading to Washington on a 4 year, 16 million dollar contract. It will be interesting to see how this impacts what players like Emmanuel Sanders, Golden Tate and James Jones are paid. Dexter McCluster is expected to sign with the Cleveland Browns as well. The Jets have been very quiet in terms of the receivers they are interested in. Personally, we’d prefer Tate but there haven’t been any signs the Jets are seriously considering him. The New England Patriots have a three year offer on the table for Julian Edelman and it is rumored if he doesn’t accept by 4PM they will move on to other options. Edelman is an intriguing name for the Jets to consider. It is worth remembering he caught 70% of his passes as an outside receiver last season…not in the slot and he is a dynamic punt returner.

Elsewhere, Austin Howard isn’t signed yet and we are officially worried…

…And don’t get your hopes up about Darrelle Revis coming back here Jets fans.

8:45 AM – By this point, the Jets have been linked to what feels like 90% of the available free agents. The primary concern for today is preventing Austin Howard from hitting the open market, where a team like Miami or Oakland could land him with a monster deal. Many expect the Jets first outside signing to come at the cornerback position. Alterraun Verner has been the main name associated with them but keep an eye on Vontae Davis who will come cheaper and is a better scheme fit for Rex Ryan’s defense. As for wide receiver, James Jones was associated with the Jets last night but it seems more likely the Jets would look for a younger target.

Here is a little reading to start off the day, outside of our above links to breakdowns of Jones and Golden Tate:

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  • Lidman

    My FA wish list:
    -keep Howard
    -sign Nicks to 1yr deal, or Tate to longer term deal
    -Take a serious run at Byrd
    -Due your diligence at CB if Revis becomes available
    -be in on any DeMarcus Ware situation
    -don’t overthink the back up QB situation

  • Joe Barra

    I like that list Lidman. I also hope Edelman comes over here, but it’s a super longshot.

  • glegly


    Oh, and Revis.

    If nothing else than to keep him out of NE. And, sure, he’s pretty good at CB, too…

    How beautiful would that be – subtract Cro, add Revis? AND get the Shel Richardson draft pick and a 4th Rd this year? It’s the kind of scenario that never happen to the NYJ.

  • Lidman

    Glegly…it’s a perfect world.

  • Lidman
  • Frank Antonelli

    Mevis can stay the hell away from here. He personally ruined the 2010 season with his holdout. He’s a cancer and hopefully will get injured again soon.

  • Lidman

    He ‘ruined’ a season in which the NYJ went to the AFC Championship game? In the Divisional round he held Reggie Wayne to 1 target, 1 reception for 1 yard.

    It’s a business. The NYJ cut Holmes and Cro, and will likely do the same to Sanchez, costing them millions. Why is it OK for the team to reneg, but taboo for a player to want to be paid? Have you read ‘Collision Low Crossers’? Read that, and then tell me how you can call the guy a ‘cancer’. His teammates idolized him.

  • Frank Antonelli

    @Lidman. Mevis holdout cost the Jets a home playoff game against the Steelers. If you recall when he came back he got injured and didn’t round into shape until late costing the Jets some early games. How anyone can’t recognize that he’s all about himself and not the team is beyond me. Hopefully you’re better at recognizing character deficiencies with people you do business with.

  • KAsh

    Revis is not coming back to the Jets. Yes, he likes money. But Revis is not a businessman. He makes emotional and egoistic decisions, not rational ones. Would he get more money by selling his brand in New York? Yes. But Revis would never be able to handle the embarassment of and the loss of dignity from returning to the Jets with his tail between his legs, after costing his new team two picks, one which was used on the DROY, then getting both his new coach and his new GM fired, and then getting thrown away like a piece of garbage by his new coach, who apparently cannot even adapt his scheme to utilize the “best” cornerback in the NFL.

    Also, after Revis’s crappy performance last year, when he showed he could no longer run with players, why would you want him back? He was over a year removed from the surgery and getting beat deep. Before he even gets consideration for the top group of FA CBs this year, he needs to show that he can play like he did in 2011.

  • John X

    Revis was never happy and never will be with Sean Gilbert guiding his financial career. He will always be about the next contract. F Revis. I hope he signs with Cleveland and finishes his career in an irrelevant fashion with cellar-dwelling seasons with the Browns.

  • Landon

    I am not against brining Revis back for 12 mil a year over 4 years.
    I do believe the Jets should sign two guards (one being Colon), and go after a WR. All else can be targeted in the draft

  • Lidman

    Enough emotions..the NYJ need a CB and he’s going to be the best available.

    Kash: You are probably right, Revis isn’t likely coming back. I just hope it’s a football decision (which I would disagree with, but I’m not paid to make those) and not an emotional one. Revis isn’t a businessman? Guy he’s masterful at separating the field from the negotiating table. No matter what the talk surrounding his contract was, he peformed at an elite level. What irrational decision did he make? He was set to make $6mm last year, and earned another $10mm? Think about this for a minute: he was coming back from an ACL. He couldn’t hold out because it would have extended the contract he was under. Nobody, but TB was even considering trading for him, yet somehow he got them to pay him as much as any defensive player in the game. How is that not good business? He wasn’t leaving a SB contender. Heck, in a world where most players are about the ‘up front guarantee’, he took a contract guaranteeing him nothing more than 1yr. If TB releases him, and the market for his services comes down-which it has to, no other CB makes $11mm/year, let alone, $16mm-and the NYJ signed him for say 4/$12.5mm, how is that coming back with ‘his tail between his legs’? He’d be getting paid top of the market, on top of everything he’s already made. He alone got his GM/Coach fired? It had nothing to do with Dominik overpaying for his entire OL, or not making the playoffs in his 4 full years there. It had nothing to do with Schiano’s inability to coach at the pro level? Who, on TB, was standing up, like the NYJ did for Rex, saying: “We need to keep Greg Schiano”? Revis is getting thrown away ‘like a piece of garbage’? Guy, it’s simply a value trade. Lovie/Licht didn’t make this deal. TB has a ton of needs and right now has only a 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. Why would you pay him 40+% more than any other CB makes, in a capped sport, when you just went 4-12? If they keep him, how do they address McCoy and David-who are top 3 at their positions-in contract negotiations? From the moment Lovie got this job, I told you this would happen.

    You don’t like Revis, and while I don’t understand it, you’re entitled to your opinion. The question I ask is: with the NYJ needs, and the way Rex uses his CBs, how could you not want him back? PFF rated him the top CB in the league last year. Show me 1 report saying his play has really slipped. He was a top 5 CB, and his knee wasn’t 100% for the majority of the season. What am I missing here? Finally, basedd on Collision Low Crossers, I’d bet his teammates would welcome him back with open arms. Why wouldn’t they, he makes them all better, just by stepping on the field.

    John X, I can’t tell you if he was or wasn’t happy, and frankly I don’t care. What I can tell you is, in the vast majority of games he played, for the NYJ, he was the best player on the field, for either team. You win with great players. He’s still a great player, IMO.

    I’m in no way suggesting the NYJ pay him more than anyone else to get him back here. However, with the amount of cap room they have, I simply don’t see why anyone, especially NYJ fans, wouldn’t want to have as good a man to man CB, as there is in the league. John X, you correctly site how poorly the ILB are in coverage. You add Revis, and now you have Safety help to lessen the burden. Does Vontae Davis or Alteraun Verner guarantee that? Yes, Revis is ‘all about the money’. What player isn’t? At least you know what you’re buying with him. At least there is no worry that he’ll get his money and then coast, like Holmes, Haynesworth, CJ2K and many others do.

    Just think about it, the NYJ, in a rebuilding year, could possibly have ‘loaned’ their best player for the DROY, and a 4th round pick. Heck, we should be praising the guy!!!!

  • Jay

    OMG TWITTER IS DOWN. *Panic in the streets*

  • Joe Caporoso


  • Lidman

    It’s like the old days…I’m old, I remember.

  • Lidman

    Twitter returns…

  • John X

    Emotions are what got Revis tossed and ensure that he never return. These aren’t machines out there – these are humans. And Woody was personally insulted with Darrelle’s continuous thumbing of every offer presented added by his shark lawyers playing ruthless hardball every moment. Woody is not known for being a cheap owner – the Jets under his ownership have always maintained at the very least, market value.
    Any of you trying to justify his return as somehow holding value can hold their breath as it’s not the point. He’s not coming back to the Jets – that is. It’s personal. And this involves emotions. That’s a fact.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Hopefully Mevis blows out his knees and can never play again. Without a guaranteed contract he ends up with nothing. Karma bitch.

    This article shows why you don’t sign Mevis:

    It’s going to be very hard for the Buccaneers to trade cornerback Darrelle Revis.

    The problem, as it usually is, is money. The contract Revis signed last year gives him $16 million per year. A season in to his relationship with the Bucs, the team that traded for him wanted him to take less.

    Per a league source, Revis declined Tampa’s request to reduce his compensation. Which sparked the effort to trade him and the inevitable decision, if they can’t trade him, to cut him.

    The source explains that Revis won’t take a pay cut to facilitate a trade. Really, why would he? If a team like the Browns would pay him $12 million in 2014 as part of a trade, they’d at least pay that much if they can get him without giving up a draft pick or a player or multiple of either.

    So unless someone is willing to acquire the current contract as written via a trade with the Buccaneers, a trade won’t happen.

    The next question becomes whether and to what extent another team would pay Revis above whatever the Buccaneers were willing to pay on a reduced deal. While it’s tampering for other teams to answer hypothetical questions, agents need to know what’s behind Door No. 2 before rejecting what’s behind Door No. 1. It’s safe to assume those conversations have occurred.

    There’s another dynamic to consider when it comes to employing Darrelle Revis. Teams prefer having a happy Darrelle Revis. If he believes he’s underpaid, he won’t be happy. And he will be considering his options, including but not limited to a holdout.

    Even a happy Revis is something some teams may not want. He has a reputation, forged by a pair of holdouts in New York and the threat of another that prompted owner Woody Johnson to punt. Some teams don’t want the potential headache, even though the talent remains.

    Our prediction? Revis will be cut, and he’ll sign for more than the Bucs wanted to pay. Keep an eye on contending teams with franchise quarterbacks, including but not limited to the Patriots, Broncos, and Falcons. For non-contenders, the only way to get Revis will be to trade for his contract, and hope that he’ll be happy.

  • Lidman

    Frank..isn’t it possible he won’t restructure contract because he doesn’t want to play in TB, Oakland or Cleveland? He signed a contract, the team has a right to cut him. In your job if you signed a contract to make 40+% more than anyone else doing your job, would you take less to go to a situation that wasn’t any better? Heck, if he has to take less money, why not just get cut and at least have a say in where he goes?

    “There’s another dynamic to consider when it comes to employing Darrelle Revis. Teams prefer having a happy Darrelle Revis. If he believes he’s underpaid, he won’t be happy. And he will be considering his options, including but not limited to a holdout.”

    Not sure I understand the above. I acknowledge Revis is about the money. So, if any team trades for him, he knows he’s going to pay paid handsomely. If he gets cut, he gets to choose the team and deal he signs for. Finally, was he always ‘happy’ with his contract with the NYJ? If the answer is ‘no’, did that unhappiness ever affect the level of his play?

  • Lidman

    Frank..isn’t it possible he won’t restructure contract because he doesn’t want to play in TB, Oakland or Cleveland? He signed a contract, the team has a right to cut him. In your job if you signed a contract to make 40+% more than anyone else doing your job, would you take less to go to a situation that wasn’t any better? Heck, if he has to take less money, why not just get cut and at least have a say in where he goes?

    “There’s another dynamic to consider when it comes to employing Darrelle Revis. Teams prefer having a happy Darrelle Revis. If he believes he’s underpaid, he won’t be happy. And he will be considering his options, including but not limited to a holdout.”

    Not sure I understand the above. I acknowledge Revis is about the money. So, if any team trades for him, he knows he’s going to pay paid handsomely. If he gets cut, he gets to choose the team and deal he signs for. Finally, was he always ‘happy’ with his contract with the NYJ? If the answer is ‘no’, did that unhappiness ever affect the level of his play?

    Let me ask you something, when the NYY offered Cano $175mm, but he took a deal, away, for $240mm, was he being ‘Mevis-like’?

    If Revis were on the NYJ, their defense would, likely, be significantly better than it was a year ago. As a fan, I’d like that.

  • Lidman

    Should NYJ fans be worried/concerned nobody, including Austin Howard, is being linked to them?

  • Frank Antonelli

    @Lidman. Mevis is all about himself. He’s going to the highest bidder which means he’s NOT coming to the Jets. You need to let go of this fantasy you have of him returning. Mevis is getting bad advice from his idiot uncle and hopefully the game he is playing backfires on him and he ends up with nothing. As a business owner I would NEVER hire someone like Mevis because in the end I know that it will end badly.

  • Lidman

    Some recent examples of how ’emotions’ get you in trouble:

    -2007, Alex Rodriguez opts out of contract, Brian Cashman exhales..Hank Steinbrenner gets emotional and gives Rodriguez a raise. PED issues aside, how’s that working out?

    -2009, Boston is about to sign Mark Teixiera, NYY find out and pay him 20mm more to come here. How’s that working out?

    -2010, CC Sabathia opts out of contract, at 30, when pitchers begin rapid decline. NYY fearing having no name #1 starter, give him raise and 3 more years, how’s that working out?

    -2010, NYK set themselves up to be in position to sign LeBron James. They miss. Realizing they are remodeling MSG, for a smooth 1.5BN, and need to raise prices, they offer A Stoudemire 5yr/99mm, when their own doctors told them he’d give them 3yrs, at most. How’s that working out?

    -2012, Jeremy Lin falls into NYK lap, after Houston releases him. Post Linsanity, Dolan gets emotional that Lin leveraged his offer to get Houston to pony up ‘poison pill’ contract. NYK let him walk, for nothing. Now they need a PG, and very few assets to trade with. On top of that the guy they brought in has been great!! Working out well…

    Now, let’s look at these:

    2011-Albert Pujols leaves St Louis because they wouldn’t give him 10yrs. It’s emotional, but Cards make a business decision. How’s that working out for Cards, Angels?

    2012-Texas lets Josh Hamilton walk. A very unpopular move with their fans, but they made a business decision. How’s that working out?

    2012-Indy cuts ties with Peyton Manning, a guy who got them a stadium built and brought the Superbowl to the city. But, it’s a business decision. How’s that working out?

    2013-Darelle Revis coming off a ACL injury has an opt out clause. NYJ are faced with losing him for nothing, or re-upping with him for another big guarantee, without knowing how he’ll perform. They trade him and use the pick to get the DROY. A year later, TB, is about to release him. Trading Revis was an emotional decision. How’s it working out?

    Bottom line, emotions cloud judgement. You make good business decisions when you evaluate a situation, in its entirety.

    I know the guy isn’t likely coming back. But that’s more because someone will pay more for his skill set. I simply am saying, the NYJ have a need and to ignore him, because of emotions would be stupid.

  • Frank Antonelli

    @Lidman. You are confusing emotions with common sense. Idzik is not one to let emotions interfere with his business plan. His business plan does NOT include a selfish prick like Mevis. There are better and less expensive alternatives. Better meaning a better combination of skill, character and salary cap considerations.

  • KAsh


    I do not have anything against Revis. Everytime I say something short of utter praise and adoration towards him, you accuse me of having a vendetta, and I have to admit, I find it hilarious. For me, it always feels nice to speak the truth, but talking about Revis brings the added pleasure of annoying you.

    Revis is not coming back to New York. His asking price is always too high. What he asks to be paid is never worth the product he puts on the field. Yet he bitches and moans at the very suggestion of being paid a fair value (which would still make him the highest paid corner in the league). He is a lockerroom cancer: tumors are not rejected by the body, they just divert all the body’s resources towards their own well-being and they eventually influence other parts of the body to do the same. Strategically, he is not needed. Rex pretty much showed that as long as he has a healthy, physical, experienced corner that corner can maintain an island. So, for $10 million we can have a young, great, rising corner that is overjoyed to be on the team or for $12 million ($12 million – HA! – I think we all know Revis would not wipe his ass for $12 million) we can have an aging corner coming off a huge knee injury, which he never recovered from (and sat in zone coverage all year, which allowed him to get a high grade from PFF, since PFF does not factor in the assignment’s difficulty into its grades) that will be disgruntled and griping about his contract the first chance he gets.

    I do not think I am alone or bitter when I say that I want nothing to do with Revis anymore. On the contrary, all I hear from the ones that want Revis back is nostalgia for a favorite player from back when the team used to suck. After all the things he has put this franchise through, his asking price needs to be below the market value for him to get equal consideration. Verner or Davis for $10 million are equal to Revis for $8 million. The fact that he will never agree to his true value is what makes me dismiss him out of hand. Joe is right: let him go to Oakland, who will pay him $18 million just for his name and we can all watch the Peyton-Revis washed-up throwdown for two weeks next year.

  • Lidman

    Is it possible NYJ come away from opening day of new year, adding nobody and losing their starting RT?

  • Justin C.

    That is what it seems to be. The Jets look like they plan on signing cheap guys again :/ I was getting myself excited at the thought of us getting someone like Byrd, but spending the money we have this year does not seem to be in Idzik’s agenda. Oh well! I just hope he can find the right guys to improve this team.

  • glegly


  • Lidman

    John X..your boy Dansby got $14mm guaranteed…wow…there is a lot of money out there.

  • Justin C.

    Also, seeing that you guys got into a heated Revis discussion, I must point something out. Why should the Jets consider bringing Revis back when the Buccaneers, a team who had a historically horrendous pass defense in 2012, is doing everything in their power to get rid of him? Does that not present red flags? Granted, it could be as simple as Lovie Smith not needing Revis to run his defensive schemes, BUT it could also have a deeper meaning. Maybe Revis is far from 100% and the team wants to let Revis be some other team’s $16 million problem.

  • Lidman


    TB went 4-12. TB has questions at QB. TB has McCoy and L David, 1st team All Pros that need to be extended. They need to rebuild their OL. They need a WR. The guys running the team didn’t make this trade and Revis, as good as he is, makes 40% more than anyone else playing that position. He’s a luxury they can’t afford.

  • Justin C.

    Very true. Shame on them then for making such an idiotic trade to begin with. But it benefits the Jets, so I am happy nonetheless.

  • Lidman

    “He is a lockerroom cancer: tumors are not rejected by the body, they just divert all the body’s resources towards their own well-being and they eventually influence other parts of the body to do the same.”

    -Kashism…he can’t prove it..but he’ll say it!!! Find me one coach/player who suggests he’s not a team guy. You can’t do it. All these guys understand it’s a business. You don’t. You’re a fan. You think they should sacrifice. It’s OK, but it’s naive.

    “Strategically, he is not needed. Rex pretty much showed that as long as he has a healthy, physical, experienced corner that corner can maintain an island”

    Really, when? Last year, when nobody had to thrown on the NYJ to win, because they had a 23rd, or so, ranked run D?

    By the way, you are the only person…only person, I’ve ever read/heard suggest Revis played poorly, overall, last year. And, you can’t cherry pick. You use PFF in your arguments. They look at EVERY play, so I disagree your notion they ‘don’t factor in the assignment’. They grade based on the results of every play, so assignment/coverage must come into play. Is it perfect? Of course not, but if these guys suggest he’s the top CB, in a given year, and are looking at every play, I’ll take their opinion of your observation: “we can have an aging corner coming off a huge knee injury, which he never recovered from (and sat in zone coverage all year, which allowed him to get a high grade from PFF, since PFF does not factor in the assignment’s difficulty into its grades)”

    Finally, you don’t aggravate me either. This is stress relief. If you really bothered me, I wouldn’t respond. I actually enjoy your ‘analysis of metpahors’, rather than facts.

  • Lidman

    Justin…slow afternoon..always fun to prognosticate, and opine. The regulars here have been bored by this rant for the past year. I was all over him getting released as soon as Schiano/Licht were fired.

  • KAsh

    Your arguments are so paper-thin, you would have been better off not making them.

    Has Rex ever said anything bad about any player he has ever had? Are you ever pissed off at a colleague because he has a dispute with his boss? The obvious answer to both questions is no. Yet a guy that is always arguing with his boss, that gets into public shouting matches and put downs is a bad employee, a cancer on the company. And regardless of whether he wins or loses his arguments, he affects the entire work environment. You keep saying that this is football and this is a business, but this is life and Revis is an employee you never want to have, no matter what company you work for.

    As for PFF, no their grades do not incorporate difficulty. They blasted Harris for the Atlanta game because he could not keep Tony Gonzalez from catching passes. Anyone who watched that game should have said that Harris did an admirable job at keeping Gonzales from getting as little yardage as possible. PFF gives grades based on what the prospect played, as they do not have the information on what the correct assignment was. So not only do they reward sitting in zone the same as they reward man coverage against the #1 receiver, they also cannot prove who messed up when an assignment gets blown. Cromartie got called for the Sanders TD, even though the safety that should have blocked off the middle of the field was not there.

    Revis is not what he used to be: anyone who watched his games will tell you. All year, he sat in zone and got exposed deep one-on-one. How can a team have the best corner in the league and have the #17 pass defense, and just one game without a single TD scored against them, in which Stevie Johnson still had 5 catches for 67 yards? You idolize the guy and he is the only player you cared about on this team, and his trade reshaped your view of this entire team, but you are imagining a guy that is much worse than what you think him to be.

  • John X

    Dansby’s not my boy. I want them to sign RFA Vincent Rey from Cincy.

    At this point with all the early signings, I was hoping for Howard to be signed and Vontae Davis wrapped up with hopes of Schwartz or Asamoah at OG being chased. Maybe news of WR’s in the mix. Instead we have to settle for a Folk extension. Did Idzik take a late nap?

  • KAsh

    Wow, what an unexciting first hour of sitting on a $40 million pile of money. After all the tension, we sign our kicker… who we already had franchised…

  • twoshady18

    girls girls… you’re both pretty.

  • Justin C.

    Haha! I actually must disagree with you.

  • KAsh

    BTW, you know it is a slow start to the FA period when Joe starts commenting on what the Giants are doing.

  • Lidman’re right..everyone else is wrong.

  • John X

    While everyone else is getting signed, there’s no movement whatsoever from Idzik. Cleveland has signed pretty much everyone and now offered Andrew Hawkins a contract which Cincy will now get to match. So cross him off your list of players we thought the Jets coveted – maybe they didn’t.
    5 of the top 6 safeties are all gone with Byrd flying to NO so no difference maker at safety remains however I’d still like to have Clemons but at this rate, he’ll be snatched before long.

    I still can’t get over the fact that he spent such precious, valuable time today on Folk when he could’ve redone his deal anytime in the next 18 months.
    Idzik: what are you waiting for exactly?

  • Lidman

    John X…I just thought he was also someone you pointed out. Maybe it was Harold.

    How are my arguments ‘paper thin’? Give me examples.

    You are correct, Rex is generally effusive of all his players. You still haven’t given me one example of some insider, source, player..person from the cafeteria suggesting Revis was anything but a great teammate. Go read Collision Low Crossers…the guy spent a year with the team. There isn’t anything in that book suggesting Revis was an issue. I just don’t see how you make statements based on your own conjecture…that’s all.

    Again, read, I know PFF isn’t perfect. However, if they are watching every play, I’m thinking they’re right a lot more than wrong. You cite Harris, as an example of their incorrect grading. Gonzalez had 10 catches for 97 yards, on 14 targets and 6 first downs. He also drew a PI call (on Davis). How good could Harris have been in coverage?

    Revis got beat deep all year? Again, if PFF isn’t right, I apologize but the guy gave up a league low 8.9yds per reception…that doesn’t sound like someone who’s consistently giving up deep balls.

    Finally, he’s not necessarily my favorite player. I just look for value. Have you seen the contracts Sam Shields and Vontae Davis have gotten? Neither of them will ever be as good as Revis is 3yrs from now. As a Jet fan, I want them to get impact, game changing players. Revis has proven to be that and sorry, nothing he did last year suggests anything less.
    You don’t like PFF, ok..go to this article:

    While I appreciate your confidence as a talent evaluator, you’re simply pissing in the wind on this. Don’t tell me what you’ve seen, because I can cite games where teams simply ignored his side of the field because they could challenge the rookie, J Banks, on the other side.

  • KAsh

    Byrd is flying to visit the Saints. That does not mean they can sign him. This is the same team that was hoping Graham was not counted as a WR, as the difference between the franchise tag for both positions would have made him too costly.

    Talib, Verner, and other lower corners are still on the market. The OLB market only improved with the start of FA. No significant moves have been made for WRs or TEs. As long as the players we were actually targeting have not been signed, avoiding the first wave of free agency avoids competing with all the outrageous contracts (just look at what the Raiders, the Colts, and the Dolphins paid out). Keep calm and carry on.

  • KAsh


    You are right: Revis is so great, no GMs that ever gave him a contract still works in the league. That is impressive.

    I really do not get how you look past all Revis’s faults. Yes, players want money: who holds out or complains as much as Revis? With him on the team, the Jets were a circus. Was Revis a spectator, a clown, or the ringleader?

  • Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? How did that turn out? Idzik takes the slow and steady route, waiting for cuts to fall into his tight fists. When the dust settles, we’ll see who wins.

  • Lidman

    With him on the team they also went to 2 AFC Championship games. By the way, Bill Belechick, resident genius, has been fired. Again, you cite 1 forget to add that Tanny extended Sanchez, gave away multiple draft picks in trades, moved up to get guys like S Greene and Stephen Hill, drafted Vlad Ducasse, traded for Tim Tebow. Dominik, as I said earlier never made the playoffs, went through 2 coaches, overpaid for an offensive line, drafted Freeman, presided over a facility that has been riddled with a staph infection for nearly 2 seasons and then, yes, traded for a CB coming off major knee sugary, gave said CB 40% more than any other player, at his position makes and gave up a 1st rounder. So, you’ve got me Revis contributed to Domenik’s downfall.

    As far as holding out, again I could care less. It’s part of the ‘dance’ between players/orgnizations. Rookies no longer hold out, because of the rookie wage scale, which wasn’t in place when Revis was a rookie…plenty of rookies held out. His second hold out isn’t any different from Chris Johnson, Emmit Smith, Barry Sanders (both of the latter held out multiple times), Calvin Johnson, Eric Dickerson (2x) and finally, Bo Jackson. Guys hold out every single year. It’s part of the NFL. Heck, Drew Brees was threatening to hold out 2 years ago, but NO caved. Next, send me some articles, during the season, citing Revis ‘complaining’ about his contract….go ahead and ‘google’ it…have fun.

    Here is a question: tell me a game where you believe Revis dogged it because of his contract? If the NYJ can get a better value, I’m all for it. I was against this trade a year ago, but it appears it will work out for them, ok. You’d rather pay 10mm to Verner, DRC or Talib, than give Revis 12-13? If so, we just disagree on ability. This team needs a CB, has a plethora of cap space and, if released, he’s the best out there. If that makes you think I ‘look past his faults’ (comical statement, he’s an exemplary citizen…and more, I’m not marrying/dating him)..then you’re indeed right. I look past the fact that he does all he can to earn the most he can.

    I’m guessing you have an issue with Apple protecting their intellectual property, to insure they make the most they can, too?

  • Frank Antonelli

    @Simon. You are correct sir. Idzik will make some under the radar free agent signings and have another solid draft. He’ll be crucified initially and then hailed as a brilliant executive at the end of the year by the constantly clueless NY media.

    @Lidman. Give it up buddy, you’re making a fool of yourself. When you take into consideration character and salary cap considerations there are many better options at the CB spot than that prick Mevis.

  • Lidman


    What ‘character’ concerns are we talking about here? Illustrate what he’s done that puts his character, in question? Holding out? Based on the salaries given to Shields, Davis (who was arrested in 2009..I know ‘character’ is big with you), what do you think Talib (no ‘character concerns’ there..right) and Verner are going to get? None of these 4 was as good as Revis last year, coming of an ACL.

    I tell you who must be happy today: Cromartie, who if healthy has to be a lock to get 7-8mm, which is more than the NYJ were going to give him.

    I’ll root for whoever wears the green and white. I always hope they get the best possible players…that’s all. If you can sit there and actually type that you think there are better playing options, at CB, than an available Revis, I think you’re misguided.

    Hearing the NYJ are in talks with Nicks…

  • Lidman

    Both Byrd and Ward are gone now too. Maybe they get Nicks and Tate?

  • Lidman

    Vener off the market..ok, so who’s going to play CB for this team..Talib, T Thomas..maybe they’re looking to trade for someone like Claiborne?

  • KAsh


    Ask yourself: has Revis ever played a single year, even a single game, when he was happy with his contract? The only time I can think of where he might have been happy was in 2007 and maybe 2008, after he held out for a better contract right after being drafted, in other words, his worst year and maybe his second-worst year. 2009 he was already unhappy, which led to the holdout before 2010, but he considered the extention in 2010 a “bandaid” so he played 2010 and 2011 unhappy, threatened to holdout before 2012, attended camp because his contract forbid holdouts, played unhappy in 2012, got injured, then got traded. I guess he was also happy last year, but you already know how I feel about his performance.

    Revis is almost thirty, and he has never had a long-term contract he was happy with: how do you know what he will play like once he gets job security?

  • Nikolas


    We couldn’t even sign Verner for 6.5 mill/year?
    So far an we got the the F in FA.

  • Lidman

    Kash…what color is the sky in your world? Since arriving in the NFL, the guy has been hands down, the most consistent defensive player in the game. How do I know what he’ll do when ‘he gets job security’? Before last year, the guy had made over $60mm, in his career. He signed a guaranteed deal, for $16mm. If he wanted, he could have waited to play, citing his injury. Did he? Not only did he play, at less than 100%, but according to everyone but you, he was a top 5 CB. Whoever he plays for next year, is going to get a great CB. I have no doubt about that. He never had a bad year as a NYJ, so again ‘unhappy’ or ‘happy’, he played great. You know what I don’t like: I’ll bet Santonio Holmes was happy with his $25mm guarantee…

    You have delusions that players hold it against one another for trying to get the most money. It’s the world they live in…they get it. Hey, how come nobody is killing TB for cutting Revis and not living up to the contract he signed. Why isn’t anyone killing Dallas for cutting Ware. Tell you what, I’ll bet when a front office shows lack of loyalty, and cuts players, the mood in the locker room is a lot worse than it is when a guy is holding out.

    I get it. You don’t believe Revis should try and squeeze every last nickel that’s available to him. You have the right to that opinion. I simply don’t have an issue with it. Especially when the guy plays like a stud, every year.

  • Frank Antonelli

    @Lidman. You’re blinded by your love for that prick Mevis. If you can’t grasp the fact that he’s a chip off the old block (uncle) then there really is no reason to continue this conversation. You are like the lone voice yelling in the wilderness. After a while people just tune you out.

  • Lidman

    Frank..obviously you’re not tuning me out. Again, I don’t ‘love’ anyone. I simply look at things objectively, and come to my conclusions based on the facts available. You’re emotionally invested, and it clouds your judgement.

    Will you have an issue if/when the NYJ cut Sanchez? If you answer, ‘no’, and base that answer on performance, why would you fault a player for trying to maximize his worth?
    It’s the system…

  • Lidman

    Frank/ that Talib is gone, signing for $56mm, and $26mm guaranteed…keep reminding me how a team, with nearly $50mm in cap space (after cutting Sanchez), whose defense is designed around press, man CB play, and needs a CB, shouldn’t have an interest in this guy????

    The more I think about it, the more I wonder if the reason the NYJ have been quiet is because they’re simply waiting for TB to cut Revis…either that, or they intend on paying James Jones $10mm/year???

    Wonder if Talib to Denver, takes them out of any shot a D Ware? Love to see him on NYJ. I still think he can be an elite pass rusher..just look at Strahan’s 32yr old season.

  • Worldboy90

    I’ll join in on the Loan Voice with Lidman. If you think this is good Gm’ing so far you guys have to be delusionally obsessed with idzik in order to justify his signing. Revis is arguably the best player the organization ever had, the organization saw the most success in over four decades while he was here, the Jets were actually Elite at something, and an opportunity comes up to get him back and you’re yelling to not do it because he hurt your feelings that the man, who is the best at his profession, wants to get paid? Whatever.

    As to Idzik today, doing nothing does not signify being a good GM. Good teams like the Packs and Pats can afford to some-what sit on their hands because they’re already stocked on talent, relatively speaking. But to not upgrade any positions whatsoever, and hoping you’ll hit a bunch of jackpots rounds 4-7 in the draft is not a sound strategy for building a team. I’m not saying go all Miami Dolphins on free agency, but when you have a team with as many holes as ours, with 50m in cap space, and your strategy is to dumpster dive two years in a row, to save for what, 2015 free agency?

    Anyways, My two cents and happily joining Lidman on #TeamRevis 🙂

  • Lidman

    I’ll be pretty bummed next year if Darelle Revis, on NE, is locking down Julian Edelman, on the NYJ….

  • KAsh

    Revis’s contract had ZERO guaranteed money, so he could be cut at any point with zero consequences. He also could never take a single year off because not playing would mean not being worth his contract. He had a base salary of $13 million, so they could cut at any time and save whatever chunk of the season he had yet to play. He had no job security and would have played on only one leg because he was the most obvious player to cut as soon as he signed that contract.

    I do not resent players for getting big contracts. I want Wilkerson to get paid. I wanted us to sign Byrd and feel he got a great contract from the Saints, who will pay him an average of $9 million/year. I was happy last year when Mike DeVito got a solid contract from KC. The heart of the approach I suggested for this free agency was limiting the quantity of FAs, but paying for the few of the cream that you do sign.

    (It is also a funny criticism to hear from a guy whose single worry about any and all wideouts and tight ends available in free agency is their price tag. Except Nicks. Nicks is apparently worth $10 million/year for not giving a damn the past two years. Do you just like guys that flip off their franchises?)

    My view on Revis is an assessment from real life. An NFL team is made up 53 players. It is a collective. People who do not have a clue talk about chemistry and teams themselves talk about team personality (what Rex means by “[Player X] plays like a Jet”), but everyone and their mother sees that a team must play together. But certain types of people just do not fit into a collective and other types of people are anathema to them. Whether you are in an office, in a classroom, in a gym class, in an army brigade, in a science lab, or on an NFL team, the biggest problem you will encounter are guys incapable of considering the group’s needs.

    These guys are not always selfish or egoistical (I consider both great traits as long as the result benefits the team), and they can great to be around, but the only way they benefit the collective is by chance. They sell out people in a heartbeat. These people take many guises, but the results are always the same: a move away from the collective’s goal towards the goals of that individual; a change in the atmosphere as the collective gains a different center of power; growing disarray, if the cause is not excised, from the clash of different priorities. Revis was liked in the lockerroom because he had no beef with his teammates. Do not tell me that Revis’s presence on this team did not fuel or indeed was not the main cause of all the disorder and mayhem that accompanied this franchise since he joined. When the team was cash-strapped, all Revis cared about was getting paid as much as possible; he even had the chutzpah to demand a raise. All your comments ever about him accepting pittances of $12 million/year and $14 million/year were foolish: one single team liked Revis, and they did not even like him as much as the Seahawks liked a slot receiver like Percy Harvin, and he still negotiated a $16 million/year contract, even though it gave him no guarantees and meant he would be thrown to the curb as soon as things turned a little sour. He would start griping about his contract two years away from free agency.

    Machiavelli pointed out this problem with mercenaries – all the ability, but they drain the treasury in times of peace; if they have bad commanders, rob and harass those they are paid to protect; and turn tail and run at the first sign of difficulty – which is why he argued for the formation and training of republican city militias. That is what Revis is: a mercenary. Revis is not someone who will ever stand and fight or sacrifice himself for the good of the team. He is the complete opposite: someone that will encourage others to run away with him. As a teammate, what advice do you think he offers other players? What example do you think he sets for the rookies entering the league? You keep trying to say that Revis is a good teammate, he is well liked, but to be a “good” teammate, you have to contribute to the team. What does Revis contribute? He could be the best corner to ever play the game, but his performance off the field in the lockerroom and with the front office erases any contributions he makes in the game.

    I am not going to cheer for Revis. If he is in green and white again, I am going to boo. And if we do resign him, after a day of talking with you, I am going to agree with Frank: I am going to wish he blows out both legs.

    I am going to sleep with the hope that tomorrow we sign Munnerlyn. Or Cromartie. Or Revis for no more than $8 million/year for two years. He will want a new contract then anyway, and we will all be sick of him again.

  • John X

    DRC seems the best fit (outside of Revis) for Rex’s schemes. This would be a welcome addition to the secondary and a better option than either Davis or Verner would’ve been.

    As a fan, I didn’t like what I saw from Revis regarding his holdouts and shark lawyer tactics. His glowing words about the Jets indicate he’s willing to repair his relationship with the team. That would have to be directed towards Woody who drove him out. If that could happen and the team hammered out a strict contract that penalized holdouts not to exceed 12.5M, then I could see this happen.
    If not, I won’t lose sleep and would be indifferent if he went to NE. That would handcuff their ability to sign others.

  • John X

    Wednesday could be a more fruitful day for the Jets as word is Eric Decker has unceremoniously arrived at Newark airport. With DRC available and big eyes made by Revis along with buzz around MJD and a new RT, this could get interesting very quickly.

    And the Jets are right in cooling on Vick. I always maintained he had eyes for starting and couldn’t be counted on here unless terms were understood. Let him look around and realize no one wants him to start.

  • Lidman

    John X..hope so..I was beginning to wonder if NYJ/Idzik were saving cap space to make a run at LeBron James, if he were to opt out this Summer.

  • Lidman


    We just have different philosophies. Anyone who reads my comments likely can see what mine is. They may disagree, and that’s their perogative.

    The same cannot be said about you. You very rarely use facts to prove any points. You make definitive statements, with a ‘Joyce-like’ use of ‘Stream Of Conciousness’ (kind of like I did there). The problem is you have ZERO basis for the large majority of these claims.

    Example: “All your comments ever about him accepting pittances of $12 million/year and $14 million/year were foolish”

    Where did I ever write that he ‘accepted’ anything? Where did I suggest what he was making was a ‘pittance’?

    I don’t mind debating. In fact, I’m probably addicted to it. But, you can’t debate someone, if they constantly answer in conjecture. Go back and read our back and forth. In every case, you take the discussion somewhere else. If I say ‘x’, you don’t give examples to refute ‘x’, you quote Machiavelli, or something similar, in an attempt to take the discussion in another direction. Are you trying to impress people here? Guy, it’s a NYJ blog comment board, not the NY Literary Society comment board.

    Did you ever read Collision Low Crossers? A simple, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will do. The reason I ask this pertains to this wonderful ‘Kashism’:

    “As a teammate, what advice do you think he offers other players? What example do you think he sets for the rookies entering the league? You keep trying to say that Revis is a good teammate, he is well liked, but to be a “good” teammate, you have to contribute to the team. What does Revis contribute?”

    Anyone who read that book, could answer this for you. If you didn’t read the book, then again, you espousing uninformed conjecture. If you read it, that you have poor reading comprehension skills, because there are clear examples in the book of how he ‘contributes’.

    While I’m at it, this is another one I loved:
    “Do not tell me that Revis’s presence on this team did not fuel or indeed was not the main cause of all the disorder and mayhem that accompanied this franchise since he joined.”

    Sidebar…Folks…you have to love ‘the main cause of all the disorder and mayhem’..yes, Revis’ presence is why Santonio Holmes was yelling at the OLine, to the point where he had to be kicked out of a huddle. To quote ‘A Few Good Men’: ‘while we’re at it, maybe we blame Revis for the Kennedy assassination’.
    Do you read anything your write?

    And, you can prove that claim? Or do you have the ablity to speak on behalf of a locker room you’ve never been in? If you can do that, on a consistent basis, I can make some money with you.

    Stop talking about ‘group needs’. This is a business. This is how these people make their living. In every business, well every business I’ve ever been involved with (You see how I qualified that? I do this to illustrate I’m not omnicient, you should take notes on this.) has a hierarchy, based on performance. For instance, here, at TOJ, Joe is the editor. I’m guessing he is the guy who decides who will write on this site. I’m also guessing, if the site makes money, and their is a guy who doesn’t write, but sells the add space, that makes the money, he gets paid fairly well (on a relative basis) even though he doesn’t write. You know why? Because his role is paramount in generating the revenue. His performance is a key element. This idea that everyone should ‘give for the greater good’ doesn’t work in every case. This isn’t a pride of lions on the Serengetti. Better players, get paid’s the way of life.

    We’ve reached an impasse. Previously I have let you know when I was done with you; this is the last I’ll engage you on this topic. You will no doubt answer and go in some other direction. Have at it. I will read it, I always find comic relief in your writing. In closing, I will say this” wishing bad fortune-“I am going to wish he blows out both legs”-is classless. Has the guy ever done anything to you? Your writing suggests to me you’re a believer in karma. I’ll leave you with this: ‘What comes around, goes around’. It’s fine to debate..and a little needling doesn’t hurt anyone. Being downright nasty, and wishing harm on people seems a bit excessive…well, excessive to me.

  • Justin C.

    I am pretty sure that LeBron James would either sign with the Browns or the Dolphins.

  • Lidman

    NY gets ‘jilted’, yet again…I just hope we don’t do something rash and go overspend for Amari Stoudemire (Michael Vick in this case?).

  • Worldboy90


    You would hope someone blows out both his legs based on the fact he expected to be better compensated from a team you liked? And if he came back to your team you are so emotional you would want this man to suffer and not play, even if its in your detriment as a fan? You remind me of a moody four year old who throws the vanilla ice cream to the floor because his mom forgot he wanted only chocolate.

    You forget that every god damn player on a team in the NFL in your terms is a “mercenary”, and you use that term so very loosely comparing entertainers playing a kids game to roving bands of actual “hired guns” who could actually, you know, rape, murder, and loot a town when under discontent. Blows my mind you get your panties in such a bunch over Revis, but I’m sure if Vick came here at say veteran’s mininum, you’d be overjoyed he came to play for your favorite team; despite his actual, you know, real-life past.

  • twoshady18

    lately comments here have been more argumentative than conversational. i enjoyed reading them in the past but now i find myself scrolling past the overly verbose ones. i implore you to please take it down a notch. the incessant back and forth will only attract the trolls.

  • The Revis Island Troll

    You called?

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    twoshady18 makes a good point. The comment section here is usually informative, readable, & very light on trolling (if any) unlike other ny jets blogs. It would be great if it stayed that way.

  • Joe Caporoso

    I agree with twoshady18 and Jeremiah here. Let’s be respectful here and try to keep comments to a reasonable length. Stay away from personal attacks and comments that are longer than articles, please.

  • KAsh


    I think I qualified “mercenary” very specifically: a guy who has no loyalty and does not care about the group. Although Lidman and you like to pretend otherwise, there are some further conclusions you can make off these two details, such as 1) the guy will only work for money (no loyalty); 2) the guy will abandon the group (does not care); 3) the guy will abandon the group not when the money runs out, but when he has to sacrifice because he can always make money elsewhere, right away, without sacrificing (no loyalty and does not care); 4) the guy will always demand more money than he could possibly be worth (does not care); 5) the guy the guy will always leave at the worst possible moment for the group (does not care and can always make money elsewhere); 6) the guy will strain the social fabric of the group (does not care/only is bound by money). This is called “analytical logic” – gaining more information simply by logical inference from what is already available. I think the above describes Revis and only players like Revis. For example, when Wilkerson earlier this year said he would not hold out, that gave a sense of relief to the entire fan base and probably to the front office, too. Revis, on the other hand, threatened to hold out even when his contract would have penalized him with a three year extention at a low pay. Sadly, this was the one time he made the mistake of almost benefiting this team.


    I will make three points:
    1) Your “philosophy” of using facts is marred by your inferences from them, such as “PFF has him ranked the best corner,” so “he must be good.” You have no idea how and why PFF gives out the grades that it does. You have no idea what it favors or what it actually analyzes. The problem with all data is that patterns form randomly, so if you do not know what you are citing and make leaps of logic that cannot be made, your argument falls apart when analyzed, though it look solid because it has a clear “if A, then B” structure.
    2) I will never read “Collision Low Crossers” and I do not need to. First, here is a sample of what I am reading right now: “The Art of War” by Machiavelli, “The Purpose of Creation” by Berdyaev, “The Gay Science” by Nietzsche, “Nichomachean Ethics” by Aristotle, “The Master and Margarita” by Bulgakov, “Lolita” by Nabokov, “Der Steppenwolfe” by Hesse, “The History of the Peloponnesian War” by Thucydides, “Anthem” by Rand, and “Journey to the End of the Night” by Celine. I can remember where I left off in all of these books, but I just really do not have time for something like “Collision Low Crossers,” especially since it was written by a journalist without insight into football or the front office. I did not spend a year with the organization, but I could tell you as much as he can about that year, and more with some thought and analysis. I can store a lot of information in my head, but you only had to read the newspaper to reach the same conclusions as that book.
    3) I can store a lot of information in my head, which is why I remember you arguing a year ago about paying Revis $12 million or $14 million (you used different numbers in several discussions, the $14 million just once, but you were adamant about him accepting $12 million). In reality, you are more hesitant than me about Revis getting paid what he wants, which is why you always invent some scenario where Revis accepts less money (a “pittance” like $12 million) instead of the $16 million he keeps asking for. Even you acknowledge that Revis demands more than the position is worth, and the money you offer him is still excessive for the position. Do not worry about Revis going to the Pats: any team will have to first outbid the Raiders, who probably will offer Revis $16 million. Remember: when asked earlier this year, Revis said to always choose money over glory.

  • Joe Caporoso

    KAsh – When I read things like the 2nd point you made in this previous comment, I think you may need a nap. Can we keep the discussion football based and avoid personal attacks? There are other people here. I enjoy your participation but don’t make me start chopping down your responses.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Also you named the wrong author of “The Art of War”…

  • KAsh

    Machiavelli’s chief work was “The Art of War.” (His more famous work, “The Prince,” was a private tutorial that he never meant to be published nor was it ever published in his lifetime.) “The Art of War” was his pride and joy, so to speak, and the work he cared about the most. Much like Sun Tzu, he lived in a time of constant warfare, and in a place that was bitterly divided, and threatened by a variety of huge powers.

    As for my last comment, my bad. I was regreting it as I wrote. It was a return to my bad habits in my high school years.

  • Worldboy90


    I don’t know if you know you’re not making much sense any more buddy. Just kind of ranting for the sake of ranting on letting us know A) how Revis is a POS because he wants to get paid and B) how cool everyone is when they’ll take less money to play under your favorite logo. When you look at it simply, Wilkerson is making a mistake for not depending to get paid from the organization at the height of his marketability (remember leon washington?? Why does no one mention how badly the Jets screwed him?) and ITS A GOD DAMN CHILDREN’S GAME KASH. He’s an entertainer, a gladiator for crying out loud, the man deserves to suck out every last penny from entitled billionaires that he can get. He worked his way up to this point; i think like 80% of the owners are just playing with daddy’s money.A player deserves to be able to maximize his profit from the Owners while he can and before he gets screwed.

    Anyways Kash, as to all the books you’re reading… lol… Don’t lose it buddy. Try something nice and calming by Paul Coehlo or something.