TOJ New York Jets Free Agency Tracker – DAY TWO


And we are back for more free agency madness. Make sure to check yesterday’s thread for our thoughts on the New York Jets day one activity (or inactivity). Also follow on Twitter and Facebook for the most up to date commentary. What will Wednesday bring for the New York Jets? Let’s get into it…

11:30 PM - One last post before attempting to sleep. What to watch for tomorrow:

  • With the amount of time the Jets have spent with Eric Decker, it would an upset if a deal doesn’t get done sooner, rather than later.
  • The bigger question is how soon can the Jets turn from potentially closing Decker to shifting their focus to James Jones or another wide receiver?
  • Cornerback Captain Munnerlyn is scheduled to visit the Jets. Brandon Browner, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and going back to Antonio Cromartie are all also options on the table for the Jets at cornerback.
  • I am surprised there isn’t more of a market for safety Chris Clemons?
  • Will the Jets still consider pursuing a veteran tight end with Jeff Cumberland back in the fold? Brandon Pettigrew, Scott Chandler and Andrew Quarless are all still on the market.
  • At offensive guard the pickings are slim: Pro Football Focus ranks the top remaining players as Travelle Wharton, WIllie Colon and Kevin Boothe.


9:20 PM – How you holding up out there, Jets fans? The sun will come up tomorrow, I promise. Yes, Darrelle Revis has signed a one year, 12 million dollar contract with the New England Patriots. It really happened. One year from now we will likely be going through the same Revis drama, as he will again be looking for a new contract. He is a mercenary and a very good one at that. The Revis media camp used media outlets (primarily The Daily News) to rile up chatter that a Jets/Revis reunion could happen, when in reality it was never realistic. Revis will fill the spot vacated by Aqib Talib in New England and if he can regain pre-injury form will be a nice upgrade for them at his spot.

As for our Jets, they have replaced Austin Howard with Breno Giacomini of the Seattle Seahawks. There aren’t any contract details yet but Giacomini started most of last season for the Seahawks (he missed seven games due to injury) but did return to start for their entire playoff run and the Super Bowl. Our resident OL guru Mike Nolan had this to say on him:

Very similar player to Howard. Relatively average across the board but shows great effort and has good motor. He plays with a high pad level and run blocks through his back instead of hips

Pro Football Focus ranked Giacomini slightly higher than Howard last season and there is a good chance he will come for less money…so potentially a nice move for the Jets here.

In other news, Decker will be spending the night in New Jersey as the Jets are making a hard push to sign him. Stay tuned.  (JC))

8:30 PM – Darrelle Revis: 1 year. 12 million dollars. New England Patriots. Somebody check on Rex Ryan…

7:30 PM – HEY A TRANSACTION! The Jets have brought back defensive lineman Leger Douzable on a one year deal. This is a nice and somewhat surprising resigning by the Jets. Douzable put together a very good year as a rotational defensive lineman and figured to get some looks as a potential starter elsewhere but the Jets were able to keep him in house. We do know one thing. defensive line isn’t going to be an issue next season. (JC)

6:45 PM – Here is a stat to chew on. Over the past two seasons Eric Decker has 24 touchdown receptions. James Jones has 17 touchdown receptions. Every single New York Jets receiver has combined to have 16 touchdown receptions in the past two seasons. YIKES.  The nice thing about a Decker/Jones combination is that both players are over six feet tall and 200 pounds, so Geno will have some size to work with, particularly in the redzone…if both players are signed.

Since we posted the offensive depth chart, might as well finish up with the defense

  • NT: Damon Harrison. Kenrick Ellis
  • DE: Muhammad Wilkerson
  • DE: Sheldon Richardson
  • OLB: Quinton Coples. Jermaine Cunningham.
  • OLB: Garrett McIntyre. Antwan Barnes.
  • ILB: David Harris. Nick Bellore
  • ILB: Demario Davis. Troy Davis.
  • CB: Dee Miller. Darrin Walls. Kyle Wilson. Ellis Lankster. Aaron Berry. Johnny Patrick. Ras-I Dowling
  • FS: Antonio Allen. Josh Bush.
  • SS: Dawan Landry. Jaiquawn Jarrett. Rontez Miles.


5:15 PM – Eric Decker is still believed to be in New York but there is still no news of a deal. The Browns have released QB Jason Campbell, who could be another option for the Jets to consider. Let’s take a look at the current New York Jets offensive depth chart:

  • QB: Geno Smith. Mark Sanchez. Matt Simms.
  • RB: Chris Ivory. Bilal Powell. Mike Goodson.
  • FB: Tommy Bohanon.
  • WR: Jeremy Kerley. David Nelson. Stephen Hill. Greg Salas. Saalim Hakim. Clyde Gates.
  • TE: Jeff Cumberland. Zach Sudfeld.
  • RT: Ben Ijalana/Oday Aboushi
  • RG: Caleb Schlauderaff/Will Campbell
  • C: Nick Mangold
  • LG: Brian WInters.
  • LT: D’Brickashaw Ferguson


4:00 PM – Darrelle Revis has officially been released, meaning the Jets will get a 4th round pick in this year’s draft…also meaning that New England and other teams are in hot pursuit of the cornerback. Buckle up. Maybe it will cheer you up if you remember the Jets received Sheldon Richardson and a 4th round pick for a player who was cut a year later? No? Still worried about Belichick getting his hands on him? Fair enough, I can’t blame you.

Also Golden Tate has signed a 5 year contract with the Detroit Lions. Keep an eye on the Jets pursuing not just Eric Decker but also James Jones. They are apparently looking to add TWO receivers via free agency, not just one. (JC)

2:55 PM – Ladies and Gentlemen…Your 2014 Denver Broncos:


-Tiny Nolan

2:45 PM – Josh McCown has signed with the Tampa Bay Bucs to a two year deal for 10 million dollars. The Jets primary option for a backup quarterback remains Mike Vick with Shaun Hill and Tavaris Jackson as fallbacks. DeMarcus Ware has signed with the Denver Broncos (who the Jets host at MetLife next season, by the way). How about the front seven they are putting together, nevermind the addition of Talib and Ward to the secondary…

If you believe in reading into tweets, Eric Decker’s wife just tweeted how proud she was of him…so there’s that. Could this deal get closed today?

1:00 PM – It is quiet. Maybe a little too quiet? Adam Schefter seems to believe the Jets are going to lock up both Eric Decker and Breno Giacomini today. We’ll see. I spoke with Tony Pauline earlier today and he maintains the Jets also still have a high level of interest in James Jones. Could the Jets add more than one receiver in free agency? It wouldn’t be that crazy of a thought considering their current depth chart.

As for the Patriots and Darrelle Revis, there is a scary probability of it happening. Honestly any percentage higher than ZERO is scary for Jets fans to consider but the possibility is out there and I wouldn’t relax until he signs somewhere else. (JC)

11:06 AM – Captain’s Log: Things are getting confusing with the Jets reportedly having significant interest in a quintessential “Ground and Pound” Running Back in Maurice Jones-Drew who appears to be a very old 28 with a lot of miles on him. Then in the next moment, the Idzik and Co. after finally solidifying the Right Tackle position following the Wayne Hunter debacle allows the young and fairly above average walk to the Raiders, just makes no sense. It leads me to believe that the Jets’ brass thinks that Will Campbell and Oday Aboushi are not that far off but it remains to be seen whether either can really play.

I was going to wait to address the whole Revis rig-amoral but when he inevitably hits the free agent market at some point today, it might behoove the Jets to swallow their pride and forget about their past dealings with the All-Pro Cornerback and give him a long look if for no other reason but to keep out of the hands of Belichick and the Patriots. Unfortunately, we live in the real world, a world in which the previous regime bent over backwards to accommodate the one they used to refer to as “Revis Christ” and a world in which that same player cares more about dollars and cents than wins and losses. The only way I see a reunion happening is if Revis takes a page out of Tebow’s playbook and become more missionary and less mercenary and obviously hope he doesn’t go to New England. I’m thinking that somewhere in the bowels of Florham Park, Rex is on the verge of staging a hunger strike until the Jets bring back #24 but that’s just one man’s take on it.

In terms of this Eric Decker talk, signing him would go against all of the rhetoric that John Idzik has been spewing about paying top tier money for second-tier talent. I think you would be hard-pressed to find anyone that genuinely believes that Decker is a “number one” receiver and paying him like one is a mistake they probably don’t want to make again considering they did that once with Santonio Holmes and only just go out from under that contract. The price has to be right in terms of the guaranteed money in order to justify bringing him to New York when it’s obvious they will probably be going Receiver in Round One.

That’s all I got for you now.- (DM)

10:55 AM – I woke up this morning to find Jets fans in a state of panic. Austin Howard signed with the Oakland Raiders for 5 years at 30 million dollars…so add right tackle to the Jets list of needs. The primary focus to replace him is going to center around Breno Giacomini from the Seattle Seahawks or Zach Strief from the New Orleans Saints. We’ll have Mike Nolan check in later with some thoughts on Giacomini. The other big news is that Eric Decker will be visiting the Jets today. Before everybody flips out about Decker’s fit and pricetag (which we don’t know yet), I’d encourage a read of this article.

Elsewhere, it sounds like Matt Schaub doesn’t have much interest in coming to the Jets, if released by Houston. As of now, I’d still say Mike Vick is the frontrunner at quarterback to land here, with Josh McCown and Shaun Hill as fallback options.

A few names who are still out there: Chris Clemons (safety), Julian Edelman (receiver), Captain Munnerlyn (cornerback), Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (cornerback). (JC)

76 thoughts on “TOJ New York Jets Free Agency Tracker – DAY TWO

  1. Two weeks ago the majority of NYJ fans were probably in the camp of them using their 1st, 2nd and 2 3rds would be used in improving the skill positions, specifically WR and TE.

    Obviously much to change before draft day, but today, you can argue them taking a OL, S, WR, TE, or CB..not to mention they’re only going to have their own 3rd now.

  2. Decker comes down entirely to price. If we can land him for $8 M or less, I will be very happy. If we pay him 11+, I think it’s ridiculous and sets us back. I’m hopeful, however, because Idzik seems very deliberate and not willing to overpay (evidenced in us letting Howard walk for above market value). The fact that Decker is visiting us first gives me hope that he’s willing to sign for 7 – 8.5, which as long as we have the ability to cut ties easily is great value.

  3. I think fans need to calm down about the whole Decker situation and free agency in general. Idzik wouldn’t go a cent over his offer to Howard, so what makes people think he would overpay for Decker? Also, it’s been 1 and a half days of free agency and everyone is acting like the Jets plan on spending no money. It’s like Bill Polian says, the smart teams wait for teams to overspend on talent and then come in and pay market price or below for players left. There is plenty of talent left out there

  4. ThatMeister – I do think 11M would be excessive. Early chatter has put him in the 8-10M range but contracts have been so all over the place, who knows where he ends up? I am hoping for 8-9M.

  5. Who knows Howard best? Obviously the Jets. Idzik’s refusal to match a very matchable contract offer from the stinking Raiders is a good indication of what they think of Howard. His ranking as a RT is below both Giacomini and Strief! So if you can get either one for less money and less years and we draft our eventual long term RT then walking away from Howard makes a lot of sense. The Jets determined that he wasn’t really worth the risk. Time will tell but I have a feeling Idzik and crew are right on this one.

  6. Ok so far I like the standstill. You know I would prefer Vick starting and maybe teaching Geno Smith a thing or two about playing like he did Nick Foles. If they pursue Demarcus Ware with Big$$$ that would make the Jets D-line nearly unstoppable. but the issues still remain they couldn’t bring in one of those Probowl safties. I think the secondary play stands in between mediocrity and excellence right now for the Jets. I hope they bring in Decker but they sure as hell better have a Qb to get him the ball. And yes I want Revis Island back.

  7. I’m not sure the WR’s will command such top dollar – no one was even contacted on Tuesday. Nearly all the top safeties flew off the selves as did OT’s and OG’s. A number of CB’s and most of the remaining pass rushers were gone quick.
    I don’t see a Mike Wallace from this group so I’m not so sure we’re looking at double digits for anyone in this class.

  8. Paying for Decker 7 million is too much.


    If we can sign Revis for 12.5 mil/year, this defense will not allow more than 13 points a game next year; it will be super dominant and will guarantee the playoffs.

  9. Hey Joe, I know you’re a huge supporter of Idzik and such, but I’m with the camp that says he lucked out with Richardson, was lucky to have rex, and none of his other picks have and pick-ups have proven anything/ or flamed out quickly. At what point can we start calling him a pretty god awful gm?

    If a man with 50m in cap space, with a team low on talent, misses out on all the top OG, S, OT, and CB positions in a key free agency, and instead focuses on a kicker, can we start calling for his head? I know, I know, it’s only day 2. But I got a feeling we’re heading for Idzik thinking Campbell can play G (just like he was inexcusably drafted, allowed to stay on the roster all year), picks up the aging JAG OT from Seattle, James jones at 8-10m a year cuz noone else will play for us, Lets revis go to pats, and we bring back CRO on a bandage deal. That and a series of other moves in the same ball park of “Extend nick folk”.

    I’m not trying to sound combative, just asking if at that point you would have a problem with Idzik? Just curious what your “sand in the line” with him is.

    Oh, and otherwise, I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but great site and great writing. You guys have improved leaps and bounds in the last two years since I’ve followed you, and truly amazing to see something like this grow and improve as much as it has.

  10. @Worldboy90. Let me educate a little bit since you seem to need it. If this is how you feel, after less than 24 hours of free agency. Let me remind you of a couple of things:

    First, John Idzik is on-record stating that he views free agency as a means of plugging holes, enabling him to take a best player available approach to the draft – rather than forcing him to draft for need. That’s how he got Richardson and to say he lucked in to him shows your ignorance.

    Second, he has shown that when he does use free agency, he is only looking to plug holes for 1-2 seasons. Meaning that the way he is spreading money out in the FA contracts, he is front-loading them so that he can cut guys when they are ready to be replaced by his draft picks after a year or two. Meaning he’ll continue to keep the salary cap healthy.

    Third, he has shown a clear understanding that teams overpay in the first wave of FA, and despite there being some talented players that align to our needs, the contractual demands they will have do not align with his philosophy for long-term building and success.

    If you consider what we know about John Idzik, then you should know to expect him to mostly fill the holes at WR, RT, OG, CB as well as maybe addressing some other key areas of weakness before the draft. He’s just not going to do it during the overpay wave of free agency.

    What does this mean? It means we “lose out” on giving gross contracts to mediocre FAs because we “need” them. Perpetual losers waste money right now, and set their teams back. Look what Miami did last year.

    So educate yourself before you post some idiotic emotional rant.

  11. Worldboy90 – There’s still a lot of time left in free agency. I know most Jets fans,likely you included, wouldn’t have wished for a Jeff Ireland style free agency. Run out and drop big money on a few players and potentially cripple the team for years. I’m with you, I was pissed when I saw Verner, Byrd, Davis and others fly off the shelves and all we did was lock down Nick Folk. I believe, however, that securing/stabilizing the future is a very important role for a GM and one that Idzik is doing very well. Sure, none of those scrap heap pick ups paid off, but he had very limited room to work with and those misses in no significant way affected the future of this franchise. It would have been way worse if he had desperately tried to cling to players and offer them piles of guaranteed money that locked us in for years.
    I absolutely don’t want us to do nothing in free agency, but I do recognize that we’re still rebuilding and don’t need to throw gobs of money at a single missing piece (we have a lot of missing pieces), so I’m ok taking the slow measured approach.

    If we finish free agency with Decker, Thurmond, the dolphins safety and a decent tackle and guard all on reasonable contracts, I’ll consider it a very successful offseason.

  12. Huge supporter may be a slight stretch but yes I like the job he has done so far. He was completely hamstrung last offseason in terms of cap space thanks to Tannenbaum and got a productive season out of Colon, Landry, Nelson and Winslow off the scrap heap. He was also put in an impossible spot with Revis and flipped him for Richardson and an extra middle round pick…1 year later TB is cutting him for nothing. I can’t judge the job he has done this offseason until I see what the depth chart looks like post NFL-Draft and heading into week 1.

    As for the NFL Draft, Richardson hit as DROY. Milliner struggled early due to missing camp and being banged up but played much better the final 4 weeks of the season, same for Winters and Geno, so the jury is still very much on the entire class, especially since we haven’t seen what Aboushi and Campbell do down the road. He also pulled off a good trade for Chris Ivory.

    Let’s see what happens in the coming weeks…

  13. And thank you very much for the kind words on the site, they are much appreciated!

  14. Joe,

    I believe the Jets are going to sign two veteran WR’s thus passing over that position with our 1st rounder. I think Jones and/or Sanders will be in play for that 2nd option along with Tate. Detroit can’t come close to affording him.

    The Jets can easily address this position and will certainly be upgraded. Can the same be said at TE? OG? OLB? Safety?

  15. @Frank

    Buddy I wasn’t ranting, I’m just posting a hypothetical. I’m curious what Idzik does, and I get the the whole “plug in holes” approach, but at what point is cheap too cheap? I get Idzik’s supposed approach, but I’m simply arguing it rarely works unless you have a strong base of talent to already work with; we do not. We have 1 wr (Kerley), 2/5 of an Oline, a much weakened secondary from an already weak secondary last year, no TE’s, etc.

    The seahawks, if you remember, were very active in FA during their so called “rebuilding years”. IF so, that’s not how Idzik is acting. I’m simply saying had he been able to pick up TJ ward on a deal slightly more expensive to than that of the Broncos, it would of been a steal; same with the gaurds going to the giants and Falcons. Don’t jeff ireland it, and I get that it’s only day two, but after a time you gotta begin questioning a man’s decisions, don’t you? I was simply asking what the line in the sand was for a bad offseason, or will some fans blindly love Idzik no matter what, a very protective honey-moon period so to say.

  16. Worldboy90: you need to not overreact after the first day of free agency. I’m sure Idzik knows who he wants and how much he is willing to pay. He will not go a cent over that because that is how people waste money. If the Jets wanted Ward, they obviously could’ve paid him more than the Broncos did. Same with Verner. Give it a few days, and if we make no moves then you can start to panic

  17. We won’t know if Idzik is right, or wrong, for a year. With the large, unexpected, rise in the cap this year, forward projections, on future revenues, have some pointing to a 150-160mm cap in 2 years. Each GM has to play his hand.

    Anyone who’s participated in an auction style fantasy baseball, or football, league knows the early spending phenomona. My experience there also tells me, the later you hang on to money, the more you spend for lower quality players on the back end too.

    If the cap goes up as much as some have suggested it will, Idzik has probably misplayed his hand. If revenues dictate a slower climb, he’ll be getting praise in a few years, when all these signees are getting cut, and their teams are strapped with ‘dead money’.

    I certainly thought with the amounth of cap room he had, he would have at least targeted a position, early on. Hopefully it works out, but we won’t know for a while.

  18. The question to ask is- what would Mr T do? And due the opposite. Idzik is going to build though the draft -12 picks, a strategic pick up – Ivory, some free agent stop gap.

    This year will not be as good as if we spent 50m on free agents. But his method is sustainable. I want the flash in the pan, but competing every year would be better

  19. @WB90

    Remember that the Seahawks also missed with most of their free agent pickups. What would you have done yesterday? Pay $10 million/year for Davis? – the Colts have grossly overpayed every single player they signed the past two years. Signed Byrd or Talib for six years? – Byrd will be 34 (a year shy of Ed Reed’s age) by the time his contract ends and Talib is inconsistent; both will also make just short of $10 million/year over the lives of their contracts. Some were very high on Verner, but some evaluators ranked him below the best FA corners and he is now going to a Tampa 2 team for under $7 million/year. While you can arguably pay Austin Howard $6 million/year, guaranteeing him $15 million is way too much.

    The only great signing that the Jets missed on was TJ Ward to the Broncos. They must have had some compromising photos of him to sign him for under $6 million/year. But Ward was not a great fit with the Jets, as he would have displaced Allen from the strong safety spot for another year.

    So, what great signing did the Jets miss on?

  20. Why does everyone hate Mr.T so badly? He got us in a tough spot towards the end, but He also gave us a three year window at the SB. Not many teams in the League get that. He was aggressive in FA and trade and got us Revis, Faneca, Woody,Brick, Mangold, Kris Jenkins, Holmes and Braylon for pennies on the dollar at the time when they were productive, Dustin Keller, Thomas Jones, Leon Washington, David Harris, Wilkerson and Sanchez on the cheap from the browns. He made his fair share of mess-ups towards the end, but he had more than his fair share of hits.

    As to Idzik, again, wait and see approach… but so far his track record of proven successes is Richardson (who still needs to develop to become an Elite d-lineman), and I guess Chris Ivory, but Chris Ivory had a pretty good half a season.Nothing ground breaking, but when we were in a similar position with MR.T in 08′, he got us a strong Year with pennington, a top 3 team with favre before he hurt his bicep, 2 AFC champ games apperances, and an 8-5 team with 3 games to go before the epic meltdown.

    We’ll see, but just saying, doing nothing does not signify you being some kind of Genius, just signifies you’ve done nothing, and when you do nothing with a team piss poor on talent does not make you the smartest man in the room. Hell, Idzik is even getting cheap with Wilkerson; it’s not like he’s even resigned any of his own home grown talent like Kerley or Wilkerson yet either.

  21. Kash,

    I think it’s fair to be concerned about losing Howard, and possibly replacing him with Giancomo-an older player, who in 25 starts has 14 penalties and 8 sacks allowed.
    It’s great to be shrewd, but if you’re mispricing the market, you wind up wasting money, even if it’s less money. Howard is an ascending player. I also think losing him, affects the locker room, as the idea that management doesn’t want to pay their own players, when there is money available, starts to creep in.

    With the amount of cap room NY has, they could have front loaded the guarantee. In NO case, we don’t know how much of Byrd’s contract in prorated bonuses. Remember, if you have a 35yr old Brees, or 38 year old Manning, you do all you can to win now, and worry about the future, in the future, no?

    The NYG have made 3 playoff appearances in the past 7 years, but winning 2 SBs has provided a nice cushion.

  22. I agree the only contract yesterday I thought was fair was verners. I wouldn’t have thrown the money the saints did at Byrd and the colts did at vontae Davis. There are still big name receivers in the pool and if Giacomini is brought he’ll be a good stop gap for a couple years. Don’t forget idziks who wants to be a millionaire analogy… He’s using the draft as his life line and free agency as phoning a friend. If we walk away with either James jones or decker with Giacomini, petitigrew and maybe DRC I’d be very satisfied with idziks approach.

  23. Worldboy90..I agree…when he was given the nickname ‘Trader Mike’ is was a positive. The fact of the matter is when the NYJ were trying to sell PSLs, for MetLife, they went ‘all in’, ala Denver is this year. They didn’t get it done. When you take that approach there is pain on the back end, especially when you have back to back terrible drafts. Overall though, I don’t see his tenure as the failure many make it out to be. I also think one of the reasons Idzik is so popular now is because he’s not Tannenbaum. People loved Tanny when he replace Bradway. People loved Mangenius when he replaced Herm. People loved Rex when he replaced Mangini. If the NYJ have bad year, they’ll hate Idzik…nature of the game.

  24. @Kash

    You know none of those players see the end of the contracts, so you could expect to cut off the final 1-2 years. You also know that Rex runs a hybrid scheme, and often uses 2 SS’s in his system; he doesn’t go by a designation such as “SS” or “FS”, he puts players in a position to succeed. The goal is to add talent; not pick up other teams garbage like the RT on the seahawks, who before the SB was mentioned as one of the biggest weak links on the team.

  25. Nick..agree on draft…but as cap rises, the supply/demand math changes. So, can’t we say this: what was overpaying, under a cap of 123mm, with very little room to play with, is much different than a cap of 133mm, and nearly 50mm to play with? I’m not say spend like a drunken sailor, but you want him to at least understand what the value is vis a vie the team’s needs, no?

  26. @Lidman

    We do know Byrd was guaranteed $28 million out of $54 million total over six years. That means his pro-rated bonus each year will be $4.666 million. Such a large, steady portion of his salary also makes it hard to front load. But the Byrd contract works for the Saints. As you point out, their window will close once Brees gets too old.

    As for Howard, he is a right tackle. He will never be a left tackle. Two options popped up to replace him as soon as he went to Oakland.

  27. Kash…with all the cap room NYJ have..they could have given Byrd a lot of money in first 2 years..unlike NO. Like many have illustrated, with the new use of TE, and even more emphasis on the passing game, the FS position is becoming more important. Won’t surprise me one bit if this is where they go, in round 1.

    On Howard, sure RT isn’t LT, but 2 replacements don’t tell me much. Wayne Hunter performed quite well, after Woody’s achilles injury, in 2010…then he didn’t fair so well. I hope I’m wrong, but I just think they had a good player, who received a market level contract and they decided to look elsewhere, creating another need. It seems counter-intuitive to me. But, I admit, I’m not on the inside, so I don’t know what the plan is.

  28. Yeah I absolutely agree with you there lidman the math should change but the principles shouldn’t. We have the money and the cap room for contracts like Verner, Davis and Howard both recieved and the spendings would have been justified in terms of filling needs. I also agree with you on the Howard front, it stings to lose him but I truly feel idzik has a very good idea as to what a players value is and what he will pay for them so he is staying true to that and will not overpay for a player regardless of cap room. If it means not overspending on a player even if it fills a need I believe he’s going to stay true to his evaluations of a player. Now if he goes out and throws 10-12 million a year at decker based upon filling a need do you feel that contract being justified because of the raised cap and our 50mm in space we have? I just don’t think idzik wants a player on his roster making more money than he should or more money than he’s worth just because he fills a need or because another team is willing to pay more for him plain and simple. Hence the Howard situation. But hey free agency opened 24 hours ago you never what could still happen.

  29. I think that no links between the Jets and either Munnerlyn nor DRC is very telling here. They are going after Revis. And if they are, this must mean they have the blessing of Woody.

    They can most certainly outbid the Pats here as they only have 15M under the cap and must sign some other players as well as draft picks. Didn’t Revis call Bill an a-hole on a show once? He doesn’t want to play for that stiff.

    I’d most like to “cold play” the Eagles to payback their most unprofessional gig with Asamogha a few years back. Only we wouldn’t be so much of a mystery team.

  30. Giacomini is only 28 years old. That is fine for an O-lineman.

    We need to stop making solid players like Howard into franchise pillars.

  31. I think he if values Decker, like a true top flight WR, than yes, he can justify the contract. We can all debate the view on Decker, but ultimately, Idkzik, and his team, get to make that decision.

    With Howard, I think a few things need to be taken into account. First, he’s guy they developed, and he’s improved both years he’s been the starter (to the point where another team was willing to pay him $15mm guaranteed). Second, if there isn’t an ‘in house’ solution, and you bring someone else in, for a cheaper level, and you see a decline in performance, but still have available cap room, it won’t look good (God forbid he brings someone in here for more and it doesn’t work out). Third, Colon is likely gone, and there are question marks at LG. So, as an outsider, it certainly appears this group has been weakened, considerably since the end of the season. We all saw how the LG situation plagued that side of the line all year. Now we are looking at an entirely new right side, that at this point will be made up of either drafted players (and recent picks of Ducasse and Winters illustrate the hazard there) or cheaper FA options. Do you expect cheaper players to be better players?

    I don’t think Idzik has done anything here, that has illustrated he’ll be a great GM. I don’t think he’s done anything too terrible either. Last year, all his moves were either very obvious (the cuts) or they were dictated to him (keeping Rex/trading Revis). Everyone gives him so much credit for getting Richardson with the TB pick. I’d argue, if they didn’t trade Revis, they’d likely have taken Sheldon, at 9. I like Geno, but there are certainly questions there. A year later there were plenty of better options, than Winters, in round 3 (Keenan Allen, Terence Williams and Jordan Reed all came after Winters..and all would have filled a need), if he doesn’t trust Aboushi/Campbell to step up, what does it say about those picks?

    Now, he has financial flexibility, and there were impact type players, in positions of need for the NYJ and he’s played the waiting game. So, again, I sit here and say to myself, how can we be so confident in this guy? Because he came from Seattle? Well, the NFL is littered with guys who had sucess in one location, but couldn’t duplicate it when they took a promotion for another team.

    So, for me, the clock is ticking on Idzik.

  32. Harold,

    On a 53 man roster, you need ‘solid guys’ to be ‘pillars’ no? I just think letting Howard go will prove to be penny-wise, pound foolish. Haven’t we seen this movie a lot recently? Replace Woody with Hunter, and our OL goes from one of the best, to one of the worst. People forget how much Slauson improved the line play of the Bears. There was another solid Tanny find (6th rounder I believe) who was a good player, that they just let go.

  33. All valid points lidman and we can argue decker for hours you’re right but we shouldn’t judge him on the winters pick just yet. Yes reed and Allen have proven to be very talented but if winters ends up being a staple on our line for years to come than his selection in round 3 was justified. Idzik did make some savvy moves last year in bringing Landry, Nelson, and colon with little room to work so he deserves credit there that being said the market is still wide open with talent at corner between munnerlyn, DRC, Thurmond and most recently revis. The WR pool is still very full with jones, decker, nicks and most likely Steve smith. Let’s remember here anything done in free agency is a stop gap. Drafts are what make GMs successful not free agency. Free agency is basically robin to the drafts batman. Howard, like I said before stings, not only hurts because he was more or less home grown but because of his youth but 30million for him was too much even if we can afford it. Idzik isn’t panicking here and throwing money around he’s going to let free agency come to him. The only thing I see idzik running out of time is with a backup QB cassel, Mcown, henne and Schaub aren’t possibilities now and I don’t think Vick will be seeing a friendly offer from us so he might be heading else where.

  34. Too much rush to judgment on Howard not being signed. The fact is he struggled down the stretch with fitness and was not the best zone blocking RT out there where Breno will do better in that role and was arguably their best OLineman last season. Some folks need to brush up on their prospects. Idzik wasn’t going to overpay especially when comparable prospects are out there. He has a plan and slotted an amount he’s sticking with. What, you want more free-wheeling dealing TBaum to get us in cap hell again? Give me a break!
    And stop with the Hunter references as they are merely emotionally charged and also not accurate.

    My biggest surprise is John not going after Schwartz to play LG after the team coveted him last season. That position is going to require a high pick to fill. LG’s aren’t found on the 3rd day (not even 3rd round). Not from day one. Developmental, yes. But the team can’t wait around and suffer like it did last season with Winters.

  35. Are we ever going to sign someone? 5PM on the 2nd day with over 40M and not a soul signed to the team. I’m losing my patience.

  36. Giacomini was a higher rated player than Howard per PFF last season. So should we be overly concerned?

  37. I agree with John X. The only miss in regards to this FA so far has been the guard position drying up. I think it is fair to wonder if we are going to move some tackle inside or maybe have Schlauderaff or somebody already on the team switch positions.


    It would be very hard to compete with what Byrd got from the Saints. Byrd wanted a long-term contract – it was his biggest issue with the Bills – and he got a six-year contract. He also got $28 million guaranteed, more than half of his total contract. Four years down the road, his dead money will still be $9.2 million when his salary will be ~$9 million, so the first time you can reasonably cut him is in five years (and the savings will only be ~$4 million, less than what we would have gotten from cutting Harris). This is a very risky contract for the Saints, but a great contract for someone that wanted job security like Byrd. I also think it is an unreasonable contract for the Jets, who might want Josh Bush or Rontez Miles to compete for a starting job this year or the next year.

  38. 6M seems like too much coin for a RT. I’m with Idzik on this one as much as it hurt to see one of our own get out. When I heard 7M rumored, I knew why he wasn’t being signed. Good money management, John. There are other RT’s out there.

  39. “Eric Decker has 24 touchdown receptions. James Jones has 17 touchdown receptions. Every single New York Jets receiver has combined to have 16 touchdown receptions in the past two seasons.”

    So Geno Smith is a Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning caliber QB? Is that what your saying??

  40. “Eric Decker has 24 touchdown receptions. James Jones has 17 touchdown receptions. Every single New York Jets receiver has combined to have 16 touchdown receptions in the past two seasons.”

    So Geno Smith is Aaron Rodgers / Peyton Manning as capable a QB? Have I got that right?

  41. He’s just saying he’s capable of getting in the endzone I mean he did have 8 TDs with tebow I don’t think anyone in their right mind thinks geno is in the same category as Rodgers or Peyton.

  42. Surprised about Douzable. Glad to have him back for another year. Do we know the contract details yet?

  43. If Vick doesnt end up with the Jets, they should draft someone.Im sorry unless Geno Smith improved dramatically this offseason that guy…There remins a big hole at Qb. Keeping Sanchez would be a better option than starting smith. I know everybody is fed up with sanchez but the truth is the truth. Besides Geno Smith has no grit and competitiveness. I dont like him very much. I want a gotdamn gunslinger playing Qb, somebody who can run an offense and change plays without being babysat. I hope the Jets go with a skill position in the draft with A Marquis Lee Mike Evans or Brandin Cooks, but I think Dennard from Michigan state is the next shut down corner(IMO). The Jets need an offense tat can sustain drives and keep the other team off the field. Last year they were able to score but this offense has no recievers that grab a teams attention and that is sad….even the browns have a playmaker on offense. smh

  44. Joe..I have no doubt ‘the sun will come out tomorrow’. I’m just not that confident, by draft day, our front office will have done all they could have to improve on their 8-8 roster.

  45. Decker is going to regret the day he signed with us. At this point I feel like he deserves better than this mickey mouse organization.

  46. New England took our best player for NOTHING!!!!

    And we got Woody, Itzik and Giacomini.

    If Rex leaves, this organization will go to hell.

  47. Kind of unfair to say New England took our best player for nothing…he wasn’t on our team last year. We traded for him for the Defensive Rookie of the Year. You can’t blame Idzik for what happens after an entire of season on a transaction that didn’t involve the Jets

  48. Relax. The Pats rented Revis for a year. Next year, there will be a lot of hoopla again about where he signs and some other organization will pay him. If that organization is as smart as the Patriots, they will rent him, too.

    The real troubling part for Jets fans should be that New England still has clear vision and a cool head. They saw a mercenary, saw the media blitz, and knew not to budge from a one year contract. So far, at least five other corners got more money than Revis.

  49. Or, maybe your ‘mercenary’ made a conscious decision to go where he could-A make the top salary of any CB, this year, B- have a chance at getting to the Super Bowl, and C-bet on himself, that he will continue to perform at a level, that will get him paid at the top of the market again, next year.

    Joe…I agree on your stance. Idzik can’t be blamed for NE signing Revis. However, he did extend his HC, a HC who runs a defense predicated on having a ‘shut down’ CB (a position they now need), and you let a guy like Revis, sign away for 1yr/12mm? Can you blame the fan base for wondering what the heck the GM is doing?

  50. @Lidman

    Why would Revis need to bet on himself? According to PFF, he was the best corner in the league last year. Odd that no one wanted to give him more than a one-year contract.

  51. Also, would really love to see the contracts for both Giacomini and Decker. Decker gives us a solid starting receiver and reshapes the outlook of that position. All we need is a solid receiving TE and for Hill to get it all together and we have the Broncos’s receiving corps.

  52. Kash..

    For some reason what Revis is really big on is ‘Average Per Year’. Me, I don’t get it. In a sport where every snap could literally end your career he’s taking a big risk. However, he’s made a ton of dough and he’s willing to be his annual performance will make him a value add-much like Deion did when he jumped from ATL to SF and from SF to DAL.
    As I’ve told you before, I’m not into conjecture, because I can’t prove it. So, I don’t know who called on Revis. Maybe this was the only deal he could have gotten. Maybe, the NYJ offered him 2yr/26mm, but last year stung him too much to return. Maybe Oakland called and offered 3/42mm, but he didn’t want to go through another losing season.

    Right now, Talib’s 26mm guarantee is the highest in the CB market, and Byrd’s 28mm is the highest in the DB market. Well, after this year, Revis will have earned 28mm the past 2yr and, barring an injury or major decline, in performance, be in position to make another 11-13mm/year. I admire the confidence he has in himself. I’m not sure I think it’s a wise risk…but, it’s not my risk.

    Nighty night…I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m praying we get Eric Decker and James Jones. Then we can possibly get Dennard or Dix in the draft…heck, maybe that 4th rounder, from the Revis trade, becomes your boy Abbrederis.

  53. @Lidman. You really have to stop this Mevis love. Idzik is building a team and does not cater to selfish jerks like Mevi$. Great work by Idzik today not only obtaining a better RT than Howard but a solid WR at a price significantly less then anyone thought was possible. This is how a GM works. Listen to Kash and you might learn a thing or two.

    Also LOVE the way the media has NO IDEA what the Jets are up to. Every story they try to break backfires in their face. The clowns in the media are being played like fools by Idzik!

  54. Great points Joe on what remains and it is curious how Clemons has been totally ignored. He’s a solid cover safety. Maybe there’s something we don’t know?

    Regarding WR’s, the good news is that Detroit is no longer interested in Jones and I’m not sure who else really is. They should be able to wrap him up.

    I still love Munnerlyn and these reports that he’s strictly a slot guy are overstated IMO. He’s as sticky a man-coverage guy as there is in the league in spite of being 5’8. I’m wondering if Browner wouldn’t be used at safety. A little surprised no known interest yet in Thurmond. DRC – no interest?
    Oh, and F Revis. I’m glad the Pats now have no cap space to sign anyone else to fill the many holes that were glaring by season’s end in Denver that include Vince Wilfork.

    The TE market has been equally slow as the WR’s. Odd. Not much to write home about – still waiting to see how Finley’s “rigorous” physical went. He could be setting the tone on TE contracts if healthy.

    I don’t believe there are any starting caliber OG’s remaining, especially those who could play LG which is essential since Winters can’t. This is going to be a high draft pick IMO. 1st or 2nd rounder.

  55. EDIT:

    Munnerlyn plans to visit the Vikings for a 2nd day on Thursday – I wouldn’t expect him to leave without a contract at this point. Cross him off your list of available CB’s. Maybe the Jets ARE serious about Ohio State’s Roby at CB thru the draft.

  56. Frank..

    It isn’t as much ‘Revis’ love, as much as it is wondering who will be playing CB for them next year. Why do you get so emotional, in responding? I simply try and be objective.
    This team has a hole at Safety and a hole at CB, and it appears team Idzik never met with any of the top players who were available.

    I’m all for Idzik trying to build a consistent winner. If his vision is to find bargains, and he’s succesful at it, I’ll be his biggest fan. However, if you ‘don’t overspend’ and still wind up with money, and the guys you bring in don’t improve your team, then maybe being shrewd wasn’t really being shrewd.

    I don’t know what you do for a living. In my business, there is an expression ‘things that are cheap, are cheap for a reason’.
    Yes, Decker’s contract looks like a bargain for the NYJ. If you read, or listened, to any evaluation of him, in the past week, people questioned his ability to be ‘the guy’. Hopefully, he comes in and proves them wrong. He certainly upgrades the talent level, at that position, for this team.

  57. Lidman. Let’s buy all the expensive players on the market, that really worked out for Miami last year and every other losing team in the history of free agency. Geez man do you ever think before you write?????

  58. A lot of good comments and opinions on the holes the Jets have either just filled or still need to address. I think the “800LB gorilla” that has not got much discussion is still what were are going to do at quarterback. Pick one of the FA’s left to come in and compete with Geno, ie; MV or our own MZ or draft a QB in the middle rounds as a project, and commit to Geno as our starter this year.

  59. Frank..I never suggested overpaying for anyone? I’m also saying, it’s possible to miss the boat too. The team has holes. The draft is certainly the best way to fill those holes.

    This team needs help at Safety, CB, WR, OLB, OL and TE…I don’t think they’ll be able to address all of these spots via the draft. I think there were some impact type players out there, in spots the team needed. Coming into Wednesday the NYJ had the 5th lowest cap number, towards next year. The cap rose 8.1%, with forward projections suggesting similar rises, in the near future. “High tides raise all boats”. Last year, there was no money, so the size of contracts was depressed. I just think you can’t judge this year’s deals without taking the rising cap. It must be an ‘apples to apples’ comparison.

    I hope you are right and I am wrong. I really do. I’m a NYJ fan, and I’d love to see them win a Super Bowl.

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