TOJ New York Jets Free Agency Tracker – DAY THREE

Day three of New York Jets free agency coverage at Turn On The Jets

Day three and going strong here at Turn On The Jets. Our day one and day two links are right here, along with initial thoughts on the Eric Decker signing. We are going to also have an in-depth breakdown of Decker’s and Brent Giacomini’s game coming shortly, along with further thoughts on Darrelle Revis going to New England. Make sure you are following us on Twitter and Facebook for further analysis

7:05 PM – Hey a full breakdown of Eric Decker is now live right here. Click! Comment!

Now that you are back: Lamar Woodley has signed with the Oakland Raiders and Captain Munnerlyn has signed with the Minnesota Vikings…two more potential Jets targets off the market. Walter Thurmond, Brandon Browner and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie are all still floating around on the cornerback market, so let’s not break into panic mode yet people. If I was a betting man, I’d still say the next two most likely players to be brought into the fold are James Jones and Brandon Pettigrew but nothing is confirmed yet, so we are still playing the waiting game.

This breakdown of Decker’s contract basically shows it to be a 2 year, 15 million dollar contract…so nothing crippling long term for the Jets if Decker doesn’t perform.

5:40 PM – QUARTERBACK MOVEMENT! Kellen Clemens has signed with the San Diego Chargers and Charlie Whitehurst is going to the Tennessee Titans, which is going to lead to Ryan Fitzpatrick being cut. Option for the Jets? Probably not. The market is getting awfully thin for Mike VIck. Does he come crawling back to the Jets on a nice, cheap deal or do the Jets shift their focus to Jason Campbell or Shaun Hill? Beyond that, where will Mark Sanchez have left to go if he is cut as expected before March 25th?

There were some rumblings that the Jets had sealed the deal with tight end Brandon Pettigrew but nothing is official yet. Stay tuned. Pettigrew would immediately become the best blocking tight end on the team’s roster and has three seasons with 59 receptions or more. It isn’t flashy but a trio of Pettigrew, Jeff Cumberland and Zach Sudfeld is far from awful.

3:30 PM – Some big defensive lineman on the move. Justin Tuck has signed a two year deal with the Oakland Raiders. Vince Wilfork has requested his release from the New England Patriots after not agreeing to restructure his contract. The Patriots probably just watched the tape of Vlad Ducasse tossing Wilfork around like a rag doll in week two and decided it was okay to let him walk.

I didn’t comment on it earlier but how about that trade the Eagles pulled off for Darren Sproles? McCoy – Maclin – Sproles – Jackson – Cooper – Celek – Ertz…good luck defending that offense.

As for our Jets, it has been very quiet. Antonio Cromartie is visiting the Cardinals. Captain Munnerlyn has a visit lined up here but beyond that there hasn’t been much.

I’ve been asked about this a few times so a reminder that the Jets have until March 25th to cut Mark Sanchez, which is the date a portion of his salary is guaranteed.

12:15 PM – DAY THREE. SO MUCH TWITTER. A few players to focus on:

  • James Jones – The most likely free agent on the market to join the Jets. Jones would give the team a second proven threat on the outside and open up the middle of the field for Jeremy Kerley, Jeff Cumberland and whatever further additions are made.
  • Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie – The top corner on the free agent market. He scared teams off with retirement talk at the Super Bowl and apparently just missed out on a monster contract from Denver. He is an ideal fit for Rex Ryan’s defense but will the Jets risk the money on a player who might have a questionable desire to play?
  • Chris Clemons – There has been no rumored interest but he is the arguably the top safety still on the market (along with Thomas DeCloud). Are the Jets going to address safety in FA or are they content with Dawan Landry, Antonio Allen and potentially bringing back Ed Reed?
  • Captain Munnerlyn – Another option at cornerback. He is known more for his play on the inside. Would signing him signal a potential move for Kyle WIlson?
  • WHAT ABOUT GUARD? – Top options left are Willie Colon, Travelle Wharton and Kevin Boothe.
  • Leger Douzable’s contract – 1 year, 1 million dollars, 150K signing bonus. NICE.
  • Still waiting on numbers for Giacomini…

Let’s get after it. (JC)

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • KAsh

    What about trading for a guard and/or a second wideout? Jones and the remaining guards on the market are all over thirty, so they may be only short-term, fallback options for Idzik. There must be a team out there with a good, young backup guard or a wideout buried on the depth chart.

  • Lidman

    With Douzy back in the fold, Ellis certainly should be a possible trade chip? Dallas needs size up front. Terrence Williams would look nice in green and white..heck, Claiborne could be a nice buy low guy..Vontae Davis came into league with a lot of fanfare-25th overall-and stunk in Miami and now he’s a 10mm/APY guy.

  • Lidman

    Joe C..would love to know Mike Nolan’s view on this: is Giacomini strictly a RT? Could he be moved to G? Any view on moving Winters to RT? Seems he’s more of road grader, which might translate better on right side.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Very reasonable suggestion on looking into Ellis and Dallas…going to put out on Twitter and hear what people think. As for Giacomini, we’ll make sure Nolan hits on that in his full breakdown of him

  • Joe Barra

    I don’t think Petigrew is that good.

  • GC24

    I agree Ellis to Dallas makes sense for both teams, but you are dreaming if you think we can get T Williams/Claiborne for just Ellis.

  • glegly

    How many Guards have been converted to Tackles and succeeded? I’ve heard of the opposite, or converting G/Ts into Cs, but not Tackle. Not so much G to T.

    Anyway, I like the chess match so far (add WR, subtract RT, add RT, etc) but it’s Day 3, and we usually don’t know the teams that did well in F/A until a couple of weeks/months in.

    Remember, fellas, I think we can all agree that the NYJ over-achieved last year. Lots of talent needs still to be filled to get us just to 10 wins.

  • Lidman

    Glegly..only asked because Winters played T, at Kent St (started on right side and move to left).

  • Matt tambuscio

    What about a pass rusher or 2, OLB’s. The jets have ignored this position since Rex took over everybody knows in a 3-4 defense you need good OLBs. Lamar Woodley or Julius peppers would fit in that role. Your secondary is only as good as your pass rush.

  • KAsh

    It is much easier to trade players for picks than for other players. The Jets have two fourth-round picks and all of their later-round picks. We traded a fourth-rounder for Ivory; we can trade other picks for decent starters. And we will know what best to trade once we also know what compensatory picks we will get.

    As for Ellis, you can start shopping him. A lot of teams with bad d-lines would want him. But I would not expect much action until other teams have a better bearing of the talent of the draft and at which point Ellis is better than a draft pick. But maybe the Cowboys get desperate from being locked out of the FA market by the cap and make a deal early.

  • KAsh


    Julius Peppers is old (34, same as Calvin Pace) and has never played linebacker. At this point, Pace and Woodley are the only two serious options on the market. Even if we sign one of the two, this might be one of the first areas to address in the draft.

  • glegly

    @JoeCap – WTF, it’s been three whole hours, and no new updates? Get off Twitter, we need a recap! (I’m only half kidding, sadly).

  • glegly

    @Lidman – And I’m curious, is that really feasible, moving Winters to RT? I honestly don’t know if it’s been done before.

  • MHous

    What about OG Shelley Smith from the Rams? He is a young run blocking ascending player.

  • KAsh


    Moving Winters might be feasible if the team thinks he can handle it. Ducasse was brought in to play right tackle, but played his first year at guard because Hunter was the starter at tackle. Lots of rookie tackles play a year at guard because they cannot outplay a veteran starter at first. The bigger problem is that Winters probably cannot improve on his footwork enough to play tackle.

  • John X

    Strange that James Jones hasn’t been heard from nor Sanders. Is it possible they were using Jones to pressure Decker yesterday? I recall they were “very interested”.
    And they now have been seen meeting with Marquise Lee before and after his pro day. You could connect dots there.

    It seems that this team under Rex doesn’t respect the safety position. maybe they didn’t like anyone in this class. Or Major Wright may get a call later with Clemons. Not many bona fide starters remaining at that position.

    DRC wants the moon and the Jets did call him. Let him cool off. Munnerlyn is arriving and I think he can play the wide side as he did in Carolina.

  • John X

    The team just signed a RT. Sheez!

  • Kyle

    I have a feeling idzik will make a trade. Remember how the seahawks acquired lynch

  • Nolan


    I’ll give you the short answer. At 6’7″ Giacomini would be a little out of place inside. Not saying guys that size can’t play guard, but Giac plays pretty high. He doesn’t have great pad level and would probably struggle to play with the leverage you need at guard.

    As for Winters, I really don’t think jets would be comfortable w/ him at tackle considering how much he has struggled w/ footwork in pass pro.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Considering the amount of picks the Jets have, wouldn’t be surprised if the Jets swung a trade or two draft weekend, like they did to get Ivory

  • The New york Jets should look at these players, Miles Austin-wr, James Jones-wr & Sidney Rice-wr. Tight End are Brandon Pettigiew. Quarter Back are Jason Campbell & Michael Vick. Devin Hester-kr/cb. Corner Back to look at D.R. Cromartie, Walter Thurmond, Brandon Brower & Antonio Cromartie

  • MHous

    I was hoping Idzik made a play for Woodley…Rwx seems to ignore OLB and Safety. I like a patient approach but Jets need to add some talent…

  • John X

    Wesley Woodyard would be a nice fit for the Jets at ILB – someone who’s physical and can cover well. Not as much of a run-stuffer but with the improved front line and bigger OLB’s, not as necessary. He’s still a good tackler and very active and not too old.

    To date, not a single known call to a safety. I’d be surprised to see Landry and Allen cemented as day one starters. Seeing how instrumental Earl Thomas was to the Seahawks, I would think they might mimic his capability somewhat going into FA. Looks like I was wrong. Maybe the draft – Jimmie Ward? Maybe a second-tier guy like Major Wright who played great his first 3 years and horrible last season (like Derek Cox). Some presume he might’ve been playing hurt. They could have him platoon with Allen and still draft a safety. Just an idea.

    I’m crossing my fingers on signing DRC as I read where the Jets had given him a 2-year offer loaded with protected clauses for the Jets and incentives for DRC. Not many teams remaining in need of a top-flight CB. Hopefully he bites.

    Sign Pettigrew already and move on. He’ll be a willing and able blocker and a decent outlet that would provide a slight upgrade with more dependability over Winslow.

  • John X

    We lost out on Pettigrew now. Idzik whiffs again. Tanny would’ve had these guys but also would have more recklessly managed the cap. Not many starting caliber players left at CB, S or TE now which means these positions may need addressing thru the draft.

    I’m not sure I’m happy with the new GM’s approach especially when we have a ton of money that not only needs to be spent but needs to be addressed towards improving the team. Who will they get now at TE? Dickson? At safety? At CB? The top talent has been picked over. Not impressed.

  • Joe Caporoso

    There is plenty of talent still available:

    Simply put, you cannot judge offseason after 4 days. At a minimum, let’s see what roster looks like after NFL Draft, then heading into camp and then heading into week 1.

    You can’t spend money just to spend it.

  • David

    I understand the idea that you don’t want to blow your cap all in one day. Miami and Cleveland over the past 2 seasons have spent huge amounts of dollars in free agency and IMO aren’t that much better than before. Jacksonville has spent a lot of money this year, but still has no QB on the roster and not much in the secondary.

    With that said, Idzik had nearly 40 million in cap space (not counting a release of Sanchez) and when I sit there and see a team like New Orleans, who didn’t have anywhere near the Jets in terms of cap space still managing to sign the top S in free agency in Jarius Byrd that bothers me a little bit. Teams with 40 million don’t sit around and basically be quiet for 3 days, outside of 2 moves.

  • Lidman

    Joe..I agree, but you continue to play that song. I think if you look at things objectively, it’s fair to wonder how the team with the 5th most available cap space (and that’s before they cut Sanchez) hasn’t improved it’s team. They lost a starting CB, lost their starting RT. They picked up a RT, who may be slightly better, or worse. They added a good WR.

    I could go over the many things I believe they should have done. But, I’ll bring up someone you talked about. L Woodley signed a 2yr/12mm deal with Oakland. I’ll paraphrase here, but I believe you wrote something to the extent of: “If Pace got 10 sacks, just imagine what Woodley will do”. Hey, maybe Idzik is smarter than us all and the NYJ will be leaps and bounds better. Or, maybe he’s misjudged supply/demand, is suffering from ‘paralysis of analysis and is gun shy about making a bad move.

    Either way, it’s fair for the fan base to wonder what’s going on? Many, if not most, of the high impact, in their prime players, at spots the NYJ need to fill, have been signed.

  • John X

    I’m not placing final judgment yet but this is trending towards the collection of a bunch of mediocre prospects towards filling gaping holes in this roster. I hope I’m wrong but Idzik seems to be penny-pinching instead of being aggressive towards the talent needed to fill vital positions.

    Players that were known to have serious interest in include TE’s Finley and Pettigrew, WR’s Decker and Sanders (Decker was signed to a modest contract after an all day, all-night negotiation), OT Howard (who excusably took an outlier 6M offer from Oakland to be with Sparano and his man-blocking scheme) – he did sign Giacomini which I give him props for, CB’s Davis, Verner, Munnerlyn, Revis (probably not), DRC (to date). No known action towards a single safety (a need) nor a single pass rusher for the OLB manned by an injured Barnes, nor a single OG for which there is a gaping hole.
    He’s understandably waiting on the backup QB and RB’s – no problem on that.

    That’s a lot to be missing out on while the best prospects are being signed while sitting on a ton of cash.
    While I understand that you can’t have an All-Madden team with stars at every position, the fact is there are gaping holes that require starting-caliber players for which not only is John not setting up visits for but whiffing on at an alarmingly consistent rate.

    This doesn’t translate into simply spending money for the hell of it – please don’t misrepresent my points with such a dismissive, insulting fashion. You know that’s not my message.

  • John X

    Here’s a little something to chew on:

    Darrelle Revis’ 1st choice: Return to Jets. Rex wanted him badly. When it became clear it wasn’t going to happen, he targeted Patriots #nyj

    I guess Woody wasn’t ready to welcome him back…

  • Nikolas

    At least Tanny was all in, this regime has already established its reputation as “Bottom Feeders”.

    And they were thinking of firing REX? Give me a break!

  • Lidman

    Do I like Revis? Yes. But the reason I ‘like’ him is because he’s a good football player. I don’t know the guy. I don’t really care that he’s on the ‘arch rival’. I just don’t understand how the organization, which has money to spend, allowed a top 3 player get away for reasonable money.

    I’d say the same on Woodley, TJ Ward, Golden Tate and even DeMarcus Ware. Hey, maybe these guys never wanted to come to the NYJ (though I have a hard time believing Woodley would rather move across the country to play for the Raiders). If the NYJ wind up signing DRC for 8mm, based on last year-because he wasn’t good in Philly, I’d rather have paid up and gotten the known commodity.

    If you spend big money, and get big production, it’s not being reckless. It’s being smart.

  • KAsh

    Wow. Everyone loved the lack of leaks until they suffered the consequences. Kind of sucks now that you have no idea what the front office is doing or not doing, huh?


    I would not trust a single report or rumor about who the Jets were interested in or talking to. We simply do not know. We do not know what offers we made or who we lost out on or what our backup plan is or was. Especially not about Revis: every single article about his talks and preferences was what the Revis camp wanted you to think. Fact of the matter is no front office bit, which is why he signed so quickly (before the market cooled) and for a one-year deal that makes him extremely tradeable (if the Patriots season goes down the toilet early).

    As for me, I must admit that not knowing is an awful feeling. Almost wish Pettine was back whispering in Manish’s ear. But yesterday, I recalled a conversation with a friend last week, in which he said that you cannot pay out all this money for all this talent and then have your QB throw the game away. Since you can now carry over cap space into the next season, I wonder if the plan is to keep more money than we thought to make a playoff push next season (once we know more about Geno and our other young players).

  • Joe Caporoso

    I strongly urge caution in reading into anything you hear from NYDN/Mehta on Darrelle Revis.

    Schwartz/Feinsod and Team Revis has long used NYDN as a mouthpiece for quotes and leaks to gain leverage against Jets.

  • Lidman

    Problem with that under new CBA, teams must spend 89% of cap space-cumulatively from 2013-2016.
    So, yes, you can carry over that cap space, but the more you do that, the more you put yourself in a position where you might have to ‘overpay’ just to get to that 89% number. suggests the NYJ (and the Raiders) are the 2 teams in the ‘must spend’ situtaion:

    If you’re Mo Wilkerson, this slow start to the FA period, and bargain hunting has to be a good thing. If they have to spend, he’s sitting pretty.

  • John X

    Whether you believe this Revis rumor or not there is no value in it being true or false at this juncture. What value would it be for someone to make this up? It sounds entirely plausible to me. It’s not like Revis was using his leverage for days against all teams interested. We know the two sides spoke. He wanted this to end quickly and efficiently on his terms.

  • Nikolas

    This is what I call wishful thinking!
    “I wonder if the plan is to keep more money than we thought to make a playoff push next season (once we know more about Geno and our other young players)”

    …And perhaps the only one, for the alternative thinking is “we are screwed”!

    The bottom line is that;
    We had a chance to get Revis back and have a super dominant defense for years to come, but Woody’s and Itzik’s feelings were hurt! We let the best defensive player, indisputably a HOFer, to go to freaking New England.
    Go now and win a division.

  • John X

    Thanks for pointing this out, Lidman. Everyone’s suddenly going bean-counter. Someone needs to remind Idzik of this as well before it’s too late.

  • Lidman

    Funny..when I read that article again, it makes me wonder, even more, why the NYJ didn’t offer TB a 6th round pick for Revis, or go after a Jarius Byrd?

  • Lidman may well be right. But, even if the NYJ were peeved at Revis. They still are in a position where they MUST spend money. No, it doesn’t have to be this year, I know. But, wouldn’t it make sense to pay a guy, who you might not love, but can not deny performs at the highest level?

    Heck..they may wind up holding on to Sanchez, just because the need to spend the money (that’s sarcasm)!!!

  • Nikolas

    Common guys, the jury on Itzik is out.

    4 days into the FA, with tens of millions in cap money to spend and we still have the following “needs”.

    1st WR, ROG, ROT(?),TE,OLB,CB, FS, RB,ILB, backup QB!!!

    10 positions!!!

  • KAsh


    I read that article the first time you cited it. The other way of looking at it is that the 89% rule was installed so that teams could not have a nearly infinite cap space. In that case, it does not matter if you spend the money evenly or all in one year. It would be hard to spend $80 million+ in one offseason, but you have many young players that you can give long-term contracts to in the next two years. And you can let loose the floodgates once you see that you are just a few pieces away from serious contention.

    If this is the strategy, I do not know how I feel about it. On the one hand, I want to do the utmost to compete every year and you cannot evaluate Smith or anybody without putting talent around them. On the other hand, you saw Smith last year exhaust out defense by repeatedly pinning them in their own endzone; no defense – not even the ’85 Bears – can hold up in that situation, so you cannot spend money until you know that will not happen again.

    You can only judge Idzik once he gives a press conference and has a chance to explain what the goals were and what happened. The offensive FA market has barely moved, so all of our efforts may be focused there, with the plan of resigning Pace, Cromartie or DRC, and keeping Landry into the draft. Pettigrew is off the market, but it seemed obvious that Detroit made a crazy offer: $4 million/year to a guy that has barely played at the level of a backup the whole time he was with the team. Finley is still available, Vick has watched his options dwindle, and you can get a young, underperforming tackle like Oher and move him inside. But pass judgement once the plan has been explained.

  • Worldboy90


    Just saw you mention Genius of Idzik that he picked up David Nelson and Kellen Winslow Jr. in June and September. GTFO of here man 😛 now you know you’re just trolling yourself if two random shots in the dark at the bottom of the trash pile is a good way to do business for building a team. Promise you you ain’t finding yourself a starting CB or WR in June.

    I get it if he’s trying to see if Darrin walls and Rontez Miles can work in secondary… But thats kinda a huge risk to leave your secondary hanging high and dry like that.

    As to the O-line? Man seems to have a hard on for William Campbell so I guess we’ll just have to see what an out of shape, lazy, dt converted into a RG looks like next to our new resident Guido RT :P.

    But Seriously, with this roster we ain’t hitting six wins with the divisions we play next year. And don’t say draft man; everyone else has a draft too.

  • Joe Caporoso

    I never said anything about that making Idzik a genius, the point was that the Jets roster isn’t going to be finalized on March 14th, it is going to be finalized in September. It is crazy that you assume Campbell, Walls and Miles (??? He is our 6th safety right now) are going to start…again it is March, the season doesn’t start for SIX months.

    The Jets traded a 4th round pick last draft weekend for their starting RB and the draft isn’t the same for everybody, the Jets are likely to have 12 picks, which is going to be more than mostly every other team in the league, giving them substantial flexibility

    Patience my friend…they signed a starting WR and RT only 36 hours ago and brought back their Pro-Bowl caliber kicker and a very good rotational player in Douzable

  • Worldboy90


    12 picks but most of those picks coming rounds 4-7; they’ll be on an even playing field when it comes to top 100 talent; its almost similar to just picking up a lot of undrafted free agengts. Yes I know its better to have the picks, but it is not such a giant advantage over everyone else.

    Second of all, it signed a worse starting RT than the one it had, thats three years older, and considerably worse at pass protection. That’s not an improvement JOE; thats dumpster diving. And I get your theory of wait till 6 months in, but I just don’t see where this talent is going to be found to fill out the roster. Even if every rookie Idzik drafts eventually becomes HOFers, they can be average at best their rookie season compared to the rest of the league, and that leads to another dissapointing season, Rex Fired, and another round of chants of “PATIENCE, we are still 2-3 years out of contending”.

    As a fan i think we reserve the right to call it out when it seems like nothing is being done to acquire premium talent. As i mentioned earlier, Erick Decker a fantastic free agency does not make.

    And the kicker man? Really? You were hating on Nick folk two years ago now he’s one of your premier signings? :/ Shame.

  • Joe Caporoso

    1 – Think it is kind of crazy to discount the entire last four rounds of the draft, takes a quick look around the league to find all the starters/Pro-Bowl players who came from those rounds.

    2 – PFF ranked Giacomini higher than Howard last year. From our OL guy and from everything I’ve read, they are extremely comparable players. He started the entire playoffs for Seattle and the Super Bowl. He is 28. Not dumpster diving. We also haven’t seen his contract yet, for all we know Jets got him for 5M less than Howard.

    3 – Again there is a ton of talent left on FA and trade market. Check the list I shared from an earlier comment last night

  • Nikolas

    World boy, I agree with you.

    Joe is young and of course still too green to be paternalistic.
    He does not know that for older Jets fans, the use of certain words are equivalent to blasphemy; and one of them is “Patience”

    For Jets fans, the use of certain words are equivalent to blasphemy; and one of them is “Patience”

  • Lidman

    Sure, there is some talent left, but are there guys who you’d call real impact type players on the list? Well, other than Santonio of course….

  • Worldboy90


    I’m younger than Joe, just hate Idzik’s approach to FA. Haven’t liked any moves he’s made sine he got here outside of maybe trading for Ivory? But Ivory proved both fears and hopes; was injured a lot of the year, and then was fairly productive, a marshawn lynch lite. We’ll see how he does this year.


    You’re right on the draft picks, I hold my ground on getting a an older, less talented version of the RT we had. I guess Money was an issue, but that move did not improve the line; simple point and fact.

    And I checked the list; I wouldn’t call it a ton of talent, but yes, I’ll eat crow if Idzik swoops in gets James Jones/ or edelman on a cheap deal along with Chris Clemons, A CB, and a stop gap RG. But as of now, I’m not gonna give him the benefeit of the doubt based on what he could do; I am simply pointing out what he didn’t do which was pursue Tate, Byrd, Ward, Revis, Verner, and any of the decent long-term OG’s.

  • John X

    Now Emmanuel Sanders is apparently skipping his visit with the Jets. I read this morning that he had to re-schedule to make NY and now he’s planning to go to SF after KC.
    This is getting ridiculous. My hope of having top 50 FA’s signed was set way too high. I guess we were spoiled by Tanny.

  • Joe Caporoso

    JX – If you are reading and believing Manish (who is 0/100 on players team was “interested” in) – You are going to keep being disappointed.

    Jets have never had any real interest in Sanders. It is the reason he has visited JAK, TB, KC and SF already.

    Both Jones and Edelman are superior players to Sanders and are both available. Watch for Edelman back to NE and Jones to NY

  • John X


    You notice there’s been no contact with Jones since Decker was signed.

    I wasn’t aware that Manish was the only one calling for Sanders to visit. Doesn’t look like that’s happening.

  • Joe Caporoso

    The Jets have signed 2 FAs: Decker and Giacomini.

    Did you hear a word about NYJ interest or contact with them in the past 2 months…?

  • John X

    That’s not conclusive evidence, Joe. Are you claiming the Jets never contacted Munnerlyn or Pettigrew? What exactly is your point?

    And yeah, we all heard Giacomini was arriving. Strange.

  • John X

    I guess my point is that no visits have been scheduled with additional WR’s. Maybe their finished with that position as far as starters are concerned.

  • Joe Caporoso

    My point is you are throwing people at me that NYDN said the Jets were interested in, that’s it. There is no proof they were actually interested in them. Did the NYDN say one word leading up to free agency about Giacomini or Decker? The answer is no. Jets don’t leak to NY media anymore.

    …Perhaps it will calm down you down that DRC is on a flight to NY right now meet with the Jets and that they signed Giacomini for literally half of the price of Howard.

    Patience. See the big picture.

  • John X

    A visit scheduled with DRC – that’s what I’m talking about!

  • Worldboy90

    Don’t got twitter but if Jets sign DRC and Jones to Reasonable Contracts, AND get a veteran Guard I’d be give this FA a B. But reasonable contracts is key here; DRC in my eyes is still a one year wonder after his debacle in Philly, James Jones might be an even bigger producct of AR than Decker of PM, and we need a guard or whoever is throwing the ball won’t matter. I’m OK with the safety situtation, but we could of upgraded it and should have. If they Don’t get em, this FA is still a C- in my eyes and we going for 6 wins max based on playing peyton, Pats twice, and NFC north. We’d be lucky to go 2-5 against that crop with our current roster, more likely 1-6.

  • John X

    There are no quality OG’s remaining in FA. None. And they need a LG.

  • KAsh

    NFC North? Is that supposed to be a powerhouse now? The Packers are rebuilding, the Vikings are rebuilding, the Bears only have an offense, and the Lions are extremely cash-strapped for the future. None of the four teams have anything close to a good defense. I do not know who will give us more problems: the Lions that allow teams to pass for 300 yds per game or the Bears that allow teams to rush for 300 yds per game.

  • John X

    We should’ve beaten the Pats twice last year. The NFC North? All okay teams but all with issues. I don’t think we’re going to get swept by any means.
    Our FA isn’t over nor is our draft. A little too early to make season predictions of doom.
    Bears are losing Melton and the Lions instead of taking a veteran CB, will be relying most likely on a rookie opposite Chris Houston unless they become stupid again in the draft. The Vikes will have a rookie QB and the Packers can neither stop the run or run very effectively on average defenses. That division is not scary and neither are the Patriots who were the recipient of Brady’s brilliance and nothing more. The AFC Championship game showed their many flaws in garish detail. There’s a reason they haven’t been winning Super Bowls lately as they’ve gone away from the physicality and towards finesse with average skill position players. They will sorely miss Wilfork and the interior OLine is deteriorating fast. They want no part of the Jets.
    And the Broncos are saying “to hell” to the future to win today. I don’t think they improved much in signing Talib of DRC and they spent a fortune on Ware who is running on fumes. They still can’t stop the run nor run the ball making them one-dimensional against balanced teams as the Jets are being assembled. I like our matching up with them as well.
    The Broncos will not make it back to the Super Bowl. Baltimore will return to prominence and Cincinnati and the Jets will also be will be thorns in their side.
    The ultra-finesse teams are being cast to the curb by bigger, more physical and balanced teams. We all saw the Super Bowl. We’ve all seen the past three champions and the teams that are right there knocking on the door (SF). What they have in common is BALANCE. Denver nor NE have this. They are not to be feared. Their days are numbered.

  • Joe Caporoso

    There is Edelman to NE…

  • Lidman

    Nicks to Indy, 1y/3.5mm