No Huddle – New York Jets Offensive Help Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the veterans the New York Jets are considering adding to their offense

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The DeSean Jackson Saga

I can’t figure out what is going on with this Desean Jackson saga. Did the Eagles panic over his troublesome gang friends and an Instagram photo of the star wideout flashing a gang sign? Or was releasing him a wise preemptive strike against the next Aaron Hernandez? I’m leaning fully towards the former but to be fair, will let the backstory behind the sudden release of one of the NFL’s top receivers play out over the coming months.

Either way as of this very moment, GM John Idzik is in a quandary. Signing the next potential problem child could stunt the organization’s latest attempt at rebuilding. Passing on Jackson only to find out later that Philly overreacted, could be a major opportunity missed in terms of adding a much needed top of the line playmaking receiver.

Many teams seem to be interested as of this morning from the Redskins to the Raiders and now to the Bills. The total number of teams who are considering Jackson appears to be reaching double digits. The Jets however, according to the New York beat writers, aren’t one of them. Although just days ago Woody Johnson intimated the opposite publicly. So if you are one who believes what you read in the local papers, then unless the Jets and Idzik do an about face and test the waters perhaps as soon as today, there will be no chance of seeing Jackson next to Eric Decker in any huddle next season.

Me? I’d rather have a proven threat like Jackson then be forced to coach up a top receiver in this year’s draft. No matter how talented, even with DeSean’s alleged troublesome attitude. The last wide receiver the Jets drafted on offense that ended up in Hawaii was Keyshawn Johnson in 1999. Before that it was Rob Moore in 1994. Back when Boomer Esiason was behind center. Happy 20th anniversary of that. Let’s just say that Florham Park is not exactly a homegrown ‘maximize talent and churn em out’ factory outside the hashes.

Idzik and the Jets have done their homework by now on Desean. It appears that for this team at this time, the red flags are just too much. I won’t count Gang Green out in this chase yet though. I can’t. I’m a Jets fan. Improbable daydreams are all I have.

Chris Johnson? Sure, In the Right Role For The Right Price.

This morning we have all seen the latest news that “the Jets have interest in Chris Johnson.” I like Chris Johnson as an additional piece to the backfield. Chris Ivory as the hammer, Johnson providing some bigger play capability, and Bilal Powell as the steady reliable force. I don’t like Johnson, who according to reports may be traded or released by the Titans before next week’s offseason workouts, if he is a long term deal that costs too much. Or god forbid is being viewed by the Jets as the primary back. I can’t stand the idea of Johnson as the guy to choose over Jackson for football related reasons.

Lord Idzik’s way appears to be shopping for fair or better than market price deals for veterans so I guess financially, Johnson’s case will be no different. Idzik also doesn’t seem like a guy who would value a former elite RB with tread on the tires over an uber talented WR in his prime. This is the Jets though. The minute you have them figured out, or think you do, they pull the rug out from under you.

An Eagle Has Landed

For Mark Sanchez, the Eagles are a great landing spot. Chip Kelley, Lesean McCoy, and targets to throw to, even without DeSean Jackson. The Jets on some levels failed to nurture and provide a foundation for Sanchez on many levels. Brandon Tierney echoed the same sentiment on Twitter last Friday “For those bashing Sanchez: organization allowed O-line to deteriorate every year, brought in selfish/small WR’s, multiple OC’s… #fail

In the end though, Sanchez failed himself. Mentally he was rickety too often in 2011 and 2012. There is still an inner belief that shines through externally for all to see leadership wise, even when the surrounding pieces don’t contribute the way they need to. When things went the wrong way on offense those years, Sanchez gave off the feeling that he was beginning to doubt himself in the process. Let no revisionists of history try to tell you otherwise.

They may be few but there are those who nonetheless wanted to keep a younger Sanchez here to work out his issues rather than obtain Michael a Vick and all of the controversy he carries with him. Drop it. A fresh new start will be good for all parties involved. Vick needs a better chance to win the starting job than Philly and Sanchez needs an offensive minded HC and some weapons for a change. Let’s all let it go and move on. For those remaining Sanchez loyalists who haven’t already.

Quick Hits

– alluded to the notion this past week that Jeff Fisher and the Rams may be willing to move out of the number two spot on draft day. The Jets have enough picks to trade in order to move into that slot. Sammy Watkins anyone? I’m sure you all have thoughts on this player. Let’s hear them.

– It was kind of ironic that Jackson was released the minute Sanchez arrived, wasn’t it? Eagles owner Jeff Lurie was probably screaming in the hallways “quick Sanchez is coming let’s make him feel at home! Start releasing all our weapons! Lesean your next!”

– April 1st means the Mets are back. So for you Mets and Jets fans out there good luck in 2014. You will probably need it. I think the toughest local combo, and it has to be quite rare, would be the Jets, Mets, Islanders and Knicks fan. Does anyone own this lovely combination?