New York Jets Sign WR Eric Decker

The New York Jets have signed WR Eric Decker to a 5 year, 36.26 million dollar contract

The New York Jets have made their first big splash of the John Idzik era by signing Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker. This move provides second year quarterback Geno Smith an immediate upgrade to a pedestrian group of pass catchers. Decker is a better receiver than any player the Jets have ran out at the position in at least the last three years. He is a 26 year old who is entering his prime, has good size at 6 foot 3, 217 pounds and has racked up 33 touchdowns through the first four years of his NFL career.

The contract details are Decker receiving a 5 year contract for 36.25 million dollars with 15 million guaranteed. Considering what many anticipated him receiving on the open market, his production, age and the current state of the Jets wide receivers…that is an excellent contract by John Idzik.

Many question if Decker can produce away from Peyton Manning. However, he scored 8 touchdowns in 2011 with the Jets former Punt Protector throwing him passes. Obviously playing in Denver’s high powered offense the past two seasons helps inflate statistics but that does not mean Decker isn’t a highly talented receiver, who is capable of making plays all over the field, particularly in the redzone. He will provide an immediate and much needed boost to the Jets offense. Do not get wrapped up in “#1 WR” or “#2WR” labels, Decker gives this team a playmaker and movable chess piece for Marty Mornhinweg’s system. You cannot expect an offense or a young quarterback to succeed without starting capable talent at the receiver position.

This signing does not mean the Jets are done adding to the position. Keep an eye on James Jones and Julian Edelman in the coming days, either of whom would further boost the position and allow the Jets to finally have a little depth, as their addition would take pressure off David Nelson and Stephen Hill.

Check back tomorrow for a more in-depth breakdown of Decker’s game.


Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Dave

    LOOOOL!! The punt protecter comment. Agree 100% one much needed piece to a much larger puzzle, and instant upgrade to Redzone O.

  • Frank Antonelli

    That contract is a steal for the Jets. Idzik strikes again, remains patient, refuses to listen to the immature fan base and clown media and refuses to overpay. We finally have a GM that knows how to build a sustainable winner.

  • Drew

    Today was a huge win for the Jets. There is no doubt that Decker was our top target this offseason and we got him.

    Now we have flexibility in round 1 come May. For anyone who doubts Decker, please tell us where the holes are in his game. Decker is a deep threat, he gets YAC, he blocks well, strong hands, he even had the highest wonderlic score in 2010 (for whatever thats worth). Second year receivers don’t do what he did, and he did it without a decent quarterback.

    He has the size and speed of Dez Bryant and greater production, but nobody questions Dez as a number 1.

    Today was a huge win for the Jets. I’m looking forward to the game tape breakdown you guys do here of him. The closer you look at him the more you’ll realize how much of a steal this signing is.

  • KAsh

    Happy with this signing. I am not going to pretend we just inked Megatron, but Decker is a significant upgrade over anyone we had, the best agent on the market, and a versatile, movable piece for this offense.

    Less happy that I now have to get excited about the possibility of signing James Jones.

  • Joe

    You guys are delusional…Idzik strikes, what striking exactly? Last year our offense was #31, is he going to strike us up to #27? This team with the current owner will never win anything, but hey I envy your optimism, wish I could somehow care about signing a second tier receiver who struggles to get open on the day the best player in franchise history signed with our rival.

  • John X

    Nice baiting Joe.
    Go back to Boston.

  • Harold

    Decker at 7.25 million APY when ever expert predicted he would get 9.5 million or more APY.

    Yet now the media is trying to tell us we overpaid and we got a bad deal, really?

    Just sad to see hate in its purest form, but we are the Jets, they don’t have to love us but they will respect us. Can’t Wait!!

  • Frank Antonelli

    It’s interesting that the haters are quiet on this significant signing. I guess they are showing their true colors. I’m sure they’d be all over it if Decker left without us signing him! Of course there is always one clown named Joe that shows up to the party and makes a fool of himself. Can’t wait for Lidman to do the same.

  • glegly

    Best under the radar news? Sproles traded to the Eagles, and not the Pats. Yes, I’m compensating for the Revis signing, but damn, that would’ve been awful. Pats RBs were used like how the Saints used Sproles – they just weren’t as good as Sproles.

  • glegly

    Love how reasonable this deal was, btw. He’s making less than people said he might get, and compared to existing contracts, he’s making Brian Hartline money. NO ONE can complain with that.

    Yes, as Joe C pointed out, he made his stats with one of the best QBs ever, but he also clocked #s with the “Punt Protector” (love it), as well.

  • Worldboy90

    Good Signing for Idzik, but it doesn’t suddenly make him a genius. He got a fair contract to get Decker, and had he not walked away this FA with a wide-out, it would of been seen as an epic failure after all else that has happened. Curious to see what other moves he’s going to make, but if decker and the crap rt from seattle is only significant moves Idzik makes, its a C FA at best.

    We’ll see though. Yes, I’m still incredibly pissed about us not even contacting Revis/ picking up any sort of Talent for the Secondary, or Line, or Linebackers, or TE. One good WR a FA does not make.

  • Steve Windeler

    Never thought he was a possibility, but now the more I see of him the more I like this signing. I like the fact that he seems to have watched film on the Jets before coming here. I also like the fact that he recently received a crash course in route running, and concepts from Peyton. I think he’ll be a tremendous help to Geno, and our other receivers. Despite his looks, and his position, he seems far from a diva. I think he’ll be a fan favorite here for many years to come.

  • womp womp


    Are you serious with these comments? The crap RT from Seattle? Did you even do any research before spewing this garbage? You MUST be a Pats fan trolling these boards. I just can’t imagine someone on this website being that inept. It’s not like this is the ESPN boards where idiots are a dime a dozen.

    I wasn’t aware the starting RT for the SUPER BOWL WINNING Seahawks is crap. Not sure what game you watched but I’m pretty sure I didn’t see Wilson on his back too often or Lynch losing yards every play…

    And this is how I know you’re a Pats fan- pissed about not getting Revis? Really pal? We were never in on it and we would have never been in on it after all the crap he put us through with his BS demands. Revis isn’t a necessity. He doesn’t instantly make us a Super Bowl bound team. Yes it would have been nice to have him on our defense, but does he really win us that many more games? Maybe 1. MAYBE. But we are in need of other pieces. Forget the splashy signings of Byrd and Verner. They are plenty of other players who can play at a high level who don’t command that dollar amount. Another year with this DL together and Milliner/Allen developing and our D should be even better. Please stop with your bashing of Idzik in his 2nd offseason and the 1st one where he has some money to spend and intimate knowledge of his roster. Go root for Oakland or Miami if you want to just spend money irresponsibly.

  • Lidman


    I absolutely LOVE this signing. If only because it tells me John Idzik is actually talking to people!

    Do I love Eric Decker? Who cares. He is better than any WR on this team. Is this a good deal, or bad deal? I don’t know, he hasn’t played a game for the NYJ yet. I am surprised he was their top FA target.

    I would have like to see them in on Byrd. I also would have like to see them address the CB spot. We saw last year, how the defensive backfield was atrocious. We can complain about Geno, and the offense, all day. If the defense, primarily the secondary, doesn’t give up the multitude of big plays, and long TDs, this team is likely in the playoffs.

    Tons of time left, I know. Can’t wait to get yelled at, by you, soon…xoxo

  • twoshady18

    i believe Idzik’s game plan is to have solidarity across the board… elevate ALL positions to a certain level and not just make big FA splashes in certain positions hoping that it will mask short comings in other areas. I personally had quite enough of the other side from Trader Mike T-Bomb and obviously so did Woody. Is the Decker signing a monster acquisition that will instantly turn the offense around? Of course not, but it is a higher level receiver for a decent price and a price well below what he was expected to bring and lower than i’m sure other WR hungry teams would have paid. The naysayers can laugh at our excitement about the signing, but I think it’s another example of the direction this club is taking and with that the optimism of better days ahead.

  • Rob

    Big signing for our Jets. Decker is one of those receivers that have a nose for the end zone. The guy knows how to get open and bail his QB out in tough situations. Where not done. This offense is gonna look alot different in 2014. Geno will have weapons this time around, no more excuses!

  • John X

    Anyone have an idea of what Anthony Spencer would command contract-wise?

  • John X

    Munnerlyn signed by the Vikes. Time to call DRC and pay up. He already refused a 9M per year offer from Denver. Probably the best man cover corner in this FA class. Is his head into it? I think Rex can motivate him.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Think DRC could end up being a real option for NYJ. Let’s see how it plays out

  • Tony

    Is that really your recollection of last season? A secondary that cost us the playoffs? Time really does fog the memory doesn’t it?

  • Lidman


    Let’s go back and look at the losses, on the schedule:

    NE 13-10..yes, Geno threw 3 bad INTs, but how did NE score their only TD? 39yd TD pass Brady/Dobson

    TENN 38-13: 2 completions of 25yds and a 77yd TD pass

    PITT 19-16..Pitt have 4 FG and 55yd TD pass from Ben to Sanders..there was also a long PI call on Cro

    Cincy 49-0..Green caught a 53yd pass, to the 4, let to M Jones TD..Sanu had a 35yd completion and another 35yd gain on PI

    Buff-37-14 Manuel hits TJ Graham for 34yd TD and Marquise Goodwin on a 43yd TD

    Baltimore 19-3..Flacco hit Jacoby Jones on 60yd pass, led to FG and hit Jones on a 66yd TD

    Miami 23-3…Tannehill hit Clay on 30yd pass, down to 16..FG, Tannehill hit Hartline on 31 yd TD, Tannehill hit Hartline on 25yd rec, led to FG…Wallace also had 28yd TD, but that was on a WR screen where Milliner missed tackle..but still a big play against secondary.

    Carolina 30-10: Newton to Lafell 36yd TD, Newton to Olsen 27yd, led to FG…Newton to Williams 72yd (screen pass) and Newton to Olsen 28yd, led to FG.

    In 7 of 8 losses they gave up a TD pass of I saying they win all these games? Absolutely not, but I am saying their secondary, did Geno no favors by giving up a ton of easy plays. When you play from behind, the defense has an advantage; even more so with a rookie QB.

  • KAsh

    Lidman, take a look at all of those games again.

    NE 1 – 3 INTs on game-winning drives (the completion you cite was a blown coverage by Milliner, and he gets benched for it)

    Titans – Geno meltdown 2 INTs and 2(?) lost fumbles, one in the endzone in a masterpiece of half-assery, literally

    Pitt – stared down screen pass to a blanketed Obomanu, who was knocked off his route; the gimme INT is also a gimme 60-yd+ pick-six (the pass you cite is a blown coverage by Allen.)

    Cincy – the performance can be summarized as “three-and-out”

    Bills 2 – 3 INTs, which lead to Simms getting the nod and a garbage time TD

    Ravens – 2 INTs, even as the offense returns to an ineffective ground-and-pound

    Miami 1 – Geno registers the lowest QBR for the year (and, I believe, the second-lowest in history for a multi-game starter)

    Carolina – game is winnable until a blocked punt leads to a TD, forces Geno to throw, he throws an INT, it is returned for a pick-six, and the Jets’s playoff chances end.

    But you are right. The secondary is what needs to change.

  • Lidman

    Kash..I acknowledge the Geno TOs. But, if you’re down big, you’re going to be throwing the ball more and a rookie is going to force things..heck veterans force things (see Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl). However, in some of these games NYJ were in the game. Ok, you want to simply blame Geno, that’s your perogative. I’m just pointing out, in every one of their losses they gave up a number of big plays. Against Baltimore, they lost by 16, but 10 of those points were the direct results of 60yd completions. Against, Pittsburgh they lost 19-6 (typo above) and they gave up a long TD, and long PI call that lead to 10pts. You’re 100% right, Geno threw 3 INTs against NE..but if they don’t give up that long TD (I don’t care who gave it up), they are up in that game. You point out the Carolina blocked punt..yes, that was a big play, and contributed to the loss. They gave up a 36yd TD pass and a 72yd TD pass..those were big plays too.

    Tony was responding to a post, where I simply stated I wished they would have been in on Byrd because of their proclivity to give up big plays. I never suggested Geno, or the offense had no fault. They finished 8-8. Had the won 2 of these games, they were in the playoffs. Had they won 1, they may have.

    They were 7th worst in the league, in ‘big pass plays given up’ (defined by 25+yds or more):

    I’m thinking the secondary needs help, that’s all.