New York Jets Sign Mike Vick, Cut Mark Sanchez

The New York Jets have signed QB Mike Vick and released QB Mark Sanchez

Today the New York Jets made one move that has been expected for months and one move that has been expected for a few days. Mark Sanchez was released. Mike Vick was signed. The New York Jets now have a very legitimate quarterback competition this summer and a more proven backup for Geno Smith, if the second year player wins out and starts as expected.

This morning we wrote why this is the right move and our feelings obviously haven’t changed. The Jets have now upgraded their quarterback and wide receiver position this offseason. Their work should not be done on either side of the football and one must wonder if DeSean Jackson trade could be on the horizon.

We don’t need to rehash Sanchez’s career for you here. He had some major ups and downs but saw his play generally decline in recent years. Sanchez could potentially land with Buffalo or St. Louis and it wouldn’t be fair to assume that he’ll never get a starting chance again. He quarterbacked some very memorable wins here, conducted himself well off the field and should receive the well wishes of Jets fans going forward.

As for Vick, he checked out 100% healthy in the Jets team physical and sounds motivated to push Geno Smith strongly this summer. If Smith makes the appropriate strides, he should maintain his starting job but if he struggles or gets hurt, the Jets now have another viable option at quarterback. The decision to give Smith insurance with Vick (a longtime Rex Ryan favorite) is a further dagger into any crazy conspiracy theorists who think John Idzik is trying to get Ryan fired.

Despite being buried in a wave of criticism, GM  John Idzik has now landed the best free agent wide receiver and quarterback available so far this offseason.


Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Harold

    But Idzik is terrible…smh

  • Bacon

    I’ve warmed to the idea of Vick since the article you guys posted this morning. I guess I have to since it’s happening. It’s certainly to argue against what he can do on the field relative to Sanchez.

    Anyhow, I’m curious to hear about the 3rd QB spot. If Smith wins the competition going into the season and suffers a season ending injury, it could be devastating with how injury prone Vick is. How does the team feel about Simms? How likely is signing a Colt McCoy or Brady Quinn type, or even drafting a quarterback?

  • KAsh

    Of course this is part of the ploy by Idzik to get Rex fired. Vick comes in and clearly beats out Geno in camp (experience plus four years under Mornhinweg in Philly seal the deal), then fractures his leg in a thousand pieces in the first game, we have to go back to Geno, who did not get the starter snaps he needed to improve from last year, and we repeat 2013. This is so obvious. John Idzik hates Rex Ryan and wants to ruin Rex’s career by labelling hin a “QB killer.” This is a joke.

  • Mark Phelan

    Can’t explain why Sanchez cut makes me sad. I guess it’s an echo of all those Sundays at 1:00 when I’d think “This week he’s going to show us.”

    Although he broke my heart and pissed me off I do wish him well.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Notice the lack of haters and hypocrites on here right now! They never show up when a positive development occurs. Oh yea I forgot we missed out on all the great free agents. Like I said before the world is full of hypocrites who will criticize the Jets no matter what they do. If they spend wildly in free agency they just don’t get it. If they take a more cautious approach then they are missing out on all the great free agents. The hypocrisy from some so called Jet fans, some members of the clown media and all Jet haters knows no bounds.

    P.S. This is the type of competition that Mark never got which could have stunted his growth, we’ll never know. However, we will find out what Geno is made of and whether he has the right stuff. Let’s find out now and not 4 years from now.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Its unfortunate things never worked out for Sanchez here. While far from perfect, he provided the team & fans with some good moments & took some pretty big hits but got up & kept going.

    I hope Sanchez can move on to a team outside the AFC East that puts him in a situation to succeed, which the Jets failed at, imo.

  • Frank Antonelli

    We can all debate whether Mark would have developed better if he had some real competition behind him. However, if that was the case then it does reveal something about his character and lack of desire to be the best he could be. The truth is that he probably never was the QB that the Jets management thought he would become. It has proven to be a very bad draft selection in a line of poor draft picks by the Jets.

    An interesting side note is that if they had not drafted Mark and had tried to convince Favre to come back (Rex said he would have tried doing that if they hadn’t got Mark) then maybe we would have been Super Bowl Champs in one or both of Rex’s first 2 seasons.

  • Lidman


    I don’t think Vick represents any serious competition to Smith. I think the team had to move on from Sanchez, rightly or wrongly-it was needed for both parties. I think Joe’s view here is right, he has been a viable starter, and we hope he doesn’t play any meaningful games this year.
    I do like Joe’s sales pitch of the NYJ signing the ‘best FA QB available.’

    I stand by my feeling that the team could have done more in this FA period. It doesn’t change my ‘fandom’. In the end, I root for laundry, and if Vick does beat Geno out, has a fantastic season and leads them to the playoffs, I’ll appreciate Idzik, just like I appreciate Tanny for getting to 2 consecutive AFC championship games.

    I do think DJax is very similar to Revis, on the money front, but not nearly the same on the field of play. I’d be reticent about giving him a contract in the Bowe/Wallace neighborhood.

  • Lidman

    Frank..who’s the ‘hater’ now? I would also say that while the pick didn’t work out the way we’d all have liked, he did make plays on those 2 playoff runs, and it was really the Rex Ryan defenses that cost both teams a trip to the Super Bowl. Think about that trade, they swapped the 17th overall pick, for the 5th overall, gave up 4 players who never were anymore than back ups, and a second round pick. When you look at what teams pay to move up, that was a great risk/reward trade.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Lidman. As usual you have it all wrong. I’m not a Sanchez hater. I respect him and enjoyed his time with the Jets. In hindsight he was the wrong choice. I was just wondering what would have happened if we had retained Favre along with the Jet’s #1 defense that first year under Rex.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Lidman. You’re not serious are you? Vick is serious competition the type Mark never got. He knows Marty’s system, is a proven winner and is healthy. You are totally under estimating his capabilities just as you are over estimating what the Jets could have done during free agency. The price to talent ratio did not equate as a good deal and the free agency period is not over. Getting Vick and Decker are significant upgrades. Have a little patience and admire Idzik for sticking to his plan. Whether it works is another story but at least we have a front office that is taking the correct approach to building a winner FINALLY.

  • Worldboy90

    W/e Signed a dog killer past his prime that no one else wanted and we signed a wide reciever, and seeing as we only had one viable on the team with fifth most cap space in the league, once again, woooopty do. Vick used to be good, but if he couldn’t manage in philly with all those weapons last year, what makes you think he’ll all of a sudden light it up with us? It was almost nessecary to sign a QB and WR, and Idzik did that, great, nothing special.

    Oh and Joe, i remember similar praise put on Tebow when Mr. T signed him; “Serious competetion for sanchez” and “a proven winner”, who would “work great in our system”. We’ll see, but I’ll still happily sit in the fire idzik bandwagon. Making a whole lot of room for after the season :). But by then I imagine everyone yelling for Rex’s head because he couldn’t work with Idzik’s all star roster.

  • KAsh

    I just had a great idea! (All ideas at one in the morning are automatically great.) TOJ needs to organize a football match: one side is for Idzik and the other side is against Idzik. We call the Idzik side “The Mellow Yellows” and the anti-Idzik side “The Pitchforkers” and the side that beats out the other wins. Because this has obviously gone beyond the point where we can talk it out.

    The weather is warming and I do not think this dispute will fizzle out by mid-to-late spring when we can decide this.

  • joeydefiant

    Decker, DeSean, Kerley, and whoever we draft (Lee, Ebron, Beckham, Cooks) would be a nice offense that can put up points. I would love to see Rex’s defense get to play with a early lead in games which has never happened.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Worldboy90. You’re an idiot and a hypocrite. Why don’t you concentrate on your own life instead of pointing out Vick’s past which he has more than paid for. I’m sure that he is a much better human being than you are presently or ever will be. Why don’t you go and do your little boy troll job somewhere else and spare everyone your constant negative diatribe.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Let’s try to limit the personal attacks

    Also, can’t compare Vick/Tebow situation. Vick is 2x the NFL QB that Tebow was, which is why Tebow is out of the league already.

  • Nikolas

    The pro Idzik crowd on this site must stop screaming and take a breath.
    Although I like the signing of Vick and Decker, these signings have nothing to do with the Idzik genius plan! These are “forced” signings that any GM had to make.
    We needed an upgrade in WR and a reliable back-up QB. My dog knew that.
    So what is it that you celebrate?
    Oh I see. You celebrate the “plan” that Breno Giacomini will protect the blind side of the left handed Vick!

  • Mark Phelan

    Interesting point about Vick being left handed Nikolas.

    Im going to try not to think about the dog fighting business and just concentrate on what Vick offers the team.

    Who knows who the starting QB will be when the season begins but I am confident that Vick will give Geno a run for his money…and that will make him a better QB.

  • Worldboy90


    Never murdered dogs or been in jail, so you could suck it brah. Yeah he paid his debt to society, doesn’t all of a sudden make it politically incorrect to say the man used to be a POS. If a child rapist gets out of prison after a 15 year sentence, do I suddenly give him a pass on his past and offer him a job as a baby sitter to be politically correct? Didn’t think so bud. But don’t expect much original thoughts out of you buddy, you seem to have a similar thinking pattern to a 10 year old hyped up on redbull who didn’t get enough love from his mom, and just yells the first thing that comes to mind. Still haven’t presented a single original thought representing the Jets on this forum, just yell how cool idzik is or B) how everyone who doesn’t like Idzik sucks or C) copy and paste random articles you probably struggle reading. But keep at it buddy, I’m sure you’ll reach the IQ competence of a teenager one day.

  • joeydefiant

    Either you believe Vick was raised in a family where he was taught as a child dog fighting is not evil and is entertainment and has now learned from his past transgressions or the remorse is fake and he is just acting so he can collect a paycheck playing football. The thing is most of the people who really hate Vick dont even believe he is capable of remorse or growing as a person because of who and what he is.

    I live in Brooklyn and every year the hasidic jewish people get about a thousand chickens and keep them in the back of a tractor trailer in small dirty cages. They then practice a religious ritual where they swing a chicken around their head and then cut its throat. It symbolizes the chicken sucking away evil and then destroying the evil by killing the chicken. Now people who are very pro animal protest and complain about this but no one believes the people doing this religious ceremony which is acceptable in their culture are inherently evil and should be forever cast out from society. The Vick haters do this to him. They are the same people who still cry murderer everytime ray lewis is mentioned. Its closet racism at its best.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Worldboy90. I will repeat myself! You’re an idiot and a hypocrite. Why don’t you concentrate on your own life instead of pointing out Vick’s past which he has more than paid for. I’m sure that he is a much better human being than you are presently or ever will be. I’m sure you probably did much worse things than Vick ever did. Why don’t you go and do your little boy troll job somewhere else and spare everyone your constant negative diatribe.

  • joeydefiant

    Ive been fine with not signing over priced free agents but I really hope Idzik tries to get DeSean Jackson. Decker, Jackson, Kerley, and Nelson is like night and day to the WRs the Jets have put on the field the last few years. Imagine being able to score more than 20 points consistently WOW!

  • Lidman


    Just one question: You called Vick a ‘proven winner’. He’s 58-48-1, in his career, and he’s 2-4 in the playoffs. This is a proven winner? By the way, telling me he’s ‘healthy’ today, means nothing. It’s all the days he’s ‘not healthy’ during the NFL season we should be concerned about.

    Mind you, I don’t have an issue with Vick, I just don’t see this as some great signing. Finally, your assesment of the team ‘finally having the right approach…’ is so hedged. So, the approach is right, even if the results don’t match? You say you ‘enjoyed Sanchez’ time with the NYJ’. I’ll assume that was directed at his first 2 years here, when the approach was different (and, according to you, incorrect), but the results were good? There is no right or wrong way. This is a results business, you don’t keep your job if the method is right. I have no issue with Idzik wanting to build via the drat. I simply think a fan wants their team to use all the tools, at their disposal, to improve the team.