New York Jets Free Agent Target – Andre Roberts

Joe Caporoso with a breakdown of free agent wide receiver Andre Roberts, a potential target for the New York Jets

We continue our look at potential free agent wide receiver targets for the New York Jets today with Andre Roberts, of the Arizona Cardinals. Previously, we have looked at Golden Tate, Emmanuel Sanders and James Jones. Currently, Jeremy Maclin, Anquan Boldin and Riley Cooper have all been taken off the market.

Player: Andre Roberts, Wide Receiver, Arizona Cardinals.

Experience: 4 years (2010, 3rd round pick)

Size/Speed: 5 foot 11, 195 pounds, 4.46 forty yard dash in 2010

Career Stats:

  • 2010: 15 games. 24 receptions, 49 targets, 307 yards, 12.8 YPC, 2 TDs.
  • 2011: 16 games. 51 receptions, 98 targets, 586 yards, 11.5 YPC, 2 TDs.
  • 2012: 15 games. 64 receptions, 113 targets, 759 yards, 11.9 YPC, 5 TDs.
  • 2013: 16 games, 43 receptions, 76 targets, 471 yards, 11.0 YPC, 2 TDs.

*Roberts has returned 40 punts in his NFL Career for 275 yards.

Strengths: Roberts has the versatility to play all over the formation. He has been an effective player both in the slot and on the outside. Prior to losing reps to Michael Floyd and the Cardinals moving to a heavy two tight end offense in 2013, Roberts was an ascending player who was improving every season. He managed four 100+ yard games from 2010-2012 despite truly horrific quarterback play and had five receptions of 40 yards or longer. He has been durable and shown good hands throughout his career. Roberts is a relatively polished route runner who has experience working through the entire route tree at the NFL level.

Negatives: Roberts isn’t an explosive player and is not somebody who is going to regularly create much after the catch. He has a slight frame and isn’t built to work over the middle of the field consistently. Despite showing an ability to play on the outside, Roberts is probably better served spending the majority of his time in the slot. He is not a red-zone target, with only 11 touchdowns over 4 seasons and only 7 of them coming in the red-zone.

Overall: Roberts is a very comparable player to Emmanuel Sanders, if not slightly better despite not having as well known of a name. He may be somebody the Jets can get at 2-3 million per year and he is good enough to be a plug and play receiver that can give the team 45-50 reps per week all over the formation. The numbers Roberts put up in 2012, considering the quarterback play he was dealing with were particularly impressive. This team needs competent, starting caliber NFL receivers and Roberts is one of them who may come at an affordable price.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Lidman

    When I look at your ‘negatives’, I see no reason they should sign him:
    -Does he stretch the field? According to you, ‘no’.
    -Does he threaten the end-zone every time he touches the ball? According to you, ‘no’.
    -Is he a guy who consistently ‘moves the chains’? You suggest he isn’t built to ‘work over the middle’, so…’no’.

    If you’re right, I’d rather see the NYJ do everything they can to get something out of Stephen Hill’s ‘measurables’, or use their avaiable snaps on a rookie WR with more upside potential. To me, why should Roberts supplant David Nelson (I’m assuming they draft a WR high and sign a WR in FA), as your 3/4 WR?

  • Joe Caporoso

    …And despite all that, he still had a better season in 2012 (with awful QB play) than any Jets WR has had in the past two years.

    The point is the Jets need proven, competent NFL WRs. You don’t want to be one injury away from Clyde Gates and Stephen Hill each playing 50+ snaps in a week 2 game against New England (similar to last year).

    Roberts walks on the Jets current roster is immediately a viable guy who can play 40-50 snaps per week, get open and catch the football. I would not rather see the Jets force feed Hill, which will impede Geno’s development and hold back their offense. If Hill can thoroughly outplay Roberts in camp and in the preseason, sure give him the reps but I wouldn’t bet on that happening and if he does, you have good depth at WR, finally. This is a team who has trotted our Mardy Gilyard, Jason Hill, Clyde Gates etc for major reps in recent years. Depth matters. Roberts is a solid NFL WR who will come on the cheap.

  • Lidman

    For that money, I’d rather see them go sign a Jacoby Jones, who also offers depth, but is a bigger weapon in the return game.

    Spending $2-3mm on this guy, would IMO, be better spent going ‘all in’ on Nicks, who has been a top level, difference making, WR, and going with Dwight Jones in the 4th/5th spot and drating 2 WR in the first 3 rounds.

    Sorry, but I just see this as a marginal improvement. A guy who would take snaps from a younger player, because he was brought in as FA. Heck, I’d rather they go get JCo.

  • Landon

    If he is comparable to Saunders I would rather take a Roberts on the lower contract, and hope that better QB play would lead to a great investment in the WR. I would prefer to have depth at the position with multiple weapons than just one weapon.

  • joeydefiant

    I would love to see them grab andre rroberts. I can tell nobody here watches many arizona games. He is a really good Wr. He is actually similar to santonio holmes at a much cheaper price and without the drama.