No Huddle – New York Jets Free Agent Pitch Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets strategy and pitch heading into free agency

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When It Comes To Acquiring Offensive Talent, Is The Sales Pitch Strong Enough?

The names of top free agent wide receivers and the Jets will continue to be linked “according to reports” until those particular players sign elsewhere. That we all know.

Already the Jets were one of the teams interested in Jeremy Maclin and might have become more intrigued with his teammate Riley Cooper had time went on, before both went back to Philly last week. Neither made it to Florham Park to even hear a Jet offer. Don’t worry though, others will soon enough. Emmanuel Sanders. Golden Tate. Sidney Rice anyone? Here comes the parade of stories about wideouts the Jets seek. When it all kicks off for real starting March11th, the question will be whether the sales pitch is strong enough.

Money talks, we all know that. However let’s hope that GM John Idzik can sell the notion that a Marty Mornhinweg offense will be the same no matter who is the starting QB since there has been no formal declaration as to who the starter will be.

What about Rex Ryan too? How secure is he beyond the upcoming season?

If I was a receiver with the freedom to choose the next location for my long term deal, I’d want to know who my quarterback or quarterbacks will be. Who the HC will be too. What type of foundation is truly being set by the organization in those areas.

Since Idzik will most likely have to dance around the topic of Ryan with prospective talent, it may be wise for Gang Green to aim for locking up the veteran backup spot as soon as possible. So as to help frame more of the entirety behind center for the skill position guys the Jets covet and desperately need.

Speaking of Another Quarterback

Adam Schefter was quoted Sunday saying “I don’t expect Michael Vick to be back in Philadelphia…And then he’s gonna have to decide what’s the best circumstance for him moving forward. I think the Jets will be in play. I definitely think the Jets will have some level of interest in Michael Vick. Definitely.” For the right price, which I hope is not a boatload Woody, please, Vick at 34 years old may fit what the Jets are looking for. A mobile guy who can compete with Geno Smith in training camp,

Look, some will detest the idea of Vick and I respect that. The dog fighting. His erratic play at times. The growing number of hits he’s taken as a scrambling QB. Let’s just leave it at this: that Vick’s years with Marty and his skill set as a player make the scenario of him becoming a Jet something one could at least realistically picture. If remaining an Eagle is not in Vick or Chip Kelly’s plans.

Wait A Second…Did I Hear The Name Desean Jackson? Inquire

What is it with the Jets link to Eagles this week? This is unintentional on my part I swear. Although it may appear as though I am like Dan Snyder a decade ago when he had a man crush on all Jet free agents,  I woke up and saw this on Rotoworld.

“’s Jimmy Kempski reports there is an ‘opinion among some in the Eagles’ organization’ that DeSean Jackson’s personality is ‘not a great fit’ with the team’s locker room culture, and the Eagles ‘could be open to trading him.’DeSean Jackson? Now THAT is a former Marty Mornhinweg guy to inquire about. Immediately.

Jackson’s home run capability and confidence are too much for anyone to blindly dismiss. Especially the big play starved Jets. Now there is no need for ever adding a locker room problem. Some of you may even cite the prior antics of Santonio Holmes who is on his way out of New York, as an example as to why it wouldn’t be prudent to pursue any player who adds unwanted drama. First of all, the Jets probably don’t know the details about Jackson’s “too hard to handle” issues just yet, and secondly when it came to Holmes, didn’t some of his run ins with the media seem overblown?

If Jackson is available all I ask out of Mr Idzik is to inquire. Look into what this “personality fit” is all about and what the asking price will be. Don’t overlook another team’s declaration about a great player’s negative traits. Instead, research the situation independently. He’s too good of a player not to.

Quick Hits

– As for Maclin, for a nice sum of cash and a one year deal where putting up numbers will help Maclin’s price go up in 2015, you would’ve stayed in Philly too. Chip Kelly’s stable, secure, fast paced high scoring offense has tons of opportunities for all involved. Guaranteed. The Jets don’t have any track record on offense these days to bank on. No pun intended.

– The Jets placed the franchise tag on Nick Folk. Now if a GM wants him badly for some odd reason, he’ll have to fork over an arm and a leg for Folk’s leg. Forget it. Not for a kicker. Therefore this will be the first year and training camp as a Jet that Folk who has kicked so well over the past few seasons, will head into feeling secure. Will that soften his “kill or be killed” instinct?

– Speaking of Jet kickers and headlines, I can’t help but recall the Jets 2005 draft approach. Talk about a blueprint for disaster. That year former Jet GM Terry Bradway traded a first round pick to Oakland for underwhelming TE Doug Jolley (to replace Anthomy Becht) and then used the first pick that year in the second round at 47 for kicker Mike Nugent. Filling those needs was essential at the time you say?

Fine, but Vincent Jackson, Frank Gore and Justin Tuck were all on the board and taken a handful of picks later after Bradway took Nugent to move on from Doug Brien (after Brien struggled late in 2004 leading to a late game meltdown in Pittsburgh during the dramatic 2004 OT AFC Divisional round loss).

By the way, with what would have been the Jets first round pick at 23, Oakland took CB Fabian Washington. No big deal, but at 24 the Packers then took QB Aaron Rodgers. Yikes.

I know. Chad Pennington the team’s leader was in his prime. Who knew Rodgers would amount to anything either after he slipped to the back end of the first either. It is ironic though, how the plan in Green Bay was for Rodgers to sit patiently behind the legendary Favre until the time was right. Which became 2008, when Favre replaced Pennington as the Jets starting QB. Happy Monday everyone,