No Huddle – New Approach New York Jets Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets first few days of free agency

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It Has Become A Civil War

It has been sad to witness. A beloved nation in peril. Jets fans have been at war with each other since day one of free agency kicked off last Tuesday. One side is up in arms over the lack of activity. The other preaches patience and prudence. While defeatist throwback subset the “Same Old Jets” clan who have remained out of the fray, remind both sides that no matter what path or player the Jets decide upon, it will always be the wrong one.

From Revis the Patriot to receivers signing elsewhere, week one left those who wanted an entirely brand new roster ready to riot while the other reasoned that the quality available was not worth using up cap space or overpaying for.

I’m one of the diehards who is prepared to give John Idzik the entire offseason to see what a year with some financial flexibility means in terms of a new foundation. The discomfort that stems from within many of the ones who want to storm the Florham castle however is understandable.

Idzik has no prior track record as a GM for any to hang their hat on and say “We know how he handles his business and he has won before. Just let him do his thing.” Secondly, the Jets send, surprise surprise, mixed messages and not that they should, but have done little to refute or confirm recent reports that nowadays break daily.

Do the Jets want real veteran competition for Geno Smith? It seems as though they did as 2013 came to a close. If so, the desire to lock up and even overpay a bit for a Michael Vick (even if he and a few others are holding out hope they will be named starter wherever they should land) might have been a bigger part of the initial plan.

There was no Jet brass member calling the story that the team wants Geno Smith on a Mark Sanchezian type pitch count next season. It appeared that the team had finally recognized a more wide open offense was necessary in the new NFL. This after grabbing Marty Mornhinweg to call the the plays last season. A switch back to yet another ground and pound can’t be enticing to any receivers looking to put up numbers in a new home. Can it be true? Why won’t anyone call the report utter nonsense?

It has come to the point where as a Jet fan I expect misdirection, no need for rumor correction, and a handful of deception from the suits. After all of the  lies and unnamed sources that contributed to what became known as the Jet circus, I get why Woody Johnson, Idzik and Rex Ryan do not feel the need to share or explain the current approach in place behind closed doors. Most quality teams in fact don’t talk. They just do.

My only fear, and it is an extreme one at that, is that the Jets turn into the Knicks. Where the team is not only hard to read, but behind the veil of secrecy is a lack of championship instinct and consistent talent evaluation.

It’s been a lot of years supporting both folks. Emotional scars do develop. Blind faith is where I sit, but I do so out of a willingness to try a new path under Idzik. Not out of any concrete unwavering belief that he is a born guru or that any Jets organization should be trusted enough to be left alone to take care of all matters regarding personnel and direction. I respect anyone that bleeds green and white and doesn’t share the same sentiments.

Decker Is A Great Pickup If A Bigger Eventual Threat Joins Him

Signing Eric Decker was the big splash out of Jet country last week. The move was of course overshadowed by the Patriots grabbing Darrelle Revis on the same day, but nonetheless the Jets improved their offense last week. Pairing Decker with another quality receiver on the other side or tight end eventually will only increase Decker’s effectiveness.

Decker, a physical, respectfully fast, and viable red zone option, is a tough high end number two receiver. He is not a true number one though.

Doubters will point to Decker’s inflated numbers he obtained thanks to the great Peyton Manning and will note that the Jets are dreaming if they expect him to behave like a top flight guy here. Especially with a drop in altitude from Manning to Smith. Those same doubters will need to be reminded that he still caught forty passes from throwing challenged Tim Tebow and scored 8 TDs in 2011 as well.

The Jets offense is better immediately with Decker but they need to acquire more help and better not be of the mindset that he is their “1,” has enough surrounding him, and that it’s wise now to concentrate on other position groups.

Forget Revis

First we wondered, then we dreamed, then we let out shrieks of horror. Is Darrelle Revis really getting released? Is it true that he wants to be a Jet again? Oh my god nooooo! Revis is on the Patriots!!

We all have our theories as to what went down and why. Woody didn’t want to deal with the contract demands again. Idzik wants to spend and build in other areas. The Jets were used by the Revis team as leverage with the Pats. Belichick wanted to stick it to us again. On and on and on. You know what? It’s time folks. It really is. The Jets and the fan base HAVE TO get over what the Patriots are doing. Maybe in fact,this shows that the Jets already have. They didn’t blink as their former best player took his talents to the Evil Empire.

For the fans, I guess its harder. Many still loved Revis. and the hated Pats, of all team he could wind up with, have owned the AFC East forever. They have a Coach in Bill Belichick who hates the Jets even it was him who left an organization at the podium not the other way around, and have the seemingly eternal winner in Tom Brady leading them. Regardless of who surrounds him. The only way the Jets can wind up playing in January it seems is as a Wildcard road dog. How could Revis, who lived with that scenario for so long be so insensitive as to join the other side? Curse him! Right? Wrong.

Here’s the thing. The Jets know it’s still about beating Brady, not some cornerback. Darrelle Revis if healthy, is an upgrade over Aqiq Talib, but he’s not a massive upgrade. Talib is a top corner in this league. It’s not as if Revis was replacing a Kyle Wilson up there.

Let’s also not forget that the Jets beat the Patriots with a JV offense last year and will get pumped up twice next year as they always do for the matchup. Rex Ryan will make sure of that. With a young defensive line poised to wreak even more havoc in the pocket. Brady ain’t any getting younger and more mobile either.

More importantly, the Jets have to build their team based on what they believe can be successful over sixteen games, not simply two. Splitting with the Pats in the regular season ends up meaning nothing when your club is not designed physically or emotionally to have success in places outside of Foxboro.

Forget Revis. Better yet, grab some more bodies who can attack him with Decker all over the field in 2014.

Here’s The Thing With Rogers Cromartie

If the Jets somehow win the rights to Dominique Rogers Cromartie today or this week, it will lessen the need to thrust an unproven Darrin Walls alongside a promising but not yet fully cemented talent in Dee Milliner. Let’s not build the guy up into more though please. Nobody was talking about this Cromartie, the one with two last names last week. It has only been since other options began evaporating that desperation set in.

I like the old Cro. The loyal one. The one who if healthy had pride and heck I still see him putting it all together here. Knowing he most likely is gone to Arizona, I would be thrilled if the Jets got DRC and didn’t have to entertain thoughts of a high draft pick on of all things, yet another cornerback. I won’t cry if he winds up elsewhere though, especially with a big fat giant salary.

The long term plan as difficult as it is to accept these days since Idzik has proven very little win column wise yet, has to be consistent across the board. Both athletically and financially. Otherwise it’s just another Jet team throwing big money around without a solid floor to stand on.

Quick Hits

– I would have loved to keep Austin Howard but am thrilled that the Jets didn’t break the bank for him like the Raiders did.

– I dig Howard’s newly signed replacement, former Seahawk Breno Giacomini already. Breno came here because he liked the Jets “style of play” (whatever that means, but hey, I like his enthusiasm) and Idzik personally.

Then Giaco who grew up right outside of Boston said that he hopes to “bring a little bit of nastiness” and “play like an O-lineman should play.” On the Patriots he added “Maybe after the game will be a lot better. I can tell my friends and family that are all Patriots fans to go kick some rocks. It’ll definitely be fun after we win.” I like where your head is at Breno.

– Calvin Pace is back on a two year deal. Okay, the signing was a nice depth move. Pro Football Talk broke the Pace news however by adding “The Jets need to begin targeting a true franchise pass rusher to book end Quinton Coples. After signing Eric Decker, perhaps they’ll pursue one in the draft’s first round.” What?!!

That would be insanity especially if a top receiver was still on the board. The Jets have to improve the offense and if Rogers Cromartie were to land elsewhere, perhaps the secondary. A pass rusher? Idzik can’t be THAT ignorant.

– I see some flickers of talk on twitter today about the idea of Desean Jackson. As I just tweeted, any talk of D Jax makes me want to run and dance around like Mark Gastineau after a sack.

I know I know. The gang bang signs he’s made. The attitude problems. The this, the that. How about the catch eating, touchdown making, constant downfield threat he is as well? D Jax and Decker. Line up like that, and I’d be comfortable in saying to any fan of any allegiance, “bring it on.”