Breaking – New York Jets Release WR Santonio Holmes


In a long expected move that will immediately free up 8.25 million of cap space, a source close to the team has confirmed the New York Jets have released wide receiver Santonio Holmes. Before 2011, Holmes was signed to a monster 5 year, 45.25 million dollar contract after putting together a clutch 2010 season for the team. Unfortunately, he never came close to living up to the deal, struggling with inconsistency and injuries over the past three seasons. Holmes is likely to enter a harsh market that is loaded with players who have been more productive in recent years. He may be forced into taking a one year “show me” deal.

There were rough patches the past few years but let’s not forget Holmes role in nearly getting the Jets to a Super Bowl in 2010. It will be interesting to see how a fully healthy Holmes can produce in 2014, depending on the offense he ends up on. Arizona could be a potential landing place.

Unfortunately in New York, it kind of seems like everything went downhill from here.


With the departure of Holmes, the depth chart is now headlined by Jeremy Kerley, David Nelson and Stephen Hill. The Jets are expected to be active in the free agent market for a wide receiver. We have included links below to the work we’ve done previewing some of their potential targets. The team is also likely to consider adding another receiver or two in the NFL Draft, which is particularly deep this year at the position.

Holmes always had a contentious relationship with the New York media and a few locker room issues that were outlined more clearly in Collision: Low Crossers. However, his teammates always spoke of him in a high regard and in our personal dealings with him, he was always a courteous and kind individual.

9 thoughts on “Breaking – New York Jets Release WR Santonio Holmes

  1. Watching those Holmes highlights just makes me sad. Totally forgot how good he used to be after all these sub-par seasons he put up for us. It was all downhill after 2010 with him

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  3. Just remember who was throwing to him all those “sub par” years. Or have you forgotten??

  4. The Offense needs to be overhauled plain and simple. To blame any one particular player or point the finger at just one guy is just down right cruel. The Jets have had a below average squad of offensive weapons for years, yet they continue to draft defensively. The team needs to focus all free cap money and most of their draft picks on play-makers. Stop overpaying and build from within.

  5. It amazes me that Rex has been able to achieve the results he has given the underperforming talent he dealt with.

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  7. First thing Tone needs to do is visit a surgeon to have his head removed from his anus.

    If he played a third as well as he was paid, Sanchez would be the starting QB and the Jets would have been in the playoffs the last three years.

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