Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – New York Jets Making Moves Edition?

The Turn On The Jets 12 Pack with observations on the New York Jets offseason and what moves could be upcoming

Two weeks have nearly passed since the league year began. The New York Jets have been quiet but remain equipped with substantial salary cap space for additional signings and potential trade targets. Right now most of the focus is on signing quarterback Mike Vick and maybe pursuing wide receiver DeSean Jackson via trade. Needless to say, both moves would make the Jets offense more dynamic and explosive. Here is a quick hitting 12 Pack. Stay with us all weekend for further coverage…

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2. IF the Jets acquire Jackson, get familiar with this GIF (yes that is Mr. Revis getting beat and sulking at this teammates).

3. If they acquire Vick and Jackson, this isn’t NOT entertaining to watch either.

4. OK, enough highlights. What are the odds of Vick or Jackson actually ending up on the Jets? With Vick, it is pretty good. He is meeting with the team as we speak and considering how the market is looking for quarterbacks right now, it behooves him to find a way to make it work in New York. As for Mark Sanchez, keep an eye on St. Louis or Buffalo when he is likely released in the coming days. Jackson is more of a long shot. It sounds like he is on his way out of Philadelphia, which is step one. Step two is realizing that only a handful of teams have the money for him (the Jets easily have enough room, particularly if Sanchez walks). Step three would be figuring out compensation and a potential restructure. It doesn’t seem like the most “Idzik” move but Vick and Jackson are close and if Vick is signed, it isn’t crazy to think Jackson would follow shortly after.

5. WHAT ABOUT CORNERBACK?!?!?! My understanding of the situation is that the Jets initially planned to make a strong push for Vontae Davis. However, Davis simply used them for leverage and to get more money out of the Colts. After not signing him, the team had limited interest in overpaying and guaranteeing a large sum of money to Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and basically no interest in bringing Antonio Cromartie back. Where do they go from here?

  • Darrin Walls – Showed potential in limited action last season but it would be very, very risky to roll with him and Dee Milliner as the starting corners. It would be tough for Walls to be any worse than Antonio Cromartie was last season (you don’t forget how poorly he played, do you?) but with his inexperience and Milliner’s durability concerns, it is not enough depth.
  • Trade? Jonathan Joseph has been floated around in rumors. He is very talented but has plenty of durability concerns. Other players will become available via trade in the coming months, during the NFL Draft and once training camp starts.
  • NFL Draft? Darqueze Dennard and Justin Gilbert could be options with the 18th overall pick.

The season is still over 5 months away. I don’t anticipate the depth chart looking identical today and in week 1.

6. Safety? Chris Clemons and Thomas Decoud are still available but the Jets haven’t been linked to either. They may be content just going with Antonio Allen and Dawan Landry again, with Jaiquawn Jarrett and Josh Bush backing them up.

7. Tight end? It probably isn’t reasonable to expect Eric Ebron to be there at 18. Could Jace Amaro receive consideration? Ed Dickson is a veteran blocking option who remains on the market as well.

8. Running back? The Jets continue to be linked to Maurice Jones-Drew and have been floated in a few Chris Johnson rumors. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Jets stayed pat the position but Jones-Drew could provide some Chris Ivory insurance and remains very capable in the passing game, if pressed into that role.

9. Two subtle ways the Jets can improve without making any other moves: Antwan Barnes and Mike Goodson healthy for 16 games.

10. It is good to have Willie Colon back after losing Austin Howard in free agency. The Jets will now return 4/5 starters and have made a generally lateral move at right tackle.

11. Nice read on Calvin Pace’s value to the Jets defense.

12. Thank you for the ongoing debate/discussion in the comment section, it has been highly entertaining the past few weeks!

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Fred The Hammer

    We could be risking another Santonio Holmes type situation with DeSean if he becomes a Jet. There’s a reason why Philly is shopping him and it’s probably more than just dollars. That being said, he would be a massive upgrade for the offense. Seems more like a Tannenbaum move than an Idzik move.

  • Kyle

    1. The ravens tried to use Ed Dickson as a blocker but he actually is a terrible blocker.

    2. I think the jets restructuring of Goodsons contract means that the jets are content with their backs but don’t be surprised if they draft one on day 3.

    3. Think about it…. The Patriots and the 49ers lack the cap space to trade for Jackson. That leaves the panthers raiders and jets. If it comes down to the jets and another team, DeSean will pick the jets since Marty and his close friend Vick are here.

    4. If John Idzik was willing to trade a 4th rounder for Ivory, he would surely trade a 3rd rounder for a #1 receiver like Jackson. Also, it would be a treat to see D-Jack vs Revis twice a year.

  • Tony

    Holmes was sent off because he and Big Ben were in scandals at the same time, his weed and Ben’s rape. They made Holmes a martyr for the team’s face, because they couldn’t have two headaches in the offseason. So they picked Holmes to be the fall guy.

  • KAsh

    Jackson would be a great addition. But we should keep our fingers crossed: trades are funny that way. But imagine if we could get Jackson with a fourth-round pick. Then we would have traded Revis for Richardson and Jackson.

  • Zeb

    Yeah…a 4th round pick that’s going to have a $12mm/APY.

  • joeydefiant

    All the people complaining Idzik didn’t spend in free agency are now crying that DeSean will cost too much. LOL.

    Yes, a top 10 receiver costs money.

  • John X

    I don’t have a lot of confidence in Idzik negotiating a deal for Jackson. I can’t imagine he could land him. It would be a dream for the offense with someone who has played in Idzik’s offense and we know the Jets have the money since they seem incapable of spending it.
    Add Ebron and you’d have some weapons in offense although addressing the defense looks to be another year away.
    Maybe load up on the offense this season.

  • Mike A

    I agree with Kash on this one. Richardson and Jackson for Revis would turn out to be a great move for Idzik if he can pull it off. It would also take some pressure off us for having to take a wide receiver in the first round. We could go for the BPA in our positions of need.

  • John X

    Woody’s statement (reminder) that the Jets are in a win-now mode was a veiled shot IMO towards Idzik to get his ass in gear and sign players so the team can compete immediately.

    Woody not so smartly targeted Desean Jackson not only from a tampering standpoint (since he’s not a FA) but from a leverage one as well.

    I think this is out of emotion for the failed approach from Idzik who, for some reason, expects all FA’s to come running to NY to take a less-than-market-value contract. The Decker signing gave him a false expectation of what the market truly was with more cash available for every team with the salary cap bump. And not showing negotiating skills isn’t going to get it done. I think Woody expects more than swings and misses on most FA prospects. Just my take on Woody’s “statement”.

  • KAsh


    And here I thought Woody was trying to get people to buy PSLs again.

  • John X

    Not without a marketable product.