Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – February Impatience Edition

The Turn On The Jets 12 pack with thoughts and observations on the New York Jets offseason heading into March

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1. Outside of Geno Smith, there may not be a more important player on the New York Jets roster in terms of swinging the team’s 2014 performance than Quinton Coples. If he can play to his physical talent for a full 16 games and provide the Jets a consistent threat off the edge, it will take their defense from good to great. There is no reason that Coples shouldn’t be a 12-14 sack player in this defense, based on his natural talent and the scheme.

2. When I tweeted the statement above about Coples, a few people countered with Dee Milliner as being of equal, if not greater importance. Without question, it will provide an enormous boost to the Jets back-end if Milliner can build on his final four games of the season. Is Rex going to treat him as the team’s number one cornerback next season? It will probably depend who is opposite of him and the matchup but Milliner’s importance isn’t far off from Coples. Hopefully, the Jets will supplement in the secondary with additions at safety and corner through free agency and the NFL Draft.

3. When Mark Sanchez is inevitably cut by the Jets, the best landing place for him may be Minnesota. He would have a reasonable chance to beat out Christian Ponder, could learn under Norv Turner and would be supported by a strong running game immediately. I’m not sure if we’ll ever see Sanchez start a full 16 games for another team but landing in a sensible spot like Minnesota would certainly improve his chances.

4. While I am very skeptical about his ability to ever develop into a consistently productive NFL receiver, Stephen Hill deserves and is going to get another extended look in training camp. He will have an uphill battle to fight, as he should start behind Jeremy Kerley, David Nelson, Free Agent Signing X and Draft Pick X on the depth chart but if he could show any type of real progress, the Jets are likely to hold on to him. The problem with Hill being your #4 or #5 receiver is that he doesn’t play special teams, which is something you normally need from that part of your depth chart. Hill will need to demonstrate enough value as a deep threat and situational player to merit keeping his roster spot, or he could be dumped or traded by the end of August.

5. He may not be as flashy or have the same “potential” but sign me up for Odell Beckham Jr at #18 before Marqise Lee. (This is under the assumption Mike Evans is gone). Beckham Jr has monster hands, competes for the football and demonstrates a great understanding of how to play receiver. This sounds dumb and simplistic but he is a football player. He plays with a toughness and explosiveness that many receivers lack coming out of college. Stephen Hill was a track star playing receiver when he left Georgia Tech. OBJ is a receiver with a strong all-around skill set.

6. Encouraging to see players like Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson and Geno Smith already well into their offseason programs.

7. Our Connor Rogers has his BIG BOARD live over on our NFL Draft page. Go check it out. From his board, prospects like Jace Amaro, Odell Beckham Jr, Mike Evans and Dee Ford all present good value for the Jets at #18.

8. I don’t know if it is going to come from Mike Goodson or a middle round draft pick but the Jets badly need an infusion of speed like this in their backfield.

9. …And now the Jets best three consecutive defensive plays of the season. ENJOY!

10. Muhammad WIlkerson is a terrific player and somebody who should have been an All-Pro last season. However, does anybody else think that 2 years from now, Sheldon Richardson could be the better overall player? That is how high I think Richardson’s ceiling is.

11. The Jets are very likely have 11 or 12 overall draft picks this May. I would be surprised if they didn’t select both a cornerback and quarterback somewhere between the 3rd and 5th round.

12. I remain surprised by how many people think Ed Reed played very well on the field in the seven games he was on the Jets last season. Ignore the garbage time, lollipop interceptions. He struggled heavily in both coverage and run support. It would be insane to hand him a starting job next season.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • KAsh

    I am also gravitating to OBJ as the best of a flawed bunch in the first round.

    And the only way Reed is on any roster next year is for his value as a player coach.

  • Kyle

    No one wants him to start, just to play on passing downs. He may not have the speed or play the run but he is one of the best ballhawks of all time.

  • Kyle

    Who are we going to sign at safety? Whitner and Ward won’t make it to free agency and Byrd will be overpaid.
    The jets should keep Allen and Landry starting, and draft a safety in the 3rd/4th round like Ward or Bucannon. And of course bring Reed back as a mentor and passing down specialist

  • Steve Windeler

    Reed’s last two games were very good all around. The entire secondary played better as a result. Is there something I’m missing? It looks like Reed gave up 6 receptions on the year.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Worth noting that Reed played less than 50% of the defensive snaps in week 16 and Allen played more than him.

    In week 17, he played 70% of the snaps and about the same amount as Allen.

    The team struggled heavily when he was playing anywhere 100% of the snaps

  • David

    I’ve said it before and will say it again, all you have to do is look at last year’s draft to see that Rex and the Jets will not spend a high draft pick on a safety, so what makes anyone think they will do it via FA? The Jets on 2 separate occasions had an opportunity to take one of the three top safeties in last year’s draft (Kenny Vaccaro, Eric Reid, Matt Elam) and they passed all 3. Our starters this year at S will be Allen and Landry. Bush will be a backup and MAYBE they might spend a mid-late round choice on one.

  • KAsh


    I do not think you can make your claim. Vaccaro was the 15th pick, Reid the 18th pick, and Elam the 32nd pick. The Jets had two opportunities to draft them. None of them deserved a top-10 selection. So you are left with the 13th pick in the draft: who would you rather have, Richardson or Vaccaro?

    If anything, the Saints took Vaccaro to play on Rob Ryan’s, Rex’s twin brother’s, defense. Vaccaro had an impressive year and hit the ground running. As Rex’s and Rob’s defenses share common roots, I do not think it is farfetched to think that Rex would have liked Vaccaro on his team or that Vaccaro would have been a bad fit for the Jets.

    And how exactly is drafting a safety high related to signing a safety in FA? Under the old CBA that gave teams little leeway on contract negotiations, safeties were not drafted high in the first place. Teams still paid the good ones when they became free agents.

  • KAsh

    PS Rex was also on the team that drafted Ed Reed in the first round, so he knows the benefits of drafting a good safety in the first round.

  • im def not taking odell beckham jr over marqise lee look i like beckham too but ur sleeping on lee man go back and look at the #’s and tape and dont rest ur head on this past season injuries and qb play had alot to do with that but lee is gonna be a star in this league

  • Lidman

    I think you could make a case that any of the 3, 1st round DLman will be ‘the best’. I think we have to remember, that Richardson had ‘the benefit’ of playing with Wilkerson (who did make 2nd team All-Pro), while Mo never had a guy who commanded that much attention.

  • Harold

    No one wants Reed to start. He can be a great 3rd safety who can get us 5-7 INT’s in that role.

  • Chris

    Did no one else notice that Milliner’s emergence happened once Reed came over? With him back there and slid to Dee’s side, Milliner’s confidence shot up.