No Huddle – New York Jets February Priorities Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets February priorities

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Mo’s Deal

It’s nice to hear that Mo Wilkerson, who is in the final year of his contract, understandably wants a raise but doesn’t want to hold out in order to receive one. Mo said “Like I tell everybody, that’s what I got an agent for… At the end of the day, I want to be a Jet for life. I think I will be so I’m going to let everything take care of itself. Everything will fall into place; everything happens for a reason. I’m just sitting here waiting.”

If in the event a deal isn’t done by August it seems like Mo will show up to camp anyway. The way that Nick Mangold did back in 2010 as his deal was getting extended back in the Tannenbaum days. Of course, being loyal and letting things “fall into place” didn’t help Leon Washington who broke his leg before obtaining any long term security back in 2009.

It will be interesting to see how John Idzik handles a young budding star and team leader. Wilkerson is a no nonsense playmaker and a key to the future of this defense. Idzik isn’t the type to create drama. If I had to bet, I would put money down on both sides getting something done quietly and sensibly before Mo has suddenly has a change of heart and ditches the nice guy stance.

Goodell and Cromartie

It came as no surprise that the always outspoken Antonio Cromartie had to chime in on the commish Roger Goodell’s statement that’s despite the new weed laws in Colorado and Washington, the NFL wouldn’t budge. Cro responded to the league’s stance by saying “Players] just going to do it anyway. They just need to let it go. They need to go ahead and say, ‘Ya’ll go ahead, smoke it, do what you need to do.'”

Privately? the league won’t be searching for evidence regarding players the way Major League Baseball went after A-Rod in their most recent legal confrontation over performance enhancers. Publicly, Cromartie is high if he thinks the league will overtly encourage it.

Marijuana makes sense for certain people emotionally and is a pain killer to others. Cro is right too in that players who use it won’t stop smoking it either. Even if the laws in more states loosen regarding cannabis though, the picture of the stoned baller just isn’t a good sell for the league. Can you imagine the league have to air commercials of players rolling big fat joints that say “smoke sensibly?” It will take a lot more than it being legal in two states before we see that ad.

What Maclin and Sanders Tell Us

Last week we all heard some chatter about the Jets alleged interest in speedy free agent wideouts Jeremy Maclin (recovering from an ACL injury) and Emmanuel Sanders. If it’s true it tells us that we are on the same page: The front office and the fans. The pass catching corps has to get a lot better with some relatively proven playmakers. Immediately.

Santonio Holmes is as good as gone. Kellen Winslow too. Stephen Hill is for now, still Stephen Hill. David Nelson is not stretching the field any time soon. Clyde Gates? Greg Salas? Depth guys at best. Jeff Cumberland did a nice job but no team ever feels it must scheme to slow him down in order to beat the Jets.

Jeremy Kerley and a healthy Maclin/Sanders type would be a great compliment to perhaps a prime time first round stud and eventual greater threat at TE. As obvious as upgrading in this area seems, it was nice to hear that the Jets seem to realize this too. If you’ve been a diehard long enough, you know that overlooking the obvious isn’t ever out of the realm of possibilities.

Jack Bauer and the Jets

I finally started watching season one of 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer, counter terrorism stud. I know. I’m a little late to the punch here. The show has been around since 2001, but hey that’s the beauty of Netflix. You can binge watch and make up for lost years in one sitting.

Anyway, the emotional roller coaster ride I went through felt like a Jet game:
Nothing in the show ever goes as planned. No character is ever who they seem to be.
A safe house is never safe. An assassin is always waiting right around the corner or hiding in the bushes. Storyline altering kidnappings can happen at any moment. Nobody that Bauer the show’s field general works with at CTU headquarters is to be completely trusted. Including Bauer himself.

I found myself in the same role on the couch too shouting Jets Sunday favorites like “run!” or “oh my god why did you do that!” and “look behind you!” and of course the defeatist phrase often used after a winnable game slips away “this is just unbelievable.” The unsettling nature of each episode that prevented me from being able to fully relax, from an historical standpoint as a Jet fan, felt so familiar.

Quick Hits

– The Beatles landed at JFK 50 yrs ago. In that same year of 1964 the Jets drafted the great Matt Snell too. The Jets always frame their Super Bowl III era history around the arrival of Joe Namath in 1965, which too often overshadows what Snell (and not soon after Emerson Boozer) meant to that offense.

– Thomas McGaughey is the new Special Teams coach, but I want to know who the return man is going to be. Would you all welcome back a healthy Josh Cribbs? I loved him in Cleveland and liked the way he was running here before his injury, He can also provide some gadget yardage In the offense too. Maybe bring Cribbs back and let a few other kids get a shot too.

– Forget about Namath’s Super Bowl fur coat and the coin toss saga. As far as ex Jets QB’s who were part of the New York Super Bowl, what about the Tim Tebow commercial? The guy went from a Denver miracle worker, to a packed press conference as the Jets backup hoping to unseat shaky Mark Sanchez, to self deprecating humor about being out of football. Almost as if to remind us that he is still alive. Will he ever get back in the league again?