No Huddle – New York Jets Reshaping Roster Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets potential plans on reshaping their roster

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Austin Howard and Willie Colon

The Jets are working on locking up Austin Howard before March 1st. Many of us love the in house first approach, especially when it comes to any valuable pieces on the offensive line. Where things begin and end.

We’ve all seen what happens when this unit slips in its capabilities. After all, Howard was the replacement for Wayne Hunter. 2011 was a rough year for the Jets in the trenches as they transitioned from the veteran led Alan Faneca and Damien Woody AFC title game run of 2009 and 2010. Willie Colon, 30, is a free agent too. For the right price why not bring him back and keep the continuity. I can’t think of any unit that thrives on continuity more than the boys up front protecting the quarterback,

We Are Weeks Away…

From free agency and seeing the true market value of Mark Sanchez, and Santonio Holmes. Perhaps Antonio Cromartie too. With the intent on considering him at a more reasonable price. There is always a surprise or two when the axes fall for schematic and financial reasons. Can you guess what they will be this time around?

The Circus Went South, It Surprisingly Never Went North

Remember 2012, when the Jets were the team that local media and others in the national corps liked to call a circus? Well these days the clown car is cruising in and around South Beach. How bout those Miami Dolphins?

Politically incorrect street talk happens in every locker room, but the Incognito/Martin story that now includes some others Miami players and coaches over incidents involving others besides Martin, has certainly made the Peyton Manning chase, Drew Stanton release, new Mark Sanchez contract, signing of Tim Tebow, and late November Buttfumble timeline a G rated collection of odd moments in comparison.

The current Dophin mess and pre John Idzik Jet labeling makes me even more fascinated about how the Patriots were able to as an organization, turn a murder charge involving Aaron Hernandez simply into a tragic story about a former employee heading into the season. Was the national media that disinterested in what current and former Pats players and personnel had to say about it? Even if those who knew him were told to wait as the investigation played out, you can’t tell me that unnamed sources were nowhere to be found or heard from. I’m still amazed at the lack of prying in a modern day news world culture that has no limits to its digging for information.

Ten Percent? Forget Sacrifices, That’s What Losing Does

The Daily News reported last week that “The Jets announced a minimal overall decrease in their ticket prices, with upper level seating at MetLife Stadium decreasing in price by an average of roughly 10 percent.” Jets President Neil Glat reasoned “We understand the sacrifices many of our fans make to attend our games. We carefully study and assess market demand based on many factors, including the secondary market, prices around the National Football League, and prices for other sports and entertainment offerings in the New York market. Our goal is to maximize the number of season ticket holders in our building in an effort to create a substantial homefield advantage.”

Translation: Three straight playoff-less seasons has scared the front office.

Would the “sacrifice” of the fan base have been “studied” and ticket prices anywhere in Met Life stadium been reduced had the Jets gone 12-4  and deep in January the last two seasons? Losing reduces numbers at the gate. A packed house is better businesses.

Miles and Decker: At the Right Price and Overpriced

Now Miles Austin’s name has been added to the list of free agent receivers the Jets are considering. The Jets should consider all available wideouts but Austin at 30 years of age and coming off of the hamstring issues should only be considered a value pick up not an overly expensive one.

Prior to the nagging injuries and Dez Bryant emerging in Dallas, Austin was almost a number one wideout. Now is he anything more than a solid possession receiver with some limited big play capability? I don’t think anything major will be solved with the signing of him. A better David Nelson is what I see in Austin provided that he is healthy. Which may fit inside of a bigger plan but in no way should be seen as a solution in and of itself.

Eric Decker’s value is at 9 mil a year or so according to reports we keep seeing from NFL sources via twitter. Sorry, that is way too much cash for a guy who needs a primary target to open things up for him. Certain Jets teams of the past might have overpaid in his direction. The John Idzik Jets will not. Let someone else be disappointed that their high priced catch isn’t acting like a top ten guy.

Quick Hits 

– Just glanced at the Jets 2014 opponents. Of the four road games out of the AFC East three are against Green Bay, San Diego and Kansas City. They also host Denver and Detroit. Those are the types of games where even a good defensive performance may require 24 points of offense or more to win. Just throwing that out there as we all witness the beginning the rebuild on O.

– On Sunday a friend brought to my attention the days back in the 1980’s when the Jets and Giants would play each other in basketball games during the offseason. There’d be a handful of guys on each side. Some of the  players were even notable ones like Freeman McNeil and Marty Lyons. Can you imagine any players doing that these days for a little extra cash? Autograph appearances maybe. For a set fee. Different world.

– The NFL Combines arrive February 22. I wonder where Idzik places the value of raw speed and power of players in comparison to their on field collegiate production. Where do you guys rate the 40 times and lifting results from this key four day workout in Indianapolis.

– I still keep wondering..if a Bridgewater or Manziel somehow someway fall to 18, will the Jets blink?