Turn On The Jets 12 Pack, New York Super Bowl Edition

The Turn On The Jets 12 pack with predictions and thoughts on the Super Bowl and the New York Jets

The Turn On The Jets 12 Pack is back with Super Bowl predictions along with New York Jets thoughts and observations. We hope everybody enjoys their Super Bowl weekend and we hope to see you out on the Boulevard or at Francesa-Con on Saturday!

1. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably have seen the massive amount of Super Bowl content I have written up for The Whistle. Here are a handful of links if you haven’t had the chance to read them:

…And video predictions

2. TOJ writer Dan Marcus and his new company Seat Swap are helping put together Francesa-Con. A few of us will be in attendance on Saturday so we hope to see you out there!

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4. I’ve received a few questions about the Jets coaching staff. It sounds like all the prominent coaches will be returning (including DC Dennis Thurman) and that a new special teams coach will be named within the next 2-3 weeks.

5. There has been some chatter about the Jets focusing on finding a speed-back/kick returner in the middle to late rounds. Considering they should have 12 picks this makes sense. Mike Goodson has a ton of potential in this offense but has both legal and durability questions.

6. I would be genuinely surprised if the Jets selected a quarterback in the NFL Draft in the 1st or 2nd round. However, I do think one of their first free agent signings will be a quarterback.

7. Curious how many Jets fans will make the trip to Lambeau Field next season. We are interested in taking the road trip over here so let us know if you hear of a large group of fans going.

8. I hope John Idzik puts his foot down with Rex Ryan and doesn’t bring Ed Reed back or consider signing Terrell Suggs. Reed’s lack of production and speed last season was evident and Suggs dramatically fell off in the final 8 weeks of the 2013 season. He will likely be overpaid this off-season because of his name. Please, stay away. Let’s become Seattle East, not Baltimore North.

9. By the end of next season, Dee Milliner is going to be a very good starting cornerback in the NFL. The real question is who will be playing opposite of him? My gut says Antonio Cromartie is back on a restructured deal and the Jets don’t spend in FA on corner but rather add a draft pick or two in the middle rounds.

10. Austin Howard needs to be signed to a new contract sooner rather than later. Don’t even let him sniff the open market.

11. This is awesome.

12. Favorite Jets memory of 2013 season? Beating New England and New Orleans. Favorite non-Jets NFL memory of 2013 season? Watching the Colts comeback wild-card weekend and seeing the Broncos physically beat down the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Harold

    Great updates.

    One Correction for you No Cro!

    We sign Shields or Verner (back up plan Tarell Brown or Captain Munnerlyn)

  • John X

    I’m a No Crow guy as well. Can’t go through another season like last year. His hips are finished in spite of his recent claim.
    Watch for a possible DRC pickup to continue the Seattle mimicry of a tall CB.
    Verner is getting tagged.

  • Harold

    John X:

    Cro is no mo (hopefully)

    He has been a great Jet, but his time is up.

    Bill Walsh always got rid of players a year to early rather than a year too late. I hope Idzik adheres to the same philosophy.

    Also I would be happy with Shields or Verner on a 5 year deal because of their age.

    Munnerlyn on a 4 year deal he is young but I don’t think as proven.

    Brown a 4 year deal but 4th year we need to be able to get out of contract if his play falls off (he is 29).

  • KAsh

    By all published accounts, Idzik was on board for Reed. It does not mean Reed will be brought back because we have a little too many safeties signed for next year, especially if we bring in one more through FA or the draft, but Idzik may not be opposed to Reed. (If we draft a safety, I want Reed to stick around and coach up the guy.)

  • Mark Phelan

    No Cro

  • Anthony

    Restructuring cro is fine if we can get him for very little to no new money and spread his cap hit over 2 years instead of one. He’s only 30 nest year, has always been an incredibly tuned athlete and is an excellent mentor to younger players.

    Sam Shields is not the answer. Stop mentioning him. He’s never getting close to free agency.

    I highly doubt verner comes near free agency as well. DR Cromartie will be an enormous priority for the Broncos, so I doubt this will be some special class of young, Free Agent cornerbacks.

  • John X


    To say Shield can’t make FA is a little strong. I did read where GB has contacted him but don’t be disillusioned into thinking he can’t leave GB as he’s the #2 CB there behind Tramon Williams so he won’t/can’t be franchised. For now it’s a realistic option but we won’t know anything conclusive until the start of FA in 6 weeks.
    For now, I think it’s fair for some to speculate and unfair for you to say they can’t. He’s currently unsigned.

  • John X

    Anthony, you’re assuming a lot. DRC is on a team that is cap-strapped so jumping out there saying they WILL re-sign him is nothing more than optimistic crystal-balling. Besides that, I haven’t seen the either side has spoken about an extension yet as with Verner. He may get tagged.
    We’ll see what the market brings soon enough.

  • Scott

    Jets fan living in Chicago. Barring a late December game, I will be making the trek up to Green Bay next year for the game. If I am not mistaken, the last time the Jets were in Green Bay, Pennington was still the QB and it was about -5 at kick off. I remember BJ Askew was warming up before the game with no shirt on.

  • Scott

    Also, I haven’t heard much about it, but what do you think of a potential shift of Cromartie to Free Safety? You get him out of having to line up man to man every play and you’d immediately put a feared ballhawk in centerfield?

  • Joe Caporoso

    I don’t think Cromartie’s tackling is good enough to handle the safety position. I think if he’s healthy next season, he should be a competent starter at CB. He won’t be elite anymore but better than last season.

  • Daniel

    Up with my favourite Jets memories of 2013 is beating Miami, the Rextension and their tail-spin.

  • John X

    This Seahawks win is a win for the Jets IMO. This was a dismantling of a pass-happy, sissy, Arena-style football team that conjures up memories of the one-sided NFC wins over the AFC when Elway wore the same crushed-orange jerseys that flaunted ultra-uber finesse play in the 80’s. Scores resembling speed limits were commonplace in those demolitions called “Super” Bowls.

    And this marks an end of an era where 50+ passes got the job done marked by the New Orleans/Indy Super Bowl matching pass-happy, dome teams playing in domes all the way to that pass-happy affair. This game was played outdoors where the cruel reality of playing to one side of the ball reared it’s ugly head. The NFL gods said not only NO, but HELL NO. Football is played by men, men who play physical TEAM football. 22 players uniting towards a goal. Not one cap-hogging QB throwing every down, ignoring the rest of the “team”.
    And this is how the Jets are being built – equipped to physically whip such inferior teams that are all getting cast to the curb each and every year. You can’t ignore the trend.

  • John X

    Decker didn’t do much to boost his stock with 1 catch for 6 yards. He’s a possession WR but one that should still be pursued by the Jets as he can help Geno immensely.

    I hope this game puts to rest the notion that a QB needs to carve up a secondary for 300+ yards with spectacular WR’s all over the field. When you have a good defense and a strong running game, things just tend to open up on offense. Wilson did nothing spectacular but the threat of the running game and him running was all that was needed for play-action to utterly render Denver’s defense helpless. Geno can do anything Russell did tonight.

  • Lidman

    John X..I don’t think this tells us anything. Last year, Baltimore was outphysicalled, and outplayed for a lot of that game: Kaep had 300+, SF rushed for over 100 and had 2 100 receivers. The difference was they didn’t turn it over and got the big Special Teams play.

    There is no right answer. My own opinion is the Super Bowl isn’t ‘just another game’ (even though every player says that’s how they’ll play it) and when things don’t go right, more when things go wrong early, teams press and do things they normally wouldn’t. If you’d indulge me:

    Before any TOs, Denver was down 8-0, with just over 2 minutes left in 1Q. For the first time all season they went 2 drives without scoring and had only posessed the ball for 2:02. There was no reason to panic here. No reason to need to do more than get your rhythm, we’re talking 8 points, right? Heck, if the Denver D didn’t give up 4 3rd, and 4+, down coversions, all passes, they could have been down 2-0, at worst 5-0. Go back and look at the 1st INT, sure there is a little pressure, but that ball is thrown into an area with 1 Bronco and 3 Seahawks? This was the one real error solely on Manning’s shoulders. If nobody is open, throw it away and live to fight another day. However, I believe he forced it because his defense wasn’t getting off the field (I have no way of knowing that) and he felt the pressure to make something happen. So, you get the INT, and now they go down 15-0…more pressure.

    But, if you look at their next drive, Manning had figured out an attack plan. Denver gets the ball at their 16, and he surgically picks apart the SEA D, converting 4 straight times on 3rd down. Now, many will blame that INT on Manning (he shouldn’t have thrown it). Some will blame Moreno, for simply standing and watching. Finally some will credit Avril for the pass rush. They could all be right. However, that play came on a 2nd and 22, because of a tripping penalty. Denver was walking up up the field on quick throws, WR screens, and trap runs (taking advantage of the Seattle aggresiveness). So, again, he’s down 15-0 and pressing, looking for the longer throw. In season, he’d likely taken something shorter,there, and gone to 3rd down with a plan making sure they at least get a FG. But, it’s not ‘just another game’. Now they’re down 22-0. Even after this he walks them down the field, and why they didn’t take the 3 is a mystery-they weren’t getting the ball the start the 2nd half..at least take something.
    They begin the 2H with a ‘pooch’ kick off?? Would love to know how many they did all year. It was covered terribly, probably because they hadn’t run it all year. Again, not sticking to what they normally do because it’s not ‘just another game’, 29-0 and ‘smoke ’em if you got ’em’.

    Long belabored point (slow at work): I don’t think you can look at the Super Bowl for direction of the league. Yes, SF, SEA, CIN, CAR, represent ‘physical, defensive teams’. So sure, you can point to them as a trend, no argument. When I look at them I also see 4 teams, with QBs who were drafted with the new rookie wage scale in place (2011), allowing them to spend more money across the team. Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett are on Seattle because their best players: Sherman, Thomas, Thurmond, Maxwell, Wagner, Wilson…all make up less than 1/4 of their cap space. Kudos to their front office for their drafting, sure. What will be interesting to see is how teams pay these QBs going forward, because it’s clear a good QB, with a very good surrounding cast is good enough to win in this league. What’s changing isn’t the ‘pass happiness’ as much as not needing a guy you have to pay 18+%, of your cap to win big.

    Again..just an opinion…think about it this way: If Manning was playing for 8mm, and not 20mm, what else could Denver have had around him?

  • John X


    You obviously didn’t read my post.

  • Lidman

    If you say so…

  • KAsh

    This was not a sign of a larger trend. As Lidman mentioned, just last year you had a team win by just lobbing the ball up. This loss was on two things: the Denver pass defense, which reverted back to how they were playing in the regular season, the same defense that let Romo throw 50 points up on the scoreboard, and Peyton’s deterioration. The truth is Peyton no longer throws deep and evem intermediate passes with consistency; had there been a stronger arm in Peyton’s place, even without Peyton’s brain, the passing game would have extended drives and the defense would not have collapsed from all the pressure. The two lessons to take away are that teams without balance risk collapse when their strength trips up and their weakness has to produce (similar to the Jets in Cincy this year) and the passing game needs players on both ends, to pass and to catch. Patriots fans are whining and they are wrong, but Brady or somebody who could still throw a crisp ball with Manning’s receivers would have ptobably carried the day.

  • John X


    Neither did you, as per usual…

  • KAsh

    I am sorry that you are so ahead of all us lesser intellects that we cannot fathom the purport of all the wisdom you have endowed us with.

  • Anthony

    John X

    DRC is signed through 14, with a high number that can be renegotiated. Besides that, the broncos are not actually that cap strapped. Champ Bailey represrnts a 10 mil cap cut with 0 dead money and they have a few other small dealss they can part with.

    The packers have 28 mil in cap space, which is plenty for them to sign their #2 CB. Since they never sign FA, and have absolutely no in house replacement and a mound of cash, its very safe to say they will resign shields.

  • John X


    I see this and I also see in multiple reportings that he’s available. Rotoworld shows that he signed a 2-year deal last year but at the same time claims he’s a FA. Strange.

  • John X


    There are still reports stating that Shields wants to test the market. I still maintain that you can’t conclude with certainty that he is signed by GB just because they have cap space. This is their one chance for a big payday and the players union pressures these guys not to settle for a home-town price which drives prices for other players down. Until he’s signed, he’s currently a FA, that’s a fact. Beyond that, I won’t let you tell someone they CAN’T consider something and express their opinion. Some posters even believe that Jimmy Graham could be attainable. For now, that’s also true.

  • John X

    Sorry to hurt your feelings, Kash.
    This has nothing to do with any wisdom but simply your ability to read. Keep trying.

  • Anthony


    The union doesn’t care what sam shields takes in his contract. He’s a middle tier CB who is not setting the market. The union cares what Richard Sherman gets, very much.

    Sam Shields was the #2 CB on a defense that got torched this year. I don’t give a damn what you believe, he’s not very good. If you want him, great! But he’s not coming.

  • KAsh


    You proved your point. John X will not listen to you no matter what you say or how you prove him wrong.