Turn On The Jets 12 Pack, Championship Weekend Edition


The Turn On The Jets 12 pack with NFL predictions for this weekend and New York Jets observations! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and enjoy your weekend folks…

1. A nice bounce back weekend for the 12 Pack Picks, as we went 4-0 on picking the winners and 3-1 against the spread. Here are my full predictions for Championship Weekend and a countdown of the remaining Super Bowl contenders. This weekend, I am taking Seattle (-3) and New England (+4.5) but with Denver winning the game. Also I took part in a Manning/Brady and Wilson/Kaepernick debate and finally here is an office rant from an in-house 49ers fan:

2. Any type of reaction to Rex Ryan’s “extension” is likely an overreaction. This was PR window dressing by the Jets so we aren’t swarmed with “lame duck” and “hot seat” questions all season. The contract is structured for easy outs for the Jets after this season and 2015 if the team doesn’t perform. There are no guarantees in the NFL, if Rex goes out and wins a playoff game this season, he will increase the overall value of his contract and likely guarantee being here through 2016. If he tanks out, the Jets can easily cut bait and move on.

3. What the Jets initial progression of off-season moves should be:

  • Cut the fat: Release Mark Sanchez, Santonio Holmes and Antonio Cromartie (could be brought back later at reduced rate).
  • Take care of your own: Resign Austin Howard and Nick Folk. Extend Muhammad Wilkerson and Jeremy Kerley.
  • Attack: Be aggressive in pursuing wide receivers, outside linebackers and secondary while monitoring what the market value looks like for candidates to return like Leger Douzable, Calvin Pace and Willie Colon.

4. Just a guess – Dennis Thurman won’t be the team’s defensive coordinator next season.

5. I do think both Antonio Cromartie and Calvin Pace will be back next season on low cost, short term deals.

6. The Miami Dolphins last won a playoff game in the 2000-2001 season. The Buffalo Bills last won a playoff game in the 1995-1996 season. Just a friendly reminder.

7. This is a brilliant deep throw from Geno Smith, while getting drilled in his legs no less. Despite the nice job by David Nelson this season and on this play, it is going to be fun watching Geno throw down the field to some shiny new targets in 2014.

8. I wouldn’t spend a cent to bring Jeff Cumberland back next season. If you are a receiving tight end who has inconsistent hands and runs poor routes, the team can do without you. Zach Sudfeld is more than capable of filling his roster spot. Hopefully, tight end is further supplemented by a high draft pick and maybe a mid or low level free agent signing.

9. This pass rush move by Muhammad Wilkerson is unbelievable. I am banking on John Idzik being smart enough to lock him down long term this off-season.

10. The New York Jets have not had a 1,000 yard receiver since 2007 when Jerricho Cotchery finished with 1,130 yards. Yikes.

11. Mark Sanchez’s rookie season:

  • 63.0 QB Rating
  • 53.8 completion percentage
  • 2,500 total yards of offense
  • 15 total touchdowns
  • 23 total turnovers
  • 8 regular season wins

Geno Smith’s rookie season:

  • 66.5 QB Rating
  • 55.8 completion percentage
  • 3,392 total yards of offense
  • 18 total touchdowns
  • 25 total turnovers
  • 8 regular season wins

…And keep in mind Sanchez had the NFL’s number 1 ranked defense and rushing offense supporting him and an elite offensive line. Geno had the NFL’s number 11 ranked defense and number 6 ranked rushing offense and an average offensive line.

12. I have no problem with the Jets considering an outside linebacker in the first round if the board breaks properly for it. This defense still needs a true pass rushing threat off the edge.

Playoff Record – Against The Spread (3-3-2), W/L (5-3)

  • KAsh

    As far as I know, the details of Rex’s contract have not been revealed, so any conclusions about it are pointless. By the anonymous reports, his salary is “not fully guaranteed” past 2014 with incentives based off postseason wins beyond that, but there is a world of difference between a guaranteed $1.5 million with a $2 million bonus and a $3 million guarantee with $1 million in incentives. Both conform with all the rumors, but the first will make Rex easy to cut and cheap to keep, while the second pretty much guarantees him the same amount of money as he has been earning with an added bonus for success in the playoffs.

    Also, don’t sugarcoat the numbers. Sanchez and Geno threw the same number of touchdowns, but Geno vultured touchdowns from his runningbacks, threw one more interception, and lost one more fumble in a system that was supposed to be much more friendly to its quarterback. When people say that Geno performed worse than guys like Jeff Tuel, there is not much you can do except let it go and hope he improves.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Those differences in contract numbers really make no difference at all, this is the NFL, if the team goes 6-10 next season, Rex will be fired regardless of whether he is owed 2 million or 3 million.

    Those aren’t sugarcoated numbers, those are the exact numbers. Beyond that, I could have compared Sanchez’z FOURTH year numbers to Geno’s rookie numbers, which is really ugly for Sanchez (who as a top 10 pick should have higher expectations than a 2nd round pick anyway)

  • KAsh

    You can fire a coach whenever and with however much money you guaranteed to him as long as the owner agrees to eat whatever is owed him. You cannot conclude anything beyond that from what we “know” now.

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  • Daniel

    There’s been talk about how Geno is a one read half field passer but that doesn’t appear to be the case in that play above. I was encouraged by his late season play as well as that of Milliner and Winters. Hopefully their apparent upward trajectories continue.

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