New York Jets Defensive Line Grade Sheet: Week 17 (Season Grades)

Frank Giasone grades out the New York Jets defensive line in week 17 and for the entire 2013 season

Sunday’s win over Miami in the 2013 season finale was a good one for Jets’ fans, players and coaches alike, as the offense put together one of its most impressive performances of the season, and the defense held the Dolphins to just seven points–a season best for New York.

And while the performance helped the Jets climb back to .500 in the final week of the season, the struggles up front persisted, as the production from the defensive line continued to deteriorate.

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NFL Playoff Free Agent Guide – TOJ

Mike Nolan takes a look at some of the 2014 Free Agents that the New York Jets should be scouting in the NFL playoffs.

It’s obvious that the New York Jets have some holes they need to fill if they want to get back to playing football in January. John Idzik has made it clear that his offseason mantra is to use free agency to fill those holes so that the Jets can take the best player available when it comes time to draft. I’m sure most Jets fans will be glued to the TV over the next few weeks despite their team not playing. Here are some potential free agents that the Pro Personnel Staff should be taking a closer look at throughout these playoffs at some positions of need.

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NFL Wild Card Weekend: Point Spreads, Picks, and Props

The regular season has ended, and after a rough start to the season picking games, I rallied a bit to finish at a not-too-pathetic 122-126-7 overall for the season. More disappointing was my Best Bets record, which finished at a paltry 40-42-3. Oh well. Hopefully I can follow up a mediocre season full of horrible screw-ups with an awesome playoff run, make everyone forget that I stunk all year, and then inexplicably get paid $120 million like I’m Joe Flacco or something. That would be cool, huh? Let’s get started! Continue reading “NFL Wild Card Weekend: Point Spreads, Picks, and Props”

2014 NFL Draft – Tight End or Wide Receiver?

Connor Rogers takes an early look at the Jets options in the draft and free agency at tight end and wide receiver

The New York Jets will be selecting 18th overall in May’s NFL Draft. While many are questioning if the team should make a play for one of the top tier quarterbacks, I will not touch on that approach here. Geno Smith has a long way to go, but no matter who is under center, the offense needs to upgrade the skill positions such as wide receiver and tight end. Let’s set up a scenario: The Jets hang tight with the 18th pick and are on the clock. Here are the details: Continue reading “2014 NFL Draft – Tight End or Wide Receiver?”

The New York Jets Big Man Report – Week 17 – TOJ

Mike Nolan grades and discusses the New York Jets’ offensive line. Here is his Week 17 look at their performance.

Each week I will be reviewing the coaches’ tape from the previous week’s game and grading out the performance of the New York Jets Offensive Line. This grading process is the same one I use to grade the offensive linemen I have coached at the college and high school levels. To see how I grade click here. To see previous Big Man Reports, click here.  Let’s see how the big guys performed in week 17. I will post a full season recap BMR in the next few weeks.
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Turn On The Jets 12 Pack, Wild-Card Weekend Edition

Joe Caporoso with a 12 Pack of Jets observations and NFL Predictions heading into Wild Card Weekend

Last week we wrapped up our New York Jets predictions for the season. Against the spread, we went 10-6 and on wins and losses we came out to 8-8. However, similar to the Jets front office we believe that is an ascending 8-8 and we are headed in the right direction. Here is a collection of predictions for Wild-Card Weekend and a few off-season thoughts on the Jets…

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New York Jets – 2014 Off-Season Checklist 1.0

Joe Caporoso with an overview of the New York Jets needs this off-season

This off-season will provide General Manager John Idzik an opportunity to make his imprint on the New York Jets. Flush with cap space (likely somewhere between 40-50 million dollars) and draft picks (likely 12 total after compensatory selections are handed out), Idzik will have the assets to address the team’s many roster holes. Let’s take an initial inventory of the Jets needs, position by position and examine how they could potentially attack their weaknesses.

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TOJ – Year In Review (New York Jets Quarterback Geno Smith)

TOJ’s Staff Writer Dalbin Osorio breaks down New York Jets Quarterback Geno Smith in TOJ’s Year In Review.

“Well, I want to come in with the right mentality, I want to come in and work and I’m going to make sure I put my best foot forward. I’m going to be dedicated and try and come in and be a leader, try and help my team get better and win games.”- New York Jets Quarterback Geno Smith after the Jets drafted him in the second round.

I think it’s safe to say that Geno’s rookie season was filled with highs and lows. I do believe he showed enough in 2013 to warrant being part of the New York Jets QB situation heading into the 2014 season. Let’s do a quick review of Geno’s rookie year, broken into quarters.

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New York Jets: Breaking The Dee Milliner Narrative

Mike O’Connor breaks down how Jets’ cornerback Dee Milliner is silencing the doubters with some great football.

Many things in this world are foolish, football-related or not. The Jets’ beat writers, half of CBS’ announcers, ESPN over-saturating every news story, not being able to find some decent internet on vacation to sit down and write an article, etc. Lately, a new frustration has risen to the top of things that are simply foolish.

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